Has Religion Failed the Black Community? (BOND Meeting, Part 2, 1991)

we've got to stand up strong ^ say – love it I know we can find I know we can find our way I know we can find [Applause] welcome to the Jessie Peterson show today we are having a bonus meeting barniz Brotherhood organization of a new destiny rebuilding the black community by rebuilding a black man in case you did tune in last week this is a two-part series so we're picking up from last week that's why we have the same clothes on and so if you missed last week call the studio and say I like to see last week tape also if you'd like to be a guest on to Jessica Peters hit show call us at the office two and three seven five nine three eight four four today we were talking about real inches I want to know has me did you sail in the black community or Eastern Church for Ellen all right I forgot my courses but that's what we're dealing with but before we get into that I'm gonna introduce my guest to you a lot emptier to do restore from afar right I'm gonna grant Frank Steiger Debbie Spann welcome Jones Charlotte Jones Jesse Walker okay I want to ask you sir has we did you fell within the black community as I look around I see churches everywhere and yet we are not overcoming half – did you feel within the back what I've seen yes and how I think it's five basic laws that most I put down here for men to go by and all religion adopted these laws but here in the United States really are the Christians don't teach it the way we it's taught to us and those five more basic laws are your morals your principles your values your pride and your standards and you don't have these laws no if the religion if the preachers are the leaders don't teach us this then we don't know it so I think that's what we fail we fell in that because the hoopin in the Holland and the praying and reading the Bible they don't do any good until we get down to the basic laws okay thank you I want to ask you Jeff you know of course anything can go to the mic rewind what I asked our frame what do you have we need your bill had your church bill we did a black community yes Jesse I don't think religion has failed I would say because religion is a personal belief and one's personal understanding and his contact that he has with his Savior now as far as the church conveying that to the individuals to where they're able to cope with today's problems and and even yesterday's problem you know all you have to do is look around and see yes it is a failure I've said in many of churches I'm a member of a church now I won't say a true name but I I go and sit there and talk about being out of touch with reality way out of touch with reality it doesn't teach you how to deal with everyday life which it it should be the basis of all religion there are so many unqualified people standing up there screaming and hollering and preaching this is this is one reason young people shy away from the church this is one reason we have the big problem with the youth that we do have is because they're they're drawn away from the church and not to it they don't know how to pull the young people in like they should you make an interesting point about young people to church but I want Jeff you made a very interesting statement going break time can you same what you said before well I think I was making a comment about kill no you talking about about God that most people know that and it is to guilt that let us know that we know him but just refusing to deal with ego I think you know when I guess there's a there's a moment because there's a time when you you're experiencing God where you feel an inner joy a real inner joy and then when you do something wrong you feel guilt and a lot of people think that you know that God is not in their life but he is still there but now you're experiencing you're experiencing his I guess his wrath you could call it because you're doing something wrong or his his correction would be a better word he's correcting you and now you you you feel this this guilt and you get caught up in it so you don't really you aren't really brought back into the joyous state that you're in before and you you're running from when you feel the guilt when you have this guilt feeling if you would not run away from your feeling then you would get corrected and you'd be right with God again but instead we go run into the world and find things to take away this guilty feeling that we that we have and it's actually God pursuing us still correcting this another face another example and then I'll give up the microphone when I when me and my swell my son is doing right he's in my favorite I said well you come in at at eight o'clock alright and he comes in at 8 o'clock then hey there's no problem but if he doesn't come in at eight o'clock then I got a correcting well his his attitude toward me is gonna change but if he doesn't resent me then he's gonna see that I'm doing the right thing by him and that he's you know I'm trying to correct him and bring it back around and it's the same thing when God corrects us we don't acknowledge it okay that's a good point appreciate it okay I want to ask Malcolm what for instead of all young people don't go to church because they see that the preachers democracy its hypocrites right yeah is that the reason or is it because they see that the parents are hypocrite first and you sort of lose that desire for the church you know we most of our parents are going taste wonderful but yet you know we see that in the home that they're not living the life that they speak about so I'll be more affected by that first order Church I think what about a parent first yes oh yeah because we go there with our parents I know I remember my going to church of my mother she was a pretty decent lady but I in her earlier years we were going to church and she would tell me to to be still to in church you know not to move around to act nice okay five words of move around she would just reach over and give me a pinch and I always remember that because because I said now this lady she she she she pinched me and I hit me because she could picture without other people seen her do it okay she she had this face of being really pleasant and godlike and all this and and but she was pitch him and I can just look at I said that which and I can see it I can see the hypocrisy there and then but i but I see everybody else acting the same way as her so I knew that they had that same identity that she had said it had it same undercutting sneak principal being sneaky exactly right exactly you know we could get a backhand brother was doing sparing the rod like the word tells her to that is a phase of sparing the rod until you get home no no correction the correction is correct okay I agree with the correction but I don't agree with the way the correction took place if you're gonna correct me you correct me and you don't care if somebody else sees see the correction if I make it up in church she can correct me right there in church that's that's perfectly fine but don't correct me in such a way just to pinch me and and she's not she has a straight face and then when we get home she's gonna take out a branch off the tree it's not polite – yes I have a question I would like to ask if religion has spelled the black community then then who's the fault who's to blame that's a good question my parents the the minister's the the adults are really at fault they want to blame the children and the children are not in church and the children are running around and and the children are killing and the children but who brought those children into the world who let those children go who didn't discipline those children who didn't teach those children