Facts about the Jesuits Catholic Inquisitions

the Inquisition's the word inquisition refers to harsh or unfair investigations or a series of questions the roman catholic inquisitions consisted of organizations within the Catholic Church acting on behalf of the Catholic Church finding interrogating and punishing people who disagreed with Roman Catholic theology we will be discussing two of the main stages or periods of Roman Catholic Inquisition the first to cover is known as the medieval Inquisition which was officially launched in the 13th century and it involved the persecution of groups known as the Cather's while dens ian's and others as well the second stage were period is known as the Spanish Inquisition and it began in the beginning of the 15th century it was launched against Protestants Jews Muslims and others medieval Inquisition the lead up to the 13th century Inquisition involves the massacre of a group of dissident believers known as the catheters were Alba Gen Zeus who rose up in France in the 11th century although there is room for debate as to if the Cather's held to truly heretic 'el teachings it is a fact that they believed the roman catholic church's sacramental system was evil and that the Catholic Church was not teaching God's message which was expressed in the Holy Bible these people had a very high view of Scripture they believed that when secular authorities punished heretics that this was sin the name Cather means pure they sought to live lives of holiness a 13th century Dominican named brain arias estimated that by his day there were over four million Cather's in over 1,000 cities Rome perceived this movement as a serious threat which was to be eliminated in 1179 the third letter and council condemned and anathematized this group and in 1208 Pope Innocent the third decided to launch a vicious crusade against them this crusade lasted from 1209 to 1229 in a general letter to the faithful Pope Innocent the third angrily wrote quote almost mighty soldiers of Christ must brave warriors he opposed the agents of Antichrist and ye fight against the servants of the old serpent fight for God this war on the Cather's though ultimately unsuccessful in and of itself in getting rid of all of them was nevertheless extremely bloody and ruthless in one incident the so-called Battle of Bay's each resulted in the slaughter of 10,000 to 20,000 believers commenting on this incident Philip Schaff notes neither age nor sex was spared church walls interposed no protection and 7,000 were put to death in st. Magdalene's Church alone Pope Innocent the third offered his crusade soldiers spiritual reward for the murder of these believers that is indulgences for the remission of temporal punishments for sin this crusade involved many massacres as well as the burning of Cather's who were captured the clerics within the Cather movement were ruthlessly eliminated without the benefit of a hearing in regards to the stronghold of Minerva 140 Catholic clerics were burnt alive and the prisoners had their ears noses and lips cut off commenting on the severity of this crusade historian Williston Walker notes that innocent the Third's efforts quote led to twenty years of destructive warfare in which the power of the southern nobility was shattered and cities and provinces devastated another group which was to be eliminated was known as the bald n ziens this movement began in 1177 in Italy and was based on the teachings of Peter Waldo ad 1140 to 1218 the Waldensian believers affirmed that the Bible was the ultimate authority and that whatever was not found in Holy Scripture was not to be believed by Christians these believers practiced memorizing the Bible and it's preachers went out to buy to preaching they among other things rejected masses and prayers for the dead as unscriptural and denied Rome's doctrine of purgatory they also refused to venerate Saints because of these teachings the Roman Catholic Church enacted what is known as the Episcopal Inquisition whereby local Catholic Bishops would turn unrepentant Bible believers like the Waldensians and others who refused Rome's teachings over to civil authorities for punishment this Episcopal Inquisition was ordered by Pope Lucius the third who reigned from eighty 1181 to 1185 on November 4th 1180 for he in unison with the Council of Verona issued the bull add a bilenda m– that is on abolition where he condemned and excommunicated the bald Indians and other sects the ball says quote to abolish the malignity of diverse heresies which are lately sprung up in most parts of the world it is but fitting that the power committed to the church should be awakened that by the concurring assistance of the Imperial strength both the insolence and mal pertness of the heretics and their false designs may be crushed we likewise declare all entertainers and defenders of the said heretics be liable to the same sentence unless bhaiyya during his heresy and making satisfaction he immediately returns to the Orthodox faith we decree him to be left to the sentence of the secular judge to receive condign that is deserved punishment according to the quality of the offence in the same ball pop Lucius the third also decreed that the goods and money of the punished heretics be confiscated for the use of the Roman Church this led to what is known as the first formal Inquisition in the medieval era in 1229 the Council of Toulouse issued a decree sanctioning burning at the stake for the punishment of heresy likewise the German mirror of Saxon laws were compiled in 1235 and ordered the execution of heretics and unbelievers by burning at the stake with Cather's still around due to the failure of innocent two-thirds crusade against them as well as while dens ian's and other dissidents walking the lands Pope Gregory the ninth who reigned from 80 1227 to 1247 cemented the inquisition he took interrogation trial and the punishment of heretics out of the hands of the bishops and placed them into the hands of the monastic orders such as the Franciscans and Dominicans everything was now in order for possibly the worst atrocity in all of history to be carried out by 1244 the cathodes were basically wiped out their last refuge was monstah gur france however they were overcome by the Inquisition and the 200 remaining Catholic clerics were there burnt alive as historian Williston Walker remarks by means of Inquisition the Cather's were utterly routed out by the middle of the 14th century as time progressed the Inquisition became crueler and