Happiness Takes Effort

Hey, it’s Kassie! What are you doing today? You’re probably gonna be woken up by an alarm, you’re probably gonna wait for the bus. It’s not
gonna come when you want it to come. It’s gonna leave when it wants to and not when
you get there. And if you are in customer service
you’re probably gonna deal with pricks and wait for the clock to you turn to the
hour where you’re done work and you’re gonna go home and unwind. Probably
watch some TV, go to bed and repeat. The thing with an average day is, it’s just that. It’s
average. Looking forward to the future and having hope for the future is important if you want to plan, but then we run the risk of looking forward to happiness. It’s easy to get wrapped up in life and forget to live. When I hear people say things like, “I’ll be happy when I graduate”, or “I’ll be happy when I get this car”, “I’ll
be happy when I get this boyfriend”, “I’ll be happy when I get this job”, it really sells everyday life short and
it makes everyday life just this grueling marathon instead of the series
sprints. My point with all of this is that we can control our daily lives and we don’t have to wait. We think that at some point something’s gonna happen and the rest of
our lives is gonna be amazing and that’s just not the case. Everyday life is gonna be average. Everyday life is gonna be mundane. There’s gonna be hard work. You’re gonna
have to work very very hard in your life! The majority of the people I grew up
with said, “I don’t want to work an office job. I don’t wanna work a nine-to-five job. I
want to do something else.” But I feel like the point of life is to
see the beautiful in the mundane. Most of us are gonna work eight hours a day, most of us are going to work our asses off. Most of us aren’t gonna have these crazy extravagant lives and there’s nothing wrong with that. When
good things happen in your life, if you have a good perspective those things are usually gonna happen
because you earned them and not because prince charming, or this job, or this
car or this event happened that changed your life and just made everything different. A lot of
us are dreamers and it’s okay to dream but it’s also
important to take everyday life and be positive and
don’t take a single day for granted. I used to think that something good would
happen or that eventually far off in the distance things would get
better, but things never get better until you change your perspective. And you try to just see the good in things.
Just see the good in the average. See the beautiful in the
mundane. For most of us anyway, it’s not a celebrity life and I learned the hard way that in this
life you’re going to have to hold onto the positive encounters you have. Because most of the things you’re going to see aren’t going to be beautiful, most of the things you do aren’t going to be extravagant, most of the people you meet aren’t going to give a damn about you Let’s face it, every day isn’t going to
be Disneyland– unless you work at Disneyland, in which
case every day’s gonna be Disneyland and it’s gonna suck! I used to hold on to the negative and woo! It wasn’t a good thing. I mean that’s obvious it wasn’t a good thing, it goes without saying. I’m not going to be okay unless I do the best I can each day and I hold
onto every positive encounter that I have. I distinctly remember going home really late one night with my boyfriend. And the night bus runs at 3AM and nothing else really does. All the trains are off And we got on the night bus… It was full of a bunch very miserable people. I remember the bus driver. He was
cracking jokes and laughing and smiling. And, I mean, if you think about it, he really didn’t have a very extravagant life either, but he was holding onto the
positive. The night bus driver probably has a job that most people would not envy but he had a good time. He probably
went home happy. He probably thought about the good
encounters he had and the thing with positive energy is it feeds off of itself. He made a bunch of
other people happy, he made himself happy, and people were just feeding him this negative energy but every single time somebody appreciated what he was doing
he held onto that. And that’s what kept him going. A lot of
us when we get insulted or when we have a bad day we let that drag us down and we try to drag
other people down with us but I think we can learn from people like him. We have
to just be like that bus driver and just be positive in an overwhelmingly
negative world. In my opinion it’s the only way and I
guess you can think that the world is an overly positive place. I commend you for that but I mean I
guess I just don’t see it. For me it’s about appreciating the good
people I meet. Because to me the good people are few
and far between. It’s worth it, meeting them. It’s about
finding those diamonds in the blackness. He went the extra mile
to make his job better. He could have just drove the bus but he
didn’t. He turned demanding job into an experience and on top of that it turned a trip that I was dreading
into something that I always look back at fondly. It was an experience for me!
It was fun for me! I loved the night bus that night and–oh god… I usually hate the night bus. I made this video for you guys because
I’m going through an incredibly hard time right now, but I have hope and I want you guys to have
hope too. Because I remember times in the past
where I held onto the negative instead of the positive and it was rough. It’s amazing how most us can let one person make or break our
day. Your happiness is not worth that one
person. Know that life is hard; life is mundane; life is going to take a
lot of hard work. But hold on to the positive, have hope for
the future and you’re gonna make the world a better place. I
hope that you guys will come away from this video the passion to leave
everybody a little bit better than the way you
found them. Approach everything you do with that love in mind and things will be better for you and
things will be better for everybody else! I promise! I hope you enjoy this video
and I’ll talk to you soon! Bye!

