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hello everyone I'm the criminal nurturer and welcome to godhood or the early access release of godhood godhood is a new god game by the people at abbey games they are the makers of rias if you remember them remember that game from a while back was pretty cool I played it a little bit I didn't get into it as much as I would have liked you but we're gonna check this game out it's releasing today July 10th 2019 I haven't touched it at all yet so we're gonna learn together it should give you a good idea of what we're dealing with it's all about making your own religion whoops that was not the button I wanted to press try that again and in teaching your people how should we dress you well we're obviously not the divine or the Crumlin god of the archers I also gonna make this the actress hopefully that'll work purchase Arthur's know archers God s beam yeah it's bigger why not what's your style dark light neutral let's start neutral color do we want to be it's kind of similar the background color I do alright who's this let it be known the archers warship the chrome uhland god of the archers with a simple fervor let it be known for as long as there have been people to believe there have been gods to vie for their attention the crummy Lent is one such God destined to claim their place in the humanities hearts and minds they would start the single soul destined to become the first prophet of the archers I am the chrome Buland from nothing the Crumlin appeared before me g BG renounced their faith in the old god quits the Caudill job update and placed it with the Crumlin instead first the chromium that taught me chi about what is right in my name you will spread war so we got some stuff that was locked here all right we got war might makes right your followers will prove their faith in you through blood and victory peace will become a vice and it may not be selected as a commandment later and we get a unique level reward game got action inspire temple of war inspire construct a temple of war gives the war priest miracle which improves discipline might and cunning a peace will strive for mutual understanding our holy site becomes a beacon of reason and debate war will become a vice I may not be selected as a commitment later we get temple of peace improves discipline disciples devotion and charisma when we get lust indulged in a world of work in worldly pleasures cries of passion love and gratification will fill your temple sites chastity will become a vice it may not be selected later this is cunning in charisma festival of lust allows you to gather ecstasy which can be used to special festival of lust chastity purity starts with a clean body and mind worship tears purge other sins this is temple chastity purity performed baptism religious Greece the health devotion and healing powers you know what I'm gonna do I feel like most of the other streamers are gonna do war so let's do lust instead the elders who worship the ancestors thought the idea was dangerous this will only lead to destruction and agony they could not see how they were wrong in opposing the Crumlin a sacrament was called to determine who was right prepare for the sacrament come closer this is Michi this team goes first so this is how you spread that you spread your religion but I'm gonna guess I was supposed to get defeated there meat cheese grown more experienced the elders were resolute and their judgement Michi and a few followers were banished from the old city before leaving Michi prophesized that the Crumlin would come back and conquer the old city one day we will return Michi continued to travel with the exiled hopeless the people were growing tired and finally tired and hopeless finally on a fertile and lush Terrace the chrominance spoke again for this she'll be the Kremlin's holy incites a new religion is founded ami G how's it going chooses a little former ritual hired disciples faith the better their performance select a building to inspire Michi alright so Gabe inspired her to make fire I guess all right can I pause here by praying at the holy site Center mean she's mean she's faith in the Kremlin crew and the more faith a disciple has the better they serve two disciples in awe of this prayer pledged themselves to the archers they were a young capice seal and Sacko well devoted they could do more faith you must travel far and wide and prove the gremlins greatest of the holy sacraments victory and the sacraments will convert new archers with more arches the chrome it will gain more power go my sciples wind sacraments convert new archers all right so here's where we have the world map this is us no just us conversion roids clicked in is my team send me G an experience too nervous to act condemned condemned condemned simple song simple song so I'm gonna praise all right let's figure this out our team goes first it looks like it chooses one of our things at random oh she defied his condemn sing a song straight up attack alluring body and demonstrate meat she's shown that booty off pagan song Smith enticed unlock class select disable class so what do we have here oh there's a lot of stuff here oh there's really a lot of stuff here I've got song Smith channel's the power through music picked multiple targets get zealot who excels of dealing morale damage Guardians vigilant defender physical attacks Swift judgement from the Beast Walker fast and effective but lack good defenses rage profit spreads your will through physical might attacking is their sole purpose I like the big axe lust priest I think this is what me GRE is yeah particular set nature and life abilities chieftains powerful leader use their rally ability to motivate Smith's or just champion of your religion sacrament excels yeah you know what you're gonna be you're gonna be this and you're gonna be I'm sure this is not actually like there's probably better ways to do this be a song Smith why not but we're still learning this the first time out it's a lot to learn a lot to take in embrace the converts the sacrament victory some disciples have gained a morale charge these disciples already performed powerful miracle however making miracles cannot occur just anywhere your disciples must construct a new holy place import the faith through enact Mariel I erect it erect an important place where miracles can be performed to gain action constrict miracle building all right so we get construct miracle building burgers huts there's so much stuff to