crueler the final step in configuring the procedure of the Inquisition was made by Pope Innocent the fourth when he and the bull add extra Panda of 1250 to authorized the use of brutal torture as a means of extracting a confession from alleged heretics and Bible believers this practice was also confirmed by later Pope's such as Alexander the 4th in 1259 and Pope Clement the fourth in 1265 again during this period the inquisitors responsible for hearings confiscation of property overseeing torture and burning at the stake were mainly priests with in the monastic Dominican and Franciscan orders in regards to citizens turning and other citizens for interrogation the Council of toluse in its 18th Canon made it clear that mere suspicion or public rumor of heresy was sufficient for formal Inquisition proceedings to be leveled this resulted in people falsely being accused of heresy by Catholic citizens they had rivalries with others turned in members of their own community in order to appear loyal to Rome and avoid Inquisition themselves there were even fixed rewards given to spies who specialized in ratting out suspected heretics and Bible believers in regards to the mode and procedure of Inquisition here a suspected heretic would first be accused then if he denied being a heretic or a Bible believer a trial was held he was first threatened with death usually with the choice of one confessing and being forgiven by Rome or to being burnt at the stake if the person rejected those two choices then they were imprisoned with little to no food if the person still didn't confess and recant or choose death then he would be visited and pressed by others who had previously been tried by the inquisitors in order to make a decision then if that didn't work the person was brutally tortured in various ways in order to extract confess this usually resulted in a confession and recantation but nevertheless others such as Bible believers would bravely endure the torture and not give up their faith in the Word of God and in Christ Schaaf notes that rome was not just satisfied with torture and burning alive of Bible believers heretics and unbelievers but quote the Inquisition made war upon the dead and exhumed the bodies of those found to have died in heresy and burned them although figures can be multiplied many times shaft notes that during the administration of an Inquisitor from Toulouse named Bernard guy who tortured and murdered from 80 1306 to 1323 forty two persons were tortured and burnt to death 69 bodies were exhumed in Beart and three hundred were imprisoned and 1233 Pope Gregory the ninth appointed a French Dominican named Robert of petit to be Inquisitor general he had hundreds of victims in a period of just three months he had fifty people both male and female burnt to death he burnt 20 to death and cambree and tan in dalian 12:39 at Mount Amy he had 27 burnt to death or as another account reports 180 Michael C Thomson mentions one of the most sadistic and maniacal inquisitors of the 13th century namely Conrad of Marburg he investigated heresy and Wonga dog and Rhineland many placed into his hands were given the choice of speedy confession or death by burning the Archbishop of Mane's wrote to Pope Gregory the ninth about this cruel method and the Pope's response was to identify Conrad as a champion of the Christian faith and to encourage him to continue punishing heretics as well as alleged witches Conrad was known for stripping naked those he tortured in order to first humiliate them now the previously mentioned bald NZ and Bible believers though hunted vigorously and massacred by Rome during the Inquisition nevertheless miraculously survived it unlike the Cather's chef notes that in 1308 Dominican and Franciscan inquisitors hunted and murdered the walled ends Ian's in Bohemia and Poland however after facing the Inquisition and enduring the horrors at Purdue The Waltons Ian's eventually escaped into the mountain regions of northern Italy in order to avoid Total Annihilation they survived over the centuries and many of them eventually joined the Protestant Reformation movement in the 16th century it's interesting to note that many of Rome's quote-unquote Saints came out of these Dominican and Franciscan orders which were involved with the Inquisition for example st. Thomas Aquinas and st. Albert the Great were Dominicans in Saint Bonaventure was a Franciscan it's sickening how Rome would canonize and exalt men who were involved in orders which oversaw the torture and death of massive amounts of Bible believers and others the medieval Inquisition did not stop there an ad 1480 for Pope Innocent the 8th produced the bull sumus dezerter antis effectiveness wherein he authorized inquisitors to find try and murder alleged witches in this so-called great witch hunt intellectual arguments meant to persuade the person of their error were not utilized by inquisitors instead the goal was to extract a confession by torture and then murder those rumored to be alleged witches it was believed by the Catholics that a witch could not cry from pain and since those tortured cried the papal inquisitors claimed the devil's must have made them cry as a trick to convince everyone they were not a witch the inquisitors would often shave the bodies of alleged witches including the private parts since Catholic superstition at that time said that witches would one hide objects of witchcraft in their hair or private parts and two that witches had a birthmark or scar which would function as a tea to feed milk or blood to imps or the devil himself inquisitors would therefore stab alleged witches on their scars or birthmarks with needles since they claimed a witch would not bleed if they're witches tea was pierced however when the people did bleed the tortures claimed Satan allowed the bleeding to make it appear the person was not a witch they then resorted to tortures such as putting hot boiling fat in the person's eyes underarms and thighs which many times led to infection or death in Germany alleged witches who are Orchard into confession then had hot irons put on their breasts and arms their right hand cut off their body burnt at the stake and their ashes thrown into the river most of these accused witches were simply social outcasts the community did not like or women who were poor unmarried elderly pale or wrinkly tens of thousands of alleged witches were murdered in the Inquisition the Spanish Inquisition just when one thinks it could not possibly get any worse they