Exit – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

Ooh! Waiter! Waiter! Yes sir? That was the finest meal I’ve ever had in my life! I’m very pleased to hear sir. I’m sure the chef will be – And how much for your exit sign? Eh, excuse me? Your exit signs! I’d like to buy them! I – I’m afraid I don’t understand, sir. You see my boy, when I have an enjoyable experience at a restaurant or show I like to remember it by purchasing the venue’s exit signs. *clap* How much? Sir, that – that would be against fire codes for us to sell and remove – Bring me your manager. I’m – I’m prepared to make an offer. *sighs of resignment* *inaudible* Sir, the exit signs are not for sale, if you would like your own I would be happy to direct you to the company that made and installed them. NO! I want those right there! This meal was amazing and I want to remember it! I’ll give you ten thousand dollars… Sir, I can’t – Uh, what? Yes! Ten thousand dollars! And with that you can buy as many exit signs as you need. Well, I suppose we’ll be fine for a day without exit signs in the restaurant. Alright then! It’s a deal! *minigasm* Absolutely beautiful! *People shouting* God, I’m so richly bored! Oh no! Phew! That was a co-lose one! Now I just need to find…the… exit. oh oh-no oh-no! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Laser Guided Karma:likes stealing exit signs and burning down restaurants. Karma bites him by covering all exits and locking all windows in his own house

I was about to ask why there are no green and white ones but I live in another country than the people that made this

Phew that was a close one. Now I just need to find the exit to- … this… video… wait, oh no. NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

is it just me or are all people stupid, not even being able to remember the way they entered the building, or jump out of the window?

In real life the waiters orgsnised and gave the dude more food&entertainment a.k.a. a diversion, while one of them poped out, bougt the damn sign, poped back in, made a great show of dismantling it and then made a bundle…Jesus how can people be that stupid???

Bullcrap there aren't that many good restaurants in the world. There would be maximum 5 signs there.
If I had a $ for every time someone said "that's a good restaurant" and it turned ou to be crap- well my boy I'd be a coretszazillionaire by now.

How does a guy who cant find his way out of a room get to be rich? Apoarently not by earning the money…to do that you need to be able to find exits even when gasp there's NO sign on the door marking it. That's how we do it in degenerate europe.

Por eso la GALLINA LOCA era REVELADOR de esas cosas decía que ellos saben su condena y no les importa y más cosas

It would be cool, if after that "Noooooo!!", there was a close up and then he would say "Oh, there it is!".

But, karma is also nice… 😈


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