Giving up on a friendship for a Godly friendship || Abandonner une amitié pour une amitié pieuse

Giving up on a friendship for a Godly friendship || Abandonner une amitié pour une amitié pieuse

hey guys am not alone today i have my sister with me, she is just gonna introduce herself and tell you who she is hello I am tanhee Scott’s am a sister in Christ
to my sister here so I’m just gonna be a guest today and hope that you guys
you know I enjoy this video and comment and like of course so yeah alright so she’s
gonna guide us in prayer before we start more God we thank you Father God
for another blessed day Lord thank you for your word and that is the length is
a vital to our past father God we know more that that should give us a shrimp
the knowledge Lord God that we may need right now at this time Lord give us the
words to speak father that and the words to just Express and that they’re your
words as kind that’s coming out of our mouths father God we thank you for our
friendships will evaluate for our families for the we pray Lord that that
this word touches those that are out there that are watching father that and
that they take it in in a positive view father God and then they just get
something out of their father God so we thank you Lord continue to work in us
and work through us and father God let us be a blessing to those that are
watching father and the mighty name of Jesus we pray um we’re here to talk about godly
friendships mm-hmm it’s gonna be like it discussions oh yeah discussion and you
know what’s your app and I don’t know what we feel godly relationships and
friendships are to us mm-hmm so yeah yeah so we’re just gonna get into it okay so ah my first question would be
like what he’s frenching to you like just friendship not like but can you
talk about just friendship wait what’s that mean to you okay so for me
friendship is just someone that you know you could depend on you know when you
have in a hard day or even if you guys just have kids the same age you know to
hang outs and get away from home and also a home away from home
okay you know so say if I come here with you you know I feel right at home you
know I would go and do you know whatever or even if someone comes to my house
that’s a friend that they could kind of just relax kick their feet up male or
female but just just like a sister or brother okay really well too and you
know express your feelings to some that’s what I think about which is like
mom or like someone you can relate to you can be yourself with that person you
know is true that they say that is friend it is best friend but I think all
of them they they are people like you could go and talk to but best friend
maybe is like more deeper as you create a name
and she said that your feelings you can express to some your feelings which that
people you will really trust so if I must be someone that you trust this be
someone who’s there for you is ready like to help and when you need help or
stuff like that right yeah so no godly friendship why do we have to add godly
to friendship because like because like someone that you have already who who
you can relate to is good but why we have to add the godly part with me
okay so the reason why we have to add the value part is because say for
instance if we are going through something you know you don’t need that
friend that’s gonna sit there and tell you the wrong thing to do right and
whatever situation it may be but I happen to God we friend that friends
more of a encourage err keep your faith and you know together you’re strong and
to focus on God and know that God is trying to help you through whatever
situation that is right because for us you know we could have some godly
friendship but then we can have worldly people that were friends with which is
fine because you know you never know what you see that your planning into
them but just say perfect example I just say you know for who those that are
married you know and they might be having a situation with their husbands
or you know just might be having you know a difficult season but then you
have a worldly friend that’s you know maybe single and not married oh they’ll
be in your ear like oh no you know you should leave him and you know like her I
wouldn’t take that little bit on the other hand if you have a godly friend
there you know there’s more there to encourage you like oh no and they might
even been through something so you know we went through that too you know you’re
don’t shake it out and I’ll turn over just keep praying and fasting that’s
right no God was going to you know see you through it and you know and then you
know God we even give you know like that a vision that’s like you know that’s
something that you could hold on to you know but you have those friends to
encourage you and to do what’s right you know you can’t have the friends to come
and influence you and not sit and tell you you know what you should do but it’s
not the guy than way and how God would do it you know so it’s like you need
those Francine your Herridge thank you and to build you up not let you down but
to build you up and build your faith up and to keep you trusting and God fully
on those things that’s right yeah so doctor I was trying to work a
little bit and there’s this first that the Bible say that in proverbs 13:20 he
walks with the wise grows wise but the company of fool suffered harm so pretty
much what I think we have to put god Lily because you know as she said the
only person we just help you to grow more if you’re faint right because if