encounter the second phase of Inquisition known as the Spanish Inquisition the Council of Tortosa in 1429 showed that certain Jews were conversos that is those who outwardly confessed Catholicism but were not getting their children baptized and were still practicing Jewish feasts and attending the synagogue the council of basel also confirmed this was taking place in 1478 Queen Isabella of modern-day Spain and her husband Ferdinand appealed to Pope Sixtus the fourth who reigned from ad 1471 to 1484 to establish Inquisition Pope Sixtus the fourth agreed and issued the bull exigent since Sara's devotion as' affect us which promulgated the investigation as to whether or not converted Jews and others were secretly continuing to practice their original religion historian williston walker remarks the Spanish Inquisition especially concerned itself with rooting out those Jewish and Muslim converts who had supposedly lapsed from the faith and with maintaining purity of blood in all Offices of state and Church it was also to deal harshly with Spanish Protestants and all those suspected of Lutheranism the way this Inquisition was set up was that three Catholic priests would be appointed to a tribunal being selected by Queen Isabella and Ferdinand and 1482 Catholic Dominicans were given this role namely Chuan de san martin and miguel de murillo their advisor was Juan de Medina as the plan progressed there were too many prisoners in the common containing area and so they had to be moved to gloomy dungeons for Inquisition on February 6th 1481 six months after this tribunal was established six conversos accused of heresy were publicly burnt to death after a catholic named friar alfonso d OG de frst gave a grisly sermon to the masses the papacy then appointed seven more inquisitors in 1482 more inquisition tribunals were set up in cordoba and in 1483 even more were set up in jean and qui dude real chef notes quote according to a contemporary by november fourth 1491 298 persons had been committed to the flames in regards to the tribunal and cute real chef relays that within two years had had 52 heretics burnt and in a villa from 1492 1575 were burnt alive and 26 dead bodies were exhumed and bird in the 1480s many converse was fled to Portugal to escape Inquisition however in 1536 the Inquisition found its way even there in his work the grand inquisitors Manuel Jonathan Kirsch relays that quote Protestants joined the Jewish and Muslim conversos as principal targets of the Spanish Inquisition in 1533 a priest who was charged with the seduction of a nun sought to appease the inquisitors by offering them the names of 70 men and women whom he denounced as Lutheran heretics the first Protestant burned for heresy by the Spanish Inquisition went to the stake in 1540 and 26 of the 30 accused heretics at the OTO at Toledo in 1559 were Protestants the procedures of Inquisition at this time were as follows as developed by the inquisitors general thomas de Torquemada first there was accusation any civilian could level an accusation of heresy or immorality against another and it would result in a tribunal even if no citizen accused anyone inquisitors could freely accuse citizens abuses crept in Sisley wealthy were often targeted by inquisitors since there would be confiscated and go towards funding Inquisition second there was detention once accused the person was detained in their property was seized temporarily depending on the outcome of the tribunal detention often lasted months families of the detained were not informed which often resulted in women and children of the family not being able to survive without the man of the house around thirdly after detention came interrogation the goal was to gain a confession and pass a sentence there was no intention of convincing the accused of the error of their alleged heresy or immorality there were many methods of torture used to gain a confession including the following there was the Guru CH a– or strappado which was a suspension system which had ropes weights and police the victims arms were tied behind their back they were hoisted in the air and then they were dropped they were stopped in midair right before hitting the ground so that the weights tied to their ankles caused great pain and dislocation there was also the talk–i which was basically waterboarding where a cloth was put over the victims mouth and water poured in resulting in the victim feeling like they were drowning also utilized was the patro or rack the victim was placed on this device and their arms and legs were severely stretched causing excruciating tearing of the muscles and dislocation in 1591 Pablo Garcia the Secretary of the Supreme ax in Madrid wrote instructions on how this torture was to be carried out he stated quote if the prisoner should die or be injured or suffer heavy bleeding or have a limb mutilated during the torture this will be their fault and responsibility and not ours because they have refused to tell the truth fourthly after interrogation through torture came hearings in trial fifthly you had sentencing acquittals were very rare in Spanish Inquisition when found guilty the victim was handed over to the secular authorities for burning at the stake burnings were usually like festivities where Catholics in the community would watch and be entered the ritual began with a mass and then a public procession of the victim instances of burning heretics during the Spanish Inquisition lasted into the late 18th century in his 2007 work Inquisition the reign of fear Toby green remarks on the statistics of the Spanish Inquisition quote the Inquisition was at its most severe in Spain during the first 50 years after its formation in 1478 when it is estimated that 50 thousand people were tried a significant proportion as village ADO's burned at the stake in some years such as 1492 2,000 people may have been relaxed in person and another 2,000 burnt in effigy approximately 700 people were put to death in Seville alone between 1480 1 and 14 88 and another 50 in quadrille between 1480 3 and 14 84 in the crown of Aragon meanwhile roughly 1000 people were relaxed between 1485 and 1530 between 1540 and 1780 four thousand people were tried in the reign of Philip the fifth there was a rekindling of violence after the War of the Spanish Succession finished in 1714 with 1460 through trials with 111 executions in Portugal there were approximately 45,000 trials between 1536 and 1767 including 13,000 667 in Guam with at least 1543 people being relaxed

