FAIL – BYU Divine Comedy

FAIL – BYU Divine Comedy

FAIL This is how your grades will die Taking tests that make you cry Blame it all on BYU, baby You studied, thought you knew your stuff But 15 weeks was not enough ‘Cause someone’s gonna skew that curve, baby FAIL Maybe we should boycott tests Maybe we should burn our desks Blame it all on no spring break, baby FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL

The common image of Mormon missionaries has long been two young men wearing white shirts and ties walking through neighborhoods, knocking door-to-door.

But in a few years, that image may be replaced by one of young Mormons sitting with an iPad, typing messages on Facebook.

Mmm yes. Everything makes sense now. I noticed in other videos that Lauren sounded alot like Matt.

Love the fat cat failing to jump from one balcony to another! Cracks me up every time. It makes me laugh, it makes me cry. Blast these contradictory emotions. 😐

The funny thing is the blonde girl would totally get kicked out of the testing center for wearing that slightly-above-the-knees skirt.

To: Zach Gray.

Studio C isn't the same as Divine Comedy. They're different groups. They are both a BYU Provo though. I'm a big fan of both, so i just thought I'd clarify.

This is not about this song, but For those who have been trying to find the "class can't handle me right now" song, also by divine comedy, it has been removed from youtube but it is at ""

0:47 did any one notce the sign tat says "NO BEARDS. NO LEGGINGS. NO HAPPINESS" ? XD i really hated the song Sail and this isnt much better…but i will take it cuz its kinda fun to sing to 😛

"Someone's gonna skew that curve baby"  haha that was me in high school–now at BYU, I feel more like the desperate guy

Yes! This song is back. Every time I wanted to watch this video, it would say SME or something had blocked it on copyright grounds. So happy that it is back!

P.S. Love James at 1:15. 🙂

I'm supposed to be studying for a test that I have to take by the end of the day… and I'm watching this video instead.

How did they get permission to do this?
I thought they were pretty stick about that.
Anyway great job Lauren and Stephen! 🙂

The funny part is someone in my class always cries during a test. Ok so it is not that funny but that connection is funny.


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