False preachers and prophets Exposed 2018

so you didn't know this morning just do this for your own self that's one way to look at we're doing it for ourselves we just take pleasure when we're happy that's the thing that gives them the greatest joy this morning so you didn't know this morning just do good for your ownselves just because God wants you to be happy when you come to church when you worship Him you're not doing it for God really you're doing it for yourself because that's what makes going happy Amen some people wonder why you don't say the S word the D word and the H word devil and yeah oh yeah yeah yeah when I grew up not just not I'm not saying about our church but just in general the devil was to everybody the devil was the reason you know I have a headache or the devil's reason I got mad today it was all we always blamed the devil devil and today I think sometimes when I say the enemy I like to make it broader sometimes the enemy can be our own faults we've trained ourselves the wrong way or the enemy can be just our own like a discipline carefully listen to the doctrine Joel Olsteen preaches that the enemy Satan is much broader now and is representative of things we know can be evil such as their own thoughts or lack of discipline or in other words this enemy is symbolic for your own self now to make things clear the word says in first Peter 5:8 be sober minded be watchful your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour in Matthew 13 but while his men were sleeping his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat and went away and the enemy who sowed them is the devil the harvest is the close of the age and the Reapers are the Angels in Revelation 12:9 and the Great Dragon was thrown down that ancient serpent who is called the devil and Satan the deceiver of the whole world he was thrown down to the earth and his angels were thrown down with him make no mistake Satan an entity a fallen angel who is the enemy of your soul is in no way symbolic but is a real creature that will be judged by Jehovah God in the end of days x8 18 when Simon saw that the spirit was given at the laying on of the Apostles hands he offered the money and said give me also this ability so that everyone on whom I lay my hands may receive the Holy Spirit Peter answered may your money perish with you because you thought you could buy the gift of God with money repent of this wickedness for I see that you are full of bitterness and captive to sin nobody gets the faithful out of their wheelchairs these days any faster than Benny Hinn and when pastor Benny comes to town no Civic Center is big enough healed her of what pastor Paul young this woman who said she had polio and would never walk again she and her friends say she just climbed out of her wheelchair and walked pastor Benny knows it's great TV but does he know does he care if these healings are genuine anybody could make up anything someday somebody's gonna do that and what are you gonna say that I don't know I can't tell you now it doesn't happen yet oh yes it has remember that woman supposedly cured of polio pastor Benny knows it made for a great episode of his TV show he knows it probably helped squeeze even bigger donations from his flock but there's something he doesn't know that woman works for us woman doesn't have polio never did then why did she say she had we put her up there to see if he could tell her story was not true to see if it would matter to see if he would ever check so Benny is it faith or is it fraud I'm still a human being like you made many mistakes big ones and will still make mistakes but I really want to do better I really want to to me [Applause] my [Applause] [Applause] Florida gotten I said glory to God I said glory to God hallelujah look at your neighbors I'm coming out this Monday is my day just about is my day it's my day goodbye bills goodbye bills goodbye chicken bye bye chicken I'm a fly with me go [Applause] I've got 100 money whoa yes I'm online yet you what's up up here what does imagine on it I'll put this I'm losing on it I'll tell you what you put some up here I'm putting put this on knocking this morning some 190 what's up here put some money put some anointing on his money you put some out there rasmussen Plasti Dip little money log Senate John Gloria [Applause] I place my budget on this money no bills are paid whoa zipang [Applause] hallelujah [Applause] [Applause] harvest responds only to seed not to prayer harvest responds only to see not to prayer not to fasting or any kind of position you have harvest only responds to see say that out loud harvest only responds to see not prayer not fasting not just my titles see now don't you go to thinking about well now I'm hungry with that but I remember one time I pray uh-uh no it only responds to see all right keep living living this time right now ain't no harvest coming because you say Oh Lord Jesus you understand lo I help me he said I do understand so don't start on it so find you some piece of money find you something so if you give his money you you need whatever the harvest needs you need to come up with this money you have to sow money you can't talk about I almost sold my time you just gonna get a vacation no money until the seed is sown the harvest is not in view until the seed is sown the harvest the power God all over you I pray its favor I pray the blood of Jesus will come above your right now keep feeling the tear god I thank you for your blessing because my Bible tells me that John saw in the book of Revelation a multitude no manhood number of every time of every nation of every tribe there's no man could number but nothing instead of that in terms of those who go to hell it seems like they're more going to heaven [Applause] and I think this church this ministry had a lot to do that this is exactly what the scripture meant when it said that people are going to amass themselves false teachers having itching ears no longer wanting to hear sound doctrine we see these stadiums are packed with people wanted to hear Joseph Prince say that everybody's going to be going to heaven more people will be at heaven better in hell listen he does not know that he doesn't know it and he doesn't get that from scripture just because there is an absence on the amount of people that are going to be in Hell doesn't mean anything when we look at Scripture we see that Jesus says in Matthew 7 13 through 14 enter ye in at the strait gate for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction and many there be which go in thereat because Strait is the gate and narrow is the way which leadeth unto life and few there be that find it now jesus' words say whew there are that find the gate that leads to eternal life but broad is the way of why does the gate that leads to destruction why is he saying this because there are many many many people that are going to reject the true gospel of Jesus Christ and go the way out of this world I want you to go to the phone Dalvin I'm on the screen it's simply say I'm one of the 1000 I'm gonna faith in somehow in 