about Jesus and his principles and God I tend to think that is more the father's fault and the reason is because of the understanding I will get it now but when I think of and I keep referring back to Jeff family because right now you know what I know they got a halfway decent family it's his sons are very young but they're not going through the same confidence and they're not confused about religion now they're not looking to someone else to guide them eternia able to find God for themselves and they see they pretty normal kids you know say they smarty they speak Carboni you have a lot of common sense so I see III want to believe that is the father father thank you you're a judge in his family and all this sort of thing and talking about their being smart and on all of this which I'm sure all those things are good and they're positive but if you want to start back talking about what you are categorizing religion as and talking about Christianity you can't you see I'm a trying to say you can't generalize unnatural things all of these are natural things and you know and knowing about Christianity and religion good you have to know the natural the carnal and above all the spiritual I mean now let's say that this is a good family what is a good family and and he seems to be on the right track it calls for more things that these and these are really categorized as natural things if you're gonna speak in terms of Christianity and religion you know gonna seem like he's not the only family I know natural things like it's wrong a lot of stuff man you know hot and we can't just we can't digestible but but it's it's baby it's basically simple I can see in my own life that I I believe in God I fear God but I haven't learned to love God yet I have a conscious I'm glad grab the consciousness with me but I don't always listen to the context when I go against it things faint just go haywire thank God I'm an even God Satan believed in God Satan saw God is that so that's no big things like believe in God that's no biggie about we're talking about how the church cool emotions and the church or religion failed the black community and I think if we think from the standpoint old black babies beautiful black babies are born all the time and what happens to those children by the time they you know from the from the mother's womb to the time that they're out in the streets making the streets unlivable and went what what part what role has a church played one of the things that I see and that I found in church is you're constantly so emotional that you can't realize the beautiful things that are being said if you if I'm so happy right now or if I'm so angry right now those are two forms of emotion I miss the message I'm not in my most aware stage so that I can take in and understand so I think the church is one of the main ways that they fail they motional eyes us out of our common sense and our ability to recognize what is true what is real and if we look at black people today we are angry and many times we don't understand what is really help and what isn't help yeah you coach I got one question Jesse I want to know why you blame the Father for the failure of the black church because I heard you say that a minute ago and that's my father the question was asked who was responsible Eve for the children the church oh and I said the father was right I think that what people don't realize that's the order of thing a natural autumn see the man which should be the father the husband the father is responsible for the spirituality of the kids he should have a a more relationship with God he should love those principles and live by those principles and in him living by those person but God lived through him and at that light that lived through him the kids just sort of see it and they walked by that same right until they are able to grow up you know connect with him for themself and so because the natural order thing when that fails then we began to fall away from those we fall away from grace we fall away from God and that's when the world come in and that's how come we'll be a setup or the churches or you know some of the churches or whoever take over and then continue to lead always but if we had that proper father that followed the order of God then that could never happen to us that's why I didn't even come to the mic I think you so you hold your your set well yourself collectively accountable for your own destiny spirituality and that of your family that's what you're saying I'm just I'm just summarizing yes right all right gonna make sure Oh myself responsible for my family the spirituality and all right cause that's what we have to give it to us took me to the man okay yeah very good yeah very good of course I appreciate that Jesse you want to make this baby none I think yeah I would on what this gentleman just said yes the father is responsible for the bringing of his children and setting example for his family without the man in the house which you know when I first joined bond I thought I was unique in that I had special problems but then I come to bond and I meet so many other men with the same kind of problems just like me that I had it's it's but but knowing these other men and understanding these other men like I do now I understand that it's the same problem all men have maybe you know I just had a question accountable mine if we all agree and most of us agree that the churches have spell right get a bad community yeah it's because they don't know or I mean why why he said it in the beginning it's a it's a game it's they've they've incorporated politics into the churches it's a business that's no longer a change yeah it's greedy go if the reason you're you're not on that particular radio station had nothing to do with whether or not you were teaching people about the prince of Jesus Christ it had to do with you may awaken somebody and pull them away from that church thus they don't have any money in their basket for that Sunday you see if you pull if you awaken too many people to what's real the reality that they begin to stand up and face things within themselves and take charge of their own lives and be responsible for yourself and you start doing that and you say look I don't need to go to church every day I can do this without the minister I go and then when you make up your mind to go once in a while and fellowship then they lose that every Sunday they turn on the lights and they get an electricity bill they have no enough members to pay this bill maybe so it becomes a business how between you in one minute how would I know that you were sort of turned off from the church for a while whether you turned off because of your father first or because of the church it started with my father it started with being forced as a child to go to church and stand up in front of people and read in quote scriptures and and say stuff that I don't know and hell that's cute you don't know what you're saying I got baptized by mistake one of my friends was afraid to go up into the pulpit I turned around and said mom you want me to walk up there with her and my mother said yes I go up there next thing I know they're dunking me under the water I had no idea to this day you know if I could take that back and I look back and say how could my mother be so stupid as to let me eight 8 year old child I may even been younger than that walk up there knowing that when they say the doors of the church are open and you're gonna go up there and sit down and they're gonna dunk you under your child under some water had no most stupidest thing my parents could have done short on time it's a beauty I just like to comment because there everybody is talking about religion