in the last part of the series part 65 we spoke about the difference between the Jesus of the Quran and the Jesus Yahshua of the Bible we saw clearly that the Jesus that the Quran speaks of was not the Yahshua HaMashiach of the Holy Bible we see that they were only similar by name and nothing else and that's where much of the confusion occurs within Islam when they believe that they are worshiping the same God it's a part of understanding that needs to be understood when trying to comprehend these religious distractions but Islam needs to be understood in order to understand much of the events that take place in history after it from part 2 through part 57 of this series we went through the Scriptures in order to gain a foundation of the truth but as we continue to go into history we see less of the truth and more smoke and mirrors receive an enemy strong at work through the centuries working in men to help fulfill his goal and bring us to the exact point in time we are at today do you remember what Satan's goal is is to be like the Most High and he has been working through men over the many centuries through secret societies monarchs and false religious structures to achieve this very goal this is why there are secret societies and his goal of being like the Most High is the major secret of their societies now this subject that we will cover in this video is an important one it took a while to make this video because initially my plan was to go into explaining Mormonism and Jehovah Witnesses but the father stopped me in the middle and showed me that I was rushing and other things needed to be exposed and brought to the light first there are so many people today that talk about the Illuminati the New World Order the sellouts and their global elite that's a good thing because it shows that many are waking up but the truth is it is hard to understand his matrix by just understanding the present day or even the last 100 150 years in order to have a solid grasp on all of these conspiracies and understand the plans and devices of the wicked we have to go further back in history these plans to establish Satan as the worshiped by all for him to try to realize his goal of being like the Most High they did not just come about in the last couple of centuries this new world order has been orchestrated in secret over many centuries through many groups organizations monarchs and families we are just at the climax of all those plots and schemes the thing is that you cannot have a solid grasp on these plots and schemes without going back in history to the many holders of these secrets and plots a good place to start is with a nice Templar have you heard of them maybe or maybe not but much of the wicked influence of today can be traced directly back to the Templars and the groups surrounding and intertwined with them but many of us do not know much about them we should go so I'm going to try to break them down to you Ephesians chapter 5 verse 11 says and have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness or rather expose them so I'm going to do just that right now let's begin okay so it was really hard to break this group down in one video but I do not want to devote two videos to them so I'll be condensing a lot of information I have a lot of books on this subject but for this video I will be using a lot of information from the book Holy Blood Holy Grail they've done a massive amount of research and compiled it together but the researchers are not on yahshua side this is a good book to read if you have a solid foundation in the truth this book is about the coming Antichrist side and his lie and the Templars are part of the foundation of this story Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code pulls a lot from this book anyone that attempts to say they know who the Antichrist is I mean the ones that say Barack Obama and the Pope are the Antichrist but they do not use any of the information from this book in their analysis they are often very wrong but I digress the Templars are a subject that should be understood it all goes back to when Islam begins gaining dominance in the Middle East the Arab followers of the new religion of Islam declared jihad a holy Islamic war the Byzantine Empire just for some background in the year 395 the Roman Empire was formally divided into the Western Empire ruled from Rome and an Eastern Empire ruled from Constantinople this Eastern Empire will be known by historians as the Byzantine Empire in the year 622 Muhammad began to unite the Arab tribes into a powerful fighting force through his preaching of Islam his most important act during his early years in Medina was to pass down a revelation giving permission to his followers to go to war against those identified as their enemies according to Muslim scholars this concept of jihad or holy war can legitimately be applied against injustice and oppression or against the rejecters of what they feel is the truth of Islam by the time of Muhammad's death in 632 he had unified the Arabs under the banner of Islam our religion as well as social legal and political institution and they now had a justification in the name of their God for war and conquest so like I was saying the Muslims declared a jihad against the Byzantine Empire in 636 ad the army of Amar invaded Halla side and by the summer of the following year the army was in camp outside the walls of Jerusalem in February of 638 after a seven-month siege the Christians were forced to surrender to the caliph Umar the Muslim commander who more then goes to the Temple Mount called the Haram al-sharif are the Muslims the noble sanctuary where his purpose was to search for relics among them what he called the mihrab or prayer niche of David which Omar heard the Prophet Muhammad speak of whom are also had a temporary mosque built at the southern end of the Mount on the spot where the al-aqsa mosque stands today they started building the al-aqsa mosque 60 years later the al-aqsa mosque is the third most holy site in Islam it should not be confused with the Dome of the rock that is also in Jerusalem which is the most famous Islamic site in Jerusalem it is not a mosque but a holy shrine for Muslims Muslims believed the Dome of the rock to be where the Prophet Mohammed ascended to heaven on his Night Journey it was completed around the Year 691 a note for all Bible deniers if Jerusalem wasn't such an important place none of this history that we are speaking about would have taken place there now following the Arab conquest of Jerusalem in