HonCon Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles FULL Main Panel 2017 Supernatural

HonCon Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles FULL Main Panel 2017 Supernatural

Richard: Well guys this show doesn’t move forward not one Further thing happens until you do(what?) what you do (Oh!) with them Rob: Oh, right Richard” I’ll be backstage listening. Rob: Okay, so this was happening guys Jensen and Jared are about to take the stage But they don’t come out until you show them, How much love and passion and energy is in this room and sing this song with me here we go Anyway you want it, that’s the way you need it, anyway you want it She loves to laugh, she loves to sing, she loves everything She loves to move, she loves to groove, she loves the loving things All night, all night, oh every night So hold it tight, hold it tight, oh baby hold tight Come on! She said anyway you want it that’s the way you need it, anyway you want it oh She said anyway you want it, that’s the way you need it, anyway you want it That’s right! I was alone, I never knew, what good love can do Ooh then we touched, then we sing, about the loving things All night, all night, oh every night So hold it tight, hold it tight, Honolulu, you better hold tight! She said anyway you want it, that’s the way you need it anyway you want it oh oh She said anyway you want it, that’s the way you need it, anyway you want it She said anyway you want it, that’s the way you need it, anyway you want it anyway you want it, that’s the way you need it, anyway you want it Oh baby let’s go! She said hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah anyway you want it, that’s the way you need it, anyway you want it anyway you want it, that’s the way you need it, anyway you want it One more time! anyway you want it, that’s the way you need it, anyway you want it anyway you want it, that’s the way you need it, anyway you want it OK! Alright guys that’s beautiful you guys you did great Unfortunately the boys are running a bit behind This hasn’t happened since, the Philadelphia Show in 1976 What else do we got boys? Huh? How about? I think this is a good one. You’ll like this Let’s go Mrs. Vance I was just making my way Trying to buy a ticket home You just get out of my way After they de-plane, I’m gone I’m just here making my case Speech was never my best class Just debating away Find a side can’t think that fast Not that fast You got it all wrong For a mitten girl she fits like a glove Singing an old song You say I’m smitten girl I think I’m in love If you won’t let me in just Let me use your kitchen phone It’s got that cordless action now Must be nice to be free to roam Hell no You got it all wrong For a mitten girl she fits like a glove Singing an old song You say I’m smitten girl I think I’m in love Think I’m in love… Mrs. Vance You got no romance Why don’t you give me a chance, oh yeah Honolulu let me hear you! Your daughter’s so fine, She deserve at least to be free, Jensen: Yeah! Jensen: What’s up Hawaii Here we go Richard: Hawaii and the surrounding islands please a big boha loha To Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki Jared: Hi guys! I think I’ve never jumped in my life in so many leis hitting my face Don’t! Don’t, don’t start! Jensen: Too easy?, Richard: Yeah Jensen: What name is that? Richard: Low-hanging fruit is what we call it Jared: How dare you? Rob: Or in Jared’s case… Richard: Down to see, already, right there. We’ll have to…we are gonna have to ask you to delete that photo you just took of him I know you will ’cause he wouldn’t want that now Rob: In Jared’s case It is pretty “high” hanging fruit Richard: Thank you good night everybody, it’s been a great weekend, thank you Alright! It’s official! They’re yours, have at it Hawaii, enjoy, boys Jensen: Hey real quick announcements, an announcement You see your name on the screen right here, we need to Jared: Get up there! Jensen: get to the side of the stage because when people… Jared: That’s you! That was…that says “Jensen Ackles on the stage…” Jensen: And that side of stage Otherwise we’re just gonna be up here not answering any questions which… Audience: It’s the wrong list!! Jensen: It’s…what? Audience: It’s the wrong list… Jensen: It’s the wrong list Jared: Come on now! Jensen: Awww snap! Jared: Snap! Jensen: OK! Jared: It’s all good! I like this Jared: Where is the…how do you know it’s the wrong list?…What… Jensen: Listen we only got an hour. We can do this the entire time Jared: In all fairness, it says your name, please line up. It says, it says my name, so I’m gonna line up. My question is for Jensen. I’m such a big fan Jensen: Found him! Um…so, when you did the scene at that one time but you were so handsome how did you handsome so much? I can’t believe I’m talking to you in person Jensen: Well sir I’m glad you asked! Jared: You are so tall! And my follow-up question is, if, if you didn’t have bow legs how tall would you be? Jensen: 7 feet And regarding your first part of your question, handsome generally starts like this That’s how that goes Jared: Answer the question, Mr. Ackles…Alright! Get on up here guys That’s y’all’s name Jensen: Alright this is the right list, y’all get up here, thank you Louden Swain! Jared: Is there a… Jensen: And that’s how new bits are born Jared: Is there a Derec Drapulson in the audience? No? Good talk. OK. Is there a…Nicole Meisner in the audience? Good talk… Jensen: Alright! And…we wait Ok we have a question. And what’s your name? Questioner: Hi I’m Deidra Jensen: Hi Deidra Jared: Yes! You didn’t yell when I say Deidra. Hi Deidra Questioner: Hi! So I was the sweepstakes winner so I’m super excited to be here Jared: Yes. What…what does that mean by the way Questioner: I won a contest, we bought a T shirt or a nightcap Jared: Oh no way! Awesome Question: Yeah! So I bought a T shirt for my sister and… Jensen: He has no idea… Questioner: And my name got drawn! I’m Sorry to keep yelling at you, that’s amazing. Questioner: Thanks. Um so I just graduated with my PhD in psychology Jared: Mic drop! That’s amazing! Questioner: So this is my graduation gift so I’m really happy to win Um, so talking about mental health and, I was thinking about your guys job, and