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do you know someone in your life who repeats the same self-defeating behavior over and over again perhaps someone who sees themselves as a failure despite their many successes in life or someone who is often broke despite earning a lot of money can you identify that person or perhaps is that you the thing is these and other negative behaviors are usually the result of living through a traumatic experience when you were a child but this later manifests in our adult lives again and again causing frustration pain and regret now these experiences can seriously damage your relationships your success and prosperity however we can eliminate them when we're able to identify them so step number one identify now the first step to breaking free from having the same self-destructive thoughts or behaviors is recognizing that we have them in the first place it certainly can feel terrifying facing our fears but the truth is that this is the only way to move forward step number two is to set goals once you've identified and accepted that there are a few things that you need to change about yourself set a couple of attainable and realistic goals the more specific the better then step number three is to create change if you want to create change you need to start by detaching yourself from the negative belief or imprint that you believe to be true for each of your negative police think of a specific situation where you did something that was the opposite to your belief for example if you've ever thought I'm not smart counter actor with a thought that proves that this is not true such as well a week ago I was praised for my excellent performance at work and then keep adding as many of these positive statements to your list to completely defeat your negative subconscious beliefs in step number four is to discover the source theme back to a specific situation when you're a child or a teenager and for the first time this belief emerged what cause will trigger this belief what experiences brought you to this conclusion the more detailed you can get there the better in fact if you take my success block a quiz at the end of this video and then register for my upcoming webinar I will walk you through a process that shows you exactly how to do this plus I'll also walk you through an exercise to remove your most debilitating limiting beliefs then step number five is to find support surround yourself with people that have your back and with whom you can trust if you don't have that kind of support around you find a group online the more you can surround yourself with positive people who are on a similar journey to you the greater your success will be

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