How amazing is God’s Forgiveness? Not very.

How amazing is God’s Forgiveness? Not very.

Oi, get back here!
You can’t do that! What? Wear red shoes. Why not? It’s forbidden, that’s why. Who says? The president. He doesn’t
like red shoes. Which president? The president of the
world government. The world government? I didn’t know
there was a world government. Well, there is, and it made a
law against red shoes. And you’ve been caught. Okay. Well, what
do I have to do? Die. Electric chair. WHAT?! Death penalty. For wearing red shoes?! The president doesn’t like them. That’s not fair! The president is
a just president! I don’t wanna die! You don’t have to. Er, but you said, you said… Yeah, but the president
murdered his own son. The president really likes you. So he murdered his own son so that
he wouldn’t have to punish you. Red shoes — death penalty. So you deserve to die, but someone
else was murdered instead of you. So how does that
make you feel? Someone died for you and
your filthy shoe habits! Really?! Yes! He loves you so much!
He’s so merciful! You mean, I don’t have to go to trial because
he murdered someone else for my filthy crime? That’s right! Do you accept it? Yes! It’s just amazing what the
president has done for me! I deserve to die, but because
of his grace, he saved my life! You got it! What an amazingly
powerful president! I’m gonna thank him
for the rest of my life!

You forgot how no one has ever met this president… and one dude whom a handful of people claim to have seen years ago but never wrote it down claimed to be the president's son and was executed for being a bit of a shit-stirrer…
and that no one really ever heard the president say he doesn't like red shoes… but some dude claimed to have had a vision whilst deleriously dehydrated (but it definitely definitely was definitely not a hallucination from being deleriously dehydrated) about how he didn't seem to like red shoes…
Seems like the perfect basis for a harmonious society… helle-fucking-lujah.

god killed himself to make up for his own creation disobeying him even though he knew they would, so you could be saved from a lake of fire he made ruled by a satan he hates but also loves because he loves all things that he created because you broke some irrelevant rules about being gay

Well, that was totally asinine. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Huge difference between a President and our Almighty Creator. So big. Oceans deep. Also, where is the part where his son is resurrected? Lol

life is unfair. I saw ghosts and type in mandella effect, how do we explain ghosts like I saw clearly do we just say they are aliens

iYaHuWaH is a very evil god but if he repents of his evil ways and accepts me as his lord and savior, I'll simply forgive him without a sacrifice. Otherwise, I condemn iYaHuWaH to eternal oblivion, unable to ever show himself in the real world. False Messiah @LeoYohann

Here is a message on the love of God

That how corruption was BORN, Kill someone that commited no crime, a death sentence and the true CRIMINALS don't get killed, because the innocent gets killed for them MURDERERS…

