Dreams Premonitions and ESP science in a new key kiwiconnexion practical theology

Do you ever have dreams that seem to predict
future events? Or premonitions about these things?
Or perhaps feel that someone is trying to contact you by phone, mail, or email, hours
or literally just minutes before it actually happens?
These and similar phenomena are common enough experiences, but, they defy explanation.
And, even if folk do talk about them, they are often dismissed as just being subjective.
They are not considered real, and certainly can’t stand up to scientific scrutiny.
Well, that’s the conventional wisdom. But there were some surprises in a recent
survey of 3,000 scientists from the UK, France and Germany.
It seems as if many scientists are increasingly sceptical about the radical scepticism of
the scientific method. David Lorimer, programme director for the
Scientific and Medical Network, shares a summary of those survey results.
Learn more about the interface of science, religion and spirituality.
The first link below will take you to the full interview with David.
In the meantime, I’m David Bell for kiwiconnexion.nz and the practical theology channel.
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