Ghosts and the Soul ‘IF’ We have Proof?

For most us the thought of a serious accident
is terrifying enough. Some see these accidents as unfortunate acts
of fate, but what if there is a paranormal element to these occurrences? In this video we take a look at the sightings
of apparitions at such accident sites, and ask if spirits, angels, and other supernatural
entities have been captured by cameras at the scenes of tragedy. Welcome to IF…………………………. The presence of ghost, spirits, angels, and
demons has been reported for as long as we have had the concept and idea of a human soul
or spirit. Manifestations of souls separated from the
body have been talked about across countries and cultures for centuries. Until quite recently “in a historical sense”
we have had a lack of proof. However with the invention of the first cameras
it was not long before people began making claims that they had captured a departed soul
on film. The Victorian era was a booming time for these
images. It was the golden age of Psyschics, but we
can clearly see that most of these pictures were fake. Today however camera technology has moved
on, and images continue to be captured. Let’s take a look at some the most compelling
images and ask “IF” we have proof for the soul. The first clip shows a taxi crashing into
a tree after ‘ghostly attack’ The clip from the middle of a motorway in
Singapore shows a ghost standing in the middle of the road. The unlucky taxi turns a corner,when a large
white mist-like figure appears out of nowhere, it quickly strikes the vehicle. The vehicle then swerves from the road, crashing
into a tree. Have we witnessed a supernatural assault? Why would this Taxi be the target for such
attack? Or is this something else? The video is very strange and I cant think
of anything that would behave in the same way this ghostly mist does, well nothing that
would force a car from the road. what do you think it was? Not all interactions are so violent, often
the camera catches an image thought to be the spirit of a victim or possibly an entity
that has manifested to protect an accident victim. A recent image that fits with this idea, recently
surfaced at the scene of a fatal road accident in the northern Thai province of Chiang Rai. An on-scene rescue worker captured a ghost
in this photograph. The picture was taken at the accident which
killed a young woman. The unfortunate lady had smashed her car into
an electrical pole this resulting in her death at the scene. The man who wqs part of the Rescue Foundation
of Chiang Rai, took ten photographs at the scene. He posted a few of them to his facebook page. The rescue worker said he then thought no
more of the photos, this was until he realized that they had been widely shared. Then on closer inspection he realized that
a spirit could be seen walking away from the accident. Do these images show the spirt of the deceased
lady leaving the scene of her death? Is this her soul departing for the next life,
or is she now going haunt the area of this tradegy? The picture could only be the start of the
story. The final images are of something a little
different. This Eerie figure was seen the scene of a
car crash and has sparked much online debate, claims range from this thing being an alien,
a demon or is it another ghost? A video was captured by a witness at the
aftermath of a collision between a van and a car in the central Argentine province of
Rio Negro. It shows the vehicle flipped over on its side
and a man leaning in its open door to talk with the trapped victim. if you look closely a strange grey figure
can be seen standing beside the ambulance door observing the carnage. what could it be? Well for this picture there is an answer. It was ambulance driver Pedro Moguillansky. The bald man was wearing sunglasses, and appeared
to be a grey alien thanks to a trick of the light affecting the camera of the smartphone
that shot the clip. This was a technological glitch and not something
paranormal. So are the images we mentioned and the others
that have been included in this video all down to tricks of the light or faulty camera
equipment? Or have they truly captured images from the
supernatural realm? let me know what you think in the comment
below. *you can see some more videos on the supernatural
here and here.

Can demons vampires werewolf ghost aliens control there chi energy like monks and if there is no such thing as chi but what if all theses creatures practice martial arts

I have been Investigating The Paranormal for more than 30 Years and It Is My Belief that there are both Photo Glitches and Tricks Of Light And Shadow that look for all intents and purposes like a Ghost,Demon, or Alien but those can be usually weeded out Via Computer. The Real Deal Ghosts,UFO'S,Demons,Bigfoot When the Image is put through the Computer it turns out to be either "Unexplainable" Or Most that view it (Skeptics Excluded!) See Some Sort Of Paranormal Being. Of Everything I have Heard Or Seen The Only 2 Incidences That Really made Me Verry Nervous was 1 What I Believe Was A Demon But It Wasn't Half As Frightening As When I Believe I Encountered The Devil Even After Leaving The Site I Felt Ill At Ease And Had Nightmares And Night Terrors When I Slept, The Closest It's Come To Returning To Normal Was After A Cardinal From The Church Performed A Cleansing Ritual, They Said I Wasn't "Possessed" but was rather "Obssessed" By This Demon They Performed a Cleansing Ritual And An Exorcism. All has been Normal since!

The bodies we are in, are a vessel that our spirits drive, control, puppeteer. When we die, we leave this body behind. Some people are able to resist resurrection, or the pull form a up or lower plain of existence, and sometimes get stuck in the ethereal plane. As technology advances, we do gain more and more ways to detect, and record them, but there are still a large number of people trying to capitalize on it. Who fake evidence to make money. As always, we just have to keep a skeptical eye out for them.

Keep up the great work, your videos are better than some of the shows i've seen on t.v. 🙂

I don't think you should ever trust video, audio, still shots, etc…. William S. Burroughs wrote about the cut up techniques, back in the 60s or late 50s, and that was just with audio recordings and the written word. At this point I'm not even sure if we should trust her own eyes anymore!!!! And I definitely don't trust my ears!👻🤖

The main question I have with this. If ghost do exist and do have a conscious and free will and are capable of interacting with things all around us then why would their every be something like living organisms with a physical body like us and other animals. I mean why would a living cell take the effort to struggle to stay alive and evovle as awareness simple can exist as a ghost with a non-physical body that can't died but still fully interact with the world as if its still alive and even evovle on a spirituality intellectual level. If ghost truly would exist evolution would had gone completely different and our world would had look completely different too. There might be things we are simple not aware of jet which might make ghost possible but thinking that some smaller abnormality are proof of the existence of ghost won't help us learn anything and will only at best confuse us. As at this point the brain just created something that simply doesn't exist out of misunderstanding of some basic facts. Clearly if a ghost would happen to exist it would be outside our understanding of our reality and awareness. Even when you find one nobody going to believe it including yourself. I mean what would you do when you see one? Maybe offer it a nice hot cup of coffee and have a good chat.

I believe that ghosts are spirits of the deceased moved on to a parallel universe. Their soul is with GOD in Heaven.

Like I’ve said in other videos, I have not seen aliens or ufo’s, however I am a full blown believer. Now spirits on the other hand I have seen numerous times. I leave them alone and they leave me alone. It’s no big deal.
I would love to see you do a video on “astral projection” if you haven’t already. That started happening to me when I was 15 years old a little before the internet’s time. I was scared as can be and scared to ask people what was happening to me. After a few hundred times of it happening, I finally found out what it was and come to find out I wasn’t alone. I read where about one out of every ten people have had it happen to them as well. I have some pretty cool stories about my experiences with it. I still never really talked about it until now. People will think I’m crazy, but hey, I think we all are a little 😜 crazy. Something to think about. Sorry about the long rant. I hope all is well with you buddy.

i think your videos are as good as i've seen, we i think dis-agree in our beliefs . but your videos are very high quality. One day others will catch on to this site. and it will catch FIRE.

I think dragging that distracting advertisement across the bottom of the screen scared away all your ghosts.


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