Great Controversy Part 18 B Scalise Shooting,Trump & Common Good Jesuits Lecture SDA Leaders & push

Great Controversy Part 18 B  Scalise Shooting,Trump & Common Good Jesuits Lecture SDA Leaders & push

okay friends good evening we want to thank you for joining us here at safe to serve prophesy again ministries for another study in-depth study of the book the great controversy along with our Bibles at this time let's bow our heads for word of Prayer father in heaven we thank you for your many blessings and as we open up your words this evening studying from the Holy Scriptures as well as from the book the great controversy and seeing how prophecies are being fulfilled awaken our consciences to the reality the human probation is about to close unfold to us one more time the work of preparation lead and guide us into all truth as you have promised forgive us of our sins is our prayer in the name of Jesus Christ amen all my friends are this evening we're going to continue looking at chapter 18 in the book the great controversy a chapter entitled an American reformer an American reformer now last week we looked at page 317 and we went all the way to page 332 as I said last week that we were going to break up this chapter into three segments and this evening is going to be our second part of an American reformer we'll only go to cover the following pages 332 – page 334 actually two and a half pages in this study and by God's grace next week when we come together we'll we'll complete the whole chapter of the American reformer now this American reformer we saw was who primarily in America William Miller William Miller the mineral rights the Miller right movement and what we're going to see this evening is that the minaret movement William Miller the chief Speaker that this movement was indeed look at the screen this movement was indeed led off by Jesus Christ and this statement on page 317 confirms that William Miller was the man chosen at such a time as that to proclaim the primer messages the endtime or presidential messages of that time now let's move on here we are on page number 332 paragraph number 1 Hilary so now tell us what in william miller received from the baptist church in the year 1833 he received a license to preach let's take a look at the statement here we got for us page 332 in 1833 miller received a license to preach from the baptist church of which he was a member a large number of the ministers of his denomination also approved his work and it was with their formal sanction that he continued his labors he travelled and preached unceasingly though his personal Labor's were confined principally to the new england and a middle state now let's understand this please take out your notepads a sheet of paper get your writing instrument and you need to note this principle point in what year did william miller received a license to preach from the baptist church 1830 don't forget that in the year 1833 and as he began to preach or as he continued to preach it doesn't mean he began then but as he continued what was william miller and the Miller right his followers what was their principal message since 1833 and beyond well they were looking at Daniel 8:14 and he said unto me and unto 2300 days and then shall the sanctuary be Clinton let's read the scripture go there with me and we shall connect to scriptures chapter 8 of Daniel verse 14 and Revelation chapter 14 verse 6 to verse number 12 we shall make a connecting link between these two scriptures notice now chapter 8 of and verse 14 it says this Hilary and he said unto me unto two thousand and three hundred days then shall the sanctuary be cleansed now don't forget that then shall the sanctuary be cleansed put that statement on your paper because we want to study God's Word this evening then shall the sanctuary be cleansed now hold your place there and run over chapter 14 of the book the revelation and notice notice now on verse number 6 of chapter 14 of the revelation now you know what I want to make sure every dot is connected here now when you hear the words the bench of the sanctuary be cleansed with sanctuary was this to be cleaned sometime after 1833 it was a heavenly sanctuary because if we recall when Christ was crucified ad 31 which we covered last week in the spring when he was crucified that putting into the earthly sanctuary system and so it could not be referring to the earthly sanctuary but it was referring to the heavenly sanctuary notice here on the screen great controversy page 324 just the first sentence it says this the prophecy which seemed most clearly to receive a time of the second Advent was with Scripture my friend Daniel chapter 8 and verse number 14 now last week we went into somewhat of an in-depth study of that scripture and we saw the two thousand and three hundred for thirty days meaning twenty-three hundred years began what date did it begin 457 BC in the autumn and came to an end the autumn of which year 1844 and 44 now in the future we'll be nailing down the the actual month the actual day being October 22nd notice for now 2300 years began in 457 BC autumn and came to an end 1844 autumn autumn notice now when you hear the word the cleansing of the sanctuary on what day specifically in the old chest the sanctuary get claims and claims from seen what day specifically the Day of Atonement notice with me so put on your paper the cleansing of the sanctuary also means that they are atonement why because that was the day in which their sins were to be removed from the sanctuary notice now in Leviticus Leviticus chapter 16 go there with me live it across chapter 16 the cleansing of the sanctuary also means that day of atonement live the curse sixteen friends we're studying God's Word this evening and notice now in verse number 15 to verse 22 we see the cleansing of the things you're not those verses put it on your notepad afterwards read them verse 15 to verse 22 shows us the cleansing the removal of sin from the sanctuary on which day the day of at all look at it force 29 Hillary read that first verse 29 what it says there and this shall be a statute forever unto you that in the seventh month on the tenth day of the month ye shall afflict your souls and do no work at all whether it be one of your own country or a stranger that sojourneth among you verse 34 on that day shall the priests make an atonement for you to cleanse you alright he may be clean all your sins before the Lord on this day of atonement what happened the people were to be cleansed of what all their sins so on this day how are the people to look in God's eyes they were to be sanctified they were to be without sin cleanse that means this one day signified that the people had to get victory over sin correct no sin and what is teaching us in these last days is teaching us that God wants to rid us or cleanse us rather of all sin so can we get a picture of a sin we can all right and this was done on the day of atonement notice now I want everyone to know verse 29 and verse 30 our work on the of Atonement is simply to afflict and surrender it is God who does the cleansing it is God who declares us clean we can never declare ourselves clean it is Christ who must do the declaration go back to verse 29 everyone must see this this shall be a statute forever unto you that in the seventh month the tenth day you shall what now flick your souls do no work at all whether it be one of your own country or who are strangers and who were declared or designated or styled as a stranger in the Hebrew economy the heathens those that were not a part of Israel exactly not bloodborne Hebrews right so even the strangers were to be educated were to be taught on this day once you're in these gates of the Hebrews you were to be found without without without sin on the day of atonement is that point clear my friend so when we not only or not only the Hebrews but even the sojourners the strangers yes so I was going to say so basically it was not only the literal building that was being cleansed on that day that was only a symbol of the work that God wanted to do within us to cleanse us as that primary temple to be cleansed of all sin and this means a connection because there's no way the actual veil in the temple could be cleansed of sin unless be on that the people individually surrendered and forsook their sins and if they held on to their sins what would happen to them with their sins they would be destroyed authorized offerings all right so notice now our job on the day of atonement is to afflict what does it mean to afflict also I am self-denial to surrender or to Christ and what was his job in verse 32 the Hybris cleanses on that day to cleanse you that you may be declared clean from all your sins now hold your place there in the Book of Leviticus I know I told you to hold your place in chapter 14 of the revelation close that for now go with me now to James James chapter 4 what does it mean to afflict you know what hold that place in James for not going the year I don't to lead you too far let's get back to a point so on the Day of Atonement what happened to the sanctuary and the people not to me what happened cleanse cleanse and on the Day of Atonement understand it's put on your paper on the day of atonement that cleansing of the sanctuary the cleansing of the people who forsook their airspace on the day of atonement it was also a day of investigative judgment but it did on the Day of Atonement the cleansing of the sanctuary the cleansing of the people it was also a day to investigate the people why their sins could not be blotted out unless they were first surrendered and forsaken exactly and they had to be examined investigated look with me live it across 23 Leviticus chapter 23 this is your scripture that confirms on the Day of Atonement when the cleansing of the sanctuary took place and the people were to be clean and cleanse the Bible tells us on that day it was also a day to investigate the people and those who were found clean were sealed those who were found unclean they were to be blotted out notice now maybe the cross 23 verse 27 also on the tenth