the year 638 the city's largely Catholic history likes to generalize it and say Christian which has been a part of the major confusion surrounding the faith anyways the Catholic population enjoyed a long period of good relations with the Muslims but by the 10th century the Muslims had become more aggressive starting in the year 1000 for the Fatih mede caliph al Hakim who ruled over Egypt North Africa Palestine and southern Syria launched a campaign of anti-christian fanaticism by 1014 over 3,000 churches have been destroyed and many Catholics were forced to convert to Islam but the critical turning point in Western attitudes towards the Muslims came in 1900 the church and Catholics again started to make their trips to Jerusalem but the rise of the Muslims was too much for the Roman Catholic Church in the year 1095 Pope Urban convened the Council of Clermont in central France he told listeners that the Muslims were advancing into the heart of Christian lands mistreating the population and desecrating their shrines and churches he told them that the Emperor of the Byzantine Empire had called for help and it was the duty of the West to respond he emphasized the special holiness of Jerusalem and told how pilgrims has suffered under journeys there he then made a great appeal to let the West go and rescue the East he said that the nobility should stop fighting one another and instead fight a righteous war and on top of that he said that for those who died in battle there would be a remission of sins let me just say that this is ridiculous and exactly a big reason of how and why the truth in Yahshua is condemned by the world because man has placed themselves as Authority and condones war then feels that they can forgive soldiers for the war they contributed and if they die its ultimate control anyways this was the start of the First Crusade you've heard of the First Crusade this is a subject that is not taught much in our school history class in the year 1099 the Crusaders which consisted of about twelve hundred Knights now this was not the Knights Templar it did not exist yet in this crusade the Templars fought in the second but yeah twelve hundred Knights and fifteen thousand men took back Jerusalem and after this condensed history this is where we begin to meet the Knights Templar the formation of the Templars is set to start from the insecurity on the road where there was murder rape enslavement and robbery of unarmed pilgrims to Jerusalem a group of nine French Knights had proposed to the patriarch of Jerusalem at the time and King Baldwin the second that for the salvation of their souls they will form a community or withdraw to a life in a monastery but Baldwin persuaded them to save their souls by protecting pilgrims on the road and they should take a vow of poverty chastity and obedience on Christmas Day of the year 1118 those nine Knights took their vows before the patriarch in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre calling themselves in Latin the papyrus Connaughton Christi the poor fellow soldiers of Christ their declared objective was as far as their strength permitted they should keep the roads in highways safe with a special regard for the protection of pilgrims King Baldwin ii gave the al-aqsa mosque to the poor fellow soldiers and they made it their headquarters but here's the deal first off there is no record of them actually defending the pilgrims on the road in King Baldwin did have a royal historian under his command his name was folk their shots but there's no record of the Templars early activities in his fifty years of writing in fact there's only one writer about the beginning of the Templars and that's Ghulam of Tyree he wrote about them sometime in 1175 and 1185 so he was not a first-hand witness of their beginnings but he is the only source we can gain info about their beginnings he writes that in their first nine years they did not allow a new membership it was just the nine of them and of course becomes suspicious or you try to understand how only nine Knights could protect all the rules for the traveling pilgrims and that recruit members to assistant this beginning history makes no sense and not much is known the main rumor is that during those nine years they found something under Solomon's Temple many people claim that was the Ark of the Covenant or the Holy Grail but no one knows for sure whatever it was it was said to give them enormous power only second to the Pope and they were known as Templars because of them working as Solomon's Temple within a decade from their beginning the Templars fame seemed to have spread back to Europe by 11:28 a tract praising their virtues and qualities was issued by Saint Bernard Saint Bernard at the time was a chief spokesman of the Christian world he said in praise of the new knighthood he declares the Templars to be the epitome and apotheosis of Christian values by 1127 most of the nine nights returned to Europe from Jerusalem in January of 11:28 a church council was convened at sois and at this council the Templars were officially recognized and incorporated as a religious Military Order Hughes De Panne was given the title of Grand Master he and his subordinates were to be warrior monks soldier mystics a militia of Christ Christ soldiers the Templars were sworn to poverty chastity and obedience they were obliged to cut their hair but forbidden to cut their beards and that distinguished themselves during a time when most men were clean-shaven all members of the Order were required to wear habits of circles and clothes and these soon evolved into the distinctive white clothing for which the Templars became famous for their behavior on the battlefield was strictly controlled – for example and one were captured temples were not allowed to ask for mercy or to ransom themselves they were compelled to fight to the death they were not permitted to retreat from battle unless the odds against them exceeded three to one in the year 1139 a papal bull was issued by Pope Innocent the second according to this bull the templars owned allegiance to no secular or ecclesiastical power other than the Pope himself in other words they were made totally independent of all Kings princes and of all interference from both political and religious authorities they had become a law unto themselves an autonomous international Empire only to answer to the Pope as I once said throughout Europe younger sons of noble families flocked to enroll in the order's ranks and vast donations and money Goods and land were made