90 days $1000 see you may already have the thousand it may be something you put aside for retirement or a college or a vacation you may have put some money aside that nobody knows about in God's giving you a picture maybe in the bottom of your closet maybe in a sock maybe between your mattresses it may be an account that nobody knows about but you and God that's not your harvest that thousand dollars won't get you anywhere until God touches it everything in fact I have a feeling that somebody watching me right now I have a feeling there's somebody that wants a credit card debt wiped out that if you'll use your faith as you so as you sold the thousand on a credit card as you use your faith as you use your faith God's going to wipe out your credit card indebtedness it is Jesus [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] newspapers have flown helicopters over my house taking pictures of my house I didn't know how nice it was till I saw how my enemy saw it and when I saw what they were looking I said wow I am blessed I am blessed I didn't know how good God had been till your thousand dollars cannot reproduce until it enters into a covenant with the soil you can put that thousand dollars yes the other day I was I like new money I don't know if you do but I hate old money that's wrinkled and dirty and got all the diseases on it I like new money and when I give when I give things to people I like to give stacks of money it's fun you ever had a stack of new money you have and so I I made you know the big stack where was Brandon I like brand-new money I just I don't want any money around me is not I don't want further have a new one than a brighter than an old 20 that's kind of dumb in but there's some new money that excites you you like color dollar bills most beautiful thing on earth is 100 dollar bill I haven't seen a woman as good-looking as a harder dollar there there's something on another bill to excite you so anyway I gave it to her just just because I did to my sister she took off the other day for somewhere and so as she went to leaving I went out to her and her husband I said sis I just want to give you a stack of money just to feel good just to feel good just stroking he said we don't give to get something back oh yes we do oh yes we do a mankini me said brother Mike when I give to God I expected nothing in return I said I wrote a little song for you how dumb they are how dumb that in the Garden of Eden was God manifested in the flesh no denying some people have prospered handsomely the pastors themselves they live like rock stars with huge mansions private jets and fancy cars but when it comes to opulence few religious leaders compared to Kenneth Copeland he lives in this home outside Fort Worth Texas it has beautiful water views and comes complete with a boathouse but that's not all Copeland is an avid pilot and here's his pride and joy a 20 million dollar Cessna Citation jet it's the fastest private jet money can buy he said he needed it to better serve the Lord and proudly did a flyby for his followers after the church bought it but it's not just one plane we found a fleet of planes registered to the church and you won't catch him waiting in line at the airport because he's got his own that Kenneth Copeland Airport located right next to his mansion I think Copeland is unbelievably greedy I'm a man she sent them a lot of money a whole lot of money when Christie Parker's mother died of cancer she thout diaries that showed her mother sent Copeland most of her life savings hoping her faith and donations would cure her of her terminal disease what do you think of Kenneth Copeland's lifestyle TV doesn't do it justice their office furniture is probably worth more than most people's houses it makes you sick amen follows the scripture we give we believe we're open you have a fleet of private jets why is that necessary do you have Christo Aldi for desde la commune a Adela meditation della chiesa so not entity only Perico rose so no dentistry any done no say-so no and if at times our efforts and works seem to fail and not produce fruit we need to remember that we are followers of Jesus Christ and his life humanly speaking ended in failure the failure of the cross there's a story that is shocking many Americans on this night one of the country's most famous Christian pastors is being accused of having sex with members of his church not just any members we're talking about teenage boys he may have met when they were as young as 14 and then according to the allegations may have had relationships with them after they turned 16 and above in a lawsuit two men in their 20s now are saying the Bishop Eddie Long took them on trips gave them gifts bottom a car gave them cash gave them jewelry all as a ploy to have sex with them and they say it was the church's money that he was getting to them his lawyer is denying the allegations but I want you to listen to some of the most graphic details in this lawsuit straight from the attorney who shocked many tonight when she stood before cameras and told this story of Eddie long here she is there the pastor started to do what adult pedophiles do with younger younger people which is starting to spend time with them casually watch TV with them and lay his legs on him and then ask him to massage him and then start explaining to him how special he was to him and it was special for the bishop to be able to spend time with them they did devotional readings together he was over there on a regular basis at this house eventually it turned into such a relationship that the bishop had a ceremony with Anthony Flagg called a covenant within that covenant it was essentially a marriage ceremony where there was a candles exchange of jewelry and biblical quotes given in order for Anthony to know and for the bishop to tell him I will always have your back and you will always have mine he would use biblical stories to talk about how important it was to follow your leader and your master and let him know that the acts that he was engaged in were not necessarily meaning that he was a homosexual or that either of them was but rather the pastor bishop long was releasing his passion and his love for Anthony meantime we have Maurice Robinson and while Anthony's living in this house he's bought a Mustang car he's given money he is on the payroll of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church as reflected by the federal tax returns and he starts to travel with the bishop he goes to the W Hotel in New York Times Square he goes to the W Hotel in Dallas where Anthony specifically remembers that he saw the zoo in town and that he wished he had gone to the zoo but instead on that trip he accompanied the bishop everywhere the bishop went cluding sharing a bed in the same hotel room on that trip and many others they join this church and the next thing he knows he starts to immediately get to know the bishop and the bishop this is a very handsome young man very charismatic young man who wants nothing more to do what a lot of young african-american males want to do like