Godstuff (Episode #1 of 8) Crazy TV Preachers

do you like religious TV we propelled birds propel Eagles don't repay I love religious TV what fools the nation's are to rage against the Lord I'm a channel surfing religious TV couch potato fool I once sat in a motel room in Meridian Mississippi watching a Pentecostal revival meeting that lasted three and a half hours and they didn't even use snakes your sins have to pop out somewhere little children have acne why I can tell you why what little boys do in the bedroom at night it's a natural process of the Fallen creature what he does in the bedroom at night you tie a Sam's the Catholics used to tie their hands tie the girl's hands weren't doing good time all you want because it's in their nature it's a fallen nature what they do in the bedroom at night why does he act meat that's why Acme's on these young people's a face that's what they do did she say that's why acne is on their faces what a babe right that was sister spring from where's she from Southern California somewhere and we'll be seeing her later in the show but hey I'm Joe Bob Briggs and it's time once again for joe bob's god stuff the show that brings the most entertaining TV preachers into your living room in Reader's Digest forms see our philosophy is a lot of these guys you do want to see them but you don't want to see that much of them you know what I mean like Fred Phelps of Topeka Kansas the backbone of Bob Dole country please pay special attention this is a good one pay attention to the rifle on Fred's set here name was Gloria O'Dell she ran against Bob and she had support in large chunks of money coming into Kansas from these now women and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force pouring money into Kansas to beat Bob Dole we put big signs on the main thoroughfares of Kansas we carried them with three words on them bull-dyke O'Dell and when we got through with her Pete although the polls showed she was coming up and it was a neck-and-neck race when we got through with her she scarcely got one fifth one vote out of five that's great remember Christ said Marvel not that they hate you because they hated me first you know I would ask some of you out there have you made an enemy for Christ these days bull doc Odell is that two words or three I think that's two words so come on with me though let's review the past week in religious TV as God said to Moses let's boogie through the desert and speaking of begin you know I always love this time of year because of that like i''m telethon they have in Southern California the one hosted by Jan Murray and 9,000 bearded rabbis dancing the Funky Chicken you ever see this these guys dance like drunk soccer players you know what I mean they're all in danger of kicking one another in the butt at any time look at this welcome to the 15th annual luck I am to life tabatha story Takia Basara Roger Barclay hornik I've been bitch Jordan Bennett Mayim Bialik Yitzhak Beto Joe Bologna senses are Nell Carter Gary Coleman no I'm Crosby Robert dokie Ron hell Iran Fivey spinkle Stephen purse you're wrong the shot scheme is still getting one thing we don't have time for is all the names in the lock i''m telethon but did they say Gary Coleman I guess it does make sense doesn't it anyhow if you're real good I'll show you a clip later of Tony Danza dancing it that'll uh Khayyam telethon right now time to get serious it's time for the weekly biblical scholarship report and I want to ask you are you like me you're watching the preacher on TV and you want to say wait a minute does it say that in the Bible you know you can learn a lot from these shows that you would never guess you'd probably have to go back to the original Hebrew to find out some of this stuff like listen to this commentary by the legendary Paul Crouch of the Trinity Broadcasting Network you know what is what's fascinating about it is this just hair and everybody wants to talk about my hair let's see Jan found a scripture in the Old Testament and in the Living Bible it says that white hair is the crowning glory and is seen most amongst the godly that is in the scripture now that's something isn't it young so if God was a hairdresser Paul Crouch would have that commercial endorsement for Clairol wouldn't he or how about this one this is from Arnold Murray of shepherd's chapel in Gravett Arkansas and they will attack our most extreme northern border which is Alaska of today and we'll bring the upon the mountains or that is to say the States or nation of Israel and actually Canada is a part of Israel today parts of the Great Britain America Ephraim Manasseh Canada is a part of Israel according to Scripture so why are they worried about the Golan Heights they've already gotten I Agri Falls in the Yukon Territory all right you guys know John Evans Eenie that preacher from Hurst Texas who interprets the scriptures for us all the time here's what John had to say about the story of the Widow's mite this week this one will get by you if you're not careful in mark the 12th chapter the Bible says and Jesus the 41st verse and Jesus said over against the Treasury and beheld how the people cast money into the Treasury and many that were rich casting much and there came a certain poor Widow and she threw in two mites which make a farthing and he called him unto him his disciples and said unto them verily I say unto you that this poor Widow has cast in more than all they which have cast into the Treasury for all they did cast in of their