how you travel all the time and it’s really important to have mental health days and Just wondering how you guys managed being away from family or traveling all the time and the impact that has on your mental health Jared: very poorly. Ah… Thanks for bragging. I’m just kidding. Ah… No, I…you know what? That…that is, I will say that in my opinion…ah… the This is a very blessed thing to be able to say but the worst part of my life Is is being away from the people I love. You know? Um, so I realize what a blessing that is to say because a lot of people are…are struggling. I’ve been very you know I’ve been working…in…in this business for 18 years And I can, I can afford dinner and afford my rent. I can… so I don’t have these really pressing issues. (Jensen: Rent??) I…I… I mean it! Like it, it sounds like a really, A hole thing to say but I’m saying. I’m very grateful I grew up with with parents who worked hard, and we had to, you know why are you been an a hole… Jensen: I’m just happy you can afford your rent Jared: You know, that… Jensen: We should sit down and talk about ownership at some point Jared: So you own in Vancouver? Jensen: That’s not my home. But yes, to answer your question Jared: Zzzzz….I’m going to put you out! Zzzzz… Jensen: That means I’m on fire Jared: Yeah because you got burnt! You got burnt! Tsss tsss tsss tsss tsss tsss tsss, Dillililili…. So it’s very difficult to be… Jensen: I think Jared needs a “Me” day Jared: Yeah, it’s it’s it’s a it’s a good…We are both very blessed to be able to Complain about not being around our family, you know I mean I…I…our Brothers and sisters and friends and family also don’t see their… I lost him, I lost him… Jensen: What are you talking about? Jared: I’m talking about like, taking “Me” days… Jensen: Where are you going right now? Jared: I’m talking about Mental Health! Jensen: It’s…apparently we…we devote some time to it Jared: It’s…it’s difficult to take me days. Ah… But you know what, that’s why do we try to do as much as we can and to see our family as much as we possibly can That’s my opinion. Deidra. Mr.. Ackles? Jensen: I don’t think about it. (Jared: How about…how about just…) Hi! Questioner: Hi! Jensen: Thanks to Deidra. Jared: Thank you very much. And congrats on your Ph.D. That’s badass! Questioner: Hi, I…my name’s Chad I am recently retired from the Marine Corps Jared: Thank you for your service Questioner: So…I’m open to any new jobs, just saying… I…no my question is the why did you expect it’s got a fan base when you first started like when the show started you’d expect to have a 99.9 percent women fan base? Jared: Chad… Jensen: Have you met Jared? I’m gonna guess that’s why you are here Chad It’s because our 99.9 percent female fan base. Questioner: I know! I brought my wife…well she brought me but, I got my wife into the show! Jared: Oh no OK! Ah…haha ah… Hey, thank you for your service man, is that, is that a New Jersey accent? Are you from New Jersey? Questioner: I…Philadelphia Jared: Yeah, actually…hahahaha Questioner: So close! No ah I’m from Dublin, Ireland Audience: See? Jensen: Um… Jared: What do you mean ‘see’? I knew that! Someone in the audience just went ‘see’, as, we thought he was from Philadelphia Jensen: Yeah! And they drop the revermyo mic! Ah… I don’t think, we…I like…we necessarily set out to get any kind of specific demographic. We were literally just hoping anybody would watch the show. Um… He and I were both fans of the script when we first got it and I think we you know we had a conversation and we were like, This is, this is pretty decent like we might actually get it picked up and get a whole year out of this. And then… Jared: Yeah! We might get, 13 episodes! Jensen: Yeah! Um, and then once we started going we’re like wow I mean. They’re really promoting this and I don’t know, um, It was, we were hard to miss that first year, If you were in any, any American city. Um… Jared: Like Dublin Ireland Jensen: Yeah. Ah, they promoted us very…um, they put a lot of marketing money on us Jared: Scary meets sexy! meets screen! Jensen: That’s right. It was…Jared: It was like, suck that cheeks. Jensen: Anyway, at that point it was kind of the biggest thing that he and I had, had really been a part of, with, without… Jared: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Jensen: New York Minute Jared: Yes!…Yes… Jensen: right Jared: Dude we both, we both had projects that would “Devour” the pilot. That’s what I… Jensen: A global phenomenon! That one. Um…So yeah, it just… it got to a point where we were like, you know, we we hope people see what we see of this and ah, it turned out that um, There’s a lot of smart ladies in this world Jared: That’s right. That’s right. Jared: I think also, I think we were… Jensen: And a few intelligent men as well Jared: Like Chad. I think we…we sort of lucked it out also. I think you can kind of recognize looking back, that one of the…the death knell how do you say it? Albatrosses of a show is when they try to appeal to a specific audience because you end up, eliminating all the other audiences and then you end up eliminating all the audience you set out to, kind of ah…ah… target in the first place? Um… So we remained kind of about the story, and that’s partially…us Probably, but… more heavily based towards the writers, um… like there were a lot of things that you know when…nothing… and like… I’m just using coca-cola as an example. I don’t know if they actually did but Eric Kripke wouldn’t accept um…ah… Advertisements on the show like there will be, you know coke says like hey, if Sam and Dean are drinking coke I’ll give you $100,000 and he was like, Nah. Like, well um, but it’s $100,000 and he’s like, no, I don’t care And like okay well if you use this blah blah blah we’ll give you a $30,000 and he says, nah, you know Um like he remained, true to the story truth of these guys true to their journey true to their sacrifice and their dedication their loyalty Um…and so we were able to be a part of that and I think because we… I read something I heard like a John Mayer tweet a couple days ago That was like, eventually all fads will be considered stupids so just remain yourself And that’s kind of where we are, you know, we passed all the fads