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9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews (true believers), and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.
10 Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer: behold, the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days: be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life. –Rev. 2

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On top of the Jesuit powerstructure stands the superior-general of the order.

Below him is probably the ex superior-general who is still alive.

Under him are the four assistants of the superior-general and three of these assistants are also regional assistants.

Below these assistants there are seven regional assistants and in total there are ten assistancies.

Below him there are six presidents of the Conferences.

And the list goes on and on. This is probably the powerstructure in the top of the Jesuits:

Arturo Sosa Abascal

Ex superior-general:
Adolfo Nicolas

Assistant Ad Providentiam & president Conference European Provincials:
John Dardis

Assistant Ad Providentiam, Admonitor & Regional Assistant US & Canada:
Douglas Marcouiller

Assistant Ad Providentiam & Regional Assistant South-Asia:
Vernon D'Cunha Assistant

Ad Providentiam & Regional Assistant Africa:
Fratern Masawe

Regional Assistant South Asia:
Lisbert D'Souza

Regional Assistant Pacific Asia:
Daniel Patrick Huang

Regional Assistant Latin America South:
Claudio Paul

Regional Assistant Central & East-Europe:
Tomasz Kot

Regional Assistant South-Europe:
Joaquín Barrero Díaz

Regional Assistant West-Europe:
Victor Assouad

Regional Assistant South-America North:
Gabriel Ignacio Rodríguez

President Conference US & Canada Provincials:
Timothy Kesicki

President Conference South-Asia Provincials:
George Pattery

President Conference Pacific-Asia Provincials:
Mark Raper

President Conference Latin-America Provincials:
Jorge Cela

President Conference Africa & Madagascar Provincials:
Michael Lewis


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