abundance but please listen but she of her won't she wanted something but she ever won't cast in all she had even all her living child of God the woman wanted something for brother John what does a a when a woman won't what is I asked this question one time in Roswell New Mexico I said what would a widow woman won't and a little Mexican lady jumped up and she said a husband other one got the spirit of the thing and she jumped up it's a real fast man see I didn't know that that's what that means in the original Greek I guess what it says is that the old broad was lonely all right now here's my favorite one from Fred price the most famous black TV preacher in America from ever-increasing Faith Ministries in LA listen to this the apostles were businessman they were rich men had plenty of money I'm going to show you that Jesus was a wealthy man heavily in money and see all of that completely foreign to us from a traditional point of view you know they should tell us this stuff Jesus was rich Jesus wants us to be rich and that's what we're gonna look into in just a moment but first give me some more of that funny Jewish dancing I just love that stuff hey that wasn't Tony Danza how does the rabbi's with chairs in their teeth get that Tony Danza tape I promised him that I want Tony Danza what does it take around here alright time for the filthy lucre awards for this week how did you know that God blessed Abraham with riches blessed him with silver and go have me be like silver and gold those of you that don't you're the wrong Church nobody says it better than brother Bob Tilton of Word of Faith Church in Farmers Branch Texas do they know as a matter of fact there's one guy who does there will be 50 people give $1,000 and do it right now or I am finished climbing I'm writing a check now for brother Jean Scott out of Southern California that guy is scary in close-up when you can see the pits on his face whoo what I really like though is the guys that try to sell you stuff you send a donation they send you like a prayer cloth and what is a prayer cloth anyhow what do you what do you do with the gall darn thing anyhow this is great when coming up the Reverend Billy Locklear of Lumberton North Carolina what a mention to you also we have our beautiful Hall praise God a beautiful dish too right hell praise God that I had made a man and give you that for donation that you go ahead and then call in that donation a man no matter how much you call in prayers God will send you give us $20 $25 going to lay it on your heart we have difficult the optician is a man there's another definition also we have another pitch to praise God and we're giving you these pictures for a donation to help keep this ministry going also we have the Bible right there praise God are the key virgin Bible knew might follow for the latest also for donation colors for riders or friends God sent in that donation picked that vowel tonight of $25 or $50 or hundred dollars and also does another Bible praise God make that vowel tonight of $50 $25 whatever God lays on your heart tonight make it weird and also here's another Bible or the family Bible for donation right there also all that praise God for goals can support this ministry and stand by it we also have I have also praise God that we send out the people to supporters and stand behind so the little Bible let's see the lady's Bible the giant Bible the pictures are if you send them a lot of money the baseball cap with a lucky seven on it but of course of all the things you can sell nothing is better than holy oil and if you'll call during this telecast for you that support our ministry in any way just call the number on your screen we'll rush this out to you many of you during this time of year need to anoint need to anoint your billfold with this oil for a financial blessing that was of course the great WV grant of Eagle's Nest Church in Dallas prime in that particular pump but the greatest kind of money promised comes from Bob Tilton when he does things like have you ever seen this he speaks a new car into existence the best of the land when I said that then I saw a new car for someone someone you've never had a new car there's faith right now for a new car if you'll seem today for that new car the loan will go through you will get that car caught up by such someone I just saw was gonna get a company car did you follow that a company car now that is impressive you're gonna get a car and you don't even have to pay for it but then the other guy the guy before that got a loan on his car but Bob forgot to pray for a low interest rate he could have just created one of them 12 year payout cars so be careful when this with this stuff when you talk to God about vehicular matters Bob alright that's enough of that more funny dancing immediately give me some of that you know what it's time for and I want these two great guys to be holla break that's why I'm here Tony I'm gonna dance I wanted a tote let's see what we got West hockey all right I promise Tony Danza dancing like a goose on acid we delivered Tony Danza dancing like a goose on acid sometimes you know when I'm surfing up in the high numbers like Channel 84 stuff like that I have no idea what they're talking about you know those channels where anybody can be on TV even serial killers all they have to do is deliver a tape to the station and wipe the TV dinner stains off of it and it goes on the air like what is this deal this is a guy named John Jacobs of the power team coming to us from