you work with the fools you can have friends as we say in the beginning that
you can talk to but if that friend is not wise enough to give you good advices
at the end I thought really advices yeah not wise enough to show you the right
way with the right decision that your mistake you will fall you know like you
know thank you your mess-up yeah listen to them whatever the
situation it doesn’t even have to be you know a marriage situation in the news
like someone you know that’s older and they have kids that are grown and maybe
have departed from you know from the Word of God you know yeah they leave you
will still lead you astray yeah they don’t want that yes to say
like like what to call it Aran’s sharpens iron so
when you have a friend you will pretty much be talking like that friend you
will be even if you don’t like do it purposely like you don’t want you will
find yourself talking like that friend walking like that friend acting like
that friend so if that’s rate is not godly enough you will find yourself
being like the person like the bad way the person is doing you will find
yourself in the same exact scene like to give an example
I really like talk about myself I think that I talked about is deadly when I
started my journal about a situation that my my son was going through so I
didn’t really talk about it to people except family and yeah and the husband
just like praying about I said but when I’m next to me when we started talking
in the beginning and she was more about God like every son that we talk about
something like a big subject she would always say that you know God we need to
pray about it you know and then I sell home like I’m like okay I can open up to
her so she’s I would say the only person that I really did talk about my friend
situation and and she was like oh we pray for you you know but you know she
operated me she was like don’t you know and when I talked to her I was still
going through that stage of crying at that stage of feeling bad and all that
but the one I talked to her my spirit just got to leave I’m like okay I’m not
gonna do that anymore I’m not gonna cry anymore I just want to pray about it and
God is doing Miyoko like you know so this kind of
friendship that we are talking about godly friendship you know because
someone who doesn’t really know the Word of God to tell you they won’t even find
only feel pity they will just show pity but they will not tell you that no
stand-up crane Billy you know so leaving guys and to work
those when he has performed so many miracles and I walked in you do it for
you Luke so you know so like that’s why I think it’s so important to have those
friends to encourage and to keep you going
like nope don’t sit there you know cuz you don’t want to have a friend that
you’re gonna sit there and have a pity party yes
you know if someone told me to have plenty of times before you know you have
to watch me share things with but when you have those to encourage you by nope
the word back says this this is what His Word says you know take you to scripture
you know for whatever the situation may be you know and just to keep you going
you know and then sometimes it would even beeps where I would have friends
and I just say I might be doing a reading but then I might be reading and
it just really speaks to me you know and then he’ll bring me someone that I can
bless with that word also you know and it’s like you never know you know what
the Lord may give you or what you might have to offer to someone else as far as
a word of encouragement you know and she just keep that person going and keep
them going strong and to stand with them and to pray and fast I just had I just
finished the fast not too long ago mm-hmm and I actually have a friend she
fasted with me you know and it was almost for two weeks that we fast and
yeah the landlord did miracles he did miracles you know he would do it you
know I had been on my heart for so long to do but I just wasn’t sure but I did
it and she did it with me and and he been moving the other god is no good
that’s amazing so what the last question we’re gonna
talk about maybe do we have like let’s say if you are born again and you given
your life to Christ and you’re wonderful to go so do we have to give up on our
worldly friends like the friend that we have more do we have to give up at them
and try more to have a flame or so with that we still have to keep those friends
it might not be so much that you guys are really close you know but like I
said before with those friends you know you keep those friends because you never
know what type of influence that you’re gonna have on them mm-hm
you know they might see you and see you know what the Lord has been doing in
your life so that can influence them and even if they’re going into if they’re in
a situation then you could always encourage them right we you know
well the Lord you know did this room you can do it for you and you know just come
to him and just pray about it now be praying for you let’s pray together
you know and then also too you might have some friends that’s just like
though like you know don’t bring up the word or you know but you have to have
extra words to give you that discernment to you in case you do have to kind of
maybe step back but still pray for them of course you know they’re on the Lord
you know but we have to be the ones I we are the light of this world you know and
we were that as a the worse there’s you know we have to encourage we have to be
