[Hearthstone] Dungeon Run Master Guide: Priest

hey guys how's it going preparing here did anyone give you guys a understanding of priests in the dungeon run system it's a class that I thought was originally very simple I think the first three or four times I played priest actually one shot at the whole run but recently realize there's actually a bit more complexity to it I got pretty lucky in my first few runs and it is a class that you kind have to ride out that doesn't have a set theme like a lot of others do and that makes it fairly challenging on top of priests and generally being one of the harder classes to play in hurts again in in general so when you're playing priests in the dungeon run mode there are a few directions that work very well but they're not as consistent as you'd think so you always always have the C'thun option with priests if you get double battle cry it's actually a very good passive because priest gets access to number of various battle cry minions from place to place but they get the big one they get C'thun and they get one that's relatively big that has a decent number about I'll cry as a dragon I try to make dragon work without too much luck but if you get the battle cry passive near the start of your dungeon run it can work and you might have some success with it other things that work surprisingly well with priests is spell damage I think priest is possibly the best candidate for the spell damage because it brings up what is typically fairly weak board clears into the insane range having that five damage board clear is such a big deal in the later few bosses again those are the ones that typically matter so if you have a card like you know just to damage worker like Nova or something like that having that do five is a world of a difference and if you just draft a lot of board clears with spell damage you actually are going to have a fairly easy time completing most dungeon run do you guys know the bosses sometimes have their own flavor of crazy rng that's sometimes fairly impossible but nonetheless another route that is fairly surprising to some people there's a little bit of risk involved in this one but not as much as the other classes it is the stealth I think priest and warrior may be a pal in the penny on the cards you have are the best classes to get the stealth in because stealth works in classes that have recovery measures priest you can just recover using hero power but more than that I've found a surprising large number of priests of the feast just general healing cards and it just kind of works having that extra heal lets the AI just hit your face more than it normally should and because you have full control of attacks because your minions always have stealth with these stealth passive you can often get a lot of value through heals through North Charles which are default in the deck and it makes some cards that are normally quite good in the outrageous level we're talking about kel'thuzad and things of that sort so those are the general directions that I've seen priests work in but there are a few that also work from time to time they want to highlight one of those in the run today where I was playing more of a death rattle II theme and the death rattle theme I think is mostly miss in most classes but sometimes it lands and with priests being more or less of an opportunistic type of play style sometimes you just gotta make it work and you got to grind out those games so today hope you guys have learned something about how priests works in the dungeon run and I think you guys will love the dungeon run I want to highlight for you guys so check it out it skips the first few bosses because I'm sure all of you guys get that down easy peasy but the last few can be quite a ride enjoy them double your health Rattlers trigger twice let's try Rattlers I mean double health is probably better but but I haven't tried Rattlers or not on a while haven't found warrior too bad yeah AI you know the drill psychic scream let's try it I have an act of rasa more plain kind of a weird archetype might actually work in the end we'll have to see its psychic scream is bad for constructed as people are making it out to be I don't know I have death rattles so that's a no-brainer and we got death rattles that's a nice death rattling so let's take it let's try this okay well if I get a hand like a head last game this guy's gonna kill me which would suck my experience and constructed has been everyone is playing priest or a deck with patches zoo minions and corridor creeper or both priests and those cards that's what I've seen so far I haven't seen anything else really how does that sound all right I think whoa what just happened yeah I think psychics cream is a good card but I've seen like one maybe two rows aqus priests just not as common maybe the deck can't survive the new zoo game that people are dishing out highlighted excellent psychic scream why wouldn't they that's what I find I'm so sure about this play seems to have worked more in last rites I got Kazakh s– I don't like death learn you know kazakh s– keep the deck singleton mage dungeon again i don't know if i got lucky on that one too but i haven't had much trouble with the mage dungeon spell damage big mage stealth is possible with mage because you start with ice-barrier and you can often get ice block mage is a pretty flexible class with powerful cards oh that just kills itself alright I'll just wait them I don't want to play North sure oh it's double and this sex all right let's leave that up and think we'll get a better opportunity for it it's very helpful thank you I don't like that kind of like that okay any four things it's pretty good result oh my god he's gonna mail me carnage is real yeah I think I could have got like an army at boombots surprising it only got one he's playing a pretty zuy deck I think plus one plus one on minions is it pretty I'm pretty powerful and got lots of death rattle so Wallace has proven to be really powerful I think it's the only card I wouldn't mind having two of but that is Reno and it does keep our deck unique fine let's go for it I think it's very rare you ever get a deck like this instructed reno priest well it would have been really good if we picked up other things one died I've been really good if we picked up a double hell thing at the start but I'm regret the death frontal that's what I was pretty nice do that because it actually contests the board well enough yay Raza doesn't look unique but technically you this garbage seems to work these are three death rattles we don't have so let's just take this can get a little intense I'm not sure we'll survive those we just have a pretty passive deck and this guy likes the on those passive decks just think if there's any reason to not mind West don't see it 25 after arena we're looking pretty poor right now but he might go all face sometimes for whatever mystical reason the computer decides to set up a to turn lethal to his inevitable demise at this time wait full clear voice I could actually die to a gigantic co2 at some point that actually does deal with the board oh boy that's a little bit rough and see if we have a more elegant solution here yeah that's pretty good life please holy crap okay I don't think it's getting through that and I'm gonna fall he'll go again okay think I like a bitch spells my bump just keeps us unique sure man yo guys we kept a fully unique 35 card deck all right the boots it's not really that bad hmm it's a little unfortunate double-faced oh that's horrible – party portals the time stand ready seems like a good deal maybe I should heal that so it doesn't get any cute ideas like trading and let's just fine I really don't think I should play anything he's locked he can't get any treasures he won't play any cards and literally win the game and fatigue 100% there's no chance we lose this game you know actually I don't even get you he just heals me hey I don't see you in 10 turns guys alright guys I hope I hope all you youngsters learn a valuable lesson from this don't do candles okay this is what happens when you do candles if your friends offer you candles just say no candles not even once okay now this might change face face face oh he might have broken it now we're good I am out of cars thanks sue and we want to actually start healing I could have killed them

