Guided Meditation on Gratitude – 15-Minute-Miracle Exercise – Attract Abundance & Miracles

(meditative music) – [Dan Lock] Gratitude
is a fullness of heart that moves you from limitation and fear to expansion and love. When you’re appreciating something, your ego moves out of the way. You can’t have your attention on ego and gratitude at the same time. You can’t have your attention on fear and gratitude at the same time. When you’re grateful, fear disappears. When you’re grateful, stress disappears. Gratitude helps us connect with
something outside ourselves, often transcendent and
larger than ourselves. By the end of this exercise, you’ll find a positive emotional state by simply focusing on
the parts of your life that you are most thankful for. Appreciate the abundance in your life. Being grateful is an energizing
way to start your day and a relaxing way to end it. Gently close your eyes. Place both of your hands on your heart, and relax your whole body, and take a feel deep breath (instructor breathes in and out deeply) and breathing slowly through your nose. (instructor breathes in and out slowly) Ask for the feeling of gratitude to show up in your body now. If you feel nothing,
just wait and be patient. Maybe you’ll feel just a warmth or maybe a little pressure or movement. Be patient, whatever the feeling is, don’t discount it, just
move your awareness to it. Who do you appreciate? Visualize their faces. Yes, and physically reach out in the air with both of your hands, and grab them, and put them in your heart. Who are you grateful for for
having in your life today? Maybe it’s your spouse, your loved ones, your family, your kids, and your friends. Picture them one by one. Yes, and grab them, and
put them in your heart as if you’re giving them a big hug, yes. Who else are you grateful for
for having in your life today? How are you fortunate? What are you grateful for? Go ahead and say it. Yes, touch it, physically grab
it and put it in your heart. What are you grateful for? Say it. Now, notice your improved feeling, and be appreciative of the way you feel, and ask for the feeling to amplify 10 times, 100 times, 1,000 times. And what material possessions
are you thankful for? Picture them and physically grab them, and put them in your heart. Go for it now! What abilities do you have
that you are grateful for? Visualize them and physically grab them, and put them in your heart now. Pay attention to your senses. Everything is seeing, hearing,
feeling, and smelling, maybe even tasting,
and see how many things you can find to be grateful for. What an amazing and blissful feeling. In the center of gratitude,
you are everything and have everything
anyone could ever want. What relationships are you thankful for? Feel the love, compassion,
and understanding that gratitude brings into your heart. What are you taking for granted that, if you stop to think about
it, you are grateful for? What is there about the
challenges and difficulties you have experienced that
you can be thankful for? Yes, what have you learned? How have you grown? Feel the love, feel the joy, feel the happiness, own it. It’s all yours. Notice how the anger disappears. Notice how the guilt disappears. Notice how the fear disappears. Imagine losing some of the things that you take for granted such as your home, your ability to see or hear, your ability to walk, or anything that currently
gives you comfort. Then, imagine getting each
one of those things back, grab them one by one, faster
yes, put them in your heart and consider how grateful you would be for each and every thing you already have. And ask for the feeling to amplify 10 times, 100 times, 1,000 times. And notice how the feelings
get stronger and stronger. And, just for a few
moments, consider the things you have in your life that
you could be grateful for, all the nurturing relationships,
the material comforts, body and the mind that allows
you to understand yourself and everything around you. Just breathe and be grateful for the air that is filling your lungs
and making your life possible. Simply feel your body and your aliveness, and acknowledge what a miracle it is just to be alive right now. Allow your awareness to
appreciate what you’re seeing, smelling, and touching
just at this moment, and you will find yourself in the middle of the stream of life
without trying at all. Now continuing in this
relaxed state of gratitude, you’re going to allow
yourself to take a journey. Feeling relaxed, peaceful, and calm, allow yourself to imagine your ideal life. This is your personal vision for yourself. As negative thoughts
like I can’t have that, I can’t do that or that’s
not possible arise, gently release them. Right now, you can
create any life you want, and you won’t need any
baggage for this trip. Take a moment and pack up your worries and cares in a suitcase. Actually, physically close the case. Put it down and leave it there. Imagine yourself leaving it behind feeling peaceful and relaxed. Let’s begin your journey. Put both of your hands in the air. Imagine a bright white light
shining above your head. Let the light fill your whole
being with peace and love. Let it penetrate every cell in your body, every tissue in every organ. Imagine that you’re traveling
into your ideal life, a life in which you can and
have achieved your dreams. See the person you are in this vision. Everything that you have wanted has come into your world. Your dreams effortlessly came true. Your dreams effortlessly came true. Your confidence is restored and your trust and believe all of who you are. You no longer question
anything you desire, you trust the universe. What are you doing? Yes, see it, feel it, live it. Where do you live? Who are you with? Notice everything you see and take a moment to absorb it all. How are you making a living? How are your finances? See everything in as
much detail as possible, and ask for further clarity if you need. What are your surroundings like? What are you doing for spiritual growth? How do you spend your leisure time? Yes, how does it feel to be you? And notice everything that you see, and take a moment to absorb it all. Is there anything that could
make this vision even better? Remember, there’s no
boundary to your thoughts. Go for it now! On the count of one, two, three, I want you to say the word freedom. One, two, three, go for it! On the count of one, two, three, I want you to say the word
freedom twice as loud. One, two, three. And on the count of one, two, three, I want you to say the
word freedom one last time as loud as you could. One, two, three! See it, feel it, live it! In a few moments, we will prepare to return from our journey. Is there anything more
you would like to explore before we leave this vision? Take a moment to express gratitude for all you have seen in your vision. Imagine yourself slowly
traveling back to the present enriched by this vision,
and when you’re ready, slowly open your eyes. Take a moment and see
your life and yourself in the present through those eyes.