day of this seventh month there shall be a day of atonement it shall be an holy convocation unto you and ye shall afflict your souls and offer an offering made by fire unto the Lord and ye shall do no work in that same day for it is a day of atonement to make an atonement for you First Lord your God for whatsoever soul it be that shall not be afflicted in that same Day Afternoon he shall be cut off from his people so on the day of atonement was there an investigation done among people yes and those who were clean they were secured in crimes in the law what would happen to those who were found on King well they would be cut off that's it so this also brings to view a separation it's not only the investigation that took place but also an execution of judgement it was done immediately if you are not found cleansed on that day immediately you were to be separated from the people your your sins remained with you and as a result you would be punished you would receive judgment and so it is in the anti-type it will get to later well let's get there so notice now based on chapter 8 of Daniel and verse number 14 on to 2003 hundred years then shall one now very mature be cleanse and that prophecy came to an end in what date 1844 autumn of 1844 correct that means that was the time when when Christ began what work in the heavenly sanctuary work of investigative judge what else craziness in that's the point and this is the message that we must care forward not only to profess Christians but also to the so called modern-day strangers today those who don't profess Christ they must understand this message and this is why the prophecy is so important to confirm in the eyes in the minds of individuals this is now why William Miller and the mineral rights also preach revelation 14 verse 6 and verse 7 which says what in essence that the hour of his judgment is come turned here with me Revelation chapter 14 this is not your connection between Daniel 8:14 and Revelation chapter 14 verse 6 and verse 7 again chapter 8 of Daniel verse 14 the cleansing of the center which means one come on locally come on which means one it means what it means the investigative judgment the separation and the removal of sin notice now chapter 14 verse 6 Hillary and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach on dwell on the earth and to every nation and kindred and tongue and people saying with a loud voice fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship Him that made heaven and earth and the sea and the fountains of water and on which day that God's judgment come which day they are atone and what happened on that day in the sanctuary the clinton of the sanctuary wonderful adding out of sin wonderful go that now Leviticus chapter 23 now my friends here's the point I want everyone to put down on your paper again what here the William Miller based on your notes so far what year the William Miller receive a license to preach from the Baptist Church 1833 now put on your paper next point on your paper William Miller the Miller right movement was a fulfillment of the Feast of blowing of trumpets in the Old Testament there was a feast called the blowing off of champagne and William Miller the millerite movement fulfilled that feast starting in the year 1833 and beyond to 1844 before I read Leviticus chapter 23 to confirm what had to be blown ten literal days before the Day of Atonement in Old Testament time for example let's Riza call attention to the work that would happen ten days later let's read that Leviticus 23 verse 23 and the Lord spake unto Moses saying Hillary verse 24 speak unto the children of Israel sing in the seventh month in the first day of the month show ye have a Sabbath a memorial of blowing of trumpet and holy conversation right there so what happened notice now verse 24 what happened on the first day of the seventh month a blowing of something and notice now in verse 27 also on the tenth day of what month the seventeenth am seven month alright there shall be a day of what of atonement but now what happened again just for emphasis ten days literally before the day of atonement the blowing of trumpet ten literal day correct and remember now a day in prophecy represents a year a year so 10 literal days then came the day of atonement blood trumpet to awaken the people remember in 10 days what's coming they have a turn alright notice now there must be a fulfillment of this just as there is a fulfillment for the Day of Atonement which began when October October 22nd 1840 will also be a fulfillment of that blowing of trumpet that came 10 literal days or 10 year here William Miller that millerite movement ten years approximately before 1844 began to preach what principle our scripture the cleansing of the sanctuary Daniel 8 4 does it they were all fulfilling it right leave Lacoste 23 verse 24 to verse number 27 10 literal days now watch the pointer for the my friends put on your paper now what are your paper and don't you miss this point notice now that Miller eyes they were preaching a date a prophetic date signifying the opening of the judgment put on the paper over to that the Miller eyes they were proclaiming Daniel 8:14 that was based on a date what day October 22nd 1844 for the opening of the judgment did they blow trumpets yes thinking were they preaching oh yes all right we also have to blow trumpet not literal trumpet but blowing a trumpet signifies one message giving the rest waning matter we must also be brilliant at not only kill in the world and the churches the judgment began October 22nd 1844 but not be presenting messages showing the judgment is about to about to close Malta close on your note paper now so far you must have the Miller eyes they preach chapter 8 of Daniel verse 14 a prophetic date for the cleansing of the sanctuary the opening of the judgment we today must present while Hillary we must present the event that brings about the close of the judgement along with the message that they preached as well but particularly we have to preach that message that the judgment is about to close put it on your paper we must preach what again the event that leads to the closing of the judgment I get anyone to miss it so they presented a prophetic date for the cleansing of the center we know that was opening we now must present that loth-rat the event that signals not the close of the cleansing of the sanctuary close of the investigative judgment that's right and as you brought out revelation 14 they preached the first angels message in verses 6 and 7 they also preached the second angels message in verse 8 and we'll get to that later we particularly are to preach the third angels message that is the message that brings us to the close of the investigative judgment did everyone get that so the Miller is presented chapter 14 of Revelation and verse 7 the hour of his judgment is come that was the opening right right how fitting is it that was the first angel and now in the third angels message we find the event for the closing of the judgment go there with me chapter 14 of the revelation that's beautiful laid out by God verse 7 the date for the opening of the judgment yes and verse 9 then it brings about the closing of the judgment amen chapter 14 of the revelation notice now verse number 9 what is that event and the third eight well the mark of the beast and we'll read it in verse nine through eleven and the third angel followed them saying with a loud voice if any man worship the Beast and His image and receive his mark in his forehead or in his hand the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the Holy Angels and in the presence of the Lamb I wanted to bring out in verse six I'm sorry verse seven we see this angel the first angel proclaiming with a loud voice a loud voice signifies a trumpet message also in verse nine the third angel followed them saying with a loud voice so that's a trumpet we all know that trumpets are too to awaken to bring a attention to something grand and so this loud voice could be an application as well of the trumpet message that we are to present alright notice now so in verse 9 in verse 10 what is that event before God's wrath is poured out the mark of the beast alright the mark of the and what is the mark of the beast enforced Sunday observance with with persecution for whom for those who do not adhere to it for those who stand for the seventh-day Sabbath and God's Ten Commandments terr and god's present truth notice now what is God's wrath let's make sure even those who are joining us for the first time can connect the dots and not speak over their head so what is the wrath of God save disturb locals the seven last click what text 87 last place chapter 15 of the revelation verse 1 Hillary and I saw another sign in heaven great and marvellous seven angels having the seven last plagues for in them is filled up the wrath of God that's it in chapter 16 verse borne verse 2 the whole chapter shows us showed us now the seven last plagues the wrath of God who there poured out upon upon whom read verse 2 of chapter two verse one verse two chapter 16 Hillary and I heard a great voice out of the temple saying to the seven angels go your ways and pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon the earth and the first went and poured out his vial upon the earth and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast and upon them which worshipped His image so let's let's put this in bite size for the people now okay bite-sized morsel that means it is over worship the issue is overlocked worship so those who continue in false worship and reject God system of worship and God's truth day of worship the seventh day of the week Sabbath what will they receive the wrath of God which is the seven last plague and they will receive opportunity to see the truth because this message is a trumpet message log everybody will have the opportunity to receive it so now so now is the mark of the beast near because many people say all the time faster Henriques stop don't don't emphasize so much about the coming mark of the beast but you remember now did the