from every quarter of the Christian world Tuesday PI n the first Grand Master of the Templars donated his own properties and all new recruits were obliged to do likewise on admission to the order a man was compelled to sign over all his possessions within a mere 12 months of the Council of tois the order held substantial estates in France England Scotland Flanders Spain and Portugal within another decade it also held territory in Italy Austria Germany Hungary the Holy Land and points east although individual Knights were bound to their vow of poverty this did not prevent the order from amassing wealth and on an unprecedented scale all guests were welcomed at the same time the order was forbidden to dispose of anything not even to ransom its leaders the temple received in abundance but as a matter of strict policy it never gave during the next hundred years the Templars became a power with international influence they were constantly engaged in high-level diplomacy among nobles and monarchs throughout the Western world and the Holy Land close links were forged with the Muslim world as well like with the assassins their Muslim counterpart the assassins are actually claimed to be started by the Templars as well the Templars interests extended beyond war diplomacy and political intrigue though in effect they created and established the institution of modern banking we know today by lending vast sums to destitute monarchs they became the bankers for every throne in Europe and for certain Muslim potentates as well with their network of common houses throughout Europe in the Middle East they also organized at modest interest rates the safe and efficient transfer of money for merchants traders a class that became increasingly dependent upon them money deposited in one city for example could be claimed that was drawn in another city by means of promissory notes ascribed an intricate codes the Templars thus became the primary money changes of the age and the Paris common houses of the Templars became the center of European finance they enjoyed a strong monopoly on the best and most advanced technology of their age the best that could be produced by armors leather workers stonemasons military architects and engineers they contributed to the development of surveying mapmaking Road building and navigation they possess their own seaports shipyards and fleet a fleet both commercial and military which was among the first to use the magnetic compass so needless to say they had amassed a great deal of power by the Year 1306 King Philip the fourth of France was extremely anxious to rid his territory of the Templars they were much stronger and better organized than he could ever be they were firmly established throughout France and by this time allegiance to the Pope was only nominal Philip had no control over the order and he also owed them money Philip first had to enlist the cooperation of the Pope with the Templars old Allegiance and obedience between 1303 and 1305 the French King and his ministers engineered the kidnapping and death of one Pope Pope Boniface 2/8 and quite possibly the murder by poison of another Oh Benedict xi then and 1305 Philip managed to secure the election of his own candidate the Archbishop of Bordeaux to the vacant papal throne the new pontiff took the name pope clement v indebted as he was to Philips influence he could hardly refuse the Kings demands and these demands included the eventual suppression of the Knights Templar Philip plan has moves carefully elissa charges was compiled partly from the Kings spies who had infiltrated the order partly from the voluntary confession of alleged renegade Templar he issued and sealed secret orders to his seward's throughout the country these orders were to be opened everywhere simultaneously and implemented at once at dawn on Friday October the 13th the Year 1307 all Templars in France were to be seized and placed under arrest by the king's men their common houses placed under royal sequestration that goods were confiscated and this is where we get the famous Friday the 13th from whether the Templars were warned in advance or whether they deduced what was in the wind certain precautions were definitely taken the Knights who were captured seemed to has submit passively as if they were under instruction to do so there is persuasive evidence of some sort of organized flight by a particular group of knights virtually all of whom were in some way connected with the order's treasurer so it's not surprising that the treasure of the temple together with almost all his documents and records should have disappeared now the Templars were said to be devil worshipers they worshiped an idol called the Baphomet at the secret ceremonies they supposedly frustrated themselves before a bearded male head which spoke to them and invested them with occult powers unauthorized witnesses of these ceremonies were never seen again and there were other charges as well which were even more vague accusations of fantasise killing a child within a year of birth or teaching women how to abort also obscene kisses at the adduction of their new candidates and also accusations of homosexuality their biggest accusation was that these Christian Knights ritually denied Christ and they trampled and spit on the cross in the year 1312 the Templars were officially dissolved in March 1314 Jax de Molay the Grandmaster was burned to death over a slow fire with his execution along with others the Templars apparently vanished from the stage of history but the order did not cease to exist given the number of Knights who escaped who remained at large or who were even acquitted the papal bulls that King Philip's sent dissolve in the order was never proclaimed in Scotland and therefore the order was never technically dissolved as Scotland many English and French Templars found a Scottish refuge this is important to know in Portugal the order was cleared by an inquiry and simply modified its names becoming the Knights of Christ ships of the Knights of Christ sailed under the familiar red Patty cross and it was under the same cross that Christopher Columbus's three caravels crossed the Atlantic to the new world Columbus himself was married to the daughter of a former knight of Christ and had access to his father-in-law's charts and Diaries interesting right the Templars were presented in history as Christian soldiers who fought for the glory of Christ but there was a dark side to them that was done a secret they were sorcerers and magicians and alchemists many of the