Get the Seashell Sensor EALRY & Warp Points  in Link’s Awakening Switch – 100% Walkthrough 05

What’s going on boys and girls what’s up
we’re all the Austin John please here and welcome back to Link’s Awakening the
perfect walkthrough plus clickbait title or something I don’t know now as much as
I love Bow Wow and I would love to keep Bow Wow with me
forever and ever and ever and ever I can’t he doesn’t belong to me it needs
to go home and until there is a mod that makes Bow Wow
with me all the time unfortunately he has to go back but we actually have a
lot of things we’re doing with Bow Wow before we bring him back which is
fantastic news for us if you’re following along with the let’s play we
have the conch horn eight pieces of heart and seven secret seeshells found
after just finishing the bottle grotto if you don’t have all of those items to
that point then I do recommend going back in checking out the previous
episodes starting at Episode one and in this episode we are doing a lot a lot
lots a lot of things first things first soon as we leave the
bottle grotto I want to head north and we’re gonna do some fun stuff right now
first let’s get all these rocks out of the way he just threw it at the ground thanks thanks bow-wow I love you and
we’re gonna lift up this rock and there’s a strange energy coming from
here you should take a closer look this is our first warp point that we’ve
unlocked in the game and we’re actually gonna unlock several of them throughout
this episode this one is labeled for Tom pay Shaq and Dom pays right here so here
at Dom pay Shack soon as we have Bow Wow after completing only the second dungeon
you’re more than welcome to go in here and take on the first two quests also
this is when you can scan your five zelda related amiibos if you lay them
out optimally this one took me a minute 17 this one i cleared in 57 seconds
until we get down into challenges after this there are no notable rewards so you
do not have to do Dom based challenge right now I will tell you the times that
there are notable rewards to come in here and actually do da base challenge
but without further ado let’s get into the fun stuff
and we have a lot of exploring to do here boys and girls and worlds unfurls
thanks we’re gonna head north of dante shack we’re gonna head up these stairs
there’s an owl who’s gonna land on these stairs talk about the wind fish again
and then we’re gonna walk up these stairs to the end of the game I mean
this is where you do come at the end of the game although there’s nothing you
could do right now because we obviously don’t have the the things that they said
that we need in order to unlock it but a quarter of the way into the game that’s
where we’re gonna end up being at the end anyways we’re gonna head down and
continue around here pick up this rock whenever there’s stairs you can actually
use your rocks feather to jump over the stairs and then you don’t need to nice
then you don’t need to climb down them very slowly and the reason we’re heading
over here right now is there is a second warp point that we can activate this is
a later dungeon that we’re gonna be visiting these green flying mushroom
looking boys they are sort of a pain in the butt because they shoot out bombs
and you need projectiles in order to defeat them but now that we’ve unlocked
tall tall Heights which were actually going to be coming back to this warp
point again let’s head back to dump a Shack and henceforth any time that I
talk about going to an area I’m just gonna be cutting from when I fast travel
there so it saves in the video and it’s more concise information who doesn’t
love that now we’re gonna cut through the swamp we’re gonna backtrack to this
marker that we left behind next to the telephone booth on the left side of the
map also to the left side of the swamp and the reason for that is we’re gonna
head back inside of here lift up that skull and click the shark’s chest which
is a purple rupee very nice we’re now gonna head back into the swamp and take
care of some of these points I’m gonna grab another toadstool well
I’m here cuz you know why not and we’re gonna head back into that log
that we visited much earlier in the game in order to get that toadstool because
here we can finally pick up these skulls and get this peace of heart that we
wanted and we’re going to backtrack to this log here in the mysterious forest
right here that we’ve seen many many times before even though we do have
access here we actually can’t do anything yet but at least we know what’s
in here it’s a peace of heart however just below that log oh right I
forget a seashell from previous area I sure did thanks bow-wow you’re the best also this rock right here left it up
there’s a secret and here we’re going to find the devil yep
the fun game kids it’s a fun game put some magic powder on the purple torch
and boom it’s a crow bat throw a Pokeball at it oh it’s talking it’s name
is little devil sounds like a rapper hey kid you woke me up from a fine nap
thanks a lot but now I’ll get my revenge are you ready I’ll let you carry more
magic powder hehehe are you ready yes that’s his revenge you deserve it now
look at all the junk you have to carry ha take care see you again and you’ll
see in the top right corner that I have 17 magic powder soon as the dialogue box
is done he fills it up to 40 this was the first time that I learned that I was
holding 30 in the first place because 20 actually didn’t fill it this is one of
several times that we encounter little devil while we’re here in the mysterious
forest there is this chest that we’ve been ignoring because we couldn’t pick
up this rock before but now we can and inside is a secret seashell remember
that plus sign where that heart is that’s where we are right now and right
next to that here’s the little pond that we’re gonna get a fast travel point to
at a later point you can see like vapor coming off of the center of the bow wow
your your blocking paper you can see the vapor coming off
of the center of the pond although that requires us to go somewhere else to
activate at that point but inside of this lovely little house right here is a
woman named Tracy Tracy has secret medicine and it’s 28 rupees the 28
rupees gives us Tracy’s secret medicine errant heed to kickstart your heart so
what this does is if you ever die you come back to life and it recovers it’s
either six eight or full hearts I don’t remember exactly so if we’re used to
fairies doing that in other games instead it’s Tracy’s secret medicine
from Tracy’s house we are going to head south take care of these big old rocks
that have been in our way forever here’s the witch’s Hut jump to the left of the
witch’s Hut there’s gonna be a boulder here we’re gonna pick this up equip your
shovel here’s an area that zombies will spawn cut that one piece of grass in the
middle and we’re gonna dig thanks Bow Wow in the original games people said
that defeating zombies was a great way of getting groupies not in this one not
in this one anyways we’re gonna head down south of where the witch’s Hut was
we’re going to remove this rock which will forever stay gone and now we’re at