their idols of being in the music business perhaps and he introduces him to famous people he meets ti he meets Chris Tucker he meets all cut Tyler Perry he meets all kinds of famous people and the company of Bishop long and Bishop long gives him a car in fact Bishop long lets him drive his Bentley automobile that's right bishop long has a Bentley where the church does whoever owns it and allows a young man at 17 18 years old to drive it around the feeling of power and he gives him money and he puts him on the new birth missionary payroll which again will be reflected by the 1040 forms that he received and in fact Anthony has just in the the accounting and the payroll over $11,000 of payments on the payroll from new birth bishop Newberg Church as an employee of a 17 or 18 year old young man and that's not counting the cash the gifts and the trips he too went on a number of trips but for anthing but for maurice he was a little bit tougher because his mother and father were both in his life and yet his mother recounts how the bishop she thought there was nothing better for her son in their entire life to be handpicked as a personal attendant around the bishop the line in which you have sexual contact of any sort with your parishioners and particularly vulnerable young men that you're supposed to protect it's our belief that these two are just two of the brave ones who are willing to come forward and I'm going to tell you now y'all are going to be chasing them around for interviews and I'm not putting them through that for them to sit down and reach out and tell me what happened and it is the gory details in this complaint of the sexual acts that occurred is more than enough and we did not hide their names this is not a John Doe lawsuit but at the same time they don't need to be in front of cameras a well-known sex scandal involving Bishop Eddie Long began when four young men all former members of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church filed suit accusing the Bishop of lavishing money trips and gifts on the young adults while having sexual contact with them you are not a man you are a monster the case was finally settled in secret back in May sources tell us an undisclosed amount of money was hid in the young talk about anything else we wanted to ask you about Bishop Eddie Long can we just talk to you for a second but I am NOT the man that's being portrayed on the television the well-known sex scandal involving Bishop Eddie Long began when four young men all former members of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church filed suit accusing the Bishop of lavishing no not because they're gay everybody we go to hell because we choose to reject the grace of God the only way you can go to hell is very person accepting accepts Christ is Christ he's going to heaven okay without a doubt and by the way if you're not following on Twitter you're going to hell I don't look at your qualifications when he picked you he looks at your heart none of us meet the qualifications think about later he picked you simply because he loves you and your obedience to him when he picked let me take God got a dysfunctional family to get three million people out of Egypt Moses Aaron and Miriam with a bunch of dysfunctional people I want some weird people I mean they had more problems you can shake a stick at my god man Moses couldn't eat off you started I mean how do you get three million people out to follow you follow me I mean get to the Red Sea boom boom behold and that is dumb brother who's nothing but a stinking wimp I don't know what to do Moses anybody just tell me what to do that's exactly what I did then that crazy sisters a charismatic tambourine player come on let's just play that's what brought out the whole nation three dysfunctional people I mean Aaron is the biggest wimp you've ever seen in your life he got nineteen people could make him do anything I mean didn't have a lick of brains and I liquor sense and I like a bravery and they tell you you better go together okay I swear they told me though I just make a good top he saw molding I think I got my lord Moses come down the mountain now you got to understand it they broke one commandment but Moses broke ten that's dysfunctional you don't break the whole ten cuz somebody broke one I got criticized there there but my house is guy said ah I don't think I'd have I said no you love my house you don't like your house that's your problem cuz you looking at mine every day now if I gave you my house you shout I said so keep looking at it it made increase your faith one day just can't get over that well I just don't think and then can I tell you another thing I might have to say something this is not cussing in Louisiana it's possible it could be in Texas but not likely I'm standing out there this man stops his car gets rich give me his truck gets out of his truck excuse me you just said the plans aren't you I said yes sir I don't tell you something I thought my god oh yes sir what would you like to tell me he said I don't believe in your faith stuff I don't believe in your prosperity stuff at all I said well call the hell now he looked at me yes I can't believe you said that I sound I say it again Donna hell I can't believe it but pre I said let me tell you the third time go to hell I'm sick if you can't go to heaven cuz you gonna mess it up mister like I said when you get to heaven you will be mad as a hornet because in my father's house are many mansions that's Diamond Barrow just Bionic to prove it there's gold Street and you're gonna walk up to Jesus and say it ain't right Jesus ain't right you know what you're gonna tell you know the hell you won't have to go to hell buddy I said you got it you can't you're not gonna be comfortable in heaven you're not gonna be comfortable around people of faith you never be comfortable around prospect you got to go to hell with a bomb Bob trailers are you got to go to hell with a jealousy rage and envy and killing and not us that's where you comfortable so you can't go to heaven so go to hell I'm gonna say some gonna knock your lights off God has the power to take life but he can't he got the power to do it but he won't he's bound he can't he says death in life is in the power of whose tongue yours you ready for this you want something I'll knock your lights off you choose when you live you choose when you die death and life send the power of your tongue gods now you got the power but he will not exercise that because you are a speaking spirit space this big life he even tells him to his life his death and blessing man let me help you I don't mean that rude you don't like it don't look at me weird I'm not hard I'm doing exactly what Jesus did jesus never said this he never aged people to believe he was the son of God you never heard you say that's not the Son of God come on I really am listen I'm the son of God you gotta believe this come on it's about you know he said when you see me you see the father they say we don't believe it he said yo mama get out of here I'm out of here is that strong