Father John Misty – Things It Would Have Been Helpful To Know Before The Revolution [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

♫ It got too hot and so
we overthrew the system ♫ ‘Cause there’s no place ♫ for human existence like right here ♫ On this bright blue
marble orbited by trash ♫ Man, there’s no beating that ♫ It was no big thing to give
up the way of life we had ♫ My social life is now
quite a bit less hectic ♫ The nightlife and the
protests are pretty scarce ♫ Now I mostly spend the long
days walking through the city ♫ Empty as a tomb ♫ Sometimes I miss the
top of the food chain ♫ But what a perfect afternoon ♫ Industry and commerce
toppled to their knees ♫ The gears of progress halted ♫ The underclass set free ♫ The super-ego shatters
with our ideologies ♫ The obscene injunction to enjoy life ♫ Disappears as in a dream ♫ And as we return to our native state ♫ To our primal scene ♫ The temperature, it started dropping ♫ The ice floes began to freeze ♫ From time to time we
all get a bit restless ♫ With no one advertising to us constantly ♫ But the tribe at the former airport ♫ Some nights has meat and dancing ♫ If you don’t mind gathering and hunting ♫ We’re all still pretty
good at eating on the run ♫ Things it would have been helpful ♫ to know before the revolution ♫ Though I’ll admit some
degree of resentment ♫ For the sudden lack of
convenience around here ♫ But there are some visionaries ♫ among us developing some products ♫ To aid us in our struggle to survive ♫ On this godless rock that refuses to die

Every album he releases has that song that makes it into my favourite songs list, and the instrumentation is fire

Tenemos el planeta que queremos, Dylan en una cancion ya lo escribia, construimos para destruir. No soy pesimista cada dia leo el periodico , estamos mas incomunicados a pesar de no parecerlo, no soy un visionario pero si el planeta sigue asi , los satelites tienen la ultima palabra

wow. this looks so much like Havana nowadays… Father John Misty, nobody knows you over there, but they know exactly what you mean in this song (more than yourself, actually).

I am so shocked to finally see how the system used in protesting with the use of permanent marker and construction paper glows dollars signs in the derp s eyes.

Jesus this reminds me how perfect and meticulous all the musical performances are on this album. It's almost close to perfect timing!

On the 13 of every month I have had a dream. They all have come true. Today 8-8 I got one. The eclipse. It's dark it gets cold I point out another world obv not the moon. Everyone is astonished. Then this elevator feeling. We are falling the the small light of the sun we see is farther and farther. We stop it's freezing now. People crying another sun comes up from the West the 2 sun's make an X. A hole opens. People all races walking together. As we walk off body falls but spirit rises.

I seem to have taken this song in a completely different direction than most people, his lyrics drip with sarcasm and irony, i don't think he's preaching revolution so much as utter distaste for it?

Desde de Kurt Cobain , não aparecia alguém tão sincero e profundo , thanks father jonh mist você é incrível!

Neh… Pop you if not by default by being in the game or 'the bizz' as long as you have been puts you in # 1 spot at being the best; however due to your grace & social & business skill you leave a lot of room up there for the younger cats like Cult or who ever. As a label goes youre like this kick ass rythmist guitarist who holds some hot lix underneath the belt used only for those special times. Because you know youve left a lot of room for that bass man who plays his/her base like a lead guitar only to be driven by the drummers smoking sticks. Not only great rythm section but a poet whose eyes have been open to the times and wise beyond his/her years allowing the most high supreme creator sing through them. SOUNDS RECOGNIZING THE PAIN IN ALL AND PRESCRIBING "ITS GOING TO BE OK NOW GET THE FUCK UP & DUST YOURSELF OFF THIS ORB IS STILL SPINNING!" Sub-Pop helps save humanity from eating itself yet again and again and aga………etc. ☆☆☆♡THATS MY THOUGHT♡☆☆☆ babys yer the best

This is some nihilistic bourgeois bullshit. And the rats and roaches are pretty much Naziesque imagery. Of course bourgeois hipster white dudes don't think the people can rule themselves. But you're wrong, a new world is coming, and we don't need your product development and class society anymore. We'll be better off after the priests of capitalism, patriarchy and Western/White supremacy have all been buried.