because Supernatural stayed very true to Supernatural and so here we are 13 years later with y’all guys. Yeah. Thank you. And thanks for your service man Question: You’re welcome. And thank you, and thank you for all that, huh? Jensen: Ohm, there you go Jared: Ah hey! Questioner: Thank you J2: Thanks Chad. Jared: Be good Jensen: Questioner: Hi guys, how are you? Jared: Good Questioner: Ah first, thank you so much for both of you and Misha for bringing the characters to life like Jared: Let’s stick with us 2. Let’s…let’s leave Misha out of it Questioner: OK thank y’all anyway, My question is mainly for Jared Jared with your history of pranking the guys with…porn, have you ever… Jared: The porn (Laughs) Questioner: Yeah! Have you guys…have you ever showed them a parody for the Nightmare before Christmas porn I’ve never heard the name the Nightmare before Christmas parody. Questioner: Then you should watch at least the first 3 minutes Jared: I’m nervous! Just 3? Questioner: Just 3 minutes Jared: There’s so many places to go I’m just… Jensen: Ah don’t do it, don’t do it… Jared: No? Jensen: don’t do it… Jared: Don’t do… Jensen: No… Jared: OK…OK Audience: We just thought you need to listen to it! Jared: Listen to it?? Who listens to…the nightmare before Christmas porn…(Laughs) Just listen to it! Ah…ah…. Questioner: Just remember that…the movie was actually a musical, so there’s a certain part to the parody in the porn this is what we are talking about… Jared: Got it! Got it, got it… Um…I…I…in all fairness the…the…the… the pornography the pornographic material I prank people with is usually in a video because it’s more about the shock factor because it’s It’s difficult to show like, if it’s a scene between Sam and Dean I can’t go like, watch the first three minutes Dean, you know? It’s more about like, I turn the computer towards somebody and there’s a giant…(cough cough) on the screen Audience: You know what I think? You don’t even have to watch it, just listen Jared: Well…that’s… I think I’m doing a …a poor job…a porn job um…of describing my intent So I think a lot of what I do with with the rumors of putting stuff on a computer Is ah…it’s more about the second that if… if the cameras rolling and it’s your coverage and I pretend to be looking up like you know the…the victim… Got it! Thank you for your question (whispers) Thank you…thank you… Jensen: (whispers) You’re welcome Hi! Questioner: Hello…ah… Jared: Aloha! Questioner: Aloha! And um, what is it, Dean, son of a bitch. Jared: Whoa! Whoa! Jensen: Is that an interesting segue, but, we will hear Questioner: So, thank you guys for coming out and being with us this weekend um my daughter, she ah, I made a dream come true for her she got to hug you this morning Jensen in the photo op Jared: Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa… Questioner: Yeah, yeah she…she calls him, you know, her, ah, TV boyfriend Jared: So do I! Questioner: She’s 5 years old! Jensen: Hey! Jared: So do I! Jensen: Just…a bit Questioner: So my question is Jensen: And she’s…she’c cute as hell! Questioner: Gosh she is Jensen: What’s her name Questioner: Thalia Jensen: Thalia. She’s a sweetheart Questioner: Thank you, so my question is um with the wayward daughters um… taking off, will the Winchesters do um, their parents on it and would you possibly see yourself directing an episode of…that Jensen oh yes, and yes. Next? Jared: She…She’s…she almost dropped the mic Jensen: We…we we inevitably are part of the…um…the first… Jared: Is that a whale? Jensen: Like, two episodes, ah… Jared: Tammy! Is that porn? Jensen: Because it…it is a part of our season. It’s… Jared: What are yo doing? Jensen: Let’s not watch the first three minutes now! Jared: Watch the second 3 minutes now! Save the first 3 minutes for the later Jesus Jensen: I mean it. Jared: Like…like my TV boyfriend was saying, we love to be a part of that world Not…not THAT world Jensen: If the… Jared: But…alright… Jensen: If the…if the spinoff is successful the show takes off which we…we all…we I Certainly hope it does, ah Then yes, he and I talked about it. We’d love to come and kind of you know ah, dip into that world every now and again, um, and I think would be great and I also think… And I would love the opportunity to direct one of those episodes if that does um…present itself. So. Thank you. Questioner: Thank you. Questioner: Hi guys! Jensen: Hi Questioner: My question is, would you ever consider doing a Supernatural live episode and if you did, who would be the first to mess it up? Jared: Misha! Because we would be…forcing him to mess up I saw you! I can see you on the screen! I…So it wouldn’t be his own fault. I would be working very very vigorously and ah, committed to…to…I would be very dedicated to breaking Misha so they probably could never, or Alexander, so they probably could never do a live… Would you…it would be a lot…it would be difficult. We are doing stunts and… throw a fence and stuff We could do a live flashback episode where we are just ah, sitting… You remember that Wendigo? this just that city that windy go Jensen: That would be tricky. Ah… I mean, I’m sure logistically it has been done and could be done Um…but I…yeah Jared: I think the closest… Jensen: it would certainly be a different show than what you’re used to see Jared: the closest we did was probably the original Ghostfacers Where was really raw really…hand-held um…or ah… Jensen: Baby Jared: Baby. Or the, the original with the, the, the vampires, we are sort of in the background Audience: Bitten(S8.4) Jared: Bitten! Bitten. I’m sorry… Audience: (Yelling) Do we have one in Hawaii?? Why seeing now? Jared: I would love…I would do every remaining episode in Hawaii Just after being here for 24 hours, yeah Thank you. I’ll…I’ll sign the contract Jensen: That will be…but you know, look, I wouldn’t put it past that the writers to to come up with some crazy idea like that. They ah… They, they surprised, they keep surprising us ah, with some of the stuff that they do so Um, yeah, you can never really count anything out of what of what they come up with it’s just a matter of being able to do it logistically, but who knows? Jared: Thank you so much. Jensen: Yeah so thanks Jensen: Hi! Questioner: Hi! Um… You