Herodias – The First Witch

Hello everyone, how have you been I’m Arith Härger And today I’m going to talk about a Herodias, – the first which I know this video came out in December, probably, and I’m still talking about witches but I recorded this video during October so joke’s on you. I’m still in the past enjoying the season of the witch Bloody hell. Hello there. I see you are still around anyway, the reason I wanted to make this video and present it to you during December is because my next video will more or less be linked to this one and You will understand why in the near future you see Herodias was the most famous witch during the Middle Ages and especially during the 10th century Christians wrote extensively about witches and their night-rides across the sky, especially Frankish Christians the classical Roman goddess Diana, goddess of the hunt, was perceived to be the- general goddess of the pagans within the medieval Christian mentality It was said Diana guided witches across the sky and the leader of the witches alongside Diana was Herodias the most famous witch; a witch from the biblical sources but in northern Europe there was another goddess perceived to be the goddess of the Nordic witches and that Goddess – which I’m not going to speak about her on this video I will speak about her on the next video – was equated with both Diana and Herodias so this is why I wanted to make a video about Herodias because indeed She was the most famous witch and the first of all witches In the sense that the first witch in literature was Herodias so she was indeed very important and quite famous during the Middle Ages and the witch of all witches along side Diana and the other Nordic goddess of witches The point here is that Herodias is always present in medieval literature when referring to witches and their doings So with no more delay Let’s start this short Sunday video and I do hope you enjoy it Throughout history there has been a ton of written records about witches and with certainty before a writing system was invented There were a lot of witches too, or at least the kind of people with so label as being a witch the figure of the wise woman exists since primordial times but one of the very first written records of a witch might have been indeed the case of Herodias, of whom I am about to speak Herodias was the daughter of Aristobulus, to be more precise, Aristobulus IV Prince of Judaea, Herod the Great’s son, who was executed around 7 BC for offending the King himself, presumably Herodias was left an orphan and Herod the Great engaged her to marry his other son who was also called Herod in an attempt to compensate her for killing her father All was “well” for a time, including their marriage, until Herod II was no longer in his father’s favour As such, Herodias then divorced her husband and married a more favoured son of Herod the Great, called Herod Antipas One of those condemning the new marriage was John the Baptist, a well-known character from the Gospels Who had just paid a visit to the palace to reveal the new Messiah was coming, yet to be born Herodias was a cunning woman, she had outmanoeuvred kings to get what she wanted, so she would not dare to be judged by some messenger and a messiah no one knew and wasn’t even born yet John the Baptist was marked by her Herodias had a grown daughter from her marriage with Herod II, whose name is confusing but comes down to us as Salome According to the bible, she was the archetypal seductress and snared John the Baptist after dancing the Dance of the Seven Veils in his presence In truth, she was between the age of 17 and 22, and her acts may have been more innocent than the bible describes because as you know the Bible greatly disapproves of women and that mentality continued on until quite quite late in human history and women are either witches and workers of evil or very seductive just to catch men and do them harm because they are witches Men are always caught in their seductive attempts because if blood is flowing elsewhere, it’s not flowing up here, and men can’t properly think Moving on, Salome after dancing, it was not only John who was stricken with by Salome but also Herod Antipas (her step-father and half-uncle). In fact, so besotted was Herod that he offered Salome anything she wished for Following the counsel of her mother – Herodias (who saw in this her chance of revenge on John the Baptist) – Salome asked for the prophet’s head on a plate Herod obliged and well, you might find this strange tale from other versions of the Bible about this account, but that’s because During time and during the medieval ages A new twist and a much stranger one was added to the Gospel accounts Obviously you didn’t expect to the original accounts of the Bible nowadays. Did you? It just doesn’t enter in our modern world views and the church knows that perfectly well, so it had to be altered or no one would take it seriously, and you will understand why The Bible, obviously, has been altered for centuries for the purposes of political and religious orders, and still today its being altered and “miraculously” some new stuff appears Nevertheless, in the 12th century Herodias becomes one with Salome and it is said that she asked to see John’s head as it lay on the plate The head was presented on a plate and as she took sight of it, the head repelled her with its breath So strong was this ghostly wind that Herodias was carried high into the air and then blown through a hole in the roof The wrath of John the Baptist followed and Herodias was condemned to what Spanish medieval texts call “la dansa aéra” or the aerial dance So yes, in truth John the Baptist was not dead, even though he was beheaded Not just a miracle, but even being dead the power of god was still with him, he was a holy man after all so even without his head he was able to repel the evil witch Herodias Since Herodias had engineered the execution of a key figure in early Christianity, she was already recognised as being an anti-Christian, but her reputation got darker still as people began referring to her as a witch Her aerial dance became a night-time phenomenon and Herodias ushered in the belief that witches fly. Not only that, but she could draw out others to join her dance During the 13th century, Jean de Meung, one of the most important French poets of the Middle Ages, the author of Le Roman de la Rose – The Romance of the Rose, he explains, or rather, he writes, that up to a third of the population rode out with Herodias (now confusingly called Dame Abonde) and people rode with her for three nights every week interestingly Jean de Meung implies that only people’s souls rode out with Herodias, commenting that their bodies remain in bed Adding a note of scepticism, he adds that their senses deceive them and they only believe they are witches wandering the night So this is where the origins of witches ridding across the skies in medieval literature come from Some medieval writers tell of Herodias as the witch-ruler who sits in judgement over her devotees Some are rewarded, others punished There are also records that Herodias and her followers devour babies Coming to the conclusion that they are night demons and muses, and “only women and simple minded men would follow Herodias” See this here, the church equating women with simply minded men, always this sense of inferiority In more recent times by the end of the 19th century, there is a new account of a witch named Aradia, reputedly, the first-born witch She is equated with Herodias – indeed, Herodias is mentioned as a Witch Goddess in many Italian witch trials transcripts Herodias got very famous during the Middle Ages and because of such tales around her name, women (and also some men and children) who were seen to practice something odd to the society standards of that time, and to go off the path the political and religious orders wanted people to follow, such people were seen as witches, demons, and persecution to those people started Nowadays Herodias is not as famous as she once was during the Middle Ages, and as far as I know, no one ever mentions her name, not even in the New-Age pagan circles But when studying the history of witchcraft and the figure of the witch, you will certainly come about Herodias, and in many medieval scriptures and texts you will often find some pagan goddesses associated with Herodias So now you know who Herodias was and her impact upon the medieval mindss Herodias was the first witch to be recorded and all the stories concocted around her figure gave rise to many traits and aspects we recognize in the figure of the witch, such as flying in the air Not with a broom, that came later, but simply flying All right, my dear friends I hope you have enjoyed this video and I hope it will be useful when studying the figure of the witch during the Middle Ages and comparing The figure of the witch and Herodias to the so called “Goddesses of witches”, during the Middle Ages in northern Europe and other parts of Europe, perceived by Christians Thank you so much for watching. See you on the next video and as always tack för idag!