Miller writes emphasize something yes they did they they prophesied a date the cleansing of other sanctuary and they also preached verse 7 of chapter 14 of the revelation we must know emphasize that plus verse 9 the coming event of the mark of the beast on the screen we have now Virginia shooting of a leaf coming anarchy and what my friends and the mark of the beast you know what I want to show you something here it's like every time we come each Thursday evening God allows something to happen in the world to confirm what we're studying now in the book great controversy look at the screen right here the book education page 228 tells us the same teaching that led to Anarchy chaos riah bloodshed mass shootings mass killings massacres during the French Revolution will happen in America and around the world in these last days Hillary drop that for us what it says at the same time anarchy is seeking to sweep away all law not only divine but human the centralizing of wealth and power the vast combinations for the enriching of the few at the expense of the many so when the rich come together now to enslave the world what happens next sentence the combination is now the combinations for the enriching of the few at the expense of many I'm sorry the combinations of the poorer classes for the defense of their interests and claims the spirit of unrest of riot and bloodshed the world wide dissemination of the same teachings that led to the French Revolution all are tending to involve the whole world in a struggle similar to that which convulsed France so no what's carefully so we need to go back and see what happened in the French Revolution and in the French Revolution we are told that the common people they look at their leaders as their oppressors they saw themselves as the oppressed and they rose up and they began to Beecher and Massacre their leaders Kings priests and Nobles that's right lost your lives from whom the common maddened enraged people populace it's happening right now with the with the shooting of representative Stephen Scalise right look at one example as an example friends we haven't seen anything yet look what happened in the French Revolution which we are told will happen in the last days GC to a3 Hillary King clergy and Nobles were compelled to submit to the atrocities of an excited and maddened people Kings would encourage energy and no Holroyd their thirst for vengeance was only stimulated by the execution of the key don't forget about wound now the ex if they want to kill the king don't forget that because we're also going to see things are being portrayed to even keel president Donald J Trump let's listen carefully the seeds are being sown in the minds of the people right now in America to replace only on a greater magnitude the atrocities that happened occurred in the French Revolution and sang there's even video games sowing seeds of chaos and Anarchy how the common people must rise up against their leaders Hollywood is portraying them the music industry is portraying them comedy is butchering even what they call Ronnie drama Broadway kids are being portraying that yes the seeds are being sown which are ripened into a revolution definitely and Satan delights in that we're told it Satan delights in war and we see that he sits back and lasts because he's playing on both sighs he's using the small majority I'm sorry the small minority of the rich and so forth the leaders at to oppress these marginalized classes and then he's using the other side to rise up against him and he wins because he's playing on both sides and then we will see what the what the synthesis will be what is always oh not that the thirst for vengeance their thirst for vengeance was only stimulated by the execution of the king and those who had decreed his death soon followed him to the scaffold a general slaughter of all suspected of hostility to the revolution was determined so there we see both sides and and those refused to go along with the spirit of the revolution they were also targeted that's why God is saying my people flee these cities because when the revolution and the Anarchy breaks out in these cities if we don't join in with them we will be marked men and women that's right and even gold a news about 1917 what happened with the Bolshevik Revolution those who did not join in the spirit of that revolution there are also targeted yes the mob mentality as a matter of fact remember what happened on the base of Mount Sinai when Iran and the people built the golden calf what happened to some of those Levites who refused to go along with the apostasy they were targeted and they were killed they were killed read on 282 GC eager to redress the wrongs they had suffered they determined to undertake the reconstruction of society so they took matters in their own their own hand on an outraged populace whose minds were filled with bitter and long treasured memories of wronged resolved to revolutionize the state of misery that had grown unbearable and to avenge themselves upon those whom they they regarded as the authors of their sufferings the oppressed wrought out the lessons they had learned under the tyranny and became the oppressors of those who had oppressed them watch it now my friend what happened just a few hours ago Oh headline call Grisman among harmony four people shot at baseball field in Alexandria Virginia notice now and who was this Congressman Steve Scalise all right notice now who is he by the way he's not just any common Khong congressman in the house nor who is he he is the House Majority Whip let's educate everyone here read out for a ciliary party with party whip is the name given to an official of a political party whose task is to ensure party discipline in a legislature whips are the party's enforcers they invite their MPs to attend voting and to vote according to the official party policy so he's the one who is there in the house who makes sure that whatever policy let's say now President Trump wants to be in force or to be passed he's the one who goes are running to make sure that the Republican are civil leaders would vote for the policy that's when many times we'll hear do you have the votes or don't have the vote it's the Majority Whip who make sure the vote is there along with the house leader which is Paul Ryan he was shot down he's now in critical condition in the hospital based on the media notice now my friends watch what CNN is saying to us today June 15 2017 headline Hillary what it says there even under the narrowest definition there's been at least one mass shooting every month this year from January 1st to June 14 tagline there have been a hundred and fifty four shootings in which four or more people were injured or killed Wow mass shooting a seed is being sold notice now my friends just remember what we read in in great controversy the thief that led to the French Revolution both Ruth Kings clergy Nobles were slain by a modern civilian population notice now are sees being so no friends look at their CBN June 14 yesterday watch your headline dear Hillary the long list of violent threats from anti-trump errs top left most of you know who she is right top left a comedian a comedian right will call her name I was in her hand a prop of whom they had no knowledge it on and off Donald Trump being severed beheaded now look to the right top right who is that so-called a new dawn what is he doing a crown just like whom Donald J Trump the president the seeds are being sown notice now again now are these people influential so far skip on down bottom left somebody named Big Sean now those are lyrics I won't read lyrics to you in your ears but look he says now I'm going to stab or prick Isis he said and I might just kill Isis with the same ice break that I murder who Donald Trump in the same night with what the seeds are being sold and remember now as young people as a Millennials they listen to these songs they are being won program they're being possessed among my friends yeah the seeds are being sold right remember pause remember when they did an interview of the Virginia Tech machine on the temple and they did the documentary showing that most of the young boys young men who performed the the massacre what were they playing video games there is a home game oh my friends the feet are being sold for the revolution look at this and what's at Madonna bottom right yes I thought a lot about blowing up the White House now these dates are in the near past look what happened just a few days ago June 12 27 teen watch a headline dear Hillary you city play appears to depict assassination of Trump and if you first I was going to play the video but but I said no I don't want stay in your mind they put this place and actor like Trump up in in some on some high pedestal and the people were acting as if there were the common civilians and they rushed in like they rushed into a courthouse and pull him off his stone and butchered him that is a resemblance of the French Revolution right how the people march into the the house where the leaders were and pulled them out and butchered them in the street what seeds are being sown will anarchy that's it was Shakespeare in part loose sponsors over what they're not depicting headline says CNN Trump like Julius Caesar is not the one the first time the play has killed a contemporary politician what does that mean it means that this is their pattern they've done it before they've depicted killing other other possible other politics why would you have a place of depicting the common people massacring butcher being present-day politician what are you sewing what are you seeing right that you're basically encouraging people to do the same because we have to understand that Satan is behind these things that people some people deem as innocent entertainment there's nothing innocent about it when you subject yourself to these images to these things these lyrics whatever the case may be in it you behold that that goes into your mind and somebody that you know if you're well if your mind is on Christ you're not going to be watching these things anyway but