EXCLUSIVE: When One US Missionary Dared to Share the Gospel in Putin’s Russia…

American Donald or Sawadee and his wife Ruth moved to the Russian city of audial 14 years ago my area is 250 miles south of Moscow and they're very very communist they have a very Soviet mentality the couple decided Oreo would be a good place to settle down buy a small home and start evangelizing I am there to give them the gospel of Jesus Christ to tell them of the good news of salvation to do that these Baptist missionaries placed gospel tracts with their home address in every single mailbox of each apartment building in audio there are 320,000 people in or yeol so everybody has received a personal invitation from me with a with a plan of salvation and people responded after a small church began some gave their lives to Christ and were baptized so everybody knows we're there we're operating openly it's no secret what we're doing and why we're doing it and we're the only Americans within 250 miles so everybody in town knows that I am the American but on Sunday morning August 14th 2016 their work came to a screeching halt I had been expecting it for 3 weeks before that and then when they walked in I thought okay here goes let's pause here for a moment 25 days before on July 20th Russian President Vladimir Putin signed new amendments to a law that govern religious life under the guise of confronting terrorism Putin gave authorities the power to ban preaching praying proselytizing and handing out religious materials outside government-sanctioned churches the US State Department warned the move signaled a troubling Russian trend of intimidation and harassment sir Kyra Kubas organization works in Russia and in 13 other countries of the former Soviet Union let's see what now this law is known among evangelical Christians in Russia as an anti missionary law because it places harsh restrictions on an angelical churches and foreign missionary organizations among other things the law required foreign missionaries to have a permit to evangelize also reading your Bible singing or simply praying outside a registered Church even in a home became illegal Ramin lankan is a lawyer with the Slavic center for law and justice the law inflicted serious damage because suddenly many Christians feared that just talking about faith or sharing her with others about God was a crime Andrea this Nets kill is a prominent Russian commentator so basically the law tells us not to do anything that can be called a missionary activity including saying I believe in Jesus for instance supporters say the law is necessary to confront terrorism especially acts perpetrated by radical Muslims but rock UBA insists there's a more sinister agenda but the Russian authorities are trying to restrict the Protestant and evangelical movements and stop them from spreading their influence and the message of the gospel back in oriole more than three weeks after the lost passage or Sawadee was hold preaching when Russian officers suddenly appeared these three policemen walked right into our house where we meet and have our services his wife snapped these pictures of the plainclothes officers did knock on the door they didn't say anything they just walked in they waited for or Sawadee to finish his sermon then started interrogating everyone and asked them what are you doing here what does this guy do here hours later he was taken to the police station I was charged with illegal missionary activity or Sawadee then became the first American convicted under the new law or Sawadee who lives around 200 miles south of Moscow was fined six hundred and forty dollars for holding religious services in his home as well as putting up posters in the community advertising for those meetings he appealed twice before a local court and lost and he's not alone lankan who represents OSA Woori says almost three dozen people mostly Russians have fallen prey to the law Jehovah's Witnesses sent ologist and Mormons have also been targeted and just last month Russian yoga instructor was arrested for illegal missionary activity but there's one group that's been left alone the Moi's unlikely to affect the Orthodox Church which some 70% of Russians say they belong to for the moment never never never because now the russian orthodox church is closely associated with the state's dis Natsuki who is russian orthodox says there are growing numbers within his church that see all non Orthodox Christians as cults or foreign spies and he's not happy about it for some Protestants are if not enemies then potential danger so they need to the opinion some containing actually the word Orthodox in Russian province la vie means the proper way to glorify God which implies that every other way is improper the Russian Orthodox Church has a powerful ally in Vladimir Putin the president has elevated the church's prominence and influence in recent years in fact in some corners of Russian society the Orthodox Church is considered the National Church and this idea is being propagated by mass media society and unfortunately in by the Orthodox Church and the government so far suwari this is a fight for all non Orthodox faiths to have the right to practice their beliefs free in Russia if I don't have the right to sit in my own house with my friends and read the Bible and pray then nobody has that right in this country whether the Russian citizens or foreign visitors for now the OSA wadis have stopped holding church services in their home while they appeal his conviction before Russia's Supreme Court George Thomas CBN News Moscow

Why is this man lying through his teeth? Russia is communist? Is he that stupid to be ignorant of the fact that communism fell in 1991 and today Russia has one of the highest percentage of people recognizing themselves as christians. It's more like he is trying to sell ice to a land that is covered by snow most of the year. Now I know why evangelists and street preachers are hated across the globe.

Back to 1950s. Stalin era. That’s cause Christ has the power of economic progress that the govt doesn’t want in Russia.

Russian Orthodoxy has stood for centuries before watered down modernist protestantism. They don't want the heretical Western Christianity invading their country. They have already suffered the consequences of allowing screwy doctrines in teachings into their lands.

So Russia government is o so against God, we live already in revelation from bible, the antichrist is about to show up, wen the uptake begins will be every hard time for the one stay behind, the only way to stay save you have to give your hart to Jesus

Russia is just trying to prevent their Christian country from this Baptist trying to destroy Christianity.

These people need to be kicked out of Russia. These trouble makers go back America and convert the papan Americans to your religion…

Protestantism is seen as what it is in Russia, a mess of sentimental sects and schisms that only weaken true Christianity, not some 40 year-old pseudo-Christian "church". Protestants do have the right to be so, but the problem is that anything that looks too Catholic/Orthodox for them is seen as a place to make noise, scream and roll on the floor like they always do to try to convert.