the prairie and this warp point that I guarantee you’re going to see so much
because any time you want to head back to my village you have to go to this
warp point and you’re gonna be very familiar with it just north of that warp
point that we just unlocked there is a hole in the wall at enter this hole
first in order to get the chest we are going to push this rock up watch out for
the floor it breaks this one to the right run down here take care of him
lift that up push this one to the left and we collect our chests push that one
to the right this one down remove the skull and get the beasts heart leaving the dungeon I actually want to
stop in May Village real quick and there’s a few items that we’re going to
get again and we’re gonna head back to my village now you can turn in bow-wow
but we have the war points so there’s no reason to we’re gonna buy these bombs
for 10 rupees which is a fantastic price for bombs compared to any other Zelda
game that’s for sure by my calculations 9 minutes of the crane game would get me
from 570 to 980 arrows or 980 rupees but in the next dungeon there’s only kind of
one reason you would need a bow and arrow but we can totally achieve that
with just bombs and just for sake of you not having to grind through this crane
game for an unnecessary 9 minutes we’re going to not do that although if you
want to go for it great welcome back to the trendy game if you already visited
Dante the top left item will be a chamber stone there are I think 10 9 10
11 or 12 one of those numbers I think I’m still in the process of collecting
the last of it however there’s a new statue as long as you’ve made sure to
return the Goomba to the house you woke up in is that gonna is that gonna work
wow I’m really surprised that worked fantastic now to get the chamber stone
what how did that slide out and on that angle – it’s baloney baloney this game
is rigged I tell ya you till it touches the right tap eh see I didn’t think that was gonna catch
but it did I’ll show you how much I know why even following this this tutorial
dolly now we can totally return bow-wow
however we still have a little bit more exploring to do and we’re gonna go to an
area that has a lot of enemies I’m gonna choose to not return the dog yet this is
an area that we kind of have access to right now this is called the dream
shrine and in the dream shrine there’s a whole bunch of enemies that function
very similar to shy guys right now we only can get rupees as a reward but
later on we get a quest item so we’re gonna go there later at the boys house
over here we could put the spiny there it is on the table
nice but now that we have our bombs we can leave Mei village and return back to
the the tale cave and that one door that I literally just can’t kept talking
about we can open that up down which is great we enter the dungeon we see the
marker that we left on our map from the first time that we were here right here
we could place down a bomb wait for it to explodes and inside and a secret
seashell now we’re aggressively hunting out and grinding for these seashells
because there is a reward structure set up for however many seashells that you
have collected and if you played the original games there’s sort of a stigma
about collecting a certain amount that’s gone because the reward system is
completely reworked so you don’t need to worry about that you probably may have
deduced that it’s completely reworked when I said hey there’s no longer 26 and
you need 20 of them but now you need 50 let’s remove that marker and we are
going to from our position head down to the shoreline all the way to the right
to right there oh my god now I’ll eat the monkey I didn’t know the monkey could be defeated
later on you got the Pegasus boots you run into the tree and then the monkey
just runs away but you are savage son to the right of where that monkey was
gruesomely devoured by our dog let’s come over here get the show chest
it’s a rupee and this is an area that we’re gonna be visiting much much later
called Martha’s Bay inside of here is a rundown house that’s used for a
different escort mission and here’s a secret sea shop and after accessing that
house we actually can’t go that way right now until we finish the next
dungeon so we kind of have to backtrack quite a bit I mean in hindsight that
that house isn’t necessary right now but you don’t need that seashell for what
we’re about to do oh oh here is what you do it again do it get him second boy great from a village we are going to
head back toward that war point that we unlocked at the cuckoo you Prairie I’ve
never actually said that name out loud lucky you nope nope that sounds like I’m
gonna be demonetised oh cool you that sounds exotic let’s bomb that at inside
and here is a bunch of things that we are going to beginning later head back
out the nice part is that remains open forever so we don’t need to rebound that
this area has a whole bunch of these millipedes sort of enemies that will
attack you here is another one that we need to Bob now I’ll get away oh yeah
that’s right you’re invincible and here’s another one of the fairies
now this fairy as opposed to the one that we encountered inside of the
mysterious woods instead this one will have a fairy here all the time and then
if you’re low on hearts you could either touch the fairy or speak to the great
fairy this honeycomb is used for a trade sequence in just a little bit let’s bomb
this big old pig so the bombs are essential to progress forward and our
dog is gonna tell us that we need to dig so let’s dig underneath where that giant
skull was there’s another secret seashell now it’s the same octorok so we
encountered before except they have wings and they’re a pain in the butt to
defeat let’s head south of that so just for the record we are now here on the
map and we’re gonna hop over these little stepping stones this is actually
the next dungeon that we’re gonna be going to although there’s a few more
things we have to do before we enter it first take care of those boys or not but
either way we’re gonna dig in the middle of that and get a seashell for a sake of
uncovering the map let’s hop off of here and head south
this is pothole field and the name is definitely it definitely lives up to its
name so to the right is an area that is a whole bunch of potholes and right here
is a house that we’re going to be going to next see how I cut that grass there
was a puddle watch out let’s just continue around
this field all the way there’s a whole bunch of treats that we’re going to be
getting in just a little bit I promise you that still in this episode pass this
telephone booth head up to this field of enemies this castle is actually our next
destination and specifically there right now you’ll see on my map there’s a
monkey his name is Kiki he loves me and Kiki requires the bananas from the trade
sequence so if you have not done the trade sequence refer back to episode
number one where we got the bananas however Kiki does not like that Wow but alright mutt let’s battle they they