This is God….ok. I didnt write religion. Its encoded in quantum science. Some people see science is tigers and imperialism. And that is their science. They are called ambleoids. It means believe what you want to suit your personality. In reality….the science of the world is broken up into spectrums. And In this planet. The type of species we are is ANTHROPOIDAL (like ants or bees)and orbits an object it cares for. Is very provacatively large. Quantum vernacular science will tell something about the murmers of an ecology. It says what it needs in freudian slips. The establishment of its idea. Of something…anything…will resonate in its languages and perception. Religion (that you know of) was created by the government. And is far different than the way a LORD sees life. A government will insist virtue in young ladies to prevent them from being pregnant at very young ages have areas where it WANTS you to believe that SOMEONE is always watching. So that if you steal.Then your conscience is formed and is supposed to stay in your soul bearing throughout eternity (means when you are born again you are conditioned in temperance) There is a consequence. I do believe I see this thing it says death of children or babies. Those things mean nothing. Theres unusual currents in the world with words like HIM or LORD (other lord) or some impersonator written in dual language like that man who claims to be crucified for claiming to be GOD. (Saying he is not God in reality) was a dual purpose function. Which was the original crucifixtion purpose.Its saying ANLORD written into the area or some other military function resemblance. The LORD who is a PRIME MINISTER is a military law who only has corporal law. Because of culture (L)
Theres hoax in the bible about death and rampart ezekiel (easy kill) are mental stirrants that are placed provacatively to disturb people (Dont be a victim and believe what you read)…however there is a GOD and it is very large. Its not like what you see. But is like what you feel. This person I am one with the universe is the Chinese story of an anthropoidal planet. The spirits of the world music pleasure festival parades celebrations things like that are what you are given in PRIORITY SUPER these are called advanced coping skills. They are required because a person is a complex organism in soul developement.
So the whole reason of salvation. Means to let persons suffer and give them SALVE. This is not a government plan. Its like semitism. In reality the agenda of the nation is for the LORD by the way whom is myself to surface and you receive the things you were promised. Its at the UN actually theres about 12 -14 nations that have been anticipating the area. The criminal agenda of companies that use the LORD has tried to make a hideous sight of the LORd. The reason is because when he realizes he is the global market then they dont have the Global Profits anymore at 36 dimensions of the human mind to every person in the world. Tahst why you have DEMICON. To make the LORD something you may not smile for and then cover him with a TARP which is a criminal agenda encoded in a non criminal agenda. Or struggle for control. The LORD is recognized as a WORLD POWER. Everybody knows that he speaks like the LORD in the bible has POWER DRIVERS. But on the other hand the LORD (thats me) is very wealthy. Enough to pay for planes of existance. But any object that is LOVED.. You see it clearly in the languages the person you call LORD has languages and psychic tremolo in love. They saw this and wrote "he loved you so much he stretched out his arms and died for you" this comment is called Pennsylvania. Only a man from Pennsylvania would have said something like that. And so its kind of funny. But really. The quantum mechanics has a message in it. People choose various things. A nation will interpret what it thinks its GOD is is called CON-SCIENCE which ironically also means conscience. Is actually its personality. In order to be sane in the world. You have to take what you believe to be a strength and that is the government and the part that is the weakness. That is the ambloid.
Ok well I just thought I'd send you my message. (I think you see me anyway) but I can see your religion , just a little and you are repulsed by the images in Ezekiel. It is. Thats the mental stirrant. When you think of it its is more fun …than you realize. Depending on how you shape your intuition. Like the part that said were Abraham asked for the LORD to show himself he replied" I would show you my backside , but ye would be blind) thats funny……….I think if we all showed anyone our backside we would be blind as it is the least area to get any sun. I am pan on the email.

In our case, it was Adam and Eve who wore the red shoes and we still somehow deserve hell. If that's our Almighty God we are all screwed.

Alright this video has an entirely wrong misconception of Christianity. God did not create any imaginary or false crimes…in fact many of those "laws" are used by government today. He made those laws so that we won't commit sin so that we would have a chance to grow perfect like our Father. When his creation fell into sin, those men died because God was just, but because his creation fell so far into sin, man could not bridge the gap between man and God alone. This was under the Old Covenant in which man had to prove his righteousness to do so, but no one could. That is why God took the form of a man so that like Adam and Eve, Jesus would be able to face the same spiritual death that they faced and come out victorious! By doing so, he stripped away the Old Covenant and gave us a New Covenant so that by faith in Him alone, we could be saved! But please keep questioning scripture because in the end, you will know that it is impossible to disprove it. Think of it this way though, if you're right, when I die, I have nothing to lose, but if I'm right, you have absolutely everything to lose. Please just give scripture a chance and read it with complete openmindedness because from these videos it seems like you're simply trying to deny the truth that is God's Word. He loves you dearly…I pray that you will come to know that…

Thats not how God is, humans become so evil that jesus sacrifice himself took the punishment that we derserve, jesus came back to life

Jahwe even wants you to die, because you took a mattress through a door at Weekend. never help your neighbor by moving then it is Weekend.