somebody that's watching these things now is going to get a thought in his or her head they're unstable and they carry out the very thing that they have seen and demons you know take over and like pastor said they're being program and so when you're being programmed you don't even have control over your own mind over your own actions and so this demon just takes over and you carry out what it's been told to you through the lyrics through the movie through the play through whatever media have you ever heard a statement which says our art imitates life art imitates what life and we can even go vice versa so these things are being played out on this umbrella it's only art remember now life it's going to it's going to repeat what they see in the sphere of drama I want to read something from the book pages and prophets page 459 it says this Satan is using every means to make crime and debasing vais popular we cannot walk the streets of our cities without encountering clearing notices of crime presented in some novel or to be acted at some theater what's that theater look at your screen New York City one theater is one didn't graceful watch carefully then we're told the mind is educated to familiarity with sin the course pursued by the base and vile is kept before the people in the periodicals of the day and everything that can excite passion is brought before them in exciting stories they hear and read so much of the basic crime that the once tender conscience which would have required with horror from such scenes become hardened and they dwell upon these things with greedy interest many of the amusements popular in the world today even with those who claim to be Christians tend to the same end and did that of those hidden it says now through the drama Satan has worked for ages to what Hilary drama and what is it on your screen that's a drama it says what again through the drama Satan has worked for ages to excite passion and glorified vice the Opera with his fascinating display bewildering music the mastery the dance the card-table Satan employs to break down the barriers of principle and open the door the sensual indulgence in every gathering for pleasure where pride is fostered and appetite indulge where one is led to forget God and lose sight of eternal interest fear Satan is finding his chains about the soul you know there's two things regarding that that's why as Christians we should have no part with any drama in whatever form it comes in watching it or even participating in it and a lot of churches they use drama ministry to reach young people that's their reason for reaching young people and in these plays they're portraying the very things that are in movies and sitcoms and so forth but they justify it by saying well it's a it's a happy ending so they show these people this person going out into the world and enjoying the world and they're glorifying that and then maybe the last few minutes of the play this person gives their heart to God that's not pleasing we should have nothing to do with the drama acting it watching it or whatever Philippians 4:8 should be our motto whatsoever things are true the things are not true oh and in your search and you oh yeah etc but also you mention life imitating art a lot of times when art is portraying these things it's not just that life will imitate it later on many times it foreshadows what will come because we have seen time and time again things that were prophesied for lack are predicted we'll use that word in these movies in the sitcom even cartoon things that were predicted and then later on they came to pass and so there's people behind the scenes that are orchestrating certain things and they're putting it out there to say this will happen and we've seen it time and time again not to go too deep on that point yeah even the Simpsons with Donald Trump being elected right so now we're what is going to be the end result as we're now seeing the feet being sold for Anarchy when you're now seeing that the the common civilian and civilians are now pointing threats against civil leaders the oppressed now rising up against their oppressors so-called where is distending what is going to be the solution who will stand up as the primary want to solve all of these things that will be the so-called man of peace the so-called Lord of the world and if remember we can see where this thing is tending my friends definite that's why we must give a trumpet a distinct sound the end is right upon us notice what did the Pope say the world must read in order to understand him Lord of the world what is in the book Lord of the world look at this carefully read us from a sinner what it says dear Baron arrives second sentence Robert Barron I'm sorry second sentence Farren writes that it is a story of the cataclysmic struggle between a radically secularists Society and the one credible alternative to it namely the Catholic Church some people bridle at this claim yet it is significant that laws like this on one hand society is going to be very secular and chaotic moral and the people turn for the only leader to solve their issues and who would that be the Pope of Rome right who would stand up as what the Lord are the world dr. Scalise look at this round here June 14 2017 headline Hillary Trump speak on Scalise shooting calling for unity and working together for the common good why would you use a term the common good as we pass series went over this time and time again the common good is a Roman Catholic social teaching a large Catholic principle which basically puts aside the individual rights of individual sorry individual rights for the good of the nation that's it notice it's right there as a Roman Catholic social teaching even the Pope said so give up your rights mm-hmm there it is and we are told the Sunday law movement we're back to our point now we have old friends let's link the dots that we're back to a point how do we know it's under laws near based on the mass shooting or the shooting any shooting with or for persons being shot is called a massacre mm-hmm mass shooting mass shooting and how do we see that this was linked to the Sunday movement well then because we're told now Trump is now saying let all unite for what for the common good what is the common good our government Catholic social teaching and we're told from the historian eighty Jones that the Sunday law when it was about to be enforced in 1888 what argument was being used to enforce a Sunday movement that we need a Sunday law for the common good of all not suits and you know it's interesting because a lot of people say that you know Donald Trump is against Pope Francis he pulled out of the climate Accord and we know that Pope Francis is calling for the Sunday worship to prohibit climate change to combat climate change for the common good and so people are saying well Donald Trump is against that he pulled out of the climate of course so it's they're not going to get him on the side of the climate change it just took it from another side the side of the keel chaotic the violent shootings and now he's calling for the common good so you may not get him to the side of combating climate change but if you get him on the side of the common good no matter what angle it's coming from to increase morality to increase you know peace and safety and security as long as you get you pushing for the climate good I'm sorry the common good he has you he one I've ever heard a statement on roads definitely although they're coming now one more point remember now we're told a Sunday law will come on this specific point when you see a movement to repudiate our constitutional rights what is next in force I have Sunday long look at this my friends volume 5 testimonies page 4 5 1 read works Hillary on the wall under the influence of this threefold Union our country shall repudiate every principle of its constitution we watch every print and once they do with this watch next as a project and republican government and shall what now make provision for the propagation of papal falsehoods and delusions then we may know that the time has come for the marvelous working of satan and that the end is what in me know when will we know a sunday law is near the end is coming when what when we see the repudiation of every principle of the gun we see such a movement president look what happened just a few days ago who hates our Constitution the Roman Catholic Church read of course Hillary the Constitution of the United States guarantees Liberty of conscience nothing is dearer or more fundamental Pope Pius the 9th in his encyclical letter of August 15th 1854 said the absurd and erroneous doctrines or ravings in defense of Liberty of conscience are a most pestilential error appears above all others most of you are dreaded in a state look at this now do you remember a few weeks ago I've been showing you that there is a movement among the 52 States the 50 states to bring about what is called a constitutional convention yes what would happen in a constitutional convention the Constitution can be changed that's why on your screen you see now watch carefully Jesuits and the cope or the brothers behind what rewriting the United States Constitution all my friends and of course Trump which is what the common good look now we're seeing it right here February 3rd 2017 again in a different state February 9th 2017 because we covered these slides before and these current events before I will read them now watch carefully I'm going somewhere with this and then of course we committed in Texas look at this now my friends watch carefully the Koch brothers or the Koch brothers or Menaka the Koch brothers want a new constitution and what are the network's they're closer than you think Wow dear what closing regard for rush Tillery there's nothing in the Constitution that provides for a limited purpose convention super told IBT and super argued the Supreme Court has largely established that it rules within the confines of the Constitution so a convention would be outside of the United States Supreme Court jurisdiction in other words falls right