and and I believe there's only one guy whether I mean I have been Catholic I've been booed as I have been Christian I have been you know whatever I've been like it's in yourself to search out who you are in him there's only one him there's not a whole bunch of so everybody's agreeing that there is a guy there's only one God and we need to find out who we are in that one guy I appreciate that you know in closing again I want to invite you to come to the buyers meeting our meetings are open to everyone for more information call two one three six seven I mean I'm sorry seven five nine three eight four four that's two one three seven five nine three and four four one thing I want to say we all have a responsibility to find God for ourselves we can't blame the special dog we can't blame so what uh what not find him a better good beating thank you guys for coming [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] what is Jessie Peterson talking about who speaks for black people bond Brotherhood organization of a new destiny rebuilding the black community by rebuilding the black man meetings held every Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. and Tuesday evenings at 7:30 p.m. location 26 25 West Manchester Boulevard Inglewood California nine zero three zero five for more information call area code two one three seven five nine three eight four four that seven five nine three eight four four bond rebuilding the black community by rebuilding the black man Oh welcome back to the program we were talking about religious today after church fail within the black community just before we went to break you want to make a comment yeah I did it is a comment you know and you what sparked it was you were talking a little bit earlier about whether the I think whether that the churches were intentionally Mis misleading people or keeping people away from the truth and but here's I just like to say what I think maybe get people to respond to it that and I know there's always some exceptions like the Jim and Tammy Baker's of people that are you know obviously just it's a business and they're getting money but I think what I see is that and I have a lot of friends that are religious and go to church and stuff but I what I think is that the for the most part with some few exceptions that the ministers they don't they don't really understand they don't really have that the the right spirit and a deep understanding of what Christ taught and if they don't have it they can't pass it on and it's like like the one lady was saying there you go to assembly meeting and they don't teach you there but if you went to a math class and you had a math teacher and he couldn't he didn't know math and he couldn't add or anything and he was he was trying to teach you you you couldn't learn because he just didn't have it and I think that that's the same situation that the it's just the blind leading the blind well on the same note I always wondered there's people that go to the church they're in the church for years they're in the church for 40 and 50 years and here comes someone graduate from high school and go there's one of these could be one of these minister schools when they call seminarians schools after four years they go up in the pulpit and feature these people they've been in the church for 40 years and have raised families have gone through business they should the people that have gone through life seemed to me I said something's wrong if a young guy like myself can go up and preach to a 60 year old man on how to live these principles that that God taught what happened six year old man why don't he just go to the school for four years and if that's what's gonna get them into heaven I've never had to understand that and and that's what makes it seem like just confirms what I thought if this is just a business yeah you wonder how they go to church friends and preaching and and carrying the Bible and quote scripture and their lives never change they're still in the same rut that they they started out they start out I go to church they tell you I go to church and I know the word and and and to get better and to live my life but they they still don't have any money they they're up up to here and Hawking and nothing is right the kids are all disarray and and and the man the husband and wife have problems and you wonder why are you going to church what does that mean what do you do just for feeling for height you know for a minute what do you think no none of those things will get you into heaven if you know the word it tells you what will save you and have everlasting life which is just simply acknowledging that your Supreme Being gave His only begotten Son to suffer that cross for you that you died to brought to justice on a natural obvious and natural basis we're all natural man here and there's gotta be from thee no it's more to know it's living right the word yeah I think the churches see it's not that I don't think it's anything wrong with the message but see it's it's something definitely wrong with the people delivering the message because first of all I like everybody to just stop and ask yourself why is it then when you go to your basic black church it's it's so loud why does the minister have to scream and perform and why does the music have to go on and and on why can't he just talk quietly and peacefully I know they say you you know they're getting happy and you're getting happy but most of the people sitting there they they don't have any idea of what they should be happy about what I mean let me say that I think God for the churches I did I come right to you because if we did not have a church and some people believe in the Bible all that we've been a real mess because I realized that the truth it does help control somewhere and not all church but we didn't have it all we've really been messed up can I get you to make one quick comment because we right at in okay I just wanted to express I came up in a church our grandfather was a bishop of Pentecostal I argued all the time about the principle the way I learned the true principle which I should I say confirm the principle that I had already felt and and was arguing was teaching sports as I taught gymnastics martial arts and all the other things it taught me that there's only one principle in the world a universe principle whether you call him God or whatever okay he still is one being that you have to learn from within your own self you don't know what book you only know another person okay you just need to yourself thank you let's take one point from you we over I just wanted to say that a lot of the one particular thing that Nona said that is misunderstood is confessing Christ in your heart and you'll be saved people believe that cut-and-dried like that but there's some meaning beyond that that's misunderstood when those same people who believe that they confess Christ in their life that they are safe they are not saved churches really Oh No yes I do okay thank you Oh again I want to go back to that same principle that we all have a responsibility to find him and we can't blame the churches I mean I don't know if they're doing the best I can or what they're doing but we have a responsibility to find God for ourselves because will you share this body he's not gonna ask you what did the preacher say we have to find I thank you for being with us we're out of time again again my office number is two one three seven five nine three eight four four we're looking for people behind the mesh taping November 5th I believe call me and let's talk [Applause] [Applause] No [Applause] [Applause] I know we can find I know we can find I know we can find they can really appreciate [Applause] Oh