oh don't get mad at me I'm just following Jesus [Applause] I urgently need you as we launched into 2011 there is a need here at Paula White ministry as we position to be strong to take the gospel in an unprecedented way to the nation's God has greatness force and greatness for you it is through covenant connection and alignment that will see great things happen not only are we going to be positioned for greatness but so are you just like when God wanted to bring forth the son into the world to birth the family he needed a womb he needed a young virgin by the name of Mary to bring forth the greatness the plan of God well I need you God needs you and as you connect with me and we hook up and partner to go over the top for 2011 we're gonna meet this urgent need that is facing us as an unprecedented need at Paula White ministry and together we're not only going to make a difference we're gonna literally show the devil the Jesus Christ is so Lord in your family Lord of this ministry and Lord throughout the nations so right now there is a 1.5 million dollar need and I want you to be a part of it I need you to do your very best click the donation right there go to that button and say yes Paula I'm gonna stand and as I stand with Paula white ministries not only to transform lives to heal hearts and to save souls but literally to put you in a position of strength so that the gospel we're talking about the gospel of Jesus Christ crucified resurrected so that many could come to a covenant connection with God through His Son Jesus Christ you are the one that makes a difference between life and death so right now as you push that button yes Paul I'm going to stand with you you literally are sending the gospel around the world and the Bible says how shall they be saved if they don't hear and how shall they hear without a preacher one who proclaims as never before in 2011 I Drive a stake in the ground and say that we will together proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ say yes Paulo I will make a difference I can give a thousand dollars a hundred dollars I give my very best but I'm gonna be a partaker of something that is bigger than me and when you partner right now you not only are going to hook up to something bigger than you but that's going to cause you to go up and 2011 is going to be an unprecedented year for you thank you so much remember you can also call the toll-free number but give right now and make a difference Donald Trump would not be the president okay now I'm telling about Trump president there's a number on your screen and I know you're saying why is he so antsy I'm excited I'm happy because I know that this is get ready to change your life forever that the Holy Ghost is talking to you and he's challenging you right now why are you listening to me to put a seed of a thousand dollars thousand dollars it means we have three minutes three minutes three minutes three minutes thank you lord I have said your word and now I'm gonna pray for those that's got the faith to do something with what they believe Don thank you Jesus here's $1,000 BAM thank you lord thank you Lord you say you want to make a $500 bail been doing been doing if that takes space for you do it you will make $100 of our – if that takes faith see I like a thousand because I know I got you I got you into faith see I'm teaching to enter into a covenant with God when Jacob had nothing he said all I started with was a staff and God blessed him with a multitude of flocks because he dared to enter into a covenant with God he promised God it'd give God a portion of all God blessed him with don't eat your seed I said don't eat your seat you need to sow your seed and fulfill your about there's a person that's read the book and you've not made a vow of faith you need to do that right now I mean right now I'm gonna leave my hand I got to start praying here's Hamilton Don bring him quickly to me as they come and slam right here here's Hamilton from Virginia father I lay my hands upon this with the cloth Lord in Jesus's name this brother chose to be one today right now to use his faith and make $1,000 bound I got you said you get seed two stores not eaters seed the sewers and then you give us bread to eat you see this one Lord it's had a financial problem in their lives God today isn't an awning to break eat the demon the curse of poverty off of people and I break that curse off this brother I lose prosperity into his life and everything he touches when he touches this cloth Oh God let this annoying us flowing out of me flow into him revolutionize his life and never be the same again because he let go of the old to bring in the new so the new could come in in Jesus name Amen here's another one real quickly here's Jeff hallelujah just got 30 seconds quickly here's Jeff see gun Texas Jeff I lay my hands upon your vow and all these other ones if even when we go off the air we're still here don't let that demon a procrastination keep you from calling when we go off the air there's a person you've had a bitter spirit toward me God sent me to you it's the devil that lied to you and put that bitter spirit in your heart yes don't let Satan Rob that from you you need to get your faith out there working for you today right now we go off the air we're still here then making difference what time of the day that is call us right now at to one I mean right now real quickly at 2 1 4 6 2 o 6,200 I just sense there's 10 more people that should have called a moment ago and you didn't call you can be one of those 10 if you'll use your faith right now god bless you I break this curse of lack over this child of God father they believed your word they believed your prophet and you said you can pass the brightest there's not one person in this building who doesn't mean that money and he said what would have made more money then I would say you have a very poor outlook on life you'll learn you need no money because money there's a tool that can accomplish phenomenal things what money can do in your head is blessed it can help it can build taken its place they can bring vision they could strengthen you learn how to get more money and you'll learn how to have wealth without having a lover say I am rich then it wasn't the will of God to break the power of poverty other people live in this life-changing type series Pastor Brian Houston will challenge you to live according to the principles of God and see his blessing third john ii says beloved I pray that you might prosper in every way and that your body might keep well even as I know your soul prospers and keeps well so we see right there that God wants us to be healthy can everybody say God wants me to be healthy this is not a theological statement this is not a doctrinal statement it's not a statement of teaching it's not a didactic not a teaching statement it's simply a common greeting to a letter nothing more and nothing less and the faith preachers know it but they don't want you to know it because it just happens to fit their theology and they are counting on their followers and their listeners