two and Misha and your cast mates have a lot of qualities and do a lot of things that so many of us look up to and inspire us, but could you talk for a few minutes about, Some of the qualities and actions within each other and you’re the other cast members that inspire you and you look up to? Jared: Eh! You know, I… I would rather redirect this question and ah… In all honesty instead of talking about ourselves or our cast mates talk about y’all. Um because we…it’s very… It’s very Easy to support and love somebody that you see every day that you Sacrifice with every day that you go to bat with every day That’s not difficult, but for y’all to support us in such a way that we feel comfortable going out to Three or four how many million people via social media that’ve never met us Never seen us in person. Don’t really know the content of our character, but y’all make us feel comfortable…I’ve got pretty terrible anxiety, like, my definition of a nightmare is getting up on stage and grabbing a guitar and sing in front of people that I don’t really know personally. Um… Questioner: Look at you go! Jared: Thank you. Thank you. But the point is that, the support… Jensen: Billy, how does it make you feel, you’re his living nightmare Jared: You are my living nightmare Billy Moran. Billy Moran I hate you. Just kidding… With all my heart. I love you Um…but no, I mean it. Like it’s not really about Jensen or Jared or Misha or the rest of the gang Ah, it’s really about y’all guys. Y’all Y’all are the foundation. You know, we…we play pretend for a living. You know. Chad is sitting here with his Philadelphia accent um, having sacrificed for us and enjoying time with his wife and Spending their own time y’all are spending your own time Deidra like the whole gang We… wear makeup for a living and play pretend. Y’all are the ones who bolster ush us and make it meaningful. You know the tree falls in the forest, I don’t know, but we fall in front of you guys so, and y’all pick us back I don’t know it’s a weird tantra but thank y’all guys. Thank you. Jensen: Well we got turned around on you didn’t it Um, I’ll give a quick answer for you. Ah, I mean, like I agree with everything Jared said, Um and I will, I will take it an opportunity to brag on the people that I work with Ah, usually when it’s given, It’s not normally in front of, of those people but um… You know there’s there’s ah, there are many reasons a…a lot of, um, Whys and hows that have gone into the success of this show, and I think one of those reasons is, um, because the people that it employs. Ah, not just… he and I and Misha and the Marks and you know there’s the list is long But the crew especially. And I think that the qualities that we all That we all have a common that we all share that we all…vibe off of each other Um, are, are really what give the heart and soul to the to what we do on a daily basis. Um… So I…you know, Misha brings his own set of… Quirky ways and, and we love him for it Jared’s got his quirky ways and I love him for it. I’m sure I do too, and, and it’s all the differences that make us a whole and And I think you take one of those away, and there’s something missing. So I…I enjoy the collaboration that we have, ah, not only as a cast but as a crew and as a family. Um, it’s really a beautiful thing to see. Questioner: That’s awesome. Thank you! Jensen: Thanks. Jared: Thank you Questioner: Hi Jared: Hi Questioner: Um…so… Supernatural has some digital effects but you guys do a lot of practical effects and you do like real stunts And I was wondering what was the coolest one you ever saw or got to do Jared: The…so, for me the coolest one ever got through is very easy. It’s the jumping through the glass window. Ah, the coolest thing that I saw was when I think Castiel either tackled an angel out the window or something the long story short They jumped four stories out of the building in New Westminster, British Columbia, Which was terrifying we’re all sitting on the street and shoot up, looking at this window Like okay! Rolling and blablabla ready, while I was still looking, ‘Action’! And all of a sudden these two guys like in a trench coat and somebody else come out of a fourth floor window, just barreling through the air and fall on their safe Ah, between that and when Sam got hit by a car watch my stunt D, um, Mike Carpenter, get hit by a car without a helmet because Sam was not wearing a helmet so… You can’t, as, as the photo double stuntman for Sam Winchester If I’m not wearing a helmet, you can’t wear a helmet. So he’s just getting flipped in the air by a car It was teriffy…like mortifying, and we’re all sitting there going like are we about to witness something really bad about to happen, ah, but between… So my favorite was jumping out of the church, stained… stained-glass window, ah… Season 4? Episode 10 or something? 9? 10? Whatever Ah Heaven and Hell? Heaven and Hell, is that where it was? There was Alastair and… Audience: Yeah…yeah (Actually it was in S4.9 I know what you did last summer…) Jared: Ah and then…Heaven and Hell or whatever I have no idea, yeah Jules? Where are you? There you are. It’s Heaven and Hell? (Yes) And when did Misha jumped out of a plate-glass window? Jules: Um Third Man I think Jared: Third man? (S6.3) and…um… Yeah, and then when did Sam get hit by a car? Jules: That one I think, is Born Again Identity(S7.17) Jared: It’s…yeah Born Again Identity yeah! Awesome! Yeah, so those three were exciting to me Jensen: When did Sam get hit by a car for 200 Jared: There’s…by the way has anybody has anybody in here ever…looked… Gonna sell you now. Anybody in here ever, looked at the website supernatural wiki or the app? (http://www.supernaturalwiki.com) Can we hear for Jules? Can you stand up please? Please! Thank you! There is not, there hasn’t been a week that goes by that I haven’t referred to it. I mean it! And everybody on set like you’re more famous than you realize So, thank you and I’m like, what was that? One second… So it’s appreciated. Ah, yeah! So those are mine. Jensen: Um, special effects. There’s been I mean obviously there’s a lot and… I do feel like when we have an opportunity to do practical, ah effects, we try to do them But some of the ones that kind