“The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult; and left untried.”

― G.K. Chesterton, What's Wrong with the World

We all need that old time religion. Just look at those countries dominated by Buddhism and Islam. They are coming to our countries, to reap the benefits of the blessings of Christian countries. But can that blessing remain now that Christianity is being replaced by the far left socialistic nihilism, using hedonistic propaganda?

People call Jesse a racist when he's run a non profit organization dedicated to rebuilding the black man for 30 YEARS.

Old Jesse: Rebuilding the BLACK community by Rebuilding the BLACK man! We, Us, Our
🙌🏾💪🏾 HE BLACK 💪🏾🙌🏾

New Jesse: Rebuilding the COMMUNITY by Rebuilding the MAN! Y’all, They, You People, Them 🌎 🇺🇸 HE AMERICAN 🇺🇸🌎


Awesome! Wow, I did not know you’d been at it this long! Great job, Jesse! Look forward to your show all the time!

om born at 1991 and there a BIg ass diffrent to blacks then and now wish i could go back to 1991

He was a lot nicer back than when people talk nonsense now he'll quickly interject because he see where they going

I'm a white Englishman and I agree with almost everything Jesse says. He doesnt let things that dont effect him directly hold him back. He doesnt point fingers as to why he cant be successful or do something, he just does it.

But where as he focuses on black people, I see white people making excuses for why they cant do this or that. Its not the same reasons, but they do the same thing to hold themselves back.

I love Jesse's show he's always asking the hard questions!!! So the "black community" has blamed everyone and everything and now it's time to blame God?? Bullshit! Check that bullshit at the door. God redeems and will never let you down. That said, Faith is an action verb. Praying about something and sitting on your ass won't work. Getting into action and taking responsibility will work and just watch God open doors you could never imagine. But you have to do your part. Thanks be to God and I pray these things in Jesus name our gracious savior!!!! Amen! Now get to work.💪🏻💪🏻💪🏾

I’m not so sure the thing is that little by little the woman started becoming the head of the household thus destroying Christian family values which slowly eroded the black communities moral compass.

A resounding yes. Ask any Pentecostal with the fake tongues words “ Ipah tu doh doh doh abrahaeeky”!

Wow! I clicked on his profile wondering if this guy was a troll but he seems legit. Honestly in disbelief lol. And the fact that people take him seriously is even more unbelievable. Hes clearly inconsistent on most of his political beliefs, and the questions he asks are so loaded full of shit im suprised its not falling from his mouth.

Black Women failed their families,they took Democrat money to throw their Men under the bus,God just shook his head,the bitch ate the Apple again.

Blacks have failed themselves and humanity. But they’re not actually humans, Period. And the rest of humanity has to tolerate them. Watch Colin Flaherty on YouTube if you have any doubts


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