people that lived during their time shunned them believing them to be in league with unclean powers they were the beginning of the known black magic based organizations that were brought to the light they were also known to be guardians of the Holy Grail which is very important to know but we won't go in depth about the Holy Grail in this video so with all this history what is the significance of the Templars they obviously are not a religion so why am i speaking about them in this series you see the Templars are the beginning to what we know as secret societies now I'm not saying that secret societies did not exist before the Templars because that is not true we have the Cathars the Priory of Sion and others but the Templars are the most known and they are the spark of the many secret societies that came about after they were set to dissolve remember how I said they were never dissolved in Scotland where do you think Scottish Rite Freemasonry comes from you see many Freemasons claim the Templars as their predecessors certain Masonic rights or observances claim direct lineal descent from the Templar order as well as authorized custody of his arcane secrets certain Masonic lodges have adopted the grade of Templar as well as rituals and names and titles supposedly descended from the original order the global banking dynasties the elite families of the ages all take upon certain characteristics of the Templars and it said that the wealth and secrets of the Templars were passed down and over to the elites what refer to as the Illuminati today there's no coincidence that our current modern-day banking system was modeled after theirs the Templars were the practitioners of black magic that became the foundation of many secret societies today and we cannot understand the plots and schemes of the devil without understanding the groups and orders that he established among the ages we of course will never know all the secrets but we can have an understanding so that we are not overtaken by their lies before we jump into the history of the more modern religions we need to understand how they all got here in the first place what we see with the Templars in the church was the break between white magic and black magic the church being the white magic and the Templars being the black magic all the same goals but the white magic did not approve of the black magics method so the black magic went underground had formed secret societies they were no longer sworn monks like the Templars in public they established themselves in society becoming businessmen as scholars thrusting themselves into the public world but in secret they pledged allegiance to dark black magic powers and this is why they were secret societies they hid from the church and if I did not give you a foundation of the Templars the information following them would be incomplete this series was made to inform you the truth of the Bible and the gospel needed to be laid out first but now we are moving into the lies of the enemy and that's where all the other religions lie within when we look at all the other religions and other lies you almost always see the influence of these secret societies so if I do not give you the background on them many things may go pass you I want you informed and knowledgeable so that we weaken the whole to the devil because he wants you blind ignorant and stupid the other major part of the templars has to do with the Holy Grail but I cannot go into that without setting the stage Freemasonry also needs to be understood but I can't go into that without you understanding the Templars they are the basis of understanding the start of the secret societies and if you want to understand whether this world is heading understanding the secret societies will assist you greatly through the Bible we know where the world is headed we understand the conflict we understand the phases and the trumpets and bold judgments that will be poured out we understand the ending with the Millennial Kingdom but one thing we do not understand is the enemy side of the story and if we never look to what they have done through a history in the darkness we will be overtaken like many of us have been to this birth they have established great systems of communication and infrastructure massive economic and political orders religious structures that dominate the world and without much of an understanding of the past much of this history can go by the majority of us but thing is that they write about these things they do not completely hide their secrets they just placed them in books and then deter us from reading them why do you think the saying is that if you want to tell a secret put it in a book I'm not divulging some great information that the masses have not been told I'm not a whistleblower I've never been a part of any of these organizations I've just been a student for many years reading many books reading many sources and I now I'm trying to teach all the things that I've read and learned so that others have a strong view of the real world and not the fake one that we have been led to believe in all the roots of the secret societies start here when they came out into the public eye and began recruiting with the Templars all the infrastructure of the secret societies the wealth the occult powers they can all be traced back to the Templars and the thing is that many of us probably never even heard of them or what we have heard is not more than their names as we rush towards these end times we are entering their world that they have been creating in the dark we cannot escape it a knowledge and understanding will keep our hearts and our minds protected from lies and schemes and that's the purpose of the history of religion series knowledge is power and I hope that from this part in the series many people have been given more power be blessed okay thanks again for watching if this is blessed you please make sure to LIKE this and share it if you have not already done so please make sure to subscribe to this channel Elohim willing I upload every Friday don't forget to follow this ministry on Facebook and Instagram I want to thank everyone for all their support through this series and I appreciate the prayers and support all the messages of love and understanding were overwhelming and they truly blessed me as always I want to thank all those who donate to this channel your donations are sincere blessing to me I'm extremely appreciative of your love offerings and support okay everyone thanks again for watching I love you all

