'Hey Bill Nye, How Do I Escape Religion?' #TuesdaysWithBill

I went through the process the questioner is about to undertake. All you have to do, in response to each claim made by your religion, is ask questions. "How do we know this claim is legitimate?" "What credible evidence exists to substantiate this extraordinary claim that violates known laws of physics?" "If there is no vallid proof, why do we tell children the claims are true, instead of being honest and telling them we only hope they are true?" The answers to those and similar questions will quickly reveal to any honest person that religion is based only on superstition, wishes and story books. At that point, most people get angry for a while when they realized they've been lied to all these years. After that comes freedom of thought, limitless opportunity for mental and emotional growth, and the capacity to be inspired and motivated by the wonder of the real world.

Great distinction between cynicism and skepticism, Bill Nye! REAL Christianity stands up to skeptical inquiry, but only if the inquiry is real.

I'm a Christian. I also believe science and that things need to be proven. But any honest thinker, who isn't blinded by what they believe, is going to be honest and say regardless of whether you believe in creation or naturalism isnt going to affect whether a person can go create inventions and make scientific discoveries. What we can see and prove now isnt affected by out belief. Lets be honest, no one can prove whether the universe was created or naturally made. No one was around during these times so everyone has to make their own assumptions based on evidence.

The entire logical primise is errant. You can't prove by natural law the existence or absence of what is by definition supernatural and outside the laws of nature. At the end of the day its "faith" either way.

You escape religion by taking £2000.00 to Amsterdam and visit the Venus of plenty at the pink pussycat on Amsterdam town square after 8 pm week nights.

Stop believing is the easiest thing to do. The hardest is telling your puritanical family. It's equivalent as coming out of the closet they will shun you or disown you, worse they will keep preaching to you.

if you think you're Hardcore skeptikal non-Believer then please read this: "ASHHADU ALLA ILAHA ILLALLAH, WA ASHHADU ANNA MUHAMMADAR-RASULULLAH".

Because my family raised me with science education, I separated the 'truth' of religion and the truth of science, letting go of religion was easy as soon as I actually thought about why I believed in God. Took me an afternoon.

Religion: "The evidence of (blank) is everywhere, it's undeniable. People who can't see the evidence are in denial because they're under the influence of (blank). It's your duty to enlighten these people so that they can see the truth."

I lost my baby 3 days after she was born. I hated everytime anyone told me God wanted her for him. That she was an "angelical being". That I should rejoice she was with God… That's it for me and religion. Who thinks that? What kind of God makes someone suffer? Don't give that divine crap plan! I don't find comfort in that kind of thinking.

Interesting because as a Muslim, I personally believe that science and religion are totally compatible, and of course you don’t have to agree, but I definitely think critical thinking is quite important

That is a very confused and confusing answer i think . I would say : start asking yourself questions about the limits of each claims. A claim like : humans must worship god. Why ? Why don't animals and plants have to do that ? God created them too so why not them ? What makes humans different is this regard ? At what point humans became humans ? Assuming you accept evolution, when was the first human who had to do that ? What is worshiping ? At what point do you stop worshipping ? Should you think about god and thank him all day long ? Or is it enough to go to church and pray each sunday ? Or even just believing he exists and live your life as he weren't there ? What is the consequence of not worshipping ? Do non-believers have a worst experience on earth ? Does god deserve worshipping ? Which god should we worship ? The god of the bible ? of the Qu'ran ? They have equal validity so why this one ?
I inivite you to ask similar questions about every claim that comes from religion and you will realize a lot of those questions don't have answers or pose even more questions. Go for the details and you will see that only reason and science can answer some of those questions.

Ok so forget about God for a second. An aircraft contains many coordinated parts. It's not possible for all those parts to come together without a designer. Now think about the human body organs , brain . Now think about the solar system and seasons. There has to be an intelligent designer.

I started questioning the bible around 5 yrs old. I remember asking the pediatrician if it was true men had less a rib then a woman and if so on what side?!
One time, when learning the story of the Tower of Babel, I asked why God bothered with the other languages? I said wouldn't they have just pass out or died from lack of air and atmosphere? I bet that would of stopped 'em! I was told by my Sunday school teacher, "that's a good question for your dad!"
But the main reason I moved on from my christian "conditioning" was the inability to accept, I was less than because I was born female. And the teachings on being a "godly women" went against my nature…

You are not required to practice a religion, but you have about as much right to abolish or never hear about it as you do to never see a black person or gay couple.

I like how Bill is Unbiased he doesnt necessarily go against god he wants people to evaluate a situation. I personally believe in god. Scientifically the Universe was made from outcomes beyond the Laws of Physics(A). Philosophically, Life it self has to have a purpose(B).(C) Check out Strangest Mysteries Youtube channel.

I like the way Bill Nye approaches this. It's wasn't abrasive what so ever. He simply stated that you should believe in what makes sense to you. I grew up christian and around 18 to 19 I began to question things. Fear impeded my ability to question reality and view a world that worked scientifically before. Once I gained enough confidence to overcome fear, I began to realize I this world is not how the bible depicted it and humans are too unreliable yet predictable to trust. More critically deep thoughts on the subject lead me to believe in myself and have my own perception in the word. So I don't label myself athiest or religious. Simply have my own beliefs and I'm happy living life that way.