of, um, stand out to me ah… Are good…good ones and bad ones. Ones that have gone great, ones that have gone wrong. Um… I’ll start with the bad. Ah… it was a… another…it was just another Friday night body burn on the set of Supernatural and…ah, we were in a ah… What do you call them… Jared: Earth! Jensen: No the above above… Jared: Not earth. Heaven! above ground caskets. Audience: Mausoleum J2: Mausoleum! Jensen: Um, so it was a…it was a small mausoleum it was one ah, coffin in there. (S8.6 Southern Comfort) And I…I walked in and I don’t know why I was… the only one in there I think you were like, doing something outside. Jared: Don’t blame me…don’t…(Jensen: Anyway…) don’t blame me! I don’t know… Jensen: So, what happened was that they..what they put… they put accelerant and they put ah…a pilot basically, like in, inside the coffin And then I strike the matches throw it in and they, poof! Crank the gas so it’s all plumbed and everything but…Jared: My plan was…so… There’s, there’s accelerant. There’s like this jelly stuff that’s acceleratant but they paint inside of…. of the coffin so that it ignites very quickly well they painted it in there and A little too much time had passed and the off gas from that accelerant had started to build up inside the coffin and It was all enclosed so there was no like wind or, or you know, night air and kind of blow it… And it was so it was basically now… Jared: I’m hearing ‘off gas’ and wanted to make a different joke. It’s OK… Jensen: Ah…and…ah… And so the fumes basically had built up so much that as soon as I lit the thing It exploded in my face and, and the microphone ah, the boom operator had a um, like a felt type of cover over the boom microphone It was about three or four feet above my head Got completely singed off and my…by the way, I was like leaning over it And it was when pooh! And it was just this explosion of fire. Luckily, I just like went like that got out of the way, um, Needless to say the special effects team was very upset. They were very apologetic Um, but you know, I’m like, hey guys this stuff happens like it wasn’t your fault I know you didn’t mean it. I trust these… I trust these guys to…to do a lot and they did, they’re great. Those, those kinds of incidences don’t happen very often which is why I remember it. Or why…why I remember it so well. Ah… And then another one that I remember very well was when Dean gets killed in season… 3? Jared: Jules! Which season is…it’s ok Jensen: The hellhounds! Audience: 3! Jensen: Season 3 nailed it I I had to ah… Jared: It took you like 30 seconds to figure it out! Jensen: I…I had to um, my…my entire wardrobe had, ah, tubes, running to it. They wouldn’t do this practical anymore after, after that day They would…This would be all in the visual effects but, that day they decided to go practical and so ah, They had, they had monofilament, attached by like one thread to you know, six different parts of my t-shirt that when the invisible claw rips Somebody actually pulls on the fishing line and my fab…the fabric of my shirt actually does rip open and then at that point, another guy has a giant, ah, syringe about that big around and depresses it and it’s full of blood and it runs (by the tube yeah) up my leg blank and then just starts gurgling out of my chest Um, and then I had to stay with that stuff for about six hours Jared: It was awful! Jensen: And it’s corn syrup, so it hardens and turns into like, candy So I was like a walking Jolly Rancher for like the… Jared: What flavor would you be? What…what flavor would he be as a walking Jolly Rancher? Audience: A watermelon! Jensen: Who said a sour apple! You’re right Thank you. Hi Jared: Yeah, thank you very much. Questioner: Hi, so my question is from the most recent episode you guys did with the ghoul that aired. Um… In it, like, the sheriff kind of gets sucked underground and Dean’s like over the hole and he’s like, no I don’t want to go in there and then he’s like, alright, and he goes, Jared: Spoiler alert! Questioner: Ok and it was super funny, I want to know that was like improv or not and then also like what, these scenes that you guys have done so far to just like, add into your characters? Jensen: Yeah, that whole tunnel thing that was all improv. Um… the well and the…the not wanting to go in in fact it lasted a lot longer than they I think I tried to go in about three times and I was like no no no oh come on! And I was like talking myself into going and then I get like one leg in and then… when I was like, alright. I’m just gonna do it. I’m just gonna…what was that? OK… I think I threw something in And then I threw my flashlight in and it was like Okay, I mean it was…Nina was like I need you to go into the, into the hole please at some point…some point tonight But the thing was, is the hole was only Audience: It’s the parody that you need… Jensen: It was…alright Jared: Are you watching that porn again? Jensen: Yeah, let’s watch the three minutes after we’re done talking on the stage please Um the ah…so that tunnel that hole that they dug in that ground was only, maybe 4 feet to 5 feet deep And if you notice I went in pretty quick. Like I was… Jared: You always do. Jensen: I…Yep Um…and I was ah… Yeah. You’re just down there aren’t you? Just like… Jared: Whoa whoa whoa! Jensen: Like Pennywise, right aren’t you? In the gutter Jared: The sewer. I went in the sewer (Laughs) The sewer… Time out! Time out! Jensen: So anyway there you go Questioner: Thank you Jensen: You’re welcome Jared: Thank you… Jensen: You’re not welcome! Questioner: Hi! Jared: Hi Questioner: Ah my question is would you come back to Hawaii to do another convention and if so, which island, would you come back to? Jensen: I’m probably not, it’s a little cold here, ah, the weather… The weather is a bit shoddy, um, I’d rather go someplace that’s nice, and you know, and of course we’d come back, this place is amazing. Um… Jared: Yeah, who… Jensen: And I this is my first time here, so I I don’t know is this is there a another island we should go to? Audience: Big Island! Jensen: OK! Kauaʻi? Jared: What’s the Big Island? Jensen: It’s Hawaii! Jared: Is it really? No! Don’t answer it Yeah! That too? I don’t know this wasn’t…no, ok! Oʻahu! Jared: