H3H3 Watches Megachurch Pastor Explain Why He Needs A Private Jet

H3H3 Watches Megachurch Pastor Explain Why He Needs A Private Jet

This is an oldie and a Goldie so these guys is a megachurch pastor and He got into some hot water because he used church funds to buy himself a private jet To most people That may seem excessive but he had a very good excuse for why he spent church money on to on a twenty million dollar private jet and This is this is one of my favorite videos so feast your eyes before I read the scripture Amos chapter 6 brother, Copeland I was flying home from a meeting and I had come out of a glorious meeting I Just found me in Creflo Dollar will preach it had a glorious Meeting so I was for lack of a better way to say it I was spiritually high People were saved touched and blessed God in the plane that God so graciously gave us we flying home as I was going home the Lord real quickly, he said “Jesse, do you like your plane?” You know I thought that’s an odd statement. He gave me. That’s odd. I agree It’s odd at what point like these people are insane. I mean they’re criminals He’s talking to God about a jet Like if your God is so fucking vain that he cares about airplanes. That is a weak-ass God Listen to this shit. “Well certainly Lord. He said do you really like it and” He’s like playing games. Do you like it? Yeah? I like it. Do you really like it? I’m God the all-powerful, and I’m gonna spend my time talking to you about your jet How is this not comedy? Well it is Of sorts, and I thought well yes Lord. He said then he said this so that’s it I I didn’t know how to handle if a man went what he says likely And you gonna let you fate stagnate and when he said that that shocked me. I’m like whoa wait I literally unbuckled my seat belt my plane I stood up my pilots look I said you need something I said no no I’m talking to God right now they Went back to flying. I said lord, I don’t think I was letting my fate stagnate He said so this is all I could ever do I Said you want that you you trying to tell me something. He said go to the Book of Amos So if you had the Book of Amos, I want to read the script Mm-hmm this is great. This is amazing. It’s a beautiful mind shit out of God He’s like listen you guys are all angry that I spent 20 million dollars of church money on a private jet Take it up with God. I know there’s no way to verify this, but trust me God told me God said by private jet in here listen to it. He gets it gets better You could have done that on an airliner. No sir, no way. Stand up and say what you say lord. No, okay? No, yes, and the guy said no listen. What the hell he think he doing Do that hell no you can’t do that. I love that also To talk to God apparently you need to stand up and do this Like helping each other here. Oh, yeah They’re both in on the con deep into the con. Okay, so God like he’s like you can’t ride coach and talk to God You can’t sit there like this You need to do this Get real These fucking lunatics these guys are mixing some jello if you ask me you know what I’m saying all right bring another lawsuit I’m just saying a joke what what did I I didn’t say anything? This is so important, and those are you that are that are just now coming into these things? In in the first plant you think that guy dies is here. Yes his face looks like a fucking football Christ Man, this is the low of the low two old fucks peddling religion to get rich just to find buying a Private jet like my God. Do they even believe what they’re saying He’s wearing like a Gucci shirt. Yeah, I don’t know I Don’t think so yeah, I think at this level They’re just full-on self-aware con artists like there was this no, but people do start believing their own, and they drink their own kool-aid yeah So one of the most classic examples that to me was so eye-opening Randy the great Long time ago. There was a huge mega church pastor, and he used to do these feats of miracles where he would Pick out someone from the crowd, and he would magically know their name know. What was wrong with them He would be like God is telling me. There’s a Jessica in the crowd and you have arthritis right so they’re like This is a miracle. This is miraculous. This guy is doing this mega mega churches There’s thousands of people there and somehow. He knows the name, and he knows the fucking the illness that people have it’s amazing and He is taking tons of money. He’s selling God to all these people thousands of people in the crowd tens of thousands hundreds of thousand people watching on television Donating millions of dollars so Randy Newman is like this is fishy Randy Newman bested him Randy the great right? Not Randy Newman. I think that’s a musician Randy the great Randy Newman’s also great, but the wrong Randy Randy the great the musician my magician So he’s like this this is fishy, so he goes to the mega church. He’s goes there with a professional with like a radio scanning device and sure enough He hears in the radio waves his wife in a earpiece saying mrs., baba ganoush 32 years old has arthritis in her left arm Documentary yes So when they come in they look at their idea? Yeah, they do like pre-screening so they take the information when the people come in They says tell me a little bit about yourself And they find a good one they feed the information to his wife who sits in a van outside And talks to him in an earpiece so when when you come to the question of like are do these people believe this at all or they just straight con men and That case one of the biggest examples of one of these megachurch guys He was taking millions of dollars from vulnerable people was straight-up a con man. Here’s the craziest part they also They also they start to believe that they help people because they’re like yeah sure if it helps them then what does it matter if It’s real or no. That’s what you like. That’s what these like cold readers are like yeah, but I’m still doing something good That’s