there if they come to a convention the Supreme Court cannot alter anything that they do Wow it's outside of their jurisdiction watch carefully it says there is absolutely no referee in such a convention this could open up the convention to a flood of special interest earning money wait a minute and who are the Koch brothers the a million years yeah now businessmen and remember now remember now in chapter 18 of Revelation who is found committing fornication with Oprah American merchants see off the earth let's connect the dots and notice now in a constitutional convention can they rewrite the old Constitution can you write be revoked in that convention yes and with power above every other power detest and cause the US Constitution or a right for liberties and freedom liberty of conscience a pestilential error a pest to be dreaded who the Roman Catholic Church so Rome hates it poor preheat and she's in bed with Hall and honors opening chapter 18 revelation God everything light and though we read the Pope from Pope Pius the ninth and people could argue well that was centuries ago when he made that statement well we know that the Roman Catholic Church does not change cannot change do you know who was president in the time period of 1854 Pope Pius that time period Abraham Lincoln Wow and what Abraham Lincoln's a jar about the Jesuits okay he's thinking okay chapter 18 of Revelation no no no what now they would never forget nor forsake that's it I mean if notice now chapter 18 verse 2 it says and he cried mightily with a strong voice saying Babylon the Great is fallen is fallen and is become the habitation of devils and the hold of every foul spirit and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird for all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication and the kings of the earth even the congressmen and women have committed fornication with her and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich to what the abundance of her delicacies and popery Mystery Babylon hates the Constitution she wants it to be revoked and now we are told a modern man what a constitutional convention to rewrite the US Constitution right and who controls the mud men of the world Roman cut out all my they're funding them really dot now ain't just money next and there is no rule and there is no rule stating the convention would have to be open to the public means it's Jenny poplin in wall-e critters in the darkness and the sunday movement if all the party is making its way in in darkness and we know that the Jesuits operate primarily covertly we don't intervene there we write we wouldn't know if everybody with big money was working over the delegates there are absolutely no rules at all but the one rule that is clear in the current constitution a rule where some boy could be rewritten at a convention what is that rule is that 38th state or three-quarters of the states would have to ratify whatever came out of the convention what does that mean Hillary that you wouldn't even need 38 states that that rule yes um so right now once the convention is called to rewrite the US Constitution with what it's done how many states have to approve the end-product 38 but now they're saying even that rule network all my friends even that rule can be what rewritten in a Constitutional Convention Wow what does that say my friend that you wouldn't even need the approval of 38 states if they decide to change that that rule no my friends this is International Business Times June 14th 2017 and this is credible look at this now next paragraph headline Hillary what it says there the Koch brothers want to rewrite the Constitution they may fix me some see reader Hillary Wisconsin the Wisconsin Assembly votes Wednesday on that yesterday okay on whether to call for a convention to change the US Constitution well whatever they want to change it well we said that they're being funded or they're in partnership with Roman Catholicism to revoke right basically a new member enter the at the same time anarchy is seeking to sweep away all law not only men but divine that's it and who which power things to change God's times in law Roman catalysis and who want to change Liberty of conscience that is in grave and in our US Constitution potpourri read on while second sentence okay well that in itself is surprising the American people have never exercised their legally enshrine right to convene a new constitutional convention what's more surprising is that pro-business groups with with ties to the Koch brothers have pushed for similar what Hillary legislation in more than 30 states and they've been remarkably successful Wow read on a dozen states have passed bills calling for a convention that would produce an altered Constitution that would likely limit federal spending and power but beyond those verbage requirements nobody knows what the rules for a convention would be since one hasn't occurred since the original in what year 1787 that single instance in 1787 read on Hillary constitutional law experts warn provides a harrowing president delegates tore up the Articles of Confederation they had convened to improve and produce a whole new governing document Wow what does that mean they walked into the Convention in 1787 saying we just want to alter this document this document this document no but what happened they didn't alter it they destroyed it and wrote their own rewrote a whole new one so what may happen this time around when you're now seeing this is what we want just to alter the present Jewish Constitution what may very well happen this time around every principle of the current the present US Constitution can be repudiated torn up and they rewrite a whole new one with a Sunday law in there can we see how close we are fulfilling what God said to sister white every principle of our concern will be reiterated they may suck you said your headline they may succeed next headline and they're closer than you think have you ever seen in your in your vehicle's mirror your sideview mirror some of the words are right there on the side view mirrors as well come on objects of key objects are closer than they appear that's it my friends so it's closer than we even see right and a lot of us aren't even aware of this that this can even happen come on first how is this even constitutional that this could happen but your bets must be blown and look what 80 John said in 1888 Hillary What did he say we printed we printed in four in the July Sentinel 1888 both the Sunday bill and the proposed constitutional amendment introduced an interplay on the proposed what constitutional amendments so one was being talked about but very I mean all law and amending the concert and the proposed what not a constitutional amendment so they go hand in hand off the poor order for a National Sunday law to be passed and enforce it had the Constitution has to be changed this has to be repeating and that's why a teacher said we oppose them both with both the Thunderer bill and what constitutional amendment we oppose them both because they are both anti-christian which spirit is behind the court rather an antichrist who's yes away I'm sorry they are both anti-christian subversive of Liberty savouring of tyranny and directly in the line of the establishment or home religious death potato it's a Sunday lawn near back with me leave it cost 23 my friends that chantek need to be blown man the trumpets showing us a Sunday law is near based on the events that are not occurring transpiring happening it's time for us to get our homes in order that sham bet must be blown what were the he was to do when when the day the Feast of Trumpets K what were they to do well they were to have a holy convocation they were to conduct no servile work and they were to let nothing else absorb absorb their attention except for this work of consecration look at this live it across 23 and I'm wondering are we having this similar experience since we are now to continue blowing trumpets leave it across 23 first 24 Hillary what it says there speak unto the children of Israel saying in a 7th month in the first day of the month shall ye have a Sabbath a memorial of blowing of trumpet and holy convocation or on the score of holy convocation and what does the word convocation with the convocation gather and gather so now before the opening of the judgment in the autumn of 1844 did the Miller eyes have holy convocation yes they did oh yes my friend I know since a Sunday law is near which show us the close of the judgment is near the end of salvation is near Christ is soon to return what type of gathering should we be apart of holy read on verse 25 ye shall do no servile work therein but ye shall offer an offering made by fire unto the Lord I'll come back to no servile work we was offering offering me by one fire and on lower what is it offer that we must offer now ourselves as a living sacrifice well yes 1 & 2 I beseech you therefore brethren by the mercies of God that you present your bodies a living sacrifice holy acceptable unto God which is your really a very very and be not conformed to this world but be you transformed by the renewing of your mind amen this must be our experience yes then it says in verse 25 you should do what no answer my word you're in no work you mean on this you mean since since 1844 we must do no work now so what was no servile work we knows that say no work no serve onward what that means no work that would detract our attention from this experience if it's this holy experience this holy convening that's ridding sins out of our lives and also it could point to getting rid of the works of the flesh you know I were told in testimonies volume 9 page 19 that we are to allow nothing else to absorb our attention why we must present the three angels messages nothing else must absorb our attention no servile worker and the sad reality is while we should be consumed with blowing the trumpet right now awakening the world mankind the judgment is about to be closed Christ is soon to come the events are here what our professed seventh-day adventists doing I mean what are they doing