Good Vibes: How “Happiness” and “Positivity” Get Real Results

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Jeffy, I’m really interested in getting the product of yours called Resonator but I’m a student so I don’t have a lot of money. When do you think you’ll have about 50% off on the product?!?

First of all thanks for the great value and i like vids that are to the point and with not too much bullshit. But again i hope you would make a vid about this but i keep being stuck on the first date.. i can't make it happen already 5 first dates in a row where nothing happened was fun and we talk even alot about sex etc but also try to make a move and escalate but they always hold back and never can getting laid on dates and almost never get a second date..

How is Jeffy always so incredibly entertaining 😀 i've watched each of his videos between 1 and 12 times, with an estimated average of 2,5 (not that anyone cares about my stats^^)
HOWEVER: If YOU love Jeffy too, be sure to check out jeffy's Execute the Program ;D its rly good (and no, ofc im not getting paid to comment^^)

watching neo feminist stuff and reading those posts will sabotage your learning. jeffy is right. if it ain't positive it ain't right

Good one RSD Jeffy! Feeln that grown ass man game ya dropn! Good vibes for authentic attraction, ya got me motivated to go out solo this week. Thanks bro lovin ya videos! Keep em going!!

Im not negative against women at all. But It cringes me out these cocksuckers who comment on RSD videos who want to suck Julien and Tylers dick fuckeing pathetic crying fuckers fuck you faggots

most women are in fact egos regardless. they are easily susceptible to deception. the main deception being pickup itself. its a game they play that by their own outwards declaration they are losing.

beware the positivism of these leased lives, they are just ignorance in numbers. majority dont travel and run a million dollar coaching business, their lives are a mess and their good vibes are legal tender bullshit.

Shaming people for having resentment, hurt, anger, etc. isn't going to help them get to a better place. Demonstrating compassion and suggesting that people get support for their issues would be far more effective (if you care about your audience — if you want to keep them mired in their traumas, you're doing great!)

Happiness is gay as fuck. Positivity is for hippy liberal cunts. I tried all that shit and it just made me more angry.

@ 04:49 He talks about guys that think they are "Batman", while the water in the background looks like its getting some kind of orgasm.

jo jeffy can you please break down "giving value" even further (and perhaps name examples until my exponentially getting duller millenial brain gets it) in one of your future videos

you are just deluding yourself though. to bypass the red pill awareness. you program your mind to try and not think badly of society and women. imo both approaches are wrong. MGTOW monk is the way. dont hate them but dont date them either. if it doesnt fill your soul, dont do it.

Im addicted to negativity and this hit home for me. The delivery also helped me see how abrasive I can be. Admitting that I deserved the results I got recently freed me from my dislike of women. I was butthurt that people didnt recognize my talent…but my grind was seriously lacking and that just counts for way more. To be honest Ive lived in the bay area coming on two years and never sought you out to hang because I know I'm not on a level where someone on yours should want to hang out with me. Took me a while to understand that the same is true of women and thats as it should be. Thanks dude

I've been a fan of RSD, specially of Jeffy from some years. I love to see how their energies and demeanor have been changing over the time, and in tone with how their teachings have got more and more profound. But I love how Jeffy has changed the best. He was my favorite because his punk attitude that was so cool, and now you can see in his eyes how he's way more relaxed, positive, conscious and yet, still badass. Instead of going all: UH WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU JEFF? YOU USED TO BE SAVAGE. PLS BE EDGY. That rather inspires me. If he can let go his past sense of coolness and adapt a higher and healthier way of being and also find a more efficient and productive way to use his energy, maybe I can too.

We are not to be positive, we are bound to be honest. And yeah, fuck that, I'm getting laid even though I want the whole existence to cease.

I watched this video with transparent glasses then put my phone real close to my face and it looked liked virtual reality #weed

Why TF do I feel so drained when I talk to people? How do I fix this to where im enjoying myself in a conversation?

when Jeffy is in state he has an 'enthusagasm' 😛 Thanks for this honesty…i'm doing my best to eradicate the bitterness my ego bleeds out as I stab it to death. You're a smart fart if there ever was one Jeffy!!!


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