The social media era is transforming the way people view witchcraft.
Once it was a secretive practice and thought of as evil. The opposite of evil is Christianity 😈
No wonder the lifestyle of witches was keep quiet. What with all those inquisitions.
Hearing your story is like a history lesson. See, social media is changing how we learn. 💜 🧙🏻‍♀️

"You've got to pick up every stitch, must be the season of the witch."
Would be a sign of being cursed. I've talked with multiple knitting teachers and none of them have had a student who had to pick up every stitch.

JUST PLAIN WRONG more misinformation to destroy our Norse and Germanic roots , most witch's were of oral tradition . the only reason to wright it down was to claim origin , just like every tradition some try and take credit for others work .once again you get it wrong , a little more research you would have found that the tradition goes back to Greece ,Egypt, Iran and Iraq .speeding misinformation is not only wrong ,but you reconstruct history in a way that has little to do with reality and more to do with an agenda .sorry she was not the first or even close , there is a 5000 year old witch that was found in china , i know she did not wright it down , so she does not count .you researchers need to be real careful when pushing something just because it sounds good , or fits your agenda …} O {…

The so called ''saints'' where actually the most ignorant , violent ,anti-cultural,anti-ethnic,anti-human fantics … what we call today terrorists . They where the celebrities of early christianity .

I always see references to Hecate and so many times I think it made me believe she was thee witch supreme but Arith in his scholarly wisdom and knowledge has reopened my mind to the truth. Cool beans!

Oh, my little green gods!!! I love this so much! I also love that you filmed this whilst sitting aside such a gorgeous candlestick! Well done! I am now way too eager for your follow up video to this one. Don't keep a lady waiting!

Hello, do you know the witch of Endor? She practiced necromantia when Saul came to here to talk to the spirit of Samuel.

Talking snakes, women coming from a guys rib, a guy gets swallowed by a big fish and comes out okay after days of ingestion, a guy builds a boat and puts in it 7.5 million different spices of animals plus plants on it and floats around for a year, a invisible guy up in the freezing vacuum of outer space somewhere just decided to make it all in 6 days, a guy saves the world from sin.Do you really believe such stories? Arith,it is better to stay with Nordic mythology.

Ha ha ha! I love your sarcastic comments Arith! So, did you mean Salomé or salami? Hee hee hee. And men would "neeeeeever" think with our "other head" from blood loss! Learned a lot, keep them coming!