being biblically illiterate so that they can fall for their schemes these people are charlatans I believe that God wants to bless us yes the conference's you ask people to give money some of you say do it cheerfully yep because the Bible says be rich I'll be giving unto you be giving there's a major part of a whole Christian do you believe that if someone gives money to the minister I think that's what they mean by prosperity well nobody worried at all sometimes the message would be heard by someone in the most dire circumstances a sort of roulette wheel a sort of gamble with God okay well I can't pay the rent but I'll give it to Joyce and we'll see what happens be brilliant author no I don't worry about that George Tucker Meyer says I've known told I totally don't worry about that well I'm sure she doesn't but she should because right now even as we speak there are thousands of people all around the world who are watching TV in and Daystar and let's see a broadcasting and the word network and all these things and they are hearing this endless drivel of saying you send us your money and God will give you a harvest and there are people at home they are poor they are sick they are desperate they have sick children and so in desperation they get out their checkbook or they get out their credit card and they send in money to these multi-millionaire preachers who fly in private jets and who live in multi-million dollar homes Jesse Duplantis for example lives in a 35,000 square-foot parsonage but when your wealth is gained off of preying upon the hopes and fears of hurting and sick and desperate people there's a lot wrong with that when your wealth is gained off of distorting the gospel of Jesus Christ there's a lot wrong with that or bringing the tithe only 20% are living in the land of more than enough and this is true all over the world I gotta ask you why don't you become a your in the Jordan River in your floaties splashing around thinking a mission trip will do it thinking another Bible study will do it thinking serving the church will do it thinking prayer will do it it's all about them tell me what do you think is the future of Christianity well Christianity and being a true believer you know I think there's the the body of Christ which comes from all the Christian groups around the world outside the Christian groups I think everybody that loves Christ on those Christ whether they're conscious of it or not they're members of the body of Christ and I don't think that we're going to see a great sweeping revival that will turn the whole world to Christ at any time I think James answered that the Apostle James in the first council in Jerusalem when he said that God's purpose for this age is to call out of people for his name and that's what God is doing today he's calling people for it out of the world for his name whether they come from the Muslim world of the Buddhist world or the Christian world of a non believing world they are members of the body of Christ because they've been called by God they may not even know the name of Jesus but they know in their heart that they need something that they don't have and they turn to the only light that they have and I think that they are saved and that they're going to be with us in heaven this is fantastic I'm so cool to hear you say that there's a wideness in God's versus there's a wideness the master had special trains for us why is he holding a picture of Billy Graham for those of you who have discernment and have studied and are paying attention to the end times deception and the falling away of the faith and all that's been prophesied in the Bible you know who Billy Graham is and what Billy Graham is all about he's the greatest Christian deceiver in human history fulfilling Bible prophecy of the men that are falling away from faith coming into the churches as wolves and sheep's clothing if you don't know that you need to do your research or you're never going to be able to put these pieces to the puzzle together I was so convinced by John Ramirez's testimony and that I believed that he was a true convert and in his testimony he is revealing and disclosing that he was the Hyatt one of the highest level Satanists in the world and he knew the names of principalities and powers of New York Miami Tahiti Las Vegas all around the world the ones and the powers and the angels and the demon forces that control Islam and Buddhism and Hinduism and drove witnesses Mormons and all these principalities and powers and he's known them by name he said he had contracts with them you can't tell me that this man does not have any knowledge at all about the principalities and powers that work in the churches as false ministers of righteousness you can't tell me he had no knowledge the names of those principalities that are working with Billy Graham the ones that gave Billy Graham his power his fame his prestige and all the opportunities that made him a very famous and rich evangelist you can't tell me that this man his high ranking level of Satanism and all the names and powers that he was familiar with in all the contracts that he had that he had no knowledge of the Billy Graham's that are in the world have you ever wondered what the secret is behind TB Joshua's prophecies is he speaking the Word of God is he given these visions from an evil spirit or are they just cleverly manipulated and edited to make them appear more accurate than they really are in this video we can reveal some of the editing tricks behind TB Joshua's prophecies TB Joshua's video editing team were able to use footage of TB Joshua to stitch together prophecies to fit events after they happen by cutting out any inconvenient details that don't fit reality they present these prophecies as if they were complete and untampered in this video we will show you how they work let's watch one of his recent prophecy videos released on may 12 2012 after a plane crash in Indonesia it starts with an undated clip from a Sunday service Clare it was like I'm washing my Nativity if I don't say B shortly I don't talk I was praying I saw in Indonesia I want to advise them there's a plane coming to the Indonesia big one that will carry passenger I seek price the color the plane I see blue the preacher the plane was shown me and ready to take off to the direction when it will happen and the day and time I'm seeing Wednesday I said well as they what will happen whether it seems like a pretty clear vision he mentioned several specific details a crash a blue plane a plane coming to Indonesia the accident happens on a Wednesday and on May the 9th an accident happened 44 passengers has gone missing during a demonstration flight over Indonesia it seems impressively accurate several details match the event but here's where it gets interesting a year ago scone released another video it also predicted a plane crash also in Indonesia he's throwing the same black and white shirt that he was wearing in the 2012 video and his words are at times identical to his new prophecy it's the same video did scone just reuse the same