Watch the YouTube Channel Real Crusades History! He is defending the Knights Templers! Some things I hear in this video is NOT true according to the History of the Knights Templers (btw there are also Islamic sources who talk about the History of the Knights Templers)

He not the son of GOD and he was the prophet and he never died on the cross. No man can die for your sin or mine

I love listening to your videos because they come from a place of wisdom rather than just knowledge. Proverbs 4:7 still rings true that wisdom is the principle thing and with all our getting get understanding. Brother you break things down so well that understanding is clear and I appreciate your unedited truth!

Everything really makes sence, the conspiracy of history is really strong and has led Christian's to confusion and even sometimes to be athiests or freethinkers. But one thing for sure, the Bible remains integritive in truth. God bless you Mister and keep revealing the truth.

I was so happy to find out in the Samarian tablets who this à la Allah really is Allah is one of the ANUNNAKI Gods according to the Samarian tablets I Love was in charge of the workers the slaves and when the work was to hard and they rebelled he stuck up for them he was a good man he believed in Justice and fairness, it was good to find out that Allah was one of the ANUNNAKI Gods The book of Enoch‘s said they are the sons of Elohim their Instruction were to watch over mortals from Heaven they were forbidden by Elohim Father of the Gods not come to earth, they disobeyed and they were not allowed back into heaven the bed didn’t bleed but Elohim said no stay down there and they are here to this day some Bible scholars call them the fallen angels.

Reading comments of other believers and thanking Father God and Jesus for you brother. Don't forget the evil angels that have power over many, if not all other false religions. When demons appear to people with the glory of the angels as if angels of light but fallen angels lying against Father God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit..Those evil people reject God, and totally freaked out with mind altering supernatural experience with a spirit, a fallen angel.

Its astounding to me that so many people in the comments didnt know the knights templar was real.. Strange how far back that got pushed in just one generation

Only way repent and be saved by Christ act 11:14-18 just follow the original Gospel of Christ teaching not churches but Jesus will guide you personally to the end John 10:1-6!

So was Jesus in a Secret Society? Because almost after every miracle or healing He told the recipient to not say anything….🤔

Confusing. They fight against islam, but many of them like Shriners, masons and moors hold to islamic principles. 🤷🏿‍

they got a hold to the secret writing of Solomon and Baal worship/ studies . Solomon loved them strange women and they did some strange thangs. #negrohebowgumbo

Shalom from Holland. Jacob's DNA Y-J1c3d. Space is fake. The Earth is flat. 9/11-666/NWO. Tribe of Ephraim. Jesus is lord. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ix3KLtecKk8

Thank you for your hard work. This video was wonderful. I understand so much more about Muslims. Thank you.


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