I usually go with the "Unique" card packs and use the captured flag treasure, with extra mana turn one (and pretty much any other 3rd treasure you want) and the special card "Primordial Wand" which is insane if you can keep your run going for a while. You can pretty much guarantee lethal turn four against lower bosses, but generally you want to see the wand as late as possible so you get it's buff, which is adapt your minion 4 times and repeat this for each boss you've defeated this run. I beat the brimstone warden turn 5 or 6 with it. I was scared shit-less when I saw that I was going up against him. A lot of my good runs end because of that boss XD.

Priest and mage for some reason just took me AGES to beat… Warlock with giants deck and 5 scepter was just a complete cakewalk to the point where it was just hilariously broken.

I cannot beat the dungeon run with Priest. I have over 85 bosses defeated but I cannot kill the final boss. It's the only class I have that hasn't beat the dungeon run and Priest is cock blocking me from getting my dungeon run card back.

You guys talk about how hard it is to win with priest… I have heard the same thing about warrior… only to take one look at Kripp’s quadruple health warrior and raise him with my recruit warrior. Oh, and I just won dungeon run with mech Shaman! Your move, Toggwaggle!

Thanks for the guidelines, cleared with priest in 2 runs 🙂 stealth/adapt/combo caster/double health

"I think spell damage best goes with priest"

Nah fam — Mage. I got 2xMage Robes and cleared it ez

Finished Priest with Double Deathrattles and Wax Rager. Literally beat last 3 bosses with 7 wax ragers. Fucking unbelievable

Double battelcry with c‘thun is one of the best options in my opinion. I won with priest , druid and rogue on my first attempt

The title to this video is "guide" but you don't really explain why you selected what you selected or played what you played. you guide "guide" was basically me pausing the video to see what you were playing and hopefully you didn't play it too fast for me to get a look at the cards. Maybe I misinterpret what "guide" means.

Yep. Mask of Mimicry + Party Portals is op. Togwaggle did the same against me once. I was starting to worry until I realized that he has 7 of them. It was a pretty easy win.

I beat it with all the other heroes in the first 10 or so attempts… currently at attempt #7000 with priest.

Okay why not just rank the buffs? (that you get initially) I've been thinking that double health control priest is good since later on both you and your opponent have high health

Thank you Kripp!
I finally managed to finish my first priest-run today. It was my last class to master for the cardback. I got the battlecry passive, cthun and two thuzads and it worked pretty well against togwaggle. 🙂 Thank you for your advices! You're the best kripp 😀 I wish you and your wife a merry merry christmas and a happy new year.


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