For anyone who is struggling with life. I wanted to kill myself last year. It felt like I had demons in my brain manipulating my mind. I couldnt think clearly. I couldnt choose my thoughts they were being put into me. Everyday it got worse. I barely ate, barely slept, I was dying. My brain hurt, I was constantly getting light headed. The world didn't look the same anymore. It didnt matter how anything looked even if it was beautful, everything looked like hell but I didnt want it to. I wanted to help people, I always have but there was a constant opposition that wasnt coming from me, I couldn't fix my mind. I was afraid to trust God but I knew if I listened everything would be okay.

I failed two semesters of college because of this. One of the few friends I had died and because of this problem I couldnt be the brother he always was to me while he was alive. Then my nephew got a really bad sickness. If he would have died I would have died. At the time I felt like I failed alot of people, because I did and I felt like I had failed him, I didn't feel like I deserved to live. It didnt feel right. I tried to fix my mind so I could do better in this life but it only got worse. God healed my nephew from a disease that should have killed him. Real authentic bible following Christians prayed in the name of Jesus and my nephew was healed. Even the doctor asked us if we believed in God because he said my nephew was alive by some miracle. I didnt kill myself because my nephew survived. I kept going but my mind was still messed up. I kept letting people down.

Eventually I got fed up with myself. I got to the point that I didn't care what happened to me. I disregarded myself completely for the sake of others. Even though my mind was absolute hell I read the bible, I prayed and trusted God.
The more time I spent with God the less, worry, hate, anger and paranoid I got. I learned to love people that I had no reason to love. I dont want to hurt people.
The only reason I still do mma is for my coach that got killed. The last thing he told me before he died was that he couldnt wait to see me in mma, I feel like I have to fight, I know he didn't die for nothing, it wont be for nothing. Eventually my mind was free from all that hell, it took awhile only because I had a real hard time trusting in God but once I just let go and trusted God no matter what I became free from all that mental hell. I have mental clarity now. I have peace, I can breathe. I know alot of things in life dont make sense sometimes but I promise you there is life in Jesus. All of you matter. Dont listen to anyone who tells you that you dont. You are more than significant. theres a guy named dan mohler on youtube that explains the gosple of Christ very well, Look up Dan Mohler- what is our purpose

Russia is already Christian and Orthodox at that. Stamping out heresy is good. No offense to the well intentioned.

All the people Judging them, as fake,how would you like it if they did the same to you if you went to America & banned your religious expression? your rejoicing now but remember what goes around comes around,,,Jr

This is the reason Russia is banning these nutcases. The Russians don't need fake western Christianity and Putin knows one of the ways to bring down nations or religious nations is to first attack with soft power which isreal, britian and america have done for to long. Christ is with Russia and God once again has showered the Russians with many blessings and just wait a while longer and you all will see the rise true Christianity in Russia and be a torch bearer for the the believers around the world. The grand Prince saint Putin of Russia is a true soldier of God.

Oh no protestants can't impose their religious in oh wait Hallelujah Imposing and forcing your religion on people is not going to work Russia gets it You don't keep blabbing on about Jesus don't get me wrong I'm Catholic and I love adore and worship him but you can't impose your beliefs you can't just go up to everyone in say let me talk to you about Jesus what you have to do is not use words not bother people but show them how you live why do you guys think you get the door slammed in your faces so many times and now hopefully you guys understand that it is not good to do because if you do it in Russia you'll get arrested Get it right Jesus says use words when necessary he doesn't say do it all the time you preached by actions

Get your facts straight, Russia is a Christian country! Theirs is the ancient faith of Orthodox Christianity as delivered by the apostles.

Evangelicals and Orthodox believers should unite under the banner of Christ. They both believe the Bible is God’s word and Jesus is the way to heaven. Why can’t they accept each other?

These evangelicals are idiots. Don't they realize that, even though communism, the orthodox faith remained intact? Go preach to the ones who never heard the word of God, not to the ones who are more ancient than you.

Catholic Orthodox Christianity is the only true faith divided by the schism of 1054. We need to pray for the end of Protestantism and for the convert of everyone to the true faith.

So many lies in one short video. Why do you fool christians? Why do you incite them against each other by demonic lies? Isn't it written in your Bible, "By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." Stop bringing hatred to Russian people of faith. Read the laws carefully and woe onto you if you do not repent.

What a disgusting joke!

These scam artists are not Christians at all, they are liars.

The Russian Orthodox Church is the most solid, authentic Church on the planet.

Shame on these disgusting people. Hopefully a Priest will come out and poor some Holy Water in their ugly faces.

Putin is a Very Religious Christian man than any other Western leaders. Google yourself on internet, about his religious life.

It's about time those protestant heretics Get what they deserve I lluse to be Baptist but I converted to the Catholic Church

Our Church was creatrd by Christ through the apostles not some guy claiming the Holy Spirit guided him too , even Luther said Mary was the Mother of God

May God continue to curse Vladimir Putin and the Russia Orthodox Church for their persecution of Christian evangelism. The bad U.S. and Russia relations will continue as a curse from God as they continue to persecute these innocent ones.

Why are Americans so interested to go to foreign lands and forcefully impose their laws on Russians? Russians have their own yradituons and culture and Americans shall learn to respect that. No American shall be allowed to bring in Protestant culture to foreign lands.


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