Irving Texas courtesy of the Trinity Broadcasting Network Christian weightlifters for the Lord you look at these cuffs you've seen them behind the scenes and you didn't know we didn't pre-plan this with these real yes sir they are and if you double lock them yes sir they're double lock okay you have the key okay John give him the key and please stand by you know what don't want no music this time no one clapping I want us to pray and I want you to hear the sound of these chain snapping and you know what I want to say to you that are watching my faith says this is going to be a new year your God's gonna break your chains I've held you back and I want you to listen it's like trying to break all three of these chains and then we're gonna close the old you out in prayer and we're gonna have a special celebration here we go Oh I can do all things through Christ now can you imagine the conversation going on there lord help me break these chains and gods going why uh-huh also I don't mean to be a spoilsport but didn't that chain go totally slack right before he broke it did he might notice that what would that mean can we look at that again as a matter of fact queue that up I want to see that again right before he breaks those chains that's how God does that I guess well here's another one I found you just can't quite figure this one out either this is seventh-day Adventist minister John Osborne of Eustis Florida who if you remember from two weeks ago he wanted people to send guns to him firearms for Christ now watch this donors want to donate guns and richard has checked into this and it's illegal for us to ship guns ok have to go to a licensed dealer so it's best for our constituents to dispose of them in their local area do that have guns please do not send them to us go to your local dealer it is against the law for we have checked into it for us to receive these types of things so go to your local gun dealer turn them in send us the cash god bless you shoot I already put my ak-47 in the mail why didn't you tell me sooner finally we've got my favorite New Age space Queen lady's sister spring from now take my hand missions international of Long Beach California where else would you be and well just watch this well runners we are here beginning our March 1995 movie here quietly within our golden feathers of flight and it is our day it is the night for the world it is our day in our tent landing and the built most beautiful one of the most beautiful lines in the revelation that I've ever put down in by my plume that is as quietly within my golden feathers of flight we've been talking a lot about immortality and so forth as we meet together in all expectations of our kings return shortly boys and girls couldn't tame returned you know who was here last time last month was who blueberry and he got a little gell lousy jealous right we call it jal lousy in our vocabulary but he's a good boy he's your mascot and he's here and he likes blueberry blue Gary's getting so hairy next time you see him he'll probably be hair will be hanging over the chair here but anyhow putting him is glad to be back he's gonna sit right down here and listen very carefully trying to suck us in with the old teddy bear pitch eh in case you didn't catch that that was not blueberry the bear blueberry the bear was on last month that particular evangelist bear his name puddin tame now watch a preacher named Rick Godwin of Eagle's Nest Christian Fellowship in San Antonio I don't know exactly what Rick was trying to prove when he did this one of the things that occurs in Christianity is that it's not pain free and in teaching about offense as I found it very effective to mention the kinds of offenses that come in Scripture the word offense and the Greek is skandalon and it refers to the bait of a trap this is an old Texas rat trap and I've smashed many a finger on this thing trying to show this message and when you put the bait on this trigger that trigger is called the scandal on that's the offense and if you reach for the offense to be offended because you are an animal reaches for it to eat it but a Christian reaches for the offense because he's hurt whoa I repent I repent and well and finally we have evangelist Jonathan bill better known around here as screaming boy and Jonathan here is going to guide us gently toward a fuller understanding of the gospel you know people don't even want to know the truth people don't want to know the truth in the Bible if you want to turn the channel go ahead fool turn the channel if you want to learn something about God shut your mouth and listen to me for a minute I don't matter how big or how hotshot you think you are for the executive for IBM ain't give me a break what you do for a living that's got nothing to do with what what really matters to God God said he chose the foolish things of this world to confound the wise do you know if you're an intellectual you'll probably end up in hell for it you know three years ago I was one of the top Beauty consultants in Canada I had one of the most successful beauty salons in Ottawa the capital of Canada I don't think I can go on that was so moving Annie was a beauty consultant in the promised land no doubt teaching people to dye their hair white as the scripture suggested I tell you what just play some more rabbi line-dancing and I'll be okay in a minute no silly whoa the Hoshi amudha silly boy Pia see yeah Oh Oh then make it was she a steal amen beyond me Oh okay okay okay enough of that okay you