Ask yourself 'is there a good reason to believe this'
If not, then you shouldn't believe it. Because you don't have a good reason to.

If yes, then please enlighten me. I'm yet to hear a good reason to believe any supernatural claims. But would be very interested if anyone had one.

You have such a small mind.I bet the largest reason you can not perceive the obvious is the desire for some kind of illicit sex.

I'm a Christian and you can believe what you want but personally I prefer believing in golden streets and happiness rather than an endless black void

religion poisons everything and there very likely is no god. read books and watch videos of intellects like richard dawkins, chtistopher hitchens and sam harris, they prove my point. rationality and reason >>> superstition and indoctrination. the truth doesn't care about ridiculous beliefs.

It comes from outside of you bill. If I die, murder is still wrong. Morals do not come from contingent beings.

The parting of the red sea is a historical claim and there are several possible causes, wind being one of the more commonly cited ones. It is claimed that a wind of 63 miles per hour lasting for 12 hours would have pushed back waters estimated to be 6 feet deep, exposing the mud bed for crossing.
Also, Genesis is written in figurative language, I can debunk your claim that it's literal through comparison with revelation where it explains who the serpent is(Revelation 20:2 / 12:9). If you believe, you believe, if you disbelieve, you disbelieve, but nobody here wants you to believe or disbelieve in ignorance. And certainly not based on a straw man! (And that's what misrepresentative claim is, a straw man, misrepresenting it to debunk it is not science). Learn, question, ask. Watch Gary Habermas argument on the resurrection if you have time. History is full of unlikely events, why? Simple, we don't bother recording the uninteresting ones. A lion eats a man, Monday in Rome, a lion doesn't… Hmm… That's weird, did he cost himself with a bitterant or something? Part of skepticism is seeking explanations that don't require faith, then when you are left with the impossible staring you in the face, that is when we question what we have known. This question when faced with the impossible is the beginning of belief, unless, of course, we can find an explanation. Even the church seeks to rule out all scientific explanations before declaring something a miracle.
Read 'to hell and back' with Audie Murphy, then read the book. It's a true story, he toned it down because what actually happened was too unbelievable. "With the Germans 100 yards away, he climbed into the burning tank destroyer turret and began firing…" … Moments after he jumped off the tank destroyer — having stopped the attack all by himself — the thing exploded. Unlikely events happen daily, it's not until it's impossible while simultaneously being verifiable that I begin to consider the possibility of something more.
You want to see a Christian become a skeptic real fast… tell them about a man who claims to be the reincarnation of Jesus. There's a list on wikipedia, it's available in 5 languages.

The comments here are ridiculous. Not all Christians are complete morons. Not every Christian is a Young Earther. Check out Hugh Ross on that. And no, we don’t all think atheists are raping and pillaging the world. Please don’t repeat sound bites and look in to it with an intelligent Christian.

I was raised by a father who prays to the gods of skepticism. There are some major downfalls to the skeptics worldview. First of all it is always against what is being said, and never is it skeptical of being skeptical.

I see no beautiful ancient architecture made by skeptics, no songs and dance.

My first 2 children were born at the abortion clinic.

I was married at 23, divorced at 24, had 2 dead babies, and 2 living ones that live with their mothers for the most part.

Skepticism is a world view that is empty, lifeless. I can't do religion, I know everything that is wrong with it. I do very much admire the results though. Religion works in a whole lot of ways.

What does science have to say about how to find love? what to do when you find it? how to create a good nest for children to come in to? Where is the proof for forgiveness? Love? Kindness? Generosity?

I’ve have a question for all u atheist if ur wrong u go to hell or whatever if Christians are wrong what’s the worst that’s gonna happen nothing is nothing we won’t know if we’re wrong or not so what do u have to lose if u become a believer

i think its easier for you to say its not true because its easier to explain than how there could be some lever of consciousness after your physical self is gone

bill i think you should go visit a haunted mine for a night. check out ryoutube video creepy sounds in mine. maybe its fake but if u do your research you will see the likely hood of this guy faking is very low in my opinion. an what you hear is idk

religion is an evil self perpetuating scam that preys upon the weaknesses and fears of people. There is nothing tangible that only religion can provide.

In truth there is freedom
In faith there is slavery and tyranny
Religion only exists on faith.

religion is a fear based tool that was invented to implement ethics & moral in societies. man was also like animal back then, who was haunting, killing, surviving in harsh world. but as soon as they figure out then unity & formation of tribes of humans can help them survive more easy, they begin to implement steps to sustain stability & control in that tribe, so it could progress furthermore.

"Read the bible and see if its all literally true". Bill, thats fine for some books of the bible but not all of them. The bible is not A book, but a series of different books with different genres. Would you read mother goose in the same way as you would read the New York Times? I would certainly hope not!

I hate that people assume all Christians take the Bible literally i believe in science and religion i believe God made science because he made everything

I like Bill Nye am for open minded skepticism, don’t be so cynical as to refuse to investigate a claim. Investigate that claim with all skepticism, as extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.


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