Yes that’s where we are right? Jensen: Right. That’s this island Jared: Where is Kauaʻi? Also known as, is this known as, like, the main island? Audience: No… Jensen: What’s the main island? Jared: Hawaii Jensen: That’s the Big Island Jared: There’s…main and big are different? Jensen: Well this is, this is like the… Audience: The Gathering Place! Jared: The Gathering Place Jensen: The Gathering Place? Oʻahu. All right. Jared: I want to go to, ah… Jensen: This is the capital, right? Audience: Yes Jared: Kauaʻi It is, Honolulu, Jared: Is it Kauaʻi? What’s, what’s the least populous Jensen: Kauaʻi Jared: Kauaʻi? I was saying, there’s a…so I’ve been to a few, I’ve been in Kona? I’ve been to Maui I’ve been to…not Oʻahu, but there’s one either Lānaʻi or Kauaʻi That, that was the least populous Yeah it’s that one. Lānaʻi! Yeah! All of them I mean… Let’s be honest. We…ah we…I’m sure we go to every single island. That’s part of the Hawaiian Islands um, it’s stunning out here. So thank you all for bringing us out here. Jensen: Maybe we can have like a progressive convention where like each day is on a different island Jared: Each function is an island Jensen: And everybody works at Creation just going…(shake head) Jared: Photographs are not allowed. The stage talk will be on one island… Jensen: That’s a hard pass! Jared: Photographs are in Hawaii, the autographs in Lanai… Shuttle buses or shuttle planes to different islands I mean it! I mean it! Thanks Creation. Thanks guys. Jensen: Thank you. Jared: Yeah, thank you so much Jensen: Hi there Questioner: Hello, um, my question is, what is the coolest scars y’all have Jared: Funny you should ask! Ah…scars?? I don’t know! Jensen: I have a ah, I have a piece of pencil It’s right in this arm Jared: Really? Jensen: So the…it’s the lead from a tip of a pencil that my girlfriend in seventh grade stabbed me in the arm with Still there. Right there Questioner: See I have chainsaw scar so… Jensen: You mean chainsaw scar? Questioner: Yes. Jensen: Ha, I’ll go with the pencil. I’m sorry, how… do we want to know? Questioner: No I didn’t do it to myself so… Jensen: Oh! Jared: I have a very fresh scar, at least I got a, I got a, um, hell hound’s, um, scratch Um…it’s…not a real hell hound… Jensen: She got cut with a chainsaw dude! Jared: I know I’m try to change the subject ’cause I’m scared Wait, what… Jensen: Can I assume this was an accident? Questioner: Yes, Jensen: Okay because if you said no then I… I’m in! I want the whole story! Questioner: It was an accident. I was holding a tree limb, and he brought it down too quick Jared: Why would you hold a tree limb? Jensen: Got it Questioner: Because he was trimming it! And I was trying to be nice… Jared: Who’s ‘he’? Questioner: My friend Remington Jared: Is Remington here? Jensen: Her ex-friend Remington! Jensen: Wow! Um… No, I…I don’t have a, my hands are kind of scarred up a bit I still have one here on my finger that, happened on set while I was, um, I was chambering, chambering around on the, on my 1911, Dean’s pistol and ah, It got jammed so in an effort to quickly unjam it before they yelled action, ah, I just reracked it really quickly, but my hand slipped and my the meat of this finger got caught in it. Into the ah… Jared: Middle of the take! We’re rolling You know it literally was like wack! And then I ripped it out and just a big flap of skin And I looked at it. It was just like… and then they go “Action!” And so I just, I held the flap of skin down with my thumb, and then did the take And and then went down and there was blood all over my hand like well that probably doesn’t work Jared: Nasty. (Yeah) Nasty (Nasty) Um I…a couple of weeks ago a month ago maybe? In this season of shooting I was in the my driveway playing with Thomas and Shep and they were riding their scooters And they’re like ‘Daddy let’s ride!’ You know it was like, I didn’t have shoes on So I was like, well, alright, and I was like, we always wear helmets So I went to the garage, grabbed the helmet and then grabbed my bike so I’m riding my bike and we’re going around in circles in the driveway and Shep came to a really abrupt stop in front of me and so I had to sort of come to a… really abrupt stop so as not to, smash over him. And being barefoot on a bike Let me see if I can go… OK I can’t even see… I have like a… Jensen: Oh yeah I remember that, right it looked, it literally look like Jared: It looked…it looked like Jensen: Like a mountain lion got him. Jared: It’s hard to see. But…I’ll just keep doing this You can see? Yeah, It’s, it’s kind of, it’s nasty, but, it didn’t go high… Jensen: But you win! Okay? Questioner: Thank you very much. Jensen: I just…let’s be clear about it, you win. Jared: I’ll take the bronze medal. I’ll take third place. Jensen: Yeah Jared: Because chainsaw, chainsaw beats, bicycle. Rock beats sissors. (Jensen: Thank you) Thanks a bunch. (Thank y’all) Jensen: Yeah Jared: Hey tell Remington to be careful. And as far as you go, stop holding tree branches Come on! Now? Jensen: Hi Jared: Hi Questioner: Aloha (Jared: Aloha) Um, my question is, what, what moment in the series so far were you the most proud of each other’s characters Jared: Um…characters or…yeah, ok I mean there’s so much, I…I don’t want to look, dumb faced, but… There has been, a lot! The time he did that thing! And it was just like, you know, everything was… Audience: There…there isn’t one! No there’s not one there in a bunch. What was yours, can you narrow it down to one? Questioner: Um…no… um… When ah, when Sam, ah, Hit the doctor ghost, it, it was about to drill my face And he came in and uh, I was pretty pround of him then and there Cuz I didn’t die again Jared: I’m gonna be really weird and say that I’m most proud of Dean For many many things, but I think It’s not difficult for me to understand his sacrifice these days As far as when he sacrifices for his brother for his friends for his mother for kept whatever Um, so I’m gonna go back to the Dean that showed up in my dorm room in the pilot and asked for help when we hadn’t spoken Honestly like that was more out of his comfort zone And I think he’s probably been since but is one of these like I know things are bad. It is not that difficult for me to see how