well they're they're having convocation especially sure they're having actual meaningful convocation they're running for offices as well of secular offices and positions remember Todd this man whose name was all leg günther off in Russia yes he was the religious liberty of director of the seventh-day Adventist Church in that of conference headline says join television rather 2017 at first Adventists elected to state advisory body in Russia he actually ran for the position right on the campaign trail and this was the same man that solicited prayers that was going to go in and appeal to Vladimir Putin when this anti-terror legislation threatened to hinder the work the missionary activities of the seventh-day Adventist Church he put a message out there stating we need your prayers because if you know our church in Russia is going to be targeted we're not going to be able to carry out missionary work pray for us pray for us a year later there it is pretty for us pray for us is why do you pray for us yes yes and then a year later they're saying something completely different that the work the missionary work of seventh-day Adventists Russia has never been threatened and now we see and since that time he's been going from convocation to convocation not holy convocations he's been going to ecumenical gathering ecumenical and political gatherings basically promoting the very things that the government that the oppressive Russian government is promoting just to be found in good graces with him you know forget it on the screen here we are reliving in the last days look at this right here June 7th 2017 watch your headline there this is a front end center you have the president a man who is to be respected and the rest of them even good noon deal oh my friend is so sad it says here headline we why should we care about the Reformation the tagline reads Adventist sponsored event commemorates its importance for religious freedom I'm hoping that these men fall on the rock of truth be broken be converted because it's evident that they are leading God's people astray before I read this remember the account with Isaac he had two sons right Jacob and Esau right remember what Isaac said when Jacob came as the deceiver and he touched his hand he said what it's a hand of whom this is a hand of Esau but what is the voice of Jacob so the voice was the voice of the betrayer but their hand felt like like Esau hands and sometimes the work that these men do all right it means it may look good or your voice is deceptive just like a a Jacob deceiving Esau so now we have the words we want to give the world a great controversy you see it's the hand see the voices we want to give the world a great controversy but the hand the action the action is opposite make this hell yeah likewise here is the president Ted Wilson and to his to his left we have a good noon dear your right is left and they are talking about let's have our ecumenical dialogue to promote religious freedom so their mouth or the mouth of the betrayer we want this but what they do it's leading God's people Austria why do I say that in this meeting that they sponsored they conducted who did they invite a man named David little and who is David little he's a professor at Georgetown University David little is Jesuit trained Jesuit influenced look at this right here this is the Adventist review June 7 2017 headline says what now why should we care about why the Reformation and what's coming October 31st 2017 the death of the Protestant Church primarily in roman kappa hype to come into your meeting a jesuit influenced person to talk about religious freedom when we know they say both things from their mouth right on one hand they say we are for liberties on the other hand they restrict liberties how could this mean and how can this be surprising either when the same man the gnudi up was sent as a representative of the seventh-day adventist church to shake hands of pope francis ii so this is really nothing in comparison to that they've already joined hands with potpourri so maybe i want step further in the decline of domination it says this david little hillary david little research fellow at Georgetown University's Berkeley Center which which which school Georgetown University Berkeley Center reminded attendees that for the first so he addressed the conference okay this is the convocation they have reminded attendees that for the first reformers religious uniformity that significant word religious uniformity was the foundation of public safety and prosperity do you know what the Jesuits mean by religious religious uniformity yes that unite on common points of doctrine as our health and Halloween seventh-day Adventists are a president and religious liberty leader allow this to happen look at it Dave a little who is that by the way here it is burger Center Reba top right there here just the bottom right there definitely David little a research fellow at Georgetown University's Berkeley sin who is he a leading authority a leading authority on the history of religious freedom ethics and human rights and what religion and conflict resolution he's what the leading authority right in a Jesuit run institution when ask you a question can two walk together except they be agreed now even Obama told us a few years ago a few months ago had simply put Obama to read words simply put Obama said simply put this country and this world benefit from your commitment to Jesuit principles mm-hmm and he was talking to the George George know a leadership University right there that was on there a hundred year charger year two hundred years yeah so how could the leading authority of a Jesuit institution be invited to a seventh-day adventists conference to educate them to be Harley Willie come on all my friends yeah can two walk together except deal except they be agreed David little is Jesuit influence and we brought in a Jesuit to come speak to us on freedoms look at this carefully look at this carefully so what look at it what does Pope Francis say or what did he say the right to religious freedom is fundamental so what's new who is Pope Francis and gently' so what's the difference so so what if David Luther King and speak about liberties and freedom is according also speaks about freedom right what's the difference look at this right here we are told she said what now freedom of expression huh limit so on one hand we are for liberties but based on our criteria and if not then your freedoms must be one people look at this carefully then he said it must not be confined to one the personal consumption doctor our hatred for Liberty of conscience gc5 6/5 here to read that for us the Pacific tone of Rome in the United States does not imply a change of heart she's what she is tolerant where she is helpless says Bishop O'Connor religious liberty is merely endure until all the opposite can be carried into effect without peril to the Catholic world how life and how is it that we have invited a Jesuit influenced person right how could he be the leading authority in Georgetown and you brought him to us well how can it be surprising and we have Jesuits being quoted in the Sabbath School lesson so you just see a pattern it's a trend and it's not isolated you know if it were isolated thing then you know maybe you could say it's an oversight or somehow but it's happening over and over and it just shows that these leaders are not studying Bible prophecy and because you mentioned the great hope saying that we're going to give out the great controversy of voice of Jacob right hand of Esau and the thing is you've thrown out portions of the great controversy or yeah the great controversy the great controversy on 588 says that these men you're uniting with not just David little but these other so-called Protestants they're going to be foremost in reaching their hand across the abyss to grasp the hands of popery so they're going to be the oppressors and you're inviting them you're in alliance with them who are going to trample on your rights of conscience how can that be I want for those of us who are listening as seventh-day Adventism we should get on the phone line and call the General Conference office we must send out emails to our conference leaders now nothing wiII happen they might ignore us but at least on a record you said something you are not quiet how is it that we invited David little a Jesuit influenced educated trained I said it to our meetings how is it that means we should not be surprised October 31st 2017 that seventh-day Adventist are also in cahoots in that group to sign their names on the dotted line that the protest is over do not be surprised because we are seeing the track record it's time to blow the trumpet good Isaiah 58 with me Isaiah chapter 58 we must not sit and be quiet vol 3 says to be to be silent in a religious crisis is regarded by God as a grievous crime and equal to the worst type of hostility against him 281 look at this Isaiah 58 verse 1 here everybody says they cry aloud spare not lift up thy voice like a trumpet and walk and show my people their transgression and the house of Jacob their sins so we are to blow the trumpet and not allow anything to distract us from giving the trumpet a certain town and just as how we can see it very clearly in the world the signs point to the Sun the law is near that our work to blow the trumpet the mark of the beast is near have we forgotten GC 588 when we see Protestants in an ecumenical alliance with potpourri and they they the Friends of Cobra even David a little joining she says the next step 8 they will trample upon the rights of conscience how is it then can this man look at the screen how is it then that these men can precept Oprah is the Antichrist how is it then when you are in bed with popery ecumenical dialogue and remember Pope Francis said to fulfil and to commission we must have actual medical dialog see the wound we must have ecumenical dialogue so not only its pre-recession as a seventh-day Adventist seven day Adventists are also reaching out appropriate and Jesuit and those who are Jesuit trained Jesuit