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Hello! So you guys are back again! Last time I was here for PUBG and I played
very badly so I hope it gets better this time. I don’t know what you are going to ask but I know this
for sure that it’s going to be interesting. I like watching web series but I have this bad
habit that I don’t finish them. Yeah… I’ve seen Sacred Games. I’ve seen many web series with subtitles (like what I’m doing right now) I love watching web series. Indian audience can now
explore more content with these series. What is the name of Sartaj Singh’s father? I thought you are going to ask about Sartaj Singh
but I didn’t expect it to be the first question! Oh shit, I can’t remember it! Shit, I know this one. He helps out Gaitonde also in
the prison and everything. Gives him water. Is it the easiest question? Satvinder Singh is my answer. I’m going with Bilaal Singh but I’m not sure. Angaar Singh (Seriously bro!) I don’t know this man! His father’s name is Dilbagh Singh. Dilbagh Singh! I think! You should’ve given me something related to him
like either garden or heart. Oh man, Gaitonde said this so many times in the series! Oh shit! I was right because one of my uncles’ name is
Dilbagh Singh. So this show reminded me of him
(Slumdog Millionaire spoiler alert!) Sab marenge sirf ________ bachega. Just a second I know this one. Dude, I know this one.! Give me a second. (After a second) I want to cry! This is the iconic dialogue of this show. Sab marenge Trivedi bachega sirf. So yeah I know this. Sab merenge sirf Trivedi bachega. And he was in an underground bunker with
all the supplies. Sab marenge sirf Trivedi bachega. Trivedi bachega! (After another second) Oh shit, I give up. How many fathers did Gaitonde have? Gaitonde has two fathers. Now please tell me that
I’m correct. I’m confused between two and three. Pick up a finger. Three. When he is talking over the phone that… (Shit, this is out of syllabus) I think he said this to Saif Ali Khan. Gaitonde has three fathers. He told us about two fathers and in the next
season he’s going to reveal about the third. He’s got, three fathers. You chose the ‘two’ finger but I’ll go with
‘Three’ finger. This one I’m dropping. Three! The answer is three. Who was the third one?
(Welcome back to earth) I know everything! Does it makes me Nawazudin
Siddiqui’s younger brother?! I don’t remember the profession of his first father
but I do know about this third father who was gangster. Why don’t you ask me that question instead? Gangster! (She is thinking about Shiney Ahuja) I just remember him sleeping all the time. I’m gonna go with unemployed. Mechanic? I don’t know that’s why I gave a random answer. Politician! His first father was a priest. I think he was a priest. Because I remember… (Trying so hard to justify the answer) his priest avatar. He was a priest! I’ve seen so many series that I can’t remember
everything. Bring it on! Sidekick! (He only knows about front kick) Who’s he? Sidekick of Sartaj Singh! He is the best character from Sacred Games. I loved… It was some Marathi name. I can’t remember the name but I think I know. It was some weird name. (Name shaming alert) Let’s go for Parulkar. I can’t remember it. Bunty! Katekar! Please tell me this is correct (Finally!) Katekar. Katekar. Parulkar, Katekar. At least give me half marks
for this. Who was Katekar? I forgot it, man! Thank you so much Ok Tested guys. Love you! Clearly, I’m still traumatized by his death. It’s all coming back to me now. Whoever liked Katekar in the series comment down
below. Ketekar is the best. Who killed Gaitonde’s mother in the show? Dude why can’t I remember this who was
Gaitonde’s mother. I can’t even remember her face. I think his father kills her with a stone. Father or Gaitonde? Yes, Gaitonde’s sister if there was one. I don’t remember such things. Gaitonde’s first dad kills the mom. Because… doing things with another guy. Gaitonde is my final answer. Gaitonde killed his own mother because he
didn’t like what she did. Gaitonde killed his own mother! (Reality check) He kills her. Oh shit damn! Oh I thought that might be the answer! This was a trick question! You guys are so bad! Yeah! And who made these question? So easy! ______ jiski, _______ uska. His home or his money. I don’t know khoon jiski. I don’t know. Katta Jiska Kill uska. (Confused or confusing?) Whiskey jiski, drink uska. I don’t remember this at all man. Raj uska! (DDLJ fan alert!) I don’t remember this dialogue. I not sure about this but is it Kukoo jiski,
Bombay uska. Kukoo jiski, Bombay uska. Oh, shit man this is the famous dialogue. God damn! All of them are right! I feel so good. I wanna thank Mr Anurag Kashyap
and Mr Vikramaditya Motwane. Has it ever happened in OK Tested history that all
the answers are correct?! You got to give me something for this. Honour me. All questions were good especially ‘Who killed
Gaitonde’s mother?’ But you can’t remember everything. The guy who used to score 50% has now
topped this quiz. So tell us how was the video… please like, share, comment and subscribe to… OK Tested.

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