Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysic of Morals – by Immanuel Kant

Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysic of Morals - by Immanuel Kant

For approximately 11 minutes I've listened to this and it sounds evil as hell. I hear nothing about the prioritization of morality in order to have a more truly concerned, efficient, healthy and peaceful existence for humankind as well as all other life-forms on this beautiful and wonderous life-sustaining orb.
I will listen to the rest of this three-hour plus theory, philosophyi or teaching but I have a feeling with the complexity of words and structuring thus far it's just another reflection as to what humankind has and is still enduring due to the lack of revealing the true importance of morality.
I have a real problem as we all should with these deceitful teachings putting mathematics and laws above morality and love. This is the reason for the insanities that have plagued mankind from the beginning of historical record. If you do not understand what I am saying then you do not understand why there's such evil events that have occurred since the beginning of humankind's destructive greed driven sciencees of power and control. The perpetuation of revenge and vengeance furthering wars, destruction, abuse, prejudice, all leading to murder and other evils that have not ceased and will not cease until humankind understands that mathematics and laws and the science behind them are not nearly as important as morality and love.☮️❤️

i cant… the narrator is too distracting. sounds like a cartoon character. narrators should not get in the way of what they are narrating

So much jargon and run on sentences. I'm reading and listening and I'm still confused by vague and general terms.

Its like the Voice guy is making fun of what hes reading… or reading Winnie the pooh.. UGHHHHHHHhhhhhhh!

I keep trying to incorporate moral reason, but it always follows that the restriction only falls to those both willing and able to understand. It simply acts against the true universal law of entropy, that is, the lowest energy state is invariably preferred.

It seems to me those most able to consider the fundaments are incapable of applying them.

I'd argue ethics (which I consider no more than an agreed upon moral standard among the sample set) are little more than a functional necessity for operation within the constraints of the audience. To wit, a high functioning audience has nearly the same ethical consideration and necessity as the most carnal audience.

What the hell is Kant talking about? I don't understand why colleges assign this garbage when most people can't understand it anyway or just don't care. maybe Kant was insane. most of these people do. for hours on end.

Thanks for uploading. I applaud Kant's attempt to define a universal system of morality, but like his contemporaries, he's pedantic.  Perhaps if we all agree to the Golden Rule we wouldn't have to over analyze or layer law upon law. The Golden Rule worked for Hammurabi in 1780 BC. Why can't it be used today? Is it too naive or too succinct to be manipulated?

Kant – Religion Within the Boundary of Pure Reason 1793

I can not help but feel kant's primary objective in his work is nothing more than to apologize for the short comings of divine law. His absolutist outlook on, for example, the issue that lying is not outwardly justified, but only prudent if in difficulty can not be seen to hold up as a sound idea in all possible situations. It seems like more of an attempt to justify the absolutism of theocracy.

Le Regard de KAN.J'ai vue la matière…Le temps ses dissipés…Le passé c'est réfermé.Signé.Léo Doston


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