Engaging with Translated Scriptures

Scripture engagement is the area
that really gets me excited. Scripture engagement is
the activities that we do, the workshops we do, that
actually bring people to interact with the Word. People can see
that God’s Word is relevant to their
day-to-day lives. [MUSIC PLAYING] We’ve seen congregations, by
the end of those activities, in tears over how
powerful it is when they hear God’s Word
in their own language, when they recognize that,
hey, God doesn’t just speak Indonesian, but he
speaks my language too. And he cares about how I talk
and the words that I use. Seeing the huge need here for
people to really understand the Word keeps me
really motivated to continue with this work. Once it’s out there, there are
so many ways it can be used. It can have a life of its own. [MUSIC PLAYING] We understand the
power of God’s Word, and we really have a hope
that this whole region can be transformed. I pray for revival. That’s in my heart. We know there’s a spiritual
battle going on here. We’ve seen it with our own eyes. It’s very real. We want the people
to have the freedom that they can have in Christ. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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