know what time it is it's healing time did you know is sometimes Bob Tilton Hills diarrhea and hernias I don't even want to know how he does that can I can I even show that on TV anyhow a lot of miraculous healing going on this week and our first healer of the week is Reynaldo fer P of templo evangelistic o Pentecost Isle of Khem we were taco I think how you say that and this is some serious healing going on here Padre por la palabra de bajo de precios raba Shiki beside toda Belen Tia toda precio Katie su cuerpo who robbed Isshiki vasa des aparecer ahora mismo DEXA parcel o lo mismo por el poder then I got a shot I leave it open of a song what is he doing to her I mean looks like her neck injury was cured but she can no longer do long division next up what would healing round up be without ernest angley the pride of Akron Ohio the veteran evangelist to the older he gets the more he looks like Robin Williams doing Ernest Angley and he was busy this week boy watch this how long you been on alcohol oh yeah I know it wasn't music there's 15 Devils and I own the Lord yay saith the Lord yay come out of him you file Devils in the name of Jesus are you God get ready get ready this is the power of God come out on earth this is the plan god this is the power of God was just the power of God this is the power of God it's just the power of God come on I was a big gal there at the end and she went down like a tire iron in the swimming pool what did he do heal 15 people in 13 seconds looks like he got some of them before they even knew he was coming nobody is a more efficient healer than Ernest all right now we're gonna watch Morris Cerullo of San Diego Morris he's the guy who bought Jim Baker's PTL Network a few years back and he'll heal you even if you don't know that you need healing watch there's a man over there I saw in the spirit of God as he entered into this stadium into this arena tonight with a brace on with a little on his neck and the power of God is flowing all through your body my brother it can just rip the brace off take the brace off of your neck if you hear me take it off of your neck can you hear me out there take it off of your neck in Jesus name in Jesus name oh ye of little faith why did you doubt move it move it move it go on tender Begich all the way oh the way in Jesus name in Jesus name in Jesus name what happened to you what happened to you how did you get like that I had a herniated disc and now they fused a bone in there so the bone really you know it hasn't it hasn't mended yet and so that's why I had to wear the cast he told me to worry because if it slip out I'm subject to be paralyzed whoa why does that guy look like he's not too sure about the whole deal he didn't even look like he wants to be cured but gosh darnit morris is not going to let that get in his way and then when he when Morris finds out that the doctor told this guy he has a herniated disk that might paralyze him Morris goes what are you afraid of that bend over and then he sends him back to the doctor all right I won't know what he's gonna say to the doctor uh doc Jesus disagrees with your diagnosis you know I noticed that most of the healing is some sort of bone injury something orthopedic or maybe muscles something that twists you up so you have to wear a brace they're not real big on internal medicine in these shows are they you know what I mean okay now here's Robert Tilton fusing together a clavicle kind of painter un what's wrong with you broken collarbone broken collarbone yes sir how long has it been that away a couple of days well you've already checked that thing off your back exactly which one is it this one right here Lord there it is putting it together right there mend this collarbone together in in the name of Jesus bones go together now move it around start moving around start thanking God who else in severe pain you're in severe May I mean you're just what's kind of pain are you in he didn't look so hot either did he but I tell you what if you really want to see some healing go no farther than Benny Hinn of Orlando Florida I have no words to describe what you're about to see here Benny is going to blow away his audience literally and then blow himself away are you guys thinking people just pow I have nothing to say I have no words for that so come on let's dance see see you she well remember God takes many forms and some of them are weird as a bible-believing Christian you are strange by the world standards you've been watching jo Bob's God stuff I'm Jo Bob Briggs tonight I want to say that again as a Bible believing Christian you are strange by the world standards Satan gave me this mess I mean it's allow the devil option to sit there behalf of our pastors here where the bay family church Bob and Marty Tilden I'd like to welcome you to Sunday morning live its spiritual wickedness in high places you need to make a vow of faith of $1,000 Oh Bob couldn't you say 25 now five you believe that in the Bible you got a Bible yeah when they should Hey you reachny into the yeah males léna Oh and boy big green predictions in every day back off or nobody seemed like the wilder I used to drink lots alcohol do lots of drugs the green hey I love the doozy garv it but because i know how to live by faith and operate in the spiritual weapons of the spirit I'm continually victorious yes I'm living in victory now even in the midst of a storm or a hurricane did you know that that's scriptural well if I were you I would stay tuned for the best is yet to come