Jesus saved us by his sacrifice from what he is going to do to us if we don't accept his sacrifice.

Or something like that.

Rejoice for his psychopathic love.

Was Jesus really innocent anyway? He is part of the God that created the whole problem to begin with.

This is what so many people believe. The sad part is no one realized that even if this God did exist, he doesn't deserve our love or Worship.

All praise to the God who condemns your brother to eternal torture.

Crimes in the human condition are not imaginary. The Jewish law was presented before God and this could not be set aside, but it could be rendered meaningless with Jesus Christ, because the purpose of the law became death. We get God's more then three thousand blessings through Jesus Christ, as the message comes through the Jews, without the burden of being Jewish. God still hates sin, and what is asked to turn away from your immorality, or there is a Judgment Day coming.

Additionally, this president of the world government manufactured and freely distributed red shoes for everyone, which no one was to wear.

Love it, love this video. I judge God of grace as well, I have been before God for years seeking to be holy as him and just as pure as him, and all he seems to do is look at me with his son Jesus and say, just say you are righteous for I know my holy place and I know nothing of holiness and righteousness but I flab my holy gums around and judge the world of sin and lack any real wisdom in my all powerful mind to make anyone holy.

I am a wannabe saint. I want to walk just as holy as God is and just as pure this side of heaven and I know God if he lives he can make me like him, but I feel he gets off on his grace to much to make anyone like him, and he loved nailing his son up for this whole world dancing around his Resurrection glory.

This channel is the definition of โ€œSomething bad happened to me involving a church and now Iโ€™m edgyโ€.

God didn't murder his son. God sent his son who laid down his life on his own accord so that we may live; because God raised his son from the dead and through his ressurection of the dead we too will live because those who unite themselves to him become part of him like we have parts of our body; each with different members. By uniting with Jesus through our hope and faith in God through him; our spirits also unite and God's spirit in him guides us into moral excellence and wisdom leading us to the fulfillment of the bodily ressurection of the righteous. Sin is more than you broke the law, it's a separation from the very thing that created the universe; God's Word. It is through his word you and everything in existence has come to exist, it is by his word you'll continue to exist should you persist in it. Those who reject God's words wither because life has escaped them. You've pulled the very lifeline which brought you forth. Jesus showed obedience to the one True God expressed in humility and trust and compassion will lead you to eternal life. He is our example.

It makes some sense though. Wearing red shoes is not good for us in the long run, so having that law helps people avoid the issues red shoes can bring with it. The reason God needed a sacrifice is because He is holy, so He cannot ignore any sin, no matter how small. If He started being lenient, where would he set the bar? It's an absolute standard of 100% perfection. 99.9% is simply not good enough, because it leaves that 0.1% impurity. Think about a glass of pure milk. If 0.1% of it was poison, the whole glass of milk would be spoiled. Saying 'eh, what does 0.1% poison matter anyway?' is foolish. You wouldn't drink that if you knew. Would you worship a God who may or may not be more pure than a human? The first humans had a choice, and they chose to disobey God, bringing the sinful nature upon all humans as a result. The relationship with God was broken from that point, for all of us, because we are unable to live sin-free lives. God's son chose to give his own life to satisfy God's judgment on the original sin that Adam and Eve did, and thus on the sinful nature of humanity and all sins we committed as a result of our nature. All we have to do then, is to acknowledge that we are sinners and that we needed this substitute to be judged as sin-free ourselves. Not knowing about this is unfortunate, which is exactly why we have been tasked with spreading the word.

This reflects the heretical Protestant view of the atonement. This video is a good criticism of that particular view of the atonement. However, that view of the atonement was not held by Christians until the Protestantism came along.