Dean sacrifices his life for Sam these days. You’ve done it many times and, vice versa so I’m gonna go back to going out of his comfort zone to start this whole show we call supernatural Thank you I’m gonna put my shoe back. Questioner: Hi, my name is Mary Ann Jensen: Hi Mary Ann. Questioner: I don’t know if you guys have control over this, but we… Jared: No…no Questioner: with the supernatural fundraisers, the last time I saw the very first, the original baby It was on the back lot in pieces if it’s still there, would you ever consider, cannibalizing it and offering it to the fan base Little pieces! Jensen:Wouldn’t that be so disturbing like honey cool eh… Questioner: We had a bridge, ah a historic bridge in my hometown Jensen: Right. Jared: Is it like the Berlin Wall? (No) Like, here is a chunk! Questioner: It got taken out by ice one year and The next year to raise funds to replace it, they offered little pieces of it with a hand-painted picture of it and sold them off to raise funds Jensen: Very smart (Yeah) Somebody’s using their head over there. Jared: It got taken away by ice was it put back together by fire Fire Jensen: Um… So I think it would Though it’s a good idea. I think with the car. That would be heartbreaking you cut it up into… tons of little tiny pieces. Ah that being said that car that you did see is I believe still in the same shape that it was. We have about six different Impalas at varying stages of like assembly Ah, we have about three that are fully functional cars and then we have another three that are you know one, that, There’s no engine. There’s the doors are off that one that has a roof off So we can utilize it to you to shoot different angles(Which we do) and different takes Um, so the other one you probably saw was probably one of our like, five or six the fifth or sixth car Jared: I can neither confirm nor deny that I, may or may not have the original decal from the finale of season one Audience: We know you do… Jared: Well the honker Audience: You got it! Jared: I can’t confirm… Jensen: Yeah! We know you do! Everybody knows you do! Jared: I can not confirm nor deny it! Call me Jared Kushner! I don’t know… I don’t remember! I guess I forgot! I forgot about WikiLeaks! Jensen: Um… But who knows maybe there’s some other stuff that we can figure out something to do with That is, that is a good idea Questioner: Thanks guys Jensen: Yeah, thank you Jared: Thanks a bunch! Hi there! Questioner: Hello! This is my first convention so I’m so excited that I got to ask you guys a question Jared: Well done! Jensen: Awesome! So my question is, what’s your weirdest talent? Jared: What… Weirdest? Audience: Gil’s was belly rolling Jared: I bet it was Was it like…like the worm? Audience: Yeah… Jensen: No no no no, like the way you, roll your belly? Jared: Oh! I think I’m like, doing the worm. Jensen: No. it’s just cold not ‘worm’ Jared: I…I can tie a cherry string into a knot in my mouth Jensen: What was it? Jared: I…I can tie cherry strings into a knot in my mouth Jensen: Yeah! Who can’t? Jared: Girl? I don’t know, is that? It seems weird to me Jensen: Well that is weird if you continue to do it Jared: What else may we do with the cherry strings Jensen: Throw it away Jared: You can…but…you can still throw it away when it’s a knot! or can you (k)not! Is this thing on? Or can you (k)not? Jensen: Um Jared: What’s your weirdest talent? Jensen: I’m like double-jointed in my elbow, so just like, really weird, when I do this That’s about it Jared: Come here Jensen: This is, this is my weird talent Look at me Jensen: Two for two! You just, emotionally scared her! Thank you so much! (Music)The last question, this is the last question Jensen: That’s the last question dance! (Music) This is the last question Jensen: Yeah we got it! (Music) This is the last question (repeat) Jared: Alright! So, as, is our long time…we are going to go ahead and Hey can we put the lights up a little bit in the room? I just want to see our supernatural family together. Good talk! Jensen: Some house lights, anybody? Jared: Sure looks at the pull I have (?) Jensen: No? Jared: Is, is Steven Norton governing the lights? No…no Hi guys Ah I just want to see y’all Y’all in shadows until the lights. Jensen: So, we have a last question Jared: Alright. Better be good. Questioner: Ah so I heard you mentioned before that you get a kick out of that meme that shows the different hair styles of Sam Jared: Yes You know where that Sam’s and Dean’s is always the same So I know it’s taboo but what the show’s over and you are no longer contractually obligated to keep your hair the way it is Are you guys both gonna change your hair up? Good question Ackles you wanna, start this bit off? Questioner: Especially you! You are just the same! Jensen: Yeah I’ll probably steal one of his wigs for a while, um… Thank you Um… Yeah, I’ll probably change mine up a bit, I don’t know what that’s gonna be but ah Yeah, I’ll probably…it’s, it’s been the same for quite a while he and I change up Are you ever gonna cut the…that? Jared: I think I’ll probably… Jensen: Silky mane? Jared: steal your wig? Audience: We love you Jared!! Jared: Love you back Ah, I’m gonna go full mountain men. No shave no cut just full on. Yeah. Or I’m going to steal Jensen’s wig! I tried. Steal Jensen’s wig! I suck. Ah… Thank you Jensen: Hey, Jared do the one about getting Jensen’s wig Jared: Steal Jensen’s wig! O for 4. O for like, eight. Ah…thank you Hawaii. Very very much. I think it’s important to note before we say goodbye to the boys. It’s Steve Norton’s last show with the band everybody It’s been a pleasant buddy Ladies and gentlemen, of Hawaii and the surrounding islands! Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki! (Music) Here I go again on my own Going down the only road I ever known Like a drifter I was born to walk alone And I’ve made up my mind I ain’t wasting no more time Just another heart in need of your rescue an’ I’m gonna hold on for the rest of my days ‘cos I know what it means to walk along the lonely street of dreams Here I go again on my own goin’ down the only road I’ve ever known This is why I was born to walk alone An’ I’ve made up my mind I ain’t wasting no more time There they go! Ah yeah!

