From Drugs to Jesus, Machine Gun Preacher’s Wife Tells Her Story

I was raised in a church my mother was the youth pastor everything was going great well then I rebelled and then I started doing drugs I started drinking I started spending the night out just partying I was 16 when I got pregnant with my son I'd stopped doing drugs smoking cigarettes and everything when I was pregnant but then right after he was born then I started again by the time I was 18 I was full time stripping I had met Sam at Daytona Bike Week and I was just like falling in love with this guy sitting dealing the drugs into the back of this van wasn't even a week maybe he showed up to where I was dancing and so we begin to talk we went on this cocaine and acid trip for about a week got to know each other and we were together ever since Sam and I were at a bar and we were drinking and it was oh we were so drunk and a bar fight started so anyway to make a long story short I got taken to jail and because I had a prior record I was facing an automatic ten years in prison for having a gun and it was like I can't live like this I don't want to go to prison so I went to my room and I began to pray us at God if you're the god that my mom has taught me about get me out of this and I'll serve you the rest of my life they let me go with two years probation and a fine and I was like you're real because even the attorney and everyone was saying this never happens this never happens and was like God did it and so I come a word a deal's a deal my life didn't change right away after I gave my heart to the Lord everybody thinks that when you first come to Jesus everything's gonna be hunky-dory then there's the sanctification time which took me a while I was still drinking still doing things but I gave my heart to the Lord I got to get rid of these things but I didn't know how I started going to church and I realized things had to change so I slowly stopped doing them it wasn't easy because Sam was still partying our friends were still partying and everything was around us was still going on but I knew in my heart I had change and then I met Connie it was just like you were glued to her because she was glowing I would kneel down beside her just to hear her pray it was like she was in the presence of God she was there and was like I want it I want what she has and I'm going after it as things kept getting worse and worse at home and Sam would get swear he'd pinned me up against the wall he would be screaming at me he was angry that I was serving God I would just say no I'm changing that's when Connie just kept teaching me how to go further with god-given gift Sam to God give Sam to God what does that mean stay on your face before God get in the Word of God stand on the Word of God we were having a camp meeting over at the Assemblies and there was a submission early there and I kept saying Sam please come to church please come to church you've got to hear this noon so finally he agreed he got sick of me nagging you know go to church with me and he did and God was just all over him and God just ministered to Sam through this missionary and this missionary told him you're going to Africa it was two years later he ended up going to Africa Sam was rescuing children of war and bringing them and we built an orphanage there and the children come there and we were taking care of the children there he built the orphanage with a mosquito net and a Bible on one side the gun on the other side and that's where he got the nickname started the Machine Gun Preacher then we built the church in 2001 so I was pastoring the church and taking care of it while Sam was in Africa then in 2004 is when I get a phone call and that's when they told me that my son had passed everything changed for me Sam left me at the casket to go down and I get sick oh where are you aren't you I couldn't feel it I couldn't find him for like two years I was just blank and it was the worst part of my whole walk with God yeah a lot of people were angry that Sam left me at the casket at that rough time but people don't understand there was a war going on at that time that's when the children were really being tortured and a lot of bad things Sam had to go back he had to because they were living they needed him my son had just passed away and what more could he do I learned to lean on God in my darkest hour and I need a God Morna didn't Sam I still pastored the church through all of that it was hard to get up there you know and say God still got hang in there and in the background thinking where you I was homeschooling my daughter Sam had brought two of the children from Africa Walter and Angela so I had them and they were foreclosing on the house they were shutting my lights off they would repossess my truck in the midst of all of that two years I could did a lot of crying did a lot of praying but I had to learn to do that on my own I had to learn to go on my face before God and say God I'm broken I'm a million pieces I can't hold this together I can't hold the church together kid I can't do this and that's when you realize he's your strength he's your joy he's your protector because I got my truck back they didn't foreclose on my home I threw the bills on the bar I said you said you were the one that would take care of me that then handle it and then that's when I got a knock at the door and the man showed up and gave me a check saying I drove here all night God said you needed this now it was exactly enough money to pay everything went eh open the refrigerator and the Holy Spirit spoke to me at he sounds to you I shut the refrigerator door I said where have you been why would you leave me and that's when I learned God's not feeling he was always there it's walking by faith it's walking and standing firm on what you believe no matter how you feel and it changed my life because I have been through so many trials since then I can hold myself up and say it don't matter God still God God's still here I don't feeling but I know he's here because his word says I will never leave you nor forsake you

Your real you don't pull no punches no BS as far as I could tell and i love that. God bless you and thank you for being honest. I believe people can identify with other people when they're honest about their relationship with the Lord 🙏🙌

Rapist father Michael Patrick Kobe. He molested and raped me when I was seventeen. After I graduated high school in Kansas I went to stay with him for the summer as my mom lost her job so I went to Wisconsin to stay with him. One night he forced me to get on the bed I was seventeen and he raped me. I was seventeen. I drive to Florida after that to live with my grandma but the piece of shit followed me however luckily the cops found him arrested him and threw him in jail for violating protection order but when he got out of jail he came and found me and raped me again. Where is the fucking justice. I was 19 years old and he would give me alcohol and then pretend I was another woman l. When I finally got the courage to tell someone several years later it was too late. The justice system is fucked, my life is ruined, and I will never give god the satisfaction of knowing he can put me threw complete hell on earth and I will still place my faith in him. I believe in God but I do not believe he is worthy of my love

I needed to hear this ❤️ God I’m so broken 💔💔but I KNOW you hear me! I know your still God! I will continue to bless your name 🙏🏽


If 2 or more pray and come to an agreement its very powerful! Pls pray for me im trying to fight these demons of drugs pray for me!

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I was raised in church too growing up. I love it, though! I don't know what happened, I just eventually stopped going. I want to go back.

Wow that is really powerful. This really hit me and god is showing me things like this through my walk. Things I can relate to and then feel his presence as a confirmation. There is power in the name of Jesus. He is the truth, the way, and the light. Amen

Loved this , but I wonder what happened to her son? Never said why he died. What happened to Sam? Hope they are doing well.

God was in the fridge..?? I'm sorry for everything you lost it must of been terrible. You said it yourself I got through it.. Im please your happy wish he show up in my fridge…

Every single one of us has the potential to be like this amazing beautiful woman that is why God loves all his children, he never gives up on us,amen.


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