Faith Evans spills tea on Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Lil Kim, and more…

Faith Evans spills tea on Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Lil Kim, and more...

hello everybody welcome to the impressive channel okay if you watched my last video you heard that Faith Evans got married to Stevie J and I'm really not here for it and neither is her family according to TMZ her family did not know about her wedding with Stevie J but that's a whole nother topic and Stevie J X joseline Hernandez was petty enough to expose a text that Stevie J sent her the night after he married faith and it was a text that he sent her a month ago in my last video I said he sent that to her the same day but it was actually a month ago he was asking joseline to marry him and she turned him down and demanded that he paid child support for their daughter Bonnie Bella another woman that Stevie J was messing with also exposed him in shaded faith and Stevie's marriage she said I hope this time it's a real marriage and since you get him married I hope faith can help you on some of those child support debts because your our child will be here in October and honey I know this marriage is a scam because you got all types of women living with you and Big Evans you ain't the only one honey it's sad that you're almost 50 and still getting played like a fiddle you done got married to a man that got several baby mamas and like the booty yeah he don't want no P whoa biggie is turning over in his grave you should be ashamed of yourself yeah this is why I said in my last video that this marriage was messy it was a bad idea and I hope faith comes to her senses I really do now let me get into another subject because faith Evans was on drink champs and she revealed this video is so messy she revealed some intimate details about her and biggest relationship did biggie [Applause] yes folks she really did admit that maybe that's why Stevie J married Faith Evans anyway let me just go on a more interesting note because in this interview Faith Evans talked about some other more important things she talked about the Tupac situation now if you don't know babe Evans was dating biggie smalls she was married to him and Tupac had a feud with biggie one night while he was in the studio he was ambushed and he thought that biggie smalls was behind it which is why they started beefing and there are a lot of different factors that were igniting this feud pox label owner should night was beefing with Biggie's label owner puffy so it got a little bit out of control and there were a whole lot of street stuff that were involved but I'm not going to get into that now Faith Evans revealed that she took a picture with Tupac one night and it was a very innocent thing nothing happened however Tupac used to faith and claimed that there were intimate as a way to kind of get under Biggie skin and of course he used all of this in his beef against biggie went to LA because this producer was saying he would want to pay me to write songs with his group which is who I was with in the club tonight that I meant to population when treacherous were to popular club wanna meet you done it up I told big I met block but I would avoid big cause sometimes to that producers house and I was working when she saw my Lobos do you know we did some shit but then this time I took you I was happy to tell no because I know like they did not want to believe that I didn't know pop but I knew what he said about him and he felt about it I was act like y'all that your boy pocket he told me he's like my music I'm gonna do a song me I'm thinking your vehicles they ain't say don't do it he's like you gonna do it I like you I gave him marks number told him I just gonna be you know it wasn't it wasn't something I was hiding put it that's the point I'm making but would you understood how you try to use you as a casualty in a war absolutely I don't I'm not only him but the thing is at that time I didn't even know the bigger situation when I went to the story of a cop I didn't know he was signed to death row I didn't know he was on death row and I knew that this guy who runs this language justice about the person everyone's my label even though I didn't know who I was coming from like there's a whole backstory to I liked that had nothing to do with me or to power which is another interesting part of the interview was how faith reconciled with little him and here's how their feud started both faith and little Kim were messing with biggie at the same time faith was married to biggie and little Kim was basically biggie side-chick so they had a big feud between each other however they did come together and set aside their differences and she talked about that me and C's was actually sitting on us because every Herstal for the back way to her and I had already said I'm one Kim on this me and big album that I'm doing you know and that was my first I thought we reached out and to whoever her manager and maybe even since the truck I don't even know if I had the truck it but I probably reached out and said I want her on this table she said yeah do them but just my first time seeing her and he was like okay right there but somebody thought that pub brought me and Kevin again I was like no no she ain't a pub and that was a good depiction of it but no I already had reached out to Kim's because I'm like this is important album so it just made sense to me especially with that song we both loved him anyway tell me what you all think about this video down below please like comment and subscribe and share this video if you care thank you so much for watching and I'll see you next time

Tupac lying on his dick was always funny. The man didn't even have any kids, I always felt like he was fruity. And let's just say faith and Tupac took a lie detector test back then and it came to be that he lied would folks still have the same respect for him….smh

Joseline looking crazy. What dude would try to marry two women. Why was Faith even nice enough to say yes. I would of said no. She married Biggie because he was her for sure. Idk if Biggie was really into Kim and it was about money. Now STFU. Ooh Good he has a fetish then.