educated Jesuit influence we cannot keep quiet my friend and as they're reaching out their disseminating that to the congregants and and now the common people as they look at their leaders and what they do they think it is okay so it's not difficult now for them to invite a Catholic priest to preach in their pulpit to invite men from Babylon to preach in their pulpit this is why whole churches are essential this is why having self-supporting churches are essential where people can be nourished prepared trained to go forward and the Jews that trumpet a distinct sound because first Corinthians chapter 14 says verse 7 verse 8 the trumpet give an uncertain sound who shall prepare for battle and guess what a battle is coming what a chump is being muffled they have lyrics I the trumpet and they have picked up one two don't let me say that Exodus chapter 19 go there with me where we going to my friends Exodus chapter 19 the blowing of trumpets they are going to sleep my friends not here to talk to us we are studying now how the Millerites fulfilled of blowing of trumpets each occurrence in the Bible when trumpets were blown it was significant right question Mount Sinai when trumpets were blown at the base of Mount Sinai what did God tell Moses to do with the people to bring them weird to cleanse them and to bring them to meet God to meet with God wait a minute can you give us application in the Miller rights movement let's meet the dots connect in the book of Exodus once a chump were blown the people were to gather to meet God to be sanctified and meet God the Miller writes fulfilled the blowing of trumpet and what was one of the Miller right specific messages based on master 25 verse 6 the midnight cry which said behold the bridegroom cometh go ye out to meet confirming the Millerites force field of blowing off and chant all right Exodus chapter 19 look at verse 16 Hillary what it says the verse 60 and it came to pass and it came to pass on the third day in the morning that there were thunders and lightnings and a thick cloud upon the mount and the voice of the trumpet an exceedingly low loss horse yes so that all the people that was in the camp trembled or seventeen and Moses brought forth the people out of the camp to meet with God and they stood at the nether part of the mount to whatnot to meet with God and what in verse number in verse number of 14 and Moses went down from the mount o to whom and sanctify the people and they want not because there was a work of what sanctification with a Schumpeter blown it's time now to meet God and again not that 25 verse 6 says what now oh I don't come bridegroom cometh go you out to to meet him you know I'm glad remember that connection with verse 14 because a lot of us when we read scriptures like Isaiah 58 cry aloud spare not you know blow the trumpet so to speak we just think of the warning message side of it but we don't think about the personal preparation the experience that we have to have if we're going to be trumpet blowers it's not just standing up and rebuking sin when sin is left in your heart when you haven't dealt with the pet sins that you're still you know cherishing and holding on to so you we must first have a sanctified experience and we are sanctified through the truth of God work God's Word was sanctified through Christ Jesus so we need to have an experience on our knees in our prayer closet we've been praying and allowing the Holy Spirit to cleanse us and then he will empower us to give that trumpet a certain sound because if we ourselves are not sanctified our trumpets are not going to be sounding right either we'd be like sounding brass and tinkling cymbal amen I know it's down it was at Mount Sinai when a chumpits were blown you're smiling yeah and the force were sanctified and they were to gather to meet God while you're smiling the giving of the Ten Commandment has about me tonight something God was about to uncover to the world on fall to the world in the autumn of 1844 the day of judgment what was he about to expose the world under the North yes revelation 11 verse 19 and the temple of God was open and there appeared in the temple the Ark of his Testament and there were voices again and thunderings and lightnings and an earthquake and great hail so the same things that we see when we can Commandments were given we see when that most holy place was open the Ten Commandment were revealed the Sabbath truth was stood out and it shows that God raised up shortly after October 22nd 1844 to unfold this truth to the world seventy seven day Adventists look at it GC three nine eight was a bridegroom tarried they all slumbered and slept and at midnight there was a cry made behold the bridegroom cometh go you out of the meeting then all those virgins arose and trimmed their names Matthew 25 5 to 7 in the summer of 1844 midway between the time when it had been first thought the prophecy would end and the autumn of the same year to which it was after it found that they extended the message was proclaimed in the very words of Scripture behold so do they brought a chump back there yes they did very distinct and loud look with me go to Joshua with me Joshua chapter six now friends beside beside XS 19 put down Joel chapter 2 Joel chapter 2 and verse 15 which says ah blow the cello the trumpet in Zion sound an alarm in my holy mountain it's time to finally find the people gather them let the bridegroom go full out of his chamber notice now so with the blowing of trumpet the bridegroom is mentioned the day of atonement and the Miller writes preach the judgement message and the bridegroom message it's time to meet him Joshua chapters ignore Hillary in in Joshua 6 did the Hebrews blow trumpets yes they did and what happened what was prophesied to take played and what actually took place there after the fall of the walls of Jericho they fall off a city that's Joshua chapter 6 right yes and verse number 5 right verse 5 when the trumpets blow verse 5 and the wall of the city shall fall down flat and verse 20 it's right there again no did the Miller right blow the trumpets yes they did they preached a message regarding the fall of a city yes what city babylon babylon what was that message Babylon the second angel was Iranian 42-14 of Revelation did they blew the trumpet yes they did because they presented the first angels message and the second and what says the second is message Babylon is lawed fallen it's fine look at this on your screen this is volume 1 page 53 testimonies for the church Hillary our hopes our hopes now centered on the coming of the Lord in 1844 this this was also the time for the message of the second angel who flying through the midst of heaven all right Babylon is fallen is fallen that great city that message was first proclaimed the servants of God wind blow trumpet yes did they fulfill the Feast of Trumpets ten years before autumn 1844 yes they did Ezekiel go there with me ezekiel chapter 33 and what is God saying to us in the last days now we are able to walk on it that were to blow trumpets give it a distinct sound and if we blow the trumpet and individuals adhere praise God we save a soul but if we forbear to blow trumpet and we and the sword is coming yea judgment going deaf is coming and we don't warn the world and they remain in their sin his blood will be required that Souls blood will be required so what is God saying to us if we don't know the trumpet if we don't give up the book great controversy the book steps to Christ yeah we're practicing or realizable by most KJV Bibles giving Bible studies knocking on doors if we don't do this work what is God saying to US based on verse 3 to verse 7 of Ezekiel 33 that the blood of lost souls will be upon us on our home our hands chapter 6 the revelation chapter 6 now let me ask you a quiz you who are local here now what here that william miller received its license to preach what year 1833 and what significant celestial event occurred in 1833 amen the what my friends the falling off the stars what day November 13 there is my first on your screen what date November 13 November 13 1833 so is there a connection with the falling of the stars in 1833 approximately 10 years before 1844 and the Miller writes yes if we go to Matthew 24 the falling of the stars is the very last sign that was given that precedes the second coming of Jesus I'm not sure if that's where you are going but also also but the stars are also heroes yes showing us the end is near that means the extent the falling of the stars represent the blowing of Chamonix also yeah it confirm your is what they were preaching amen Matthew 24 go there with me I want everyone to look at the scripture here Matthew 24 in verse number 29 the last time given is the falling of the Stars give me five the falling of the stars and look with me now at verse number 33 God's Word says so likewise you when you shall see all these things know that it is near even at the door pause right there so once those stars fell we were to know what it is even at the door everyone put on your paper doors doors is plural who has a marginal reference in your Bible beside Matthew 24 and verse 33 what does the pronoun it mean know that it is near even but what is it yes second God he is near so those stars that fell in 1833 we're showing he is even at the door alright the doors has three applications or a Hillary give them to us the first one okay the first to the contest Jesus's Second Coming second coming all right number two the second one would be that Jesus is at the door leaving the most hole I'm sorry leaving the holy place entering into the most holy place shortly after 1833 that's number two yes oh what the stars for know now he's even out door boring what door was he close to in 1833 the most holy the most holy place that door work I mean oh yes my friend it was also a blowing up chapter yes he's even at the doors to enter the most holy place to begin the cleansing of the sanctuary number three now number three doors at the doors of our heart Oh cleanse our hearts from all sin beside which says now on your paper even at the doors Second