prophecy for two different disasters not quite actually they've done something even sneakier let's see what he said back then I was praying I saw in Indonesia I want to advise them there's a plane that will carry passenger I seek crash the roti was stuck on seed you will see the hot team begin to sing the picture was so clear it was like I'm watching a manatee the color the plane the preacher the plane was shown me and ready to take off to the direction when it will happen the plane will sink into the sea it was a passenger plane that he didn't specify that it was big he saw the color of the plane but he doesn't tell us what it was he saw when it crashed but we don't hear a day specified after this the video reveals that plane carrying 27 people did crash into the scene Indonesia but by now we know that we're not seeing the whole prophecy in the 2012 re-edit we've seen different parts of exactly the same prophecy used to claim credit for predicting a completely different disaster so in the 2011 version why mention seeing the color of the plane but not tell us what color it was remember the clip we saw in the 2012 3 edit but here's footage from the wreckage of the plane that crashed in 2011 no sign of blue hey no problem tbh Joshua's editing team can just cut that out in May 2011 he said that he saw the time it would happen but he didn't tell us when it would why not let's look at the missing bit from the 2012 edit the direction when to happen and the day and time I'm soon Wednesday I said except the plane crash in 2011 happened on a Saturday but better cut this bit out to play was shown me and ready to take off to the direction when it will happen I begin to picture the hotel in the 2012 reader TB Joshua said to the Indonesia big one that will surely pass but the 2011 crash was an MA 60 a small passenger plane if we took all the details that TB Joshua mentioned on the day that he wore his black and white shirt the prophecy would not fit either one of the disasters that Scone claimed he predicted so if you've ever been impressed by TB Joshua's prophecy videos remember that the prophecies that we see are almost certainly not the full versions they're patchwork prophecies short vague sentences that are stitched together in the scone editing suite to see whatever disaster happens to occur first these videos are proof of this don't take our word for it see the two complete videos for yourself and make up your mind you'll find the links in the information below this video this leads us to the crucial question what is the purpose of these prophecies if they were genuine they could have been used to avert the disasters after all he claimed to have seen the day and the location of the crash but now we know that he had no idea all we can conclude is that he was simply exploiting these tragic events for the purpose of making a name for himself we believe that this is extremely cynical and distasteful an insult to those who've lost loved ones through this tragedy we believe that it's an abuse and a mockery of the biblical gift of prophecy and finally we believe it shows the content that TB Joshua has for the people who follow him if you agree why not share this video on Facebook and Twitter and let everyone know the real secret behind TB Joshua's prophecies man of God and Mike Lockwood but I know you are God in the flesh honestly that my convention since I came oh I've seen it in a motorway I have seen it now I still it the place as an institution he was life on your word no man can see you on the road and believe that your Holy Ghost machine [Applause] mahmud le are a rarity he doubts the claims of the televangelists somebody that never learned being able to hear or speak start speaking English after 35 years of being deaf and dumb and people believe this stuff and they drop money for this though all we do is tell people it is okay to ask questions it's okay to be different it's okay to question the things that you've grown you know you've grown in you know you've believed in all your life Ahmed says he was paid around a hundred and fifty dollars by a preacher to pretend to be a man who couldn't walk and then be healed de pasto to Olive Oyl pray to delivery just maybe only for me but the congregation didn't know anything they were thinking is American business let me share with you something that I see in the youth group but I also see in the church at large individual congregations because we have dumbed down the gospel because we're not preaching the true gospel and we are using carnal means to attract people if you use carnal means to attract men you're going to attract carnal men and you're going to have to keep using greater carnal means to keep them in the church so what has happened is this we have these large churches filled with many unconverted carnal people but in those churches we also have this small group of people that honestly want Christ and they honestly want his word and they honestly want to be transformed they don't need anything else all that he need is true worship of the true God and scripture being preached to them and lived out before them that's what they want now I want to tell you the great sin of the Amer pastor and this has got me in a lot of trouble but it's true this small group of converted people in that local church all they want is Jesus and all they want to do is the right thing they want purity they want truth they want Christ but the pastor in order to keep this larger group of unconverted people he caters to them so while he is feeding these carnal men and women with carnal things he is letting the sheep of God starve to death and he is going to stand before God one day in judgment listen brother if if my wife was going grocery shopping and when she was going out to her car some men assailed her attacked her brutally and you walked by and you did not want to get involved because you didn't want to cause trouble you didn't want to put yourself in harm's way he just wanted everything to go smooth after all that was done I would look for those men to deal with them but I want you to know this I'd look for you too because you had a chance to stand for my wife my bride and out of self-preservation are wrong ideas you did not do it you're just as much responsible as those men who attacked her and that's what's happening all throughout America with pastors it's the Bride of Christ there are sheep in all these churches many of them even churches it seems somewhat heretical in places you usually find a group of people who truly want Christ but the leadership is catering to the carnal and letting the Bride of Christ starve to death impoverished and that is wrong and there's going to be judgment for it and the same thing is happening to the youth I know young people that say you know brother Paul I listen to you all the time and I said well what about your church well they don't preach this it's not what the other young people want and so they give them what they want I'm starving to death a little child of God it would be better than a millstone bataille around your neck