This tale is just identical to the Catholic tales, but with a little witchy touch, and very good for Halloween.

I believe that maybe there is a bit of people that follow your channel that disagree. That is okay i learn a great deal from you Mr Arith. I also believe that you are alot like myself and searching for truth in a world of deception and many lies. You are on your way to becoming a holy man like John the Baptist. Truth will find YOU and once it does you will not be able to look away. Your friend Micah.

lovd it teacher-perhaps it's the stars& my birth chart?..but I saw visions..as you spoke..also, have a new 'book' tofill with paintings,drawings..early present 2 myself..lol

Thank you for this Arith – i think i was just reading about the one you "didn't name" last night. My kitty girl Brigit loves watching these videos with me. Lovely !

I am not sure what the difference between a witch and a sorceress is, but we can also see the Witch of Endor in the bible, a necromancer who predates this… the Greeks also had legends of the Witches of Thessaly, or Romans, as in the Golden Ass by Apulius… I looked up that work, the Romance of the Rose, and while I havent read it, I am pretty sure it must have been a big inspiration on the modern novel, The Name of the Rose, by Umbertio Eco, which was also made into a great movie…. but I dont want to ruin the story.

And why are you talking about a biblical figure? The only source for her existence is the bible, which is a made-up fairy tale book. She never existed.

Why am I talking about this subject? : Herodias is the first witch to have been recorded in written form, and it's important to know her story because of her importance in the medieval imagery, and she became the archetypal figure of the witch. Most of the traits and phenomenon we recognize in the figure of the witch, come in fact from the biblical descriptions of Herodias. Many pagan goddesses were equated with Herodias and gained the same traits and abilities Herodias possessed. So by knowing Herodias, not only we understand the fantasy-constructions of the Middle Ages expressed in the figure of the witch, but we also know the Christian influences upon pagan goddesses and therefore it will be easier to understand what is actually the pagan-mentality on the divine and what are the Christian conceptions, so we may better understand the origins. Knowing this avoids a lot of neo-pagan assumptions towards a variety of deities and towards paganism itself. There are many "Goddesses of the Witches" that Neo-pagans praise and honour, who were never pagan in nature and are actually Christian constructions derived from Herodias – such is the case of Aradia, Erodiade and many more, and of course Pagan goddesses who gained Herodias traits and abilities by Christian hands, such as Diana, Hecate, Holle, Holda and so on. Know the differences and avoid making mistakes and keep feeding those same mistakes and terrible misconceptions.

Fantastic video, thank you!! I’m curious though, wouldn’t you consider Circe, from Homer’s Odyssey to have been a witch in recorded history before Herodias?

There never existed a "Herodias" because the Bible is the Biggest Hoax that ever existed!.. it is a total invention of the Vatican!.. I am so unpleasantly surprised that you are catering to Biblical NONESENCE.
The biggest Bogus Cult in history has been Abrahamic!… At least Christianity has a base in Reality, since APOLLONIUS OF TYANA WAS REAL, WHO JESUS WAS BASED ON, AND IS HISTORICALLY AND ARCHAEOLOGICALLY FACTUAL.. but not Judaísm
There is no Archaeological Evidence for the existence of Ancient "Israel", Abraham, Moses or anything relating to King David, nothing, N-A-D-A… Irish Fairies and Leprechauns have more Archaeological credibility than anything relating to Abraham or Moses… Why do you partake in something that has no Cultural foundation in Reality?…

Romans and Greeks, Assyrians and Egyptians, never mentioned anything Abrahamic or related to Moses… At all…

The Romans and Greeks called Canaan PHOENICIA, PHILLESTIA and PALESTINA, never anything else.

No Archaeological evidence for the existence of Josephus either. Nothing Old Testament ever existed, until the fallacy started to be written down around 500 AD, with the start of the Vatican, coincidence?.. I think not!.

The Arch of Titus is a clear forgery.

We should worship the Gods of PHOENICIA, GREECE and ROME, for those are real credible Gods, with a true faundation in a CIVILIZATION of the Mediterranean and Levant, truly European, known and spoken of by the Greeks, Egyptians and Romans and even the Mesopotamians.

Ancient Romans and Greeks NEVER called Canaan anything even close to "Israel"…

"The first appearance of the term "Palestine" was in 5th century BC Ancient Greece when Herodotus wrote of a "district of Syria, called Palaistinê" between Phoenicia and Egypt in The Histories." 👈🚨


Nothing Jewish ever existed
I am so surprised that Arith Hargar is peddling Abrahamic, unsubstantiated by Archeology fantasies.


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