don’t actually hurt each other ever but we’re gonna head south of where Kiki is there’s a whole bunch of mob wounds over
here and this is the seashell house if you couldn’t tell it is right here on
the map but more importantly right here we’re gonna uncover this teleports base
for the seashell mansion and right here is the secret seashell if you’ve been
following along with all of my tutorials so far we now have 15 secret seashells
which is actually the exact number that we need in order to do something which
we’re about to do we’re gonna do it let’s head inside of the seashell
mansion down by the seashore I am the spirit of the mansion I have been
waiting for someone who can overcome the darkness find the secret seeshells then
ascend to the platform you’ll receive the ultimate sword it sounds like you
should come back with lots of seashells and stand on the platform fantastic over
here on the right you’re gonna see five seashells those are the five treasure
points the first one is at five seashells and that’s gonna be for a
peace of heart which we have the next one is going to be for fifteen seashells
and that’s gonna get us the seashell tracker and then it skips twenty and
then at thirty seashells we get another reward at forty seashells we get the
super powerful sword and then fifty we have all of them let’s hop on here we got the five reward and the 15 reward
however only one present can spawn at a time so you’ll see the second see shall
not illuminate we got a piece of heart sweet dude and now the second seashell
illuminates and this is the seashell sensor and the seashell sensor functions
very similar to a compass and a dungeon in the overworld that will notify us if
we’re within a certain amount of blocks or spaces away from a seashell no matter
how that seashell is obtained even if we don’t have the things necessary to get
the seashell now the reason that we grind it a little bit super early in
addition to that’s how I just do my walkthroughs we did that because right
now we have bow out to let us know if we need to dig for a seashell but this is
kind of like an upgrade we’ve just got a lot of seashells and now we have an even
more accurate way to find seashells and finally we don’t need bow-wow all right
let’s see this thing in action down here where all these mountains are
inside of these rocks you’ll see the seashell sensor just went off and the
icon is on the right side of the map now this seashell does not require digging
so because of that bow-wow did not sense it compatible eat the flying guys Adam
Adam now I don’t think you can eat the flying
guys that’s fine lift up this rock for a secret C shop
from here we’re going to head into this cave equipped our bombs and on the left
side of the map place down a bomb now this is a brand new type of enemy that
we haven’t encountered yet it’s a beetle who hides underneath one of these rocks
that we can pick up but that bomb went off great so let’s head to the left hop
go up the stairs push that over hop over it push this rock over to the right and
push that one up and now we can walk through equip the shovel and the
seashell sensor already went off and bow-wow found it right there is a heart
south of that heart boom seashell let’s backtrack to this room head south one
screen and outside we’re gonna keep heading south there’s some cucumbers
here we’re gonna lift up this rock and that brings us to a war point at
Martha’s Bay now if you look at the map this is right where we were before
except to the south of here was that giant chasm that we couldn’t cross
because we don’t have the upgrade yet but now we just got the warp point which
is nice head to the right our seashell sensor is gonna go off chop some grass
get a seashell now to the south there is this field of grass which I’m gonna chop
that one and then yes now sometimes you could hop over to like that you kind of
don’t suppose to that you don’t supposed to be able to but you can so take
advantage of it and down here we can’t progress any further because there is
deep water I’m standing in shallow water right he can go no problem he’s stuck that’s that’s interesting so they’re
shallow water right here but there’s deep water right there you
can see because there’s some depth to it and if I hop into it I drowned and then
I spawn back here oh yeah he is totally stuck look how long that leashes
alrightso bow wow I was not meant to go in deep water got it
that was a fun little glitch great now let’s head to our warp point and we’re
gonna warp back to the seashell mansion I’m just gonna mark right here on the
map you don’t need to come here there’s one piece of grass you cut it and
there’s an underwater underground path that brings you under this river we
don’t have the upgrade for it yet and there’s a peace of heart down there so
I’m just gonna put a piece of heart on the map but now we’re gonna warp to tall
tall Heights remember that first one or that second one that we unlocked well
there’s a seashell that we can grab right now as our seashell sensor goes
off drop a bomb lift it up throw it in there it’s gonna come out of the bottom
sweet dude fantastic and now it is finally time to drop off Bow Wow back
head mom it’s sad to see him go I mean he was a lot of fun to bring along and
we definitely used him to his full potential he got a lot of treats and buy
treats I mean he ate things and monkeys not Kiki Kiki put up a fight let’s head
inside of her mama’s house I’ve made village oh ho ho oh thanks Santa I
really appreciate what you did for my poor precious bow-wow you’re such a nice
boy how can I ever repay you I know smooch narrator you got a reward from
Madame meow meow ellipses lucky it’s so adorable he’s so bashful now one very
important thing is and by important I mean not important at all is anytime you
walk next to bow-wow he greets you in a very happy tone which before he barked
at you now he likes you yeah he’s a good boy he’s a good boy
yes he is yes he is my actual dog just walked into the room meet me saying what
I was saying and I think he got jealous or hiccup all
right this episode actually turned out a lot longer than I thought it would we
did a lot we covered a lot of area in this episode we got a lot of things if
we check the memories we still only have the conch horn but we did get 11 pieces
of heart and 19 secret sea shells we have the secret sea shell sensor right
here we also got our first chamber stone and I picked up a toadstool we learned
about secret medicine and we have to give the bananas to Kiki and I think
we’re gonna do that in the next episode because there was so many things if you
don’t have 11 pieces of heart and 19 secret seeshells head back into the
series cuz there’s there’s things you missed there’s even more things that we
can go grab so we’re gonna be covering that in the next episode a whole bunch
of stuff before we take on the next dungeon so I want to thank everybody who
came and checked out this video and if you’re playing along Link’s Awakening
and you’re loving the game then be sure to hit the like button down below if
you’re new to the channel be sure to subscribe to our notifications until
next time Austin Jarnell

