Guided Meditation For Being Present ♥ Day 1

good morning guys welcome to your beautiful morning meditation day 1 Im so happy to be with you to start your day this morning and I’m so happy that you’re taking this time out of your bust morning schedule and dedicating the next 10 min to yourself taking the time to breathe to connect to your deeper self and to calm the mind before dealing with the reality of everyday life giving yourself a little bit of time to realign your thoughts to set your priorities for the day and to ground and rebalance your state of beiing its so beneficial to your life so with that said find a comfortable position seated close your eyes and place hands on the knees beging to bring your attention to the movement of your breath take a deep breath in feel your rib cage your chest expand and then feeling the ribs and chest contact as you slowly exhale inhale and gently exhale let go of any thoughts of where you haveto be soon or what you have to do today and simply bring your attention to your breath inhale and slowly exhale inhale again feeling yourself in this present moment feel the coolness of the air coming through your nose and then as you slowly exhale feel the warmth of the air leaving your nose todays entering thought to carry with you through your day will be your guiding source for the next 10 min I am mindful in this present moment everybody gets distracted when they begin to meditate its normal tp get distacted by thoughts feelings sensations in your body impatience maybe sounds or even restlessness so when this happens to you come back to your breath and bring your mind back to that entering thought repeating to yourself I am mindful in this present moment I am mindful in this present moment try not t judge your wondering mind remember its completely normal just breathe listen to your breath and repeat silently I am mindful in this present moment I am mindful in this present moment and now silently in your mind now slowly begin to bring attention back to your body start to move your fingers feeling the energy in your hans your fingers feel the energy through our entire body deepen your breath feel re-energized deep inhalein long exhale out let yourself feel grounded and then slowly open your eyes through our your day when you catch yourself in the moment of stress anxiety or frustation remember to take a moment to simply breath and come back to this entering thought just like in the meditation I am mindful of this present moment I am mindful in this present moment thank you guys so much for joining me today and I’m so happy o have started your day with you I wish you a great day filled with positivity and success namaste

I just want to send some love and positive energy your way. Your journey has been a true inspiration to me during the most challenging time of my life. Bless you both.

You are both such an inspiration , please visit uk one day, would love love love to meet you ❌❌

This is channel is exactly what I needed to stumble into today. 💗 thank you for sharing.

Ive just done your healing day and I've never felt so calm, I need it right now thank you so very much luck and love xb

you are so beautiful and divine! So thankful to you guys for doing this and showing us how beautiful life is. Would love a video editing tutorials from Mark 🙂
(love the photography)

some how, your channel came to me today..i am thankful. just got out of a dark,toxic relationship.she actually would always put me down for wanting to learn meditation /yoga. thank you for being you..and showing me the way.

I respect the women like you who wants to contribute good things for the society. Good luck and namaste🙏🏻

is that background real not to be rude but it looks ? just curious enjoy your workouts greatly have changed my life

Love this meditation so much, and I just realized you guys posted it in my birthday 2 years ago! Much love to you both keep providing awesome content 💙

Thank you for this, I have been using your channel for my daily workouts and motivation to become more peaceful. thank you for the inspiration. You have helped me. you are helping me.

you have such a healing voice…i started this meditation today…felt so calm and relaxed …thank you for healing billion souls

I love your guided meditations! I've started with the one for beginngers and I've repeated it for several days, then I've moved to the guided maditaion challenge day by day, and now I'm at day 6. Thank you so much, your guided meditations are really helpful to calm my mind. Namasté

I have been meditating with you for a month, and want to thank you. I love your soothing voice and advice, and the silent space during the meditation.

Everytime i go to try these meditation something always distracts and brings me out if it. Ie: someone walking in, knocking at the door, a loud bang i have to check. I cant find a place where i can get 10 minutes of complette no distraction. Is it bad to be shacken out of meditation like this? Im still learning to centre my thoughts but its the other outside distraction to which i actually have to attend to which is the issue. Help.

Juliana, thank-you so much for your guidance and inspiration. Your yoga and meditation videos have brought me more peace, focus and clarity. I've been struggling with anxiety and just when I think there is no hope, I find your channel. Please keep making videos and once again, thank-you. Namaste 💜☀️🌺

I have been meditating with you daily for one year. I would love to progress with longer guided meditations- perhaps 15 and 20 minutes. Russell

I'm going to share you a hack available online for the trending yoga tips. Just type: "MindYoga4U" in Google. It'll be very useful to you personally.

Yet another wonderful video I have found from you. I echo exactly what MsFaithnhope said here. You are changing my every day in a positive way. My back was hurting so much lately from my other high impact exercises and with my boys going off to college and leaving me alone and in a change of life that is hard to deal with, your yoga and inspiration is helping me feel great in every way! and accept where I am! I will be purchasing your workout challenges because I know they will be great and you guys are worth supporting. Thank you for all the lives you are obviously changing for the better

I came to your channel because I wanted to try yoga because I wanted to stretch my muscles this summer after a tough soccerseason. I love your videos, it really opens my mind and my positivety. When the new soccerseason starts I stay tunned. I love to do a meditation in the morning and some yoga workout + yoga stretch in the evening. Thank you so much for this channel!

Oh I found this again ♡ I did it two summer's ago Iam doing it again ♡ and for dinner your taco recipe ♡ so much gratitude to you both in the Amazon ♡

this is just what i have been looking for. I'm meditating daily for yoga teacher training so it is nice to have a day by day challenge. namaste

I loved starting my morning with this meditation. Gratitude and much appreciation for bringing these beautiful meditative segments into my life and allowing me to set the course of my day in a meaningful and mindful way.

I can only agree with all of the comments here. You and your channel have changed my life. I found this channel when I only had problems with myself. Currently I'm going through really hard circumstances and you've been there to support me throughout everything. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

These videos have made a huge difference in my life!! I first learned about Boho Beautiful from my yoga app called Daily Yoga. Ever since then I have enjoyed your work both yoga and meditation. Thank you so much for giving me a beautiful change in my life!!! 😁😉

I can't even begin to express my gratitude for all of these videos you have been willing to share with the world! These meditation videos, along with the yoga and pilates videos, have been a game changer in my life. Thank you so much for being your true, authentic, loving self. 💜

This doesn’t have as many views as it should. The amount of times I listen to this and show this to others should increase it on its own.

. you are creative i like your work so i subscribed your channel and press the bell icon . i hope you will support awesome my friend me ..

I modified the mantra. As I said, "I am mindful in this present moment" I felt myself also say, "My breath is all I need to focus on." So I say, "I am mindful in this present moment. My breath is all I need to focus on."

Great meditation💛, i feel relaxed after i stop meditation for 2 weeks. Now i want to practice every day

Thank you so much for this video ! I'm going to try the daily meditation challenge 🙂 I love your chanel you guys are the best

Thank you sooo much ! I find this video when i had more need it… you help me to breath normaly… I have few days that I can't really breath well…Namaste !

I’ve listened to a lot of guided meditations since I first started 18 years ago and I must say this is one of the best!


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