Im sorry about your sister u sre the best youtuber ever and very beautiful and im seven u realy inspire me i dont know why i mentioned my age but….. your great ❤

Kassie you have been through so much. I’m sorry I have had many conversations with my family about my suicidal thoughts and we all cried it has been worse for you I’m so sorry

Every time I feel lost or sad I go back and watch this video and I feel safe and comforteble. Even though ive never met you youve made such abd impact on my life its crazy, from style to personality youve helped me grow so much. So thank you, so much

24th December (Christmas eve) 2018!!!! I’m sorry that I’m late and I’m sorry about your sister😣😖 I saw your draw my life it must be hard I really understand how you feel and I’m sorry this had to happen to you 🤧

My self esteem plummeted when my soon to be stepdad just left I couldn’t take it anymore but then I watched some of your videos a few days later my friend for soon to be seven years started tormenting me I wanted to give on life but i couldn’t because the support of my family real friends and you helped me a week after that my friend confessed to me that she had been going though some bad times too her mom who was divorced like my mom had gotten a boyfriend and the boyfriend had cheated on her and her stepmom was playing netball and had broken her knee so I show her to you and you made her life better and stoped tormenting me so thanks for so much for making me and my best friend life better

Kassie I am really sorry about your sister I give you all my support you are so amazing and inspiring I look up to you I watch your channel everyday and it makes me so happy❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

This video has helped me in lots of different ways
And it takes a lot to understand what your going through and some people understand
I understand
I have clinical depression,anxiety and short term memory loss
I found life hard and this has video has gave me the courage to ask my friend for help because I was lost in the dark all alone
Thank you Kasse you have helped me through hard times

Kassie your probably not going to read this but you are amazing and so strong. Please stay yourself and no-onelse. Thank you being there when I needed support to just find the positive.

"be happy now" is easier said than done obviously but i get it. but what if your all out of energy, you just cant go to school, you cant do things that u could do with closed eyes before. everything just becomes harder and well if happiness never comes then theres no point in going on anymore. if you cant go on without any help but at the same time its all up to you then its impossible to break loose. what if you have tried anything but just nothing or noone helps? and nobody understands you then whats the point? cant find any reason to get out of bed and cant find a reason to try anymore

I miss your videos with your sister I feel very very very sorry for you and your family good luck and be brave

2019 anyone? no? ok. Im here from your draw my life❤️, and this video really helps me with being happy and understanding…thank you so much for everything!

I come back to this video when I want to be like the bus driver. Which I need to be like very often. Thank you so much. It’s helped me and tons of other people. It’s these videos that make you such a amazing person. You’re so sweet. I’m so sorry about your sister, I know you’ll get through it though, you can get through anything

I am so sorry for your sister and you I love you do you draw my life it made me so sad and I like it remember when my mom died when I was three I was so sad I just kept thinking that what is my sister died to I am so sorry

I searched this up right after the Draw My Life! This inspired me soo much! I am watching this in 2019, 5 years later… I am 11 years old! And the weird thing is I am born in July 31st, the day this was posted! Also, I know that Kassie might not see this but what year did you met Azzy!

Whoever disliked this video, if by chance you're reading this, she made this video to make others feel better because she suffers clinical depression, and so did her sister. Kassie made this after her sister took her own life, so she wanted to make others happier with themselves so the same thing wouldn't happen. Gloom, if you are reading this, which is highly unlikely, your sister is in a better place. Have a great morning/noon/afternoon/night.

I watched this after draw my life. We hope you feel better after your sisters death. We all love you so so so much!!!! ❤️😢💝