If you like this video then check out my funniest video, with far crazier antics, including Christians eating the tips of the tails of live rats, drinking petrol (gas) and fights inside and outside of Churches: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Frl-A4SUuzk

Christians laugh now but this was pretty mainstream in the 90s. Now churches have names that sound like nightclubs, and they embrace trendy social justice issues…blatantly pandering. The more things change the more they stay the same.

10:14 How then will they call on Him (Yahweh) in whom they have
not believed? And how are they to believe in Him of whom they have
never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching? 

are the last two
will come before the end of the world, and before Jesus
establishes His kingdom on earth.
11:3-13  And
I will grant authority to my two witnesses, and they will prophesy
for 1,260 days, clothed in sackcloth.” These are the two olive
trees and the two lampstands that stand before the Lord of the earth.
And if anyone would harm them, fire
pours from their mouth
and consumes their foes. If
anyone would harm them, this is how he is doomed to be killed.
They have the power to shut the sky, that no rain may fall during the
days of their prophesying, and they have power over the waters to
turn them into blood and to strike
the earth with every kind of plague, as often as they desire.
And when they have finished their testimony, the beast that rises
from the bottomless pit will make war on them and conquer them and
kill them, …

will start their ministry from Jerusalem for the first half of the
still unfulfilled seven years period spoken of by Daniel.

sackcloth probably also means that they will take no pleasure in the
comforts of the world and they will be leading Israel and the world
into repentance from sin.
the ancient days of Israel God always sent His prophets before
judgment in order to give people a chance to hear and repent.

this future time when God is once again dealing with this world He
will send His prophets once again.

the two prophets in Israel will be sent to warn Israel and the world
to repent of their sinful ways and accept Jesus as the Messiah who
they will proclaim is about to return.

might tell the world exactly when the Jesus will come and they
certainly will tell the world that He is coming to judge the world
and set up His kingdom on earth.
think we totally underestimate the impact that these two prophets
will have on the world. They will be second in power to no one
until their ministry is complete.

weapon formed against them will succeed. If a nuclear missile is
fired at them it will land on the nation that fired it.

prophets with supernatural powers will have Gods angels at their
disposal. Anyone who dares to harm them will in like manor be killed.

are going to have such a profound impact on the world that after they
are risen and taken into heaven the sinful world will want to be led
to believe that they can stop the kingdom of Jesus from coming.

at the end of this period of Antichrist rule the Antichrist gathers
all nations against Jerusalem to try to stop the second coming and
the fulfillment of their prophecies.
Satanic angels cast out of heaven will claim to have come to earth to
save it from the biblical god when in reality their real intentions
will be to destroy the Jews so that Jesus will have no Jews for His
earthly kingdom. 2Thesstalonians 2:9-10
killing the Jews fails because Michael the Archangel protects them in
the mountains of Jordan.