This is the best meditation video that I’ve seen. As a professional musician myself, I loved this energetic and powerful music with it. My vision of my ideal life had brought tears to me….A brand new vision that I’ve never seen before🎻 Thank you so much for all your videos! 谢谢🙏

Weird Expereince I guess I had fallen into deep meditative stance, It was like the body was asleep but the mind was WIDE awake , then I heard Dan say, "Freedom" and my entire body tensed up. It felt like I was releasing some form of energy from my body. My hands clenched into a fist, my toes curled, my legs, my jaws, chest tightened, my back arched and my eyes were shut tight. I could not move from this position and, the louder I said, "Freedom" the more tense I became. I tried to loosen, but the motion was already in play, I could not stop until I said, "Freedom" one last time and it felt like I released all this energy from my body. It was almost an instantaneous release and I felt at calm, peaceful and lighter. I don't know what this was, but it was an amazing experience.

Thanks Dan.

Sifu in that video they have add a lot of advertisements, which interrupt continually my meditation. I was watching-listening this video twice a day, but now it’s not possible with all those advertisements. Is it possible to take them off?
George From Greece

Really distracting to have 2 ads pop up during this meditation, I am going to have to delete this from my play list – too bad because i really really love this one

Thank you Sifu you’re the best ! But I wish that there wasn’t ads on the middle because they interacted my meditation tow times 🙁

How relaxing can a person be. I feel it today. That is true meaning of life. Gratitude and be great full to everything. Thank you sifu Dan❤

Several ads in a 15 minute meditation. How is one to stay in the moment when an ad blasts into your ears?? Very disruptive. 🙁 Loved this when there were no ads. Now, not so much…

I was crying within the first minute ♥️♥️ that is how powerfully I felt the gratitude 🙏🏻 thank you 🥰

"FREEDOM" !!!!!!! AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I'M RICH !!!!! How do you like me now? RICH !!!! Great Content. If only more people understood the value of this excersise.

I found myself crying tears of joy in the middle of this meditation. What a powerful exercise! Thank you for sharing with us!!

Holy shit after screaming freedom as loud as I could I burst out crying first meditation I've ever cried in thank you thank you thank you

I play is home now everyday use 8 speaker share my voice energy sound speak out in the sky , I learn to list on Dan, I learn to change my mind. I can learn to make money. The school doesn't learn out in our world have to earn money, why people are poor we don't learn correctly to earn money. Only learning make jobs were most every state not want pay people good for jobs in school or in hospital or city serv, I am serv my city and I make free jobs in the city for taking of dead home after people life is ended off to die, I help old people poor moving. Take care of junk shop , second handshop , and clean cost . Seawater is become dirtier of economic production and give me the chance to understand. our planet don't become more clean or more balance industry air is dirty in big city in Asian ,

I don't want to be disgraceful for what you do, but I just wanted to mention that it isn't downloadable, hope you understand

Thank You, Dan, for taking me through my inner journey of success that I visualized during this visualization act. I feel blessed now. I now believe and feel that money is coming towards me and Wealth and all that I desired and visualized now, has been received by me ( spiritually) and physically I am going to manifest them, soon. I speak blessings to you and to all my brothers and sisters who experience this visualization journey to receive their things in their own life. Thank You, Dan. This is Anthony from Santacruz, Mumbai, India.