I'm thankful to spn con girl today! I watched this with a cup of coffee this morning, an hour of laughs before the storm of cooking. Thanks for the upload!


My most proud moment for Sam is when he stepped up last season in , i think 2nd to last episode, and took charge. When he was the one who took Dean and mom and hugged them both, as if he was a man. Kind of like he finally started to fill those giant Moose shoes #MissCrowley … That's my moment for Sam. Anyways, thanks for the vids!

Thank you so much for this! There is no better way to end a wonderful, love and family filled Thanksgiving, than watching these 2 guys! Always entertaining!

I can't help but feel sorry for them, when the woman mention about the porn XD They (especially Jensen) looks so uncomfortable~


Jensen: I went in pretty quick

Jared: Like you always do?


ACTUALLY the demographic of the actual views vs the demographic of the fans that go to cons is quite different. Or so I hear.

english is not my first language so i have to ask: is saying "y'all" instead of "you all" or "you guys" or "you people" really a thing? I don't know it just sounds so off to me almost as if it's supposed to be an insider joke or sth like that.

Thank you for sharing this videos, i'm from portugal and as you can imagine it's hard to go on this conventions unfortunately, but as a portuguese I'm laughing so hard at Jensen in 41:11 when he says Kona, because that in portuguese it's a really bad word for feminine genitalia. I'm sorry xD

Thank you so much for recording and uploading! I could never afford seats this great so it’s such a pleasure to at least be able to watch these videos πŸ™‚

Regarding the question around 47:37… Spoilers I feel like nobody talks about the speech that Sam made toward the end of 12 I think (when he's about to lead this team of hunters to take out the British Men of Letters). The entire series is Sam relying on his big brother and kinda using his brother as a shield so when he makes that speech, he makes it known that this is a step in the direction of kinda standing on his own. For me, that was the most proud I've ever been of Sam.

Put 2 hot Texans men on TV for an hour what do they expect!? Lol And live Jensen's weird talent! Gladly be a genuine pig anydayπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I must live under a rock…i did not find SPN until season 6
Hooked since…bought all seasons
Love me some Sam and Dean….and Crowley….and Cass and Luci…

At 23:40, I think Jensen got a little shocked because I think someone in front really was playing that porn.Β  Jared is bewildered.Β  What is wrong with these women?Β  J2 are not your husbands.Β  Maintain some decorum.

There's something a bit off about not only asking about porn, and still going on about it when your audience is clearly uncomfortable with it.

Their home movies. That I'd like to share with my husband while he decorates his wife's naked body sexercise 16 Christmas tree. I'll be the one dressed as mother clause minus the knickers.

What did Jensen say at 21:49? "We should move on"..? & what did Jared say? "Thankyou. Good looking out"..?
I was wondering why Jared didn't flip his chair and sit. & he did it later on.
48:09 When Jared says aaaaaaah, they both are weirdly in sync. 🀣 Absolutely love them

50:49 it's funny how Jared quite often comes up with jokes I was thinking about too. He's my spirit animal lol and Jensen's reaction is just…my brother's reaction. Yup, that's me XD

Jared and Jensen you guys are amazing the wonderful men's this is amazing how are you guys what's together wonderful so well and also Misha and Jack you guys of Wonderful an amazing together it's funny that Misha treat Jack like if Jack was his real son and I like that a lot that's the kind of man that everybody loves to have someone to love you back I love your eyes it's beautiful blue are you guys enjoy yourselves and have a great day I hope you had a nice holidays and everything else

I love the fake blood story and the fact Jens was a "walking Jolly rancher" and someone yells out "Sour Apple!" after Jared asks what flavor would you be.Jens was like "who said Sour Apple?" Like dean, then he smiles "You're right!" I love these dorks! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜™β€πŸ–’


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