Antichrist will lead the whole world against God in an attempt to
have all human flesh on the earth totally destroyed.

24:22 and Mark
13:20  Jesus
said if he did not shorten those days no flesh on earth would be
these days the truth will be twisted 180 degrees for those who wish
to believe a lie.

two prophets of God will be called the Antichrist and his False
Prophet by the Bible illiterate.

the real Antichrist will be looked at by most as God and the Savior
of the world.
1260 days on earth every day will bring new decrees from the two

they say will be the major news story of the day and the whole world
will quake with fear at their words.
there will be rebellion against their decrees the people will soon
learn that they will have to comply or receive judgment.

will be to the world like superior aliens came to earth and dictated
to all earthlings what they must do or reap immediate consequences.
I said, this is very much how the world will spin it and that is why
the earth rejoices when they are killed by the Beast Antichrist that
rises out of the underworld.

will think their earthly savior stopped the plan of Yahweh and the
plan of a Jewish kingdom ruled by Jesus.

instead they will receive the wrath of the Lamb and the wrath of God.
Gods son will return on schedule and God will destroy all those who
would not have Jesus rule over them (Lu 19:27).

is truly staggering knowledge!

read the following verses from the Revised Standard Version of the

name of YHWH
has been known for thousands of years. It is all in the spelling.

review, God's personal name is YHWH.

are the English transliterations of the Hebrew letters

you!!!!!! YHWH's
name is His image. It presents Him to the world. You are
name. You are created in the image of YHWH.
This is not chance. This is not a game. This is not something that
has been thought of recently. It is the oldest of revelations.
And the most powerful.
God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, after Our likeness, to
rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the
livestock, and over all the earth itself and every creature that
crawls upon it.”
So God created
man in
His own image; in
the image of Father
YHWH (God) He
created us;
male and
female.    John
Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I
said, You are gods? …

Astonishing Scripture
book of Hebrews reveals God’s awesome purpose
with crystal clarity. The context begins in chapter 1. Watch the
picture of salvation unfold.
understand that God created angels to be “ministering
spirits” to assist the “heirs of salvation” Hebrews
1:(vs. 14). This is their role within God’s Plan. Angels are
not offered membership in the Family of God. This is why Satan
(as a fallen angel) so hates the idea that puny, little,
fleshly man can receive what he has never been offered nor can
He predestined
us for adoption as
through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of his will,( This
means you and me,us ) Hebrews
2:11 For both He that sanctifies and they who are sanctified are all
of one: for which cause He (Jesus) is not ashamed to call them
brothers, Matthew
12:50 For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven
is my brother and sister and mother.”

8:19-23  19
For the anxious longing of the creation waits eagerly for the
revealing of the sons of God. 20
For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but
because of Him who subjected it, in hope

And not only this, but also we ourselves, having the first
fruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves,
waiting eagerly for our
adoption as sons, the redemption of our body
Father YHWH (God) says that “all things” will be put under
the feet of man, that is what He means. The vast universe,
with all of its quadrillions of stars and one trillion galaxies, will
be put under the authority of man who have been born into the
Family of God. In fact, the Moffatt translation renders the Greek
word for “all things” as “the universe.”

1:5 YHWH (God) decided in advance to adopt us into his own
family by bringing us to Himself through Jesus Christ. This is
what He wanted to do, and it gave Him great pleasure.