take in right now let's start at the coop this one forms the heart or miracle out and his civils sure let's place this building right over they struck miracle building every loans everyone loves a good prayer site right Oh parasite choose a sample of former ritual I are the disables face the better than the performance Miche where I do that one she was able to perform a miracle charge and perform a miracle which this hired disciple we have what do we get where we are offering so you have 50 offerings this is info on my religion this is gonna take a while to get it all handled down here okay so the the pause the play button over here is not a pause it's a let's go to the next day but I see relics nobody relics so they're still building I think you my friends Oh get inspired over there you go get inspired over there which will do you tell Sam holy site center so I will praise timber the increasing their faith +10 faith for eighth days four spaces raises health which increases physical defenses so I should have sent a big sword guy over that's okay upgrade you know fanatics for that all right I'm sure we'll forget this all out in time yeah sure why not do that again hurting miracle some herds have gone missing soccer fields inspired by the Kremlin and went out and searched through the jungle returned a whole new flock a full of younglings followed him soccer was the Shepherd of my flock heads a wonderous herder miracle disciples performance miracle performed new abilities song of praise damage morale damage tall opponents right blessed be Sacco prayed finally answer criminologist prayers devoted blessing to his family alright I will look after you what did you get challenge heresy morale damage blesses B let's send you would do that send you to go do that and then after this let's go one more day and then let's try and see what kind of spread we can do alright so now we do this to five I think that I I'm I'm reading these numbers here as as levels basically so relic here is out that's it a common relic can be created here alright let's uh let's do this one so we can show those people who's boss hey my team goes first righteous flirt that's pretty good sir no no condemning and mean she's taking all the hits so it's saying press space to toggle inspection mode so she should probably figure out what that means all right me she's got a miracle charged God level to God level up got a common relic go into first gathering spire offering stockpile instruction of an offering stockpile 22 worship support okay less common relic if I mean she's gotta do that right be cheese meat she's number one but Nana the holy banana it comes click display clicked two to five offerings can be assigned really weird to collect the required offerings collect the crew acquired offerings you requires disciples wish to build an offering stockpile disciples are you okay and you did this so stockpile right there it's a good place for stockpile to me you know the common banana is the equips right you enjoy your common banana alright you've got a miracle charged don't you get some of that on enough offerings oh we have to build earn offerings okay never mind we'd like burned all of our offerings cuz I didn't understand what I was doing I still do this though yes that doesn't think offerings okay well let's love everybody everybody take a little little break there so don't entirely know what that's okay it's improving there she's happy now okay we got some more offerings all right let's hit let's hit this group here show him who's boss slings and arrows show them off my archers man we keep getting to go first here we go that guy took a little hits she's alright skeptic fighters have been enticed he's good slow as a miracle charged over consoles before them return home wouldn't so that doesn't really help with the offerings I several archers have traveled to the holy site year to become your next disciples and they summon these initiatives and determine who is worthy to become acolytes earn discipline or each disciple is required requires ammount of your worship support to take care of reach in each selection ok well I know where my worship support is that this that's this I have 11 out of 22 I think it means I can take up to 22 what I'm using 11 right now ooh this is from this is from B cheese bloodline that's like all of it okay so if I took this guy I basically would have no points left but he's purple so I got to take him this is dessert these are the rules you gotta take the big guy yeah I have one point I can't take anybody else 20 days before an excuse okay now I have a cool-down enough offerings right you need some of this you need some of this so assume you're just supposed to run run some time off the clock to build up some offerings that seems to be the way this seems to work although now I only have four I thought I was gonna get more our rings are spent just how do I earn them though still a little confused on this your what the mechanism for earning earning offerings this there are some offerings that's from your banana right bonus two to five offerings yeah alright well we gotta go up I'd actually didn't mean to run another line there I was gonna go fight to do these guys as far as again well leave meleave meet you at home I'm gonna try this instead I think we'll probably be okay here yep okay Jim's gonna class unlocked be a druid lilac King totem ranked destined let's be a druid why not entirely know what that means but sure I know so we definitely didn't get any offerings out of that and figure out what it is that causes us to gain offerings ritual effects all right well I'm gonna stop for here today we've got the four the basics down that's just some some basics here on the on godhood so it's released in early access today and obviously more stuff will be added over time you know classic normal early access caveats apply I hope you enjoyed this if you did consider leaving me a like helps me out a great deal and consider subscribing if you want to see more in the future and I'll see you guys later for a little bit more of the crummy late it was the god of the archers see you guys later you

I think it's essentially job placement. Each building has 4 slots, and your workers can work in those slots. Some workers have special rules for some buildings. For example, to get more offerings, there are some passives, but to get the most, you need to put a worker in the offering stockpile slot.


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