Faith is lying about not having sex with Pac. Her story changes too damn much and Pac was extremely truthful. RIP Pac.

She looks fucked up
Powder head Godbless faith
I love that song soon as I get home I'ma make it up to you baby I'm to what I got to do I guess you will make it up to him beating that ass eating that ass this is a speaker fun I hate going back my people

Eating ass eating ass or licking ass I am mad slick but I don't know about 8 and I had my pussy ate so I hate to say this Lord forgive me and I'm not talking about all because women are women and men are men the most yellow women they'll do anything for a Niger I don't know why if they got some black chocolate dick they just like a white woman that dick like a piece of meat and there's a God damn dog ready to attack it it is what it is I don't know some of these people want to be known and think this is entertainment I have no idea eating ass that's nasty

Yes Lil Kim and Biggie was together for years what happened was he met faith and thought she was better because she was light-skinned and come to find out she wasn't no better because don't forget when Tupac said I f*** your wife so what's he is she spelling

Do any of us have to sleep with them at night? Why do we put energy in shit like this? Let’s talk about how to stop fucking giving our money to the white man and build our own YouTube Facebook’s and other all black owned things

You ain't got nothing to do with Faith Faith Evans wanted to get married that's how business is she want to do that that's hers y'all need to stop living people life and start living your own who's going over anybody else is on that is ridiculous how y'all going to get on on on YouTube and say that yeah faith it got married to somebody else that's how she want to get married that's her business her and Biggie Biggie died because he's dead because you ain't got nothing to do with Faith Evans Faith Evans want to get married that's her business that ain't none of your business biggie is dead and deceased in gone leave him alone rest in peace he's she can do whatever she want to do that's her that's her life not your life quit living somebody else's on living your own quit stop it it's making me mad and upset stop it please thank you

I could remember in Faith’s old interviews, she would always seem to be drunk and sound so crazy. I think she’s a slick alcoholic.

Faith is a lying bitch that's why big say squeeze 3 at that Cherry M3 easily….#facts they caught Faith at tha club that night in that m3

When does she start talking about my baby Pac… do you know that nothing happened…I doubt you were there…even Ray J spoke on it…(walking in on them in the studio with her on his lap) and Faith has beer challenged that.

It’s 2019 and people still pretending that eating ass is absolutely dispicable. A lot of y’all vaginal regions ain’t exactly the most freshest things but expect X, Y and Z to lick on the box. This shit needs to end already. 🤦🏻‍♂️ We’re all grown ass people.

The only thing I was most shocked about what that grammatically correct sentence Joseline replied with. I’m all for her growth!

Tupac was fine ass hell. I don’t know what fuck Kim and Faith seem in Biggies fat, ugly, black, cockeyed, bolegged, cheese burger eating ass.

She ate Biggie’s big pile of azz and admitted it! Girl Eeewwwww! Just imagine the taste, smell sound and sight of that 🤬😱🥵🤢🤮🥴!!!!!

Faith Evans been nasty and is still nasty. 🤢🤮 I will never take her or the clown Stebbie seriously. They belong together. 🤷🏾‍♀️

s̫a̫d̫ t̫w̫o̫ p̫e̫o̫p̫l̫e̫ c̫a̫n̫'t̫ m̫a̫r̫r̫y̫ w̫h̫o̫ t̫h̫e̫y̫ w̫a̫n̫t̫

Faith Evans looked ugly back then she Lil Kim was the pretty one she always kept herself up and rode for Biggie all faith did was ate biggies groceries and that could be why he married faith evans instead of lil kim.


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