this is the first episode that REALLY shows how effectively you'll be 100%ing the game. Here's the full playlist if you need it:

My 6yr old and I have been waiting for this video! โค๏ธ We watch all of your videos! ๐Ÿ‘ ๐ŸŽ‰ ๐Ÿ™Œ ๐Ÿ˜

If you hit the little mushroom bomb dropper with the magic powder it turns into a fairy that heals or can be captured in a bottle

Iโ€™m following along and I have 12 heart pieces and 20 shells at the end of this episode.
Not sure how I have 1 more of each but Iโ€™m not complaining

Itโ€˜s possible to complete the color dungeon now.. (right after returning bow wow) it comes in handy for hard mode. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ btw i love your guide iโ€˜m enjoying every inch of it!

Iโ€™ve been waiting for this video since this morning >~< Iโ€™m starting to really like this channel might consider subscribing ~

Random question someone please help me lmao. I just turned in some sea shells and unlocked the 30 shell gift. BUT, when I opened it I had to look away from the screen for a second and somehow missed what it was. Can someone tell me what the rewards for each tier are please?

You do know that if you say "no" to lil Devil… He will give you more bombs instead of powder the first time and more arrows the second time!

RIP monkey RIP…..

@AustinJohnPlays Thanks for making these videos! I haven't picked up the game yet but I'm about to go buy it now! Just wanted to thank you in advance!


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