Wtf are those comments? No, actually it doesnt make any sense – not if you put it like this. But hardly anything makes sense when it is heavily oversimplified. You are Not punished with death for breaking laws, and therefore his mercy is not based on shifting that punishment to another person.
Youtube – Broadcast yourself. Even if you dont know anything about the stuff you are talking about.
Open for discussion

OPEN YOUR EYES at this world in Wars, Poverty, Crimes, Brutality, Environmental Degradation and Extinctions and you see… YES ; we all really are CRIMINAL at heart ; Red-Shoe wearing is that Evil within all of us. We are ALL Guilty, for all the world's manifold problems… GOD Help Us…

Well put. The Judeo-Christian God is basically a Mafia Don. Granted, he supplied the victim. Nonetheless, things won't be right again unless SOMEONE IS KILLED! Just like the mob.

Your premise is way to silly. So the blood shed during the Revolutionary War was meaningless. The persons who made great efforts and sacrifices so that you are free to voice your opinion are just as meaningless according to your premise. God did not choose some random person. He chose himself. You have no idea of the sacrifices your parents made for you, not because you deserved it, but because they loved you. I suppose it is difficult to understand How God, who gave man free will to choose, would forgive them rather than just wipe them off the face of the earth, when you perhaps have so much angst. Not saying that you do, but there seems to be so much anger with those who reject God. Why? Why be angry when you have an opportunity to be free from that anger. Anyway, believe what you want. When it is said and done, I guess we will know who was right. I just choose to error on the side of Grace (Given what we do not deserve) and Mercy (Not giving us what we do deserve). Thanks for the opportunity share and to strengthen by own beliefs.

God is a loving father that he is willing to forgive us if we ask for forgiveness and if we repent. The reason why Jesus lived a sinless life, died on the cross, and rose again is for us to have the way to God the Father. We fall short of the glory of God because of our sin but because of Jesus' sacrifice we can now have the way to God by believing in Him, this is the sacrifice that cannot be compared to any animal sacrifice that people do in the old testament. God's commandments are different from the law on the video which means he won't make one if it doesn't make sense at all. His commandments are even used by the government like we shouldn't kill other people because he knows what's good and what is not.

The premise of this video seems to be that god sending his own son to die for our sins was wrong (even though Jesus was willing to do it, and even though "death" obviously doesn't mean the same for a being that continues to live on in heaven afterwards, but nevermind context right?) But of course, the anti-theists have yet to provide an argument in support of that premise. This is the weakness of the problem of evil argument, BTW. It just assumes the premise that god couldn't have morally sufficient reasons for what he does/allows without supporting that premise in any way.

Apart from that, Christians typically believe that god will only judge people on the basis of how they respond to the law when they do hear it. So that's also a misrepresentation. And let's not be forgetting that 25% of Christians are Universalists who believe that everyone goes to heaven, and they do so on moral, logical, and even biblical grounds. It seems that anti-theists remain out of touch with what Christians actually believe.

Shows up this maniacal, genocidal blood-drunk of a god for what it truly is – just another man-made deity whose values unsurprisingly reflected the maniacal, genocidal blood-drunk middle eastern warmongering culture who dreamt him up in the first place.

Theists: You have no proof for evolution!
Also theists: God is real because… We are sinners saved by god and… erm… Youโ€™ll go to hell!

Lean not on your own understanding but by every word of god. Now go unto all nations hating all those that donโ€™t worship the one true invisible god.

Last sentence in the video: "Think about it."

Thumbs down: 731. Evidently a lot of people still can't think about how stupid modern-day religion is.

1. The person killed for it consented to taking that penalty for you. And the argument "god sacrificed himself to himself" is just a basic misunderstanding of the trinity.
2. Saying the laws are arbitrary is pointless because from an atheistic human perspective all laws are arbitrary and only a being with a position of power like god who made things to begin with could even put up moral absolutes.

Human sacrifice is just a follow on from animal sacrifices in the Old Testament. The whole contrived story of Jesus being the sacrificial lamb was a scheme conjured up by the MOSTLY MALE authors to CONTROL THE PEOPLE. RELIGION IS ALL ABOUT CONTROLLING THE MASSES


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