7:48– I attend a mega-church and disagree with your "generalizations" about them. Generalizations never won an argument.

Be blessed.

Boy, gained the world but lost their own soul. All in vain, they will suffer the wrath of God; damned for eternity in Hell





For your own self? Not for God…theres many paths!! I'm shocked..Lord save them!! They don't talk about hell and sugar coat sin! Wolf's in Sheep clothing for real! Lord Jesus bless Your Holy Name! May you come quick! I Love You Jesus!

Oprah is wonderful. Great advice, makes us want to change, but she never says these words “ this is what I get out of the teachings of Jesus. “ as a preacher woman .We expect some life experiences and personal philosophy Joel, just not your whole prosperity theology as the actual teachings of Jesus.

I don’t want Jesus to be Santa. You do and you sicken me.

Did you really say Billy Graham is a false teacher? You're welcome to provide some proof!? I dare you to provide proof.

Excuse me. Mrs. Osteen, but women are forbidden to preach in scripture. Guess you don't know your bible, either, ha?

Hey, my fellow brothers and sisters. I have some VERY IMPORTANT TRUTH to share. Remember that our Messiah is the way, the TRUTH, and the light and we must seek him. Stop calling our heavenly father "God" That is not his name and in fact, it is actually one of the names of Satan which is Gadre'el. Now this name is not pronounced g-ah-d but g-au-d which sounds like god. Also, stop calling him "The LORD" because that too is not OK. If you take a look at the preface of your Bible, the translators will tell you that they took out the name of the father and replaced it with LORD. Now lord is English for Ba'al. Ba'al was the golden calf in Exodus and is also a demon. So stop calling the father by these titles because they are not his name but are in fact the names of demons. Also, Jesus is not our messiah's true name. He said "I come in my father's name" The name of the father is YAHUAH. Hebrew spelling is Yod – heh – uau/vav – heh. Where in "Jesus" do you see Yahuah??? The true name of our Messiah is YAHUSHA which means YAHUAH SAVES. Hebrew spelling is yod – heh – uau/vav – shin – ayin. The Yod – heh – and uau/vav are found IN THE FATHERS NAME, "I come in my father's name", and the shin and ayin together mean save. Now you may be saying to yourself, well Jesus is just the English name and it doesn't really matter if I call him that. Now let's say you went to China and someone was calling to you in the Chinese version of your name. would you respond? I wouldn't because I would not recognize that name as my own. Now the Father does know your deceived and that you mean well and because he is so merciful and gracious I fell like he still responds to Jesus only because you are ignorant to the truth and you think that Jesus is truly his name. But I am here to tell you that it is not and that the name "Jesus" is actually pagan. There are many videos explaining this topic and I recommend that you watch some so you can be deceived NO MORE!!! John 3:18 says "…Whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the NAME of Yahuah's only son." Now I'm sure some of you are familiar with this kinda unsettling verse in Matthew 7:22 "Many will say to me in that day lord, lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles? Then I will plainly tell them away from me you evildoers" or in some other versions "Depart from me for I NEVER KNEW YOU, you who work iniquity." Now he's telling these people he never knew them even though they are claiming that they performed many spiritual works in HIS NAME. Now I'm sure you have heard the saying "Its a relationship not a religion" which is true. Now when your friends with someone you know their name, obviously. Now I want you to think about this. There are lots of signs performed in the name of Jesus but like I had just told you that is not truly his name. Now Yahusha was talking about all these people who performed many spiritual works like Prophesying and casting out demons and he tells them I never knew you. Why maybe because they are not prophesying and casting out demons in his TRUE name. They are not believing in his TRUE name. Remember he is the TRUTH!!!!! And not only that but he calls them evil doers. why? Maybe because they are breaking the first commandment Thou shalt not have any other god before Yahuah thy allahim. Remember I told you that Jesus is actually a pagan name? I hope it makes sense to you. But don't just take my word do your own research watch some videos because lots of people already did the research for you. Truthunveiled 777 is a good truth channel to watch. I recommend his video called the pagan origins of Jesus Christ. It is a real eye-opener. May Yahuah bless you with eyes to see and ears to hear so you may be lead to the TRUTH. the path is a lot narrower than you think… This is really not a joke, there is only ONE name under heaven whereby you must be saved and that name is not Jesus.
May Yah bless and keep every one of you who reads this and may your souls be lead to eternal salvation. I hope you have a blessed day, Shalom!