bullshit the air con. Here’s the craziest part. I don’t believe that that pasture ever went to prison and Now like 15 20 years later. He’s back on television and people are still fuckin believing in him. Can you believe that? So the question being are these guys calm, I mean yes, I think they are con men I think like who the fuck can be a man of God and drop twenty million dollars in a private jet Twenty million do you know how much good twenty million dollars can do? Good could do me a lot of good anyway Jesse and and and and I and and others Keith Moore and creflo and all of us they The world is in such a shape We can’t get there without this ice we’ve got to have this we would have the mess that the airlines are in today I would have to stop I’m being very conservative at least 75 to 80 more like ninety percent of what we’re doing because you can’t get there from here It’s impossible so we we had and this was such a good illustration. I just Don’t learn in impressed me. That’s why we’re on that airplane. We can talk to all we truly it’s when I was flying for Oral Roberts the Brother do we smite my boss on the airplane? He said now Kenneth this sanction of that fruit that that that fake fruit on the table Yeah, says that’s in a fucking symbol right there like shamelessly obviously just trying to Come up with excuses or whatever. It’s funny. This is the bottom Barrel of humanity there’s fake fruit on the table these are like fake the Frick the fake fruit humans It’s been a long time. I’ll having trouble talking, but this to me is as bad as humanity gets Fuck these guys, dude Christ Where it protects the anointing own? brother Roberts And he said you keep your mouth shut Don’t talk to him unless he talks and because when he’s on a meeting He doesn’t talk to anybody But God now oil used to fly Airlines right, but it even back there didn’t mean it got to the place for it was Agitating his spirits who were coming up to him he had become famous And they won’t need to pray for him and all that you you can’t you can’t manage that today right this Dope filled world I get in an air get in a long tube with a bunch of demons right Oh, my god. Demons just calling your own your own contributors demons a long tube with a bunch of demons It’s like he’s describing his penis Does it kind of a good meme right these guys are fucking? Losers how do you live with yourself at night it reminds me of this Bill Hicks joke where he’s like These people who work for like baby food companies and put like poison into save five cents They don’t they have no conscience. He’s like what you do to hunt. What did you do today, honey? He’s like I put some arsenic and baby food save save five cents and go to sleep like a baby These guys sleep like these guys sleeps, so good at night. I bet you On their golden pillows oh I bet you these guys sleep great, and I bet you they mix jellow till they mix lhasa jello I Do not I do not know It was my attorney what makes yellow. Why all people love jello. It’s easy to eat. It’s soft on the teeth. What’s wrong with jello Deadly, and and he works on your heart. It really does so anyway I wanted to make that clear so the devil can’t lie to you. They see that and Prater spending all that money. There’s the devil only the devil would criticize me for wasting 20 million dollars a Fucking jet so I can’t sit in a log That bunch of demons get real your football based Gucci wearing jello mixing piece of shit Fuck you. Die you old ass fuck your dyed hair how fake? Can you be what’s wrong having gray hair you dyed your hair black you fake fuck you’re faker than the fruit on your table I have nothing but honestly this dick. I hate next Ice is leaking on there next fuck this guy There fat cats right no. No we’re not we’re in business dude listen I Could scratch my flying itch with my little single-engine Open-cockpit airplane, I just come home and fly around in that scratch my flying it that doesn’t have nothing to do with that But when we’re in weird soul business here, right we got a dying world around us Jess We got a dying nation room. That’s right, and we can’t even get their own early you can’t let me give me an example for I read the scripture if Some people said why do you need an airplane it start out about a couple of weeks ago I was in Forth Worth I preached on a Sunday a Friday night into Saturday I was in full with preaching for Jerry Savelle Sunday morning. I was in Bob Jimmy Jimmy said Oh, don’t tell me. He just said Jimmy Savile It can’t be but some people said why do you need it every no creeps me out. How white his shirt is That’s not that white it’s white man because it started out about a couple of weeks ago. I was in Forth Worth I preached on a Sunday a Friday night into Saturday. I was in full with preaching for Jerry Savelle, Jerry Savelle. Oh Jerry Jimmy savile is a very prominent serial pedophile for me. That would be a On top Sunday morning I was in Boston, Massachusetts Monday I was in New Orleans Tuesday was in Chicago Wednesday. I was in Raleigh, North Carolina Thursday was in New Orleans Friday was in San Antonio, Texas Saturday, I was in New Orleans Sunday I was in another I actually have a Delta captain that lives close to my house. I’ve brought in my schedule I said can you fly this he said no, and I wouldn’t if When do you sleep we’re about the phonies? Gravatt see ya now when God is speaking this to me. He said So this is all I could ever do in a way if they were like honest about it. That’s just what I was thinking Just say that you have a crazy schedule you gotta be yes somewhere else every day. That’s better That would have been actually kind of fine, but the so God told me do you like your airplane? I was on the airplane to God like – yeah like this airplane That link diminishes their God in a way. They’re like Why would you cheapen your God like that mm-hmm? God doesn’t talked about airplanes, dude I’m thinking all right enough of these fucking lives