Tears of joy are full in my eyes. thank you universe for taking me this far, much love Dan. My dream is meeting you one day. Normal stay

I Just listened to your guided meditation of gratitude and I actually saw something I never actually thought about, ever. I envisioned myself yelling freedom in a hot air balloon high over the city. I have never actually thought about being in a hot air balloon before. When I opened my eyes I felt so confident, open and accepting of that day to come into my life. I want to Thank You for guiding me into that vision. I am so grateful to have found your channel and I am grateful that you made this possible.
Thank You so much,

Ads in the middle of the meditation completely blew this for me. I'm all for monetizing video traffic but this is brutal.

A friend recommended this to me. I never realized, until doing this exercise daily, that I have internalized a belief that I don't deserve what I want. Deep down somewhere, I believe that the good things I desire just might not come my way and there's nothing I can do about it. This meditation has been changing my entire worldview. I am incredibly grateful.

Will wake up early at 4.30 A.M and do this again (now evening), cause I cried and for some reason my visualization felt real, it never did before, in this way.

Thank you for uploading this video and taking me to a wonderful journey. Freedom!!!
God bless you! 🙏☺️

Wow, thank you so much for this meditation Dan, first of all I was surprised to see that you did meditation video but I was so excited to listen to it! And i think it’s the best meditation I’ve come around, 💖. This is the third day in the row that I’m doing it and the first part really got me into tears when I realised how lucky I was and how much people and love I have around me. Thank you, 💖. Can’t wait to listen to it tomorrow, 🌸.

Thank you Dan ……..
You made me to visualize my lord
You made me cry
Made me out of fear
Made me free
I'm most excited now in my daily life …
Thank you for making me grateful …
Love you …from india❤❤❤❤

Wow, I wasn't expecting to feel emotional when I heard this, but was just surfing the web and heard the first few mins of this.. I teared-up!

Wow is all i feel. Omg this was one of theee best meditations ever. I just wish those three ads were not included. I was in tears by the end of this meditation. Thank you sooo much for helping me feel my future and being grateful for my present.

Holly shit Dan! This is such a powerful guided meditation, and I've heard many before. Just the ad in the middle of it is distracting and then I temporarily lost my focus on your otherwise amazing meditation by having to open my eyes and skip the ad.

I went from a troubled and neglected youth to a wonderful life id been both blessed with and hard earned, but I still avoided dealing w old emotional baggage, and then one day life came for its karmic lessons I suppose, and I lost my health due to a back injury while repairing an 1800lb train motor, my tenants had moved out without notice the same week, my “best friend” who’d id managed to get a job for making more $ than she’d prob ever dreamed thought she’d kicked me while down at work, lost an dad like figure to sudden cancer diagnosis within months, lost my house, my respect or support from my mother who has narc tendencies, my daughter’s feelings of security and pushed away her dad in the end. Considered suicide first time in my life, but also made room for huge growth and a spiritual awakening. I moved into an apartment and returned to my local union IBEW where I’d previously completed my apprenticeship and started all back at the beginning and with much less emotional and familial support this time. I have worked hard but even a year ago I’d just see getting out of debt and buying another house while renting an overpriced apt, paying for my daughter’s gymnastics and just no end or family in sight. One year later, our little fam is back together, and I am doing this meditation from the jacuzzi tub in a house I never dreamed possible and still can’t believe the roadblocks that fell to enable it to happen or that we even managed to get what we got, where and when. It’s a miracle and a blessing and idk it was a horrible few years, but it was huge for spiritual growth and growth all around, and I just wanted to share as someone who really almost lost all hope. Life is full of “periods of growth,” , miracles, and everything in between and I’m grateful to have listened and read some of the comments to pull me out of my state of unhelpful worrying! Namaste! 🙏

I love this, I feel grateful but it would be much better and more effective if you remove the ads. I lost my attention for a moment because of that.

I must thank Dan for all that he is providing
I want to be mentored by Dan i want to learn what the school, college didnot teach me
Sifu will you mentor me…
Thanks a lot Sifu Dan


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