Coming the context the second application he's moving into the most holy place to begin what work look with me put James chapter 5 go there James chapter 5 he's even where my friends at the doors and that's why we sing the song at the door at the door he's even at the doors he's coming he's coming he's even at the doors James chapter 5 are we here now my friends in James 5 look at the doors and judgment Hillary verse 9 jeans 5 verse 9 what it says there grudge not one against another brethren lest he be condemned behold the judge standeth before the door ah yes the door the Georgia begin to work up what judgment and the third point now is that which door the door of our heart lets currently touch now in 1844 he is not entering the most holy place door right I said before there what now an open door is entering in that door now to begin what work Hillary the work of investigative judgment so since he is doing that work what is the connection with him being at the doors of her heart he wants to do a cleansing in our hearts we have to remove the rubbish before the door in our heart to get it open for him to find entrance chapter three go there with me revelation chapter 3 and the revelation chapter 3 verse 20 yes could we see application for us now since he's not about to enter the most holy place awesome you know that all he's about to exit the most holy place and yours and come back to finish the work so just about to block out right so blood all the sins now because when he comes to that door now in Ezekiel 9 right that is not the ceiling I'm gonna get there hold on chapter 3 of Revelation so far doors 3 application second coming most holy place the work of judgment and number three Hillary until I have a high first twenty what it says Hillary behold old I stand at the door and knock If any man hear my voice and open the door I will come in to him and will sup with him and he with man what would be the end result if we allow Christ to come into our homes into our churches into our lives into our heart verse 21 yes to him God to him that overcometh like grant to sit with me in my throne even as I also overcame and am set down with my father in his throne and if not the work of the heavenly sanctuary for us to overcome or overcome what sin and that's why this message is so beautiful to say the cleansing of the sanctuary isn't all about judgment and condemning us it's really to cleanse us from sin and to show us that we can overcome and that's why Satan hates it so much he hates it so much because it's connected with victory over sin and having Christ live within us that's it so now chapter 6 as we bring it to a close on chapter 6 in chapter 6 of Revelation we now find in verse number 13 again the falling of the stars all right and what did John see in verse 14 to verse 17 he saw the second coming heaven keep our detective judgment now that means the investigation is not over it's time for the execution our reward and what are the wicked unrepentant theme seeing doing well they're running trying to hide from the face of the land no doubt that was sometime after 1833 why has there been an apparent delay since the falling of the stars in 1833 because many forces ask us that why has there been such a long delay what in Chapter 7 verse 1 to verse 4 now the seal of God so what is he waiting on the servants of God's people to be walked we feel it is long suffering that it allowed him to wait so long because we're told in second Peter 3:19 that he's not slack concerning his promise so if he said that after the falling of the stars he's coming he's coming but he's long-suffering in that he not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance he's waiting for us to come to repentance get victory over sin through his grace alone through faith and so he can feel us put his seal of approval on us is there going to be one more fulfillment of the falling of the stars in a future lesson we will cover the seal of God not now in the future but notice in for them 581 will there be another fulfillment of the falling of the Stars yes not little more stars now if you remember everyone when we covered heralds of the morning with the great earthquake there is another application what is it the great shaking yes and we spoke about the Sun becoming black black and we spoke about how people are rejecting shoe Christ's righteousness the Sun of righteousness and the moon becoming as blood and we spoke about the fees right no it's now the falling of the stars will there be another application for this thing yes with people those who profess truth are going to fall away from truth right why because you're mingling in sin and refuse to surrender all that we may surrender and if we think back to 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 there must be come a falling away first and then the man of sin will be revealed so this is another Herald of the morning because in order for the man of sin or the Sunday law in this application to come to pass there has to be a falling away amongst God's people and that's what this statement is talking about all right results bottom 581 the time is not far distant when the test will come to every soul the mark of the beast will be urged upon us okay many a star there it is now don't drag it out where the mark of the beast is Affairs upon us when sunday is in force what says those red words many a star that we have admired for its brilliancy will then go out in darkness then is when what event mark of the beast so will we see some stars falling yes men whom we have admired for their brilliancy would then go out in walk in darkness and this brings us back to the ten virgin yes the Miller right movement five were wise and five were foolish so when the voice at midnight was heard what happened to the five foolish they were followed without water without man their light went out no oil no oil no oil in their in their lap so they were left in what and darkness those were stars yes George and then those same stars denied the midnight by the light behind him Dustin there started asking perfect darkness and remembering of verse one of method 25 said they took their lamps and went forth to meet the bridegroom but they were like stars who was out in dawn wow this is really sobering do you know why next the third sentence on your screen those who are step by step you did to worldly demands and conform to worldly customs will not find a hard matter to yield to the powers that be rather than subject themselves to division insult threatened imprisonment and death do you see why now because step by step they were going off in the sin yes worldliness while they were professing to be Christians Wow and when the Sunda law is enforced some stars are going to fall friend I don't want to fall No and as you brought us back to Matthew 7 their house fell they fell I don't want to fall out those stars I do not want to be found in darkness go with me chapter 3 of Revelation let's see how we can remain now do you know what hit me the pointer is in the seven churches Sardis Christ is seen with something in his hand seven stars yes so as long as I am in his hand I would never go out in darkness amen I would be a star he upholds I would never fall so these people fought because they did not remain in the hand of Jesus right chapter 3 verse 1 and on to the Angel of the church in Sardis write these things at home he that had to defend earlier in war and the Seven Stars different stars I know thy works that thou hast a name that delivers and oh ah yeah yeah and of course it go on I won't get into that right now but the point is clear unless we are found in Christ's hands we are going to fall as a star go out in darkness and the practical way to remain in God's hands as a John 10 say my sheep hear my voice I know what fallen on me and then he said no man no man can pluck you out of my father's hand no man can do that as long as you're following my truth my voice my voice and remember now the song says I come to The Garden alone while the dew is still on the roses and the voice I hear the voice now may I hear falling on my ear the sound of God discloses man so when we spend time with him evening even early morning and at noon it says no man can one o'clock you out of my father's and you will be that star amen and just as in isaiah says you shall hear the voice behind you saying this is the way so he's going to lead us all the way and we know that the midnight cry was behind at that light shining behind them so you have the light and the voice leading us along that narrow way if we don't stop now we won't stop it's a fight all do you feel right now do you want to be the stars that go out in darkness and fall or the stars that God can uphold in his head the steps of a good man I ordered by the Lord energy delighted in it we know he fought he shall not be utterly cast aside for the lord upholdeth him with his hand oh my friend amen even if we fall can Christ up hold us yes the star would never fall would never go out in thank me Father in Heaven we thank this evening for this study every name that was mentioned we pray for their salvation their conversion even for our own help us to remove all the rubbish that we can open that door you are knocking on and welcome you inside to give us victory over life's problems the crises that we encounter victory over sin save us dear God help us to be that star shining bright for you as you uphold us with your hand we don't want to be a church an individual with a name that we profess Christianity seventh-day adventists and yet we are spiritually dead save us we pray and send us forward to give the trumpet a certain sound to prepare the world for battle save us in the name of Jesus Christ amen okay friends I want to thank you again for joining us for this study the American reformer by God's grace next Thursday we will cover the last section of this chapter and then we can proceed again go over your notes even the sermon notes and let all of us be found faithful in these last days God bless until we meet again

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