What an incredibly important message. people have no idea how nice they have it with their 3 cars smart phones and laptops granted by the system they so badly wish to overthrow. Collectivism KILLS.

thematically, this is like the sociologically-leaning cousin of the talking heads's ecologically-leaning nothing but flowers

Lots of people weighing in on the meaning behind the song so I thought I'd take it in the context of other songs on the album.
tl;dr It seems like the song and the video imply there's no easy answers and we need to get over ourselves.

In a world where climate change has become such a threat to humanity, a leftist revolution is staged (underclass set free) and radical changes take place (it was no big thing to give up the way of life we had). The powers driving capitalism fall apart (industry and commerce toppled to their knees) but it's already too late (the ice flows began to freeze).
But I don't think FJM is discouraging us from striving for change, he's clearly very critical of contemporary society (Total Entertainment Forever, The Memo, Ballad of the Dying Man, Leaving LA etc)

However, I think the key to unlocking this song is in Two Wildly Different Perspectives where he describes a deeply divided society absolutely convinced they're both right and the other side is wrong. As a result, something's lost (And everyone ends up with less on both sides) and no one really learns anything. If there's going to be any progress or if we're going to avoid an inevitable collapse of society, humanity needs to start making significant strides to reconcile with itself and overcome what has been fundamental to the human condition since the beginning described in Pure Comedy. Or else as this song describes, we end up returning to the state of nature set out from the start of the album (And as we return to our native state to our primal scene) having not really learned anything at all.

In the end, maybe it's not possible to get there but there's undeniably something rotten at the heart of our society (If this isn't hell already then tell me what the hell is?" It's just human nature) that we desperately need to address. Sometimes it feels like we're caught between hell and oblivion but it doesn't have to be that way and it starts with understanding we all share this world, we have a responsibility to ourselves, our world and each other to admit we've become a threat to ourselves and risk dragging the entire ecosystem down with us unless we can change. We all share that and we all have some small part to play if there's to be any hope of overcoming it because in the end, the whole album is really about the flaws at the heart of human nature and if we're open to change but not willing to change ourselves then nothing can change and we'll consume ourselves like we've consumed everything else as we race to the end, only caring about who will get there first.

I've kinda waxed lyrical a little here but it's impossible not to think about this song and the album as a whole without feeling like it's a damning criticism and a stark warning. This is how I see the song in the context of the album and sure some people probably don't agree but you do you.

I hope one day Chris Hopewell will release the final version of the video he did for Goldfrapp for Fly Me Away

I'd love to tackle some blotter acid and an 8-ball & maybe some whiskey & keta with FJM. He seems like he'd be a fun dude to party with…..

This song takes the current flow of human mind existence, the autopilot quotes we have, and shows that everyone is really just fucking worried about imaginary issues, just get on people

I know this is pretty old, but the lyrics really strike me as viewing a future where nature has retaken the earth through 'revolution', a both grim and joyous view of human life after climate change. It just doesn't sound like it's about a real political revolution.

"The under class set free", "sometimes I miss the top of the food chain", "gears of progress halted", positives and negatives all because earth no longer has human civilization.
As humans "return to our native state", "the ice floes began to freeze" – earth surviving climate change with or without humans – "godless rock the refuses to die".


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Josh Tillman might just be some sort of genius. He sometimes holds up a mirror to our culture, showing us a reflection we don't want to see. Other times he goes so deep within himself and releases music so personal that the kneejerk reaction is to pronounce him self-indulgent and pompous. He deserves to be a huge star. Of course, the masses, fed on a diet of pop pablum and overblown hype, don't deserve him.

The ice flows began to freeze the last time round…but we are heating up the planet at ten times the speed of last time round rate….it's going to go super nova this time round no freezing ice flows…..balmy and uninhabitable, massive releases of methane…..forget the trolley….you'd be lucky if you can breath or walk without passing out…..welcome to the future and your inaction…..

I know many people make the comparison to the Beatles with this song, but I think it has more of an Elton John ("Someone Saved My Life Tonight") kind of vibe. Agree or not, we can all at least agree that this is a pretty great song!

Josh Tillman is brilliant which is always a little crazy because if you see things that others don't see or understand then people call you crazy, my kids met him outside of a venue in Orlando. He's the real deal I hope he has faith because he knows too much to keep it all in his own heart

Father John Misty is literally the love child of Elton John, John Lennon, and Frank Zappa. Prove me wrong. He has the orchestration of Elton, the voice of Lennon, and the attitude and satire of Frank.


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