Faith in Jesus Can Solve All Your Problems

Jesus has been asking me to do a video on
him. I have been postponing it. It has been a while since I did the video
on Jesus. Now I came to a point that I could not say
no because last night I was cleaning my desk and I got this little brochure – ‘God’s
Simple Plan of Salvation’. I want everyone, if you can get hold of this
pamphlet. Just in one, two pages he has all the messages
summed up very beautifully. This morning I was at another place looking
at my bookshelf, looking for a book and there was again this pamphlet, from the rack on
the floor, the same brochure. Then I decided that I cannot postpone it anymore. Then I will do a video on Jesus. Now I am going to read it and then explain
this to you because people will read it and then don’t understand. ‘My friend, I am asking you the most important
question of your life. Your joy or sorrow for all eternity depends
upon your answer. The question is: are you saved? It’s not a question of how good you are,
nor if you are a church member but are you saved.’ Well, people won’t relate to this question
of being saved. As they understand saving as, maybe savings
account or something like that and he is talking about saving and he talks
about it. ‘Are you sure you will go to heaven when
you die?’ So usually the answer is who knows if one
goes to heaven or hell, we don’t know. So these are all irrelevant. But you must think about something. This body is going to die one day and what
is going to happen after that? Where are you going to go? Are you going to hell or heaven or stuck in
between or maybe I don’t believe in all these things? Then the most important thing, I will just
skip all the things that I have said. Forget about all that I have just read to
you and just go to this second paragraph in which he says, it is John 3:7 ‘You must be born again’
That’s a very important thing. Everyone must be born again. What does born again mean? You know, you have to give up all your identity. You should live a life in God, not a life
as you want to live. Once you are born again, means you are dedicated
to God that is all that is needed. All that is needed is to be born again. Every moment has to be new and that is what
is the real meaning of being born again, not a reincarnation, born again with faith because
we live in a faithless world. It’s very difficult to have faith. That’s why Jesus said, ‘If you don’t
have faith, nothing will work. If you have faith, you can even move mountain. You don’t need too much faith, like a mustard
seed, with faith like a mustard seed, you can move mountains.’ How to cultivate faith is all that is important. So the teaching of Jesus revolves around this
one idea of faith. But faith has to be reinterpreted. My own definition of faith is utter positivity. It is not a religious philosophical term. You have to believe that, not only believe
but trust, complete trust in what? In positivity. You should know, without doubt that this is
the life that I am going to create and it will be created. But on the other hand, if you kind of tailor
your faith according to your bank balance, according to your age or according to your
education or skill sets, it’s not going to work. They are not needed. They are secondary. If you have faith, God will bring all those
things, your skill sets and he will reverse your age so that you have more energy. There is nothing, you know, God can even raise
the dead to come back to life. So all these can happen provided that you
have one thing that is faith. If you have faith, one hundred percent then
that will happen. So I want to say something about Jesus. There was a person called Kaleshwar Baba who
was not very well known and he used to do miracles because he was helped by Shirdi Sai
Baba and he was a miracle maker like Satya Sai Baba. But he didn’t live long. In 39years, he passed away. He wanted to go earlier but he passed away
when he was 39. I visited his place near Puttaparthi. Since he passed away, it’s a closed ashram. The most powerful of all the temples in his
ashram is the Jesus temple. He has also written a book on Jesus, Kaleshwar
Baba, in which he claims that he lived with Jesus when Jesus was alive and both of them
were in India. So it’s worth looking at that book. But what is more important is he says, which
is true, the one Siddha who is the most powerful of all the Siddhas is Jesus, in a practical
sense. Who is the one Siddha Master who changed the
entire world in a matter of 1700 years because Jesus became normal after 300 years or so
and Kaleshwar Baba says that Jesus was able to do such miracle to convert the entire world
to Christianity, most of the world, because he had a lot of angels. He had more angels than anybody else had. So when you pray to Jesus, Jesus is not coming
to do things. He said the angels, the innumerable angels
that attain on Jesus, they rush to help you. What is this angel business? Does Christianity believe in angel? Even Jesus believed in angels. He told when he was arrested by the Romans
and he told Peter, ‘No. Don’t attack the Romans. I don’t need your help. If God, my Father had wanted to help me, he
would have sent an angel. The angel would get rid of all the Roman army
because the angel has so much power.’ So he had so many angelic forces around him. So you may want to, if you are in India or
if you go to India, you may want to go to Kaleshwar Baba’s Jesus temple. But unfortunately, the temple has never been
understood for its incredible power. Kaleshwar Baba says that Jesus meditated there,
that why he built the temple for Jesus there and down below is Shirdi Sai Baba’s temple. So this is the message he wanted me to give
it to you and I have given this and my job is done. So Jesus can help better because he has more
angel than anybody else and that is the secret for Christianity’s success. ‘I am a Hindu, I cannot relate to Jesus. What can I do?’ Then I would simply say that go to anyone
on whom you can have faith in. If you don’t have faith in Jesus, it won’t
work. That is the most important thing. God Bless.

Sir, thank you for the video. Could you please do a video on PI exercises and post it online. Will be of much help since we have heard it from you about the PI exercises. Thank you. Regards.

In this video, Dr. Pillai talks about how having faith in Jesus can solve all our problems. You don't need to have too much faith, with faith even like mustard seeds, you can move mountains and experience miracles.

Faith means utter positivity, meaning you fully trust that Jesus will take care of all your life situations.

I have a question, please answer. I am hindu but I respect Lord Jesus (love) from childhood. Can I expect my faith over Jesus working?

Yes! Dr. Pillai this is so true. I’m Christian and I love the Hindu and Buddhist teachings. I saw a vision of Jesus Christ crucified and then I saw Hanuman also not sure what it means but I know Jesus is near me and Hanuman

Thank you….I was thinking about jesus today… thinking about how his message was just so simple. And how much comfort his message brings. Faith is so profound. So beautiful

Hello sir that's a very nice video . I was in a problem but ur description that changed me .If u have faith on your God like a mustard seed u can move the mountains

I started crying when you said Jesus has been asking you….. It's so intimate and you are truly touched by God Dr Pillai💚💚💚💙💙💙💙💜💜💜


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