Every Christian a Missionary – David Platt

Every Christian a Missionary - David Platt

you look back at great moments when the gospel has advanced most rapidly most urgently most broadly and you will see that it has happened when the whole church has realized its responsibility for every disciple to make disciples I was in India as reading about the Moravians again 18th century the small band of believers whose hearts were gripped by the Great Commission their whole motto was that every Christian is a missionary literally that was their motto wherever they lived wherever they worked every Christian was been a part of the spread of the gospel one historian said the most important contribution of the Moravians was their emphasis that every Christian is a missionary and should witness through his daily vocation in this they became one of the most remarkable missionary churches in Christian history Oh God do it again this is it it's what happens when we believe this when we actually believe that every disciples a disciple maker when we actually believe that the Great Commission is not for some of us but it's for all of us this is what happens when followers of Christ decide that there are no spectators in the church and followers of Christ realized that we're all invited to be involved in a grand global mission and we all got different callings and vocations I'm the pastor you're an engineer you're in sales and medicine and law and education finance you're a student you're a stay-at-home mom but whatever our calling or vocation might be at the moment the command is the same for us all make disciples and so we each ask everyday how can I live my life how can i leverage my job my skills my education and my family for the sopretty the gospel do people ride around me how can I make disciples where I live and work and play and then as I make disciples around me how can I be a part of the spread of the gospel to people's around the world how can I pray and give and go to them as God leads what if we're all actually doing this what might happen as we make disciples of all nations think about it we will multiply churches among all nations this is what happens when disciples make disciples think about the book of Acts so many things that we associate with church today are nowhere to be found in that book exquisite buildings including this one elaborate programs you got the book of Acts you got the people of God the Word of God the spirit of God and that's enough to spread the gospel exponentially the more we complicate disciple-making the more we stifle church multiplication when every disciple makes disciples the inevitable result is multiplying churches every time

People do not want to hear the truth. They do not understand our mandate. We are all called to be missional whether home or abroad, no matter what your occupation. The problem is that we are too mission minded and not missional. We need to put our feet and hands to missions. The Gospel needs to be shared!! To believe any other way is to interpret the Bible to justify your disobedience. If you have not experienced the fullness of His blessings, planting a seed and seeing the results, you are truly missing a miracle!

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Everyone has his her own way with God…and I don't think God wants me to go to for example India because I would definitely get raped and then killed when I can lead more people here better to God in the way I am and live. Everyone has his own purpose and I think women should be feminine and take care of children and their husbands and not go out alone …who listens to a female preacher when she is beautiful? No they would rape her and then forget about her.

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