The fruit represents the fruit of the sprit (like honesty and integrity and other morals like that) so the fruit being fake represents that the fruit of the spirit ( the morals) of the men on that show are fake

I dont understand how this is different than what google, amazon, trump, youtube, al qaeda, the catholic church, Budlight, the republican party, apple, Natalie wood, beyonce, the beatles, DR horton, anyone with a masters in business, JK Rowling, Ben affleck, the democratic party, Benjamin, turtles do? They show us hope and the impossibility of it and convince us to believe its possible.

Tbh, if you help people, preach, be honest, have a REAL charity, and have service twice a week in your home town and once out side, God Bless You, buy the plane you may do more good than it’s worth, but don’t bs.

He flies everyday? He is destroying the ozone layer more than people who drive, remember they acknowledged they have a dying world and so they not only fly, but fly in their own fucking plane!

People who use the excuse of 'god told me to' to do selfish things are just …fucking disgusting. Yeah I'm sure God really cares about your damn plane

Fake fruit, fake message and fake smile. They fly across the US and even the globe to preach the tithes. That's all. Tithe to them and you get "blessed" which means heaven's blessing comes upon you which means you deserve heaven. No need of a redeemer, no need of the Son of God. It's that easy, world: tithe to them.

KC net worth is around 760 million…but hes also about 80-82yrs old. I dont think he can spend all that before he dies! also….Jesus said all things would be brought to the light /known,for all to see!! and KC's BS is known all over the internet!! He didnt think about that-being exposed!!

'I would have to stop at least 75-80, more like 90% of what we're doing cos you can't get there from here.' Right, cos splurging $20 million on a jet guarantees you a ticket into heaven.

Religion is the best scam in History. And all it does now is start wars and make people hate each other over fake invisible superheroes.

I know I’m late af but… it’s pasTOR not pasTURE! LOL That being said, these “pastors” SHOULD be called “pastures”, because they are soooooo full of 🐮💩!!!

What blows my mind is how many people actually fall for this garbage. There’s a lot of stupid ass people on this planet.

Isn't it amazing how this god hides himself away sitting on his ass ignoring the prayers of millions of people dying of disease and starvation, but he discusses the benefits of owning a jet with a filthy rich christian.

Yea man I’m a piece of shit… done a lot of fishy/ shitty shit in the past for money.. and I don’t even think I could live with myself doing this shit 🤣😭

A racist homophobic cult based on a misogynistic Iron Age biblical text, led by despicable greedy sociopathic narcissists.

Build Churches in places where poverty is soo high that People believe in a fake GOD that they have nothing left to lose.
So they can suck the money out of them thru a weekly "donation" to build more churches for "GOD"

You should research Unit 731, then turn around and try to tell me that this is the worst humanity can get. These preachers are shitty, but nothing compared to people like Pol Pot. Just sayin…

Have non of these people who give them money to peadofile conmen ever read a bible? The story is that Jesus used to go to people on the streets and say, you don’t need to go to church to praise god, and pay for the upkeep of temples. Jesus despised places of worship.

"Ya football faced Gucci wearing jello mixing piece of shit" is such a great descriptive quote. This quotes helps save me from the demons and the devil. 🙏🙌

Those guys look so weird. Their heads are strangely larger than their bodies and their skin looks like its hanging like a mask lol or is it just me

This is why I haven’t been to church in twenty years. These men are charlatans an are a disgrace. How on earth do people give money to these bastards!.


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