6:3 Do you not know that we are to judge angels?
How much more, then, matters pertaining to this life! (This means
that we are Superior over the Angles!)
John 3:1-2
See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be
called children of Father YHWH (God); and so we
The reason why the world does not know us is that it did not know
him. Beloved, we
are God's children now,
and what we will be has not yet appeared; but we know that when He
appears (Jesus) we shall be like Him, because we shall see Him as He
is. 1
Corinthians 3:16 Do
you not know that
you are God's temple
and that God's Spirit dwells in you?  1
Corinthians 12:27
you are the body of Christ and
individually members of it.  1
John 4:13
God has given us his Spirit as proof that we live in Him and He in
8:14 For all who are led by the Spirit of God are sons
of God.     Now,
please don't misunderstand my intentions!  I'm certainly not trying
to bring falls hope on anyone with these notes … I'm only
attempting to remind us of the Truth found through His Word:  This is
what He wanted to do in the new [email protected]

..they've got acme on their faces!! God gave us our genitalia to play with. I was hand-reared as a boy. It showed no signs of leaving me alone so I never left it alone. Get out there and play with yourselves.


I have never head anything bad or any false proof that Kenneth E. Hagin did any illegal or corrupted thing to make money . RIP wounderful kennneth !

Mark 12:44
For all they did cast in of their abundance; but she of her want did cast in all that she had, even all her living.
Mark 12:44.—ἐκ τῆς ὑστερήσεως, from her state of want, cf. on Lk.—ὑστέρησις, here and in Php 4:11.—πάντα ὅσα: this not visible to the eye; divined by the mind, but firmly believed to be true, as appears from the repetition of the statement in another form.—ὅλον τὸν βίον, her whole means of life. For the use of βίος in this sense vide Luke 8:43; Luke 15:12; Luke 15:30; similarly in classics.

her whole means of life
her whole means of life

2 Timothy 2:15
Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

I find these hilarious, and as a Christian I believe that God has a sense of humor about these fools. I am glad to know that you are a Christian channel and not just mocking people of faith. God bless 🙏

Too funny.
I noticed the same kind of creepy men with men dance culture among the rabbis as I saw in the lower class Kuwaiti Bedouins when I lived there in 1976.
I was seventeen at the time. There was a young boy my age who fancied himself my very good friend who was of Palestinian heritage. My parents pretty much required me to be nice to this guy so I bit the bullet and tried to make our "friendship" centered around my interest in Arabic. All he wanted to do is speak English. One day we were walking from point A to point B and he took my hand, intertwining the fingers like a red blooded American would with his girlfriend. "Fuck!" now I'm screwed. If I alienate this weirdo I'm in deep Dutch doodoo with my folks yet all my instincts are screaming at me to bludgeon him with my fist about his head and shoulders repeatedly.

Multiculturalism doesn't work. Full stop.

0:50 That's true actually. The scientists won't say no because they make money off of dermatology medication and lotions.

You gotta be a special kinda idiot to fall for these muppet lookin' devils…seriously people actually believe in these godless fakes?…an indepth look into the bible would expose the phenomenal stupidity of these actors. You could learn a lot from looking at these ones..first thing I learned …I can't get the 35+ minutes back …but it made me laugh in places . Shakin' my head.


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BELLONA – Godly Arena Build & Gameplay Montage #1 (Xbox One SMITE)
BELLONA – Godly Arena Build & Gameplay Montage #1 (Xbox One SMITE)

Ayyy how’s it going everyone this is Strawwbury and I’m droppin you a nasty build for the warrior Bellona Let’s go! This is the first video of my Godly Builds & Gameplay I’m going to be doing all the classes and hopefully all the gods so make sure you subscribe …

Queen Naija Overcomes Sickness In Her Live Soul Train Awards Performance | Rehearsal 360°
Queen Naija Overcomes Sickness In Her Live Soul Train Awards Performance | Rehearsal 360°

Performing live is important because you can record tracks all day but if you really have a voice and you perform live people know that you can vocally sing. I found out I was going to perform at Soul Train Awards when my manager called me. She said they want …