that right because this world is it’s dark knowing it’s so much that’s going
on those are guys kiss so we have to be that life so and we have to let God’s
love come through us to show them you know so we have to you know try our best
to be there just be that like I said that light in
this world that people see you know us being that example that Christ wanted to
do and try to be as christ-like as we can you know at this time in age you
know like I said this world is just crazy but and you know I always pray
that too that you know Lord let us be that example and let us be that I like
that people see so when they see is that they see you now we are a reflection of
you you know so so you still be friends you know you have to ask the lawyer you
know as far as discernment and you know and of course certain things that they
might do you know of course you know you should do more you know maybe even go
like if they’re going out you know like our heavy like the drinkers you
shouldn’t surround yourself with that but still you know like say if they have
kids if they have like a kid party you know going to support them you know what
they’re doing and yeah just kind of just also things that I’m most of the time
when like you say there’s some friend I do beam or don’t talk to me about most
of the time we lose friends as we grow in faith like because they themselves
they feel like okay she’s not doing what I used to do anymore she’s not partying
in that way not party anymore she’s not drinking and themselves did I step back
like yeah you’d never find yourself like to tell someone who I’m not afraid
anymore it’s it’s really hard to find yourself doing that but themselves they
just you just step by and you like find yourself more with the one that you want
to grow in face with you you know like like let me say we still going to be
playing praying for them and even the likely on that but he’s still praying
for them and being that example but I just think that so I have to take a
decision say that okay I’m not going to be a friend this person anymore it’s
just gonna be you know it for us being the godly people that we are we can’t do
that because I’ll or say you know we have to learn everybody yeah no matter
what they you know they may choose to do our world lifestyle
that they have we happen to love everyone that’s what we have to pour our
love on to them you know and also to everyone has a season you know you have
there’s a season to soul and there seems to be you know to harvest oh it’s like
you know you have friends but also that they might be in your life fourth season
you know you could have okay we get same you know then it’s like okay your whole
atmosphere changes and you know and then God and purposely remove people out of
your life especially that’s no distracting you so hey you wouldn’t even
have to say anything you know we might go you know I pray for you and sometimes
lord may even put them on your heart you know you could call and check on them
you know but a lot of times too there’s a season you know for those friendships
you know because when you’re growing in your faith you know you have a purpose
that the Lord has placed on your life that she had to fulfill then it’s like
you can have you know anyone you know holding you back either
because I’ve had that you know what I really like got you know strict like
okay like you know we’re serving the Lord in my household you know this is
you know we’re raising our children right yeah man I start seeing people
kind of just say your way well you know but then now like my group of friends
you know they’re all you know Bradley people and they’re more of an
encouragement and you know so you know is this time and a season for everybody
you don’t know certain people in your life so it’s like you never know you
know I just up to you to kind of just find your way and and kind of see who it
is that the Lord once you’ve made it to be closer with or or even just watch as
he is you start removing people out of your life you know but still show that
love of course you know and then ask for the Lord for that discernment you know
especially if you have a friend that’s world again
to do certain things and it’s like God you know if you had that gut feeling and
you know that it’s something that you shouldn’t do he would you know Laura put
there you should actually come many of times you know it is really kind of
stiff I don’t know actually do they know it you know you guys have fun or
whatever the situation being you know sort of Laura put that on your heart to
you know you have to make sure that you listen and obey whatever it is that he’s
you know leaving you two are leaving you even from that’s right that’s right yeah
just don’t let them wear you out if you usually we have to stay to your
environment just make sure that you like them no I’m a born-again Christian I am
NOT doing this and doing that anymore so the one want to stay and be between
that Lane good the one who wants to go I mean you like them go to like that’s
what they choose you can of course to be their friend when you’re like you’re
trying to have a godly life you know being closer to that yeah so yeah that’s
not the last day I’m doing with her though thank you for watching to in tell
us what you think about godly friends she if you have any advice watch any
quick yeah yeah so that’s you god bless you know you need any prayer to be
prayer requesting those this way yes do it god bless you

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