I am suffering from clinical depression I was shaky all the time every time I did something I looked around to see if anyone laughed or said anything I was always afraid of how I look I am a chubby girl and so I was anxious I wouldn’t tell anyone but one time I was doing a exam and the stress snuck up on me now people think of me as a young beautiful girl they think I’m funny they think I’m nice or I always smile never say anything about me I have been bullied all my life so finally the stress came up I started to have a emotional breakdown I was shaking I was tearing up and finally I snapped but I was scared people would laugh so I just stuck through it not worth it I could hardly write I was shivering whimpering and soon people saw I saw they saw and even felt like just looking at the ground and asking if I could go to the bathroom soon even the teacher saw and was concerned through my mind all that was there was your worse less your ugly your fat you’ll never make it I was feeling scared so finally I collapsed head on the table shaking crying my mind blank I got up about to ask to go to the bath room and blank darkness I had fainted I had a panic attack my whole family was worried so were my friends when I woke up I saw loads of people who would visit every day and to those people I say thanks I was crying like I said I had been asleep for 2 weeks and was expected to stay in hospital for the best month I tilt my head back and for the first time I felt happy I was in iv but it was long so I jumped up and smiled for the first time in I don’t know how long I felt happy as son as I got out I was like a total new person even my teachers gave me the best improvement in every subject i was healthier happier and most importantly I could feel emotions now this is the thing before I was generally a happy person and I am even more today I go to the therapist and even have loads of friend groups more then I’ve ever had but one thing that got me through is the day I woke up the reason I smiled is because I was happy to be alive but I was still unhappy the rest of the day so I watched this and blooms draw my life it made me know that the feelings of suicide I had was bad maybe it would of Made me feel happy as I was doing it but think we’re I would be today dead my family sad so I have one thing to say if you ever feel like this just know get help as soon as possible it may seem hard but it’s not see if I didn’t get a panic attack that day I was thinking of suicide I waited to long i could be dead but anyway I’m happy now and that’s all that matters

I feel like a horrid person to bring this up; but I’m so sorry for your sister. I think you are beautiful and strong and amazing. Be you. Thank you for making your vids- when I feel down I watch them 🙂 Kassie, your great.

Tysm kassie I'm very sorry you lost your sister I lost my brother and sister in a miscairrage my step dad went to jail for killing my cousins and aunt I rarely ever see my uncle father grandma and grandpa i only get to visit thank you for this speech it mad me so much happier

Kassima I'm so sorry about your sister that happend to my grandma and I got my happiness back from watching you videos I love you kassima and you know we are all there for you

You are an amazing person and you’re so inspiring. After watching your draw my life I came here and I think that being able to make this video after what happened to you and your family is so amazing! You’re great and you should live yourself.

I’m sorry about your sister it hapend to me to😢 but u help me to know that I’m not alone

I did not know you were actualy sad. You hided all the sadness realy good that I didn't even notice! Thats shocking. What you said made me think again about my life and I'll try to be more possitive. Thank you so much for sharing the word ♥

I just watched this cuz I saw that draw my life video and I say it again I’m so so sorry for ur sister

I wanted to watch this because after hearing about your sister and your draw your life I wanted to see what you talked about and now that I’ve seen it I know that you’re really good person

I’m here from the draw my life video. I have depression anxiety autism and more stuff.. I’m crying😭 so many times I’ve been close to end it all.. I’ve been trying to end my life but in the last second I changed my mind because my moms feelings.. 😭 this is strong I love u gloom😭❤️

I watched “draw my life gloom” I’m so sorry about your sister thank you for making people happy even though your past wasn’t happy

life is effort, effort happens but stay happy I'm sorry Kassie hugs stay happy hold on to your memories of your sis the good and bad and hold on stay strong by the way gloom rocks and I have a secret I was suicidal till recently and why my dad abused me but I stayed strong

You are so strong! You have gotten through all of these bad times and you are still strong! You tell a beautiful story of hardships. You fought through so many things and you are still so strong and amazing! You are special! It's not the outside that counts! It's the inside that counts! Looks don't matter personality is what's beautiful. Looks you can not create but personality is soemthing that you can create and fix and build up! If you would like to see this amazing story of kassie! https://youtu.be/G0zZeb4WZx8

I watched your Draw My Life and watched this😭 You are a great person and have a strong sweet and funny personality 🖤

I'm so sorry about you're sister, Kassie. I love you so much, you are a light to quite alot of people! Including myself! Keep smiling and don't always try to be happy when you're alone. Sometimes you just need cry unless you might get a ton of anger and let it out at a bad time. But still, keep smiling. It looks good in you 🙂

I saw your draw your life is am sorry but she is in hevin know 😇 you should my to be my self I am 10 years old 😆when I finish your video's I look at my Fish. and I will pray for your sister 😆😆😆

I was re-watching your draw my life, I almost cried at the part about your sister, i could hear the pain in your voice, you said you made this video not that long after, kassie, i’m so proud of you, you’re such a strong person and i don’t know how. If my sister, one of my only friends, took their life, i don’t think i could ever be happy again. kassie, i love you. i am actually tearing up right now and i don’t even know why.

When you say this to everyone with a down time they know they are not going through it alone they always have someone else is going threw the same things you’ve goon thrown and to look up not down on what others think and say to you because there is other options and true options so don’t care what others say do what you want to do


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