Faith Keynote Clip

kid this means a lot to me I hope it means a lot to you to enjoy it's yours kid this is the baseball that I received when I went into the Hall of Fame it's made of crystal it's priceless it is an heirloom don't drop it okay and then you wrote and it's yours III want you to hear the exact same thing Jack wrote but this time imagine these words being spoken from a cross listen one more time kid friends brothers and sisters this means a lot to me I hope it means a lot to you to enjoy it's yours it's free just say yes it is finished man it is finished it is accomplished all we got to do is say yes and when we say yes it changes who we are from the inside and that changes who we show up as in the outside if we can just slow down and realize that yes surrender time don't just race off to brunch don't just get onto is what's on TV we are so blessed why me who cares what more can I do I'd like these three questions to be dancing through your minds your hearts right now because I've been trying to think what's the best way to encapsulate this message dude do we applaud that's it feels weird do we sing that's going to be part of it but instead I just want to have this message wash over you I this kid from Missouri who can barely hold a controller can actually play the piano a little bit and so what I wanted to do is just play a song that I learned right after I got burned my mom taught it to me and today I hope it resonates with your hearts wherever you are whether you are living Sunday joy or you know what candidly you're still stuck in friday you got a lot going on over here no one even knows about it that's okay i hope the song lifts us all up you you I you


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