“Mr.” Duplantis…a sermon should be no joking matter…nor is the Gospel for amusement, entertainment, comedy

Can this man hear himself speak???? What is he saying? Jesus has already done everything for me, and did not charge me !!? And he supply my NEEDS every day.

Sorry to be the only one to Burst your Bubble, But NONE of them are FALSE!,…. They ARE Simply….Preachers!.

"Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity."

E* ERTH ************************************************Pray*************Repent***********OBEY**************************************Hallelujah***AMEN

I can't believe the people sit through this AND agree AND laugh at his pathetic jokes! They are going to have a VERY rude awakening!

And this is what the world thinks of Christianity, no wonder why we get persecuted for following Jesus. This is not a Christ follower this is a religious follower who believes this doctrine. All it takes is to open the Bible to realize this is false doctrine. But to many do not read the Bible or they read it without our father and can not understand it. Please anyone reading this, this is not part of true Christianity. Anyone who excepts abortions or trans-humanism, or once saved always saved, REPENT AND TURN FROM YOUR SINS, LOVE ME WITH YOUR ALL, AND LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF,,,,, oh right no one loves themselves because they are without GOD, they treat themselves bad and treat others worse! Nothing can be done without GOD, only one way to get god is, in the Holy Spirit, through Jesus in the name of the father!

My heart hurts so bad watching this, I pray in the name of our lord and father Jesus Christ, I pray you come soon, but I will be patient and walk with you my father, I love you with my whole mind, body, spirit and strength and I pray people come to your calling, In the name of Jesus my lord and savior, those with a ear to hear ❤️ 🙏🏽 and TRUTH

Great job on the skit, however what Bible are you quoting from. Be careful with the Bible you're quoting from. For example: the devil is seeking whom he may devour is totally different from seeking someone he may devour or destroy. Whom meaning anyone, no respect for person. Seeking someone, means a particular person or kind of person. GOD bless you and may he keep you!

The thing that gives God the GREATEST joy is when we're happy? 😕 is it just me or does lost souls coming to know Christ gives Him joy? Or maybe when we turn from OUR wicked ways, does that bring Him joy? Oh wait! Maybe when we worship Him in spirit and in truth and follow after righteousness and love unconditionally… all that must not matter because He's happiest when his lost creation whom currently is following after his/her own flesh is happy..when we live for ourselves thats what makes God happy🤦🏽 when we live for oursleves thats what makes the devil happy!😑 anti Christ spirit at its finest!

These people should be in prison they should not be on TV are out on the streets anymore The Ripping everybody off they should be locked up for the rest of their lives

There are good Christians and bad Christians, good atheists and bad atheists. So, it begs the question: what difference does it make? Obviously nothing. It then follows, that you make god up, not all the way around.

44:44 – 46:00 WTF???!!!!!????
I agree with the John Ramirez bit. Something is off about him!!

If you ever find yourself at a service like these,,,simply,
Better still,,, yell out, … WHO'S COMING WITH ME.

Satan, Fallen Ones, Nephlim/Beast seed/offsprings/children that are mixed with mankind's DNA. Doing the works of their foreparents, tricking and deceiving mankind into worshipping the self, money, wood, stone and the rebellious ones. TARES.

Genesis 3
15 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.
Genesis 6
4  There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of GOD came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.


Kenneth Hagin died in 2003 – no need to even mention him. Joel Osteen does not pretend to be a prophet. No need to lie about him when there are so many other issues with him to address. Very poor production. Probably an asshole Baptist put this together. Baptists are BIG BIG Assholes

I have tested Joyce Meyers for myself. There is nothing false about her. She is a humble and godly servant of God Almighty. Do not smear her name. Her work will withstand the fire. Her teachings are biblical and relevant. Thank God for her. Anyone criticizing her is working for the devil themselves.


Why are there so many followers with all these false phrophets. Do they not know the TRUTH OF THE BIBLE. JESUS DOES NOT WANT ALL THAT GREED. PRAY AND REPENT. ONLY ONE WAY TO JESUS CHRIST OUR SAVIOR

These Faith healers in these millionaire preachers they really get on my nerves you can really tell they don't read scripture because if they really knew God and really knew Jesus they would know that when you try to do what they're doing now they would have to flee countries and really go into hiding because Kings and governments would seek out their deaths in here these guys are saying that you know where all gods and we're Little g's and all this other b***** the truth is we're all sinners it's it says it right there in black and white and God doesn't need need us like they try to tell you we need God


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