Dragon Head & Torso, Twinkling Stones ► Dark Souls 3 Location Guide

The dragon torso stone can be found in Irithyll
Dungeon near the lift up to the shortcut. It is on a stone dragon sitting in the “path
of the dragon” position. If you look left you will be able to see Archdragon Peak in
the distance. The dragon head stone is located after defeating
Ancient Wyvern in Archdragon Peak. In order to get there, you need to defeat Oceiros,
the consumed King and get the “path of the dragon” gesture from the corpse in the room
behind his boss room. Once this has be acquired,
head back to the place you found the dragon
torso stone and use this gesture right next to it. You will then be ported to Archdragon
peak. The Ancient Wyvern is just up the hill and
there is a bonfire right before it. The Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone can be found
after the Great Belfry bonfire in Archdragon Peak. Just down the stairs and out into the
sunny area are tons of serpent men enemies. At the very end of the area, past them all,
is an altar where you will once again use the “path of the dragon” gesture to receive
this stone. After acquiring the Twinkling Dragon Torso
Stone speak with Blacksmith Andre and he will give you Hawkwood’s Swordgrass. After acquiring
this you can travel to the Abyss Watchers bonfire in Farron Keep and fight Hawkwood
for the Twinkling Dragon Head Stone. Be warned, however, this is an extremetly tough fight
and he will take your Dragon Stones if you die.

Thank you for your amazing job man !
Don't listen to all these haters, I think DS3 just put too much salt in them 😀
That's the problem of our era, you don't know why a game just become instantly famous, then you find tons of streamers on that game and so many trash talkers, casual players just come around some extremely good and passionate channels and start to disrespect people….

I have all the pieces, Andre isn't giving me Hawkwoods item. You're missing info bro. Aren't you the one who made the guide?

For some reason in my game me sitting at the altar never gave me the torso stone and I went back several times. I was very upset and couldn't think of a reason why.

Bell-free not Bell-fry…

Ark not Arch…

Other than that, thanks for the info.

For real though pronunciation is easy…

Yeah, let me go back to this random place and use this gesture for no reason to get teleported into dragon land.
Who figured this out?

Couldn't you have used a lloyd's talisman ( or whatever it's called in this game) to stop hawkwood from drinking estus?

but how do you use the stones? and what is the best way to use them? do you use the head and torso stones at the same time?

i need help plz!! i kinda killed Hawkwood early game (actually the 1st time i got to firelink shrine) and now that i just got the twinkling dragon torso stone, Andre is not giving me the swordgrass…is it cause of dead Hawkwood or am i missing something?? :/
plzzzzz someone

i found hawkwoods shield on a grave and thought he died but nope just threw it away and returned to the legion

ok so i need help. I have the head and torso also the twinkling toso..but when i talk to andre he doesnt wven bring up the grass. and so i think its glitched or something. i dont know what to do

this guide is kinda bad, what about poeple whoi havent gotten through the shortcut yet, maybe they missed it entirely?

cause i for one had that happen to me, and im at the kiln of the first flame . so yeah

Very pissed right now. I watched this video three times. I even watched other videos. I did everything that you see in this video. The blacksmith wont give me that item. I think my game is glitched. Does this only work on your first journey or something? Never mind I got it now. I had to talk to this asshole in the firelink and then I actually had to quit the game and reload the game then talk to the blacksmith to get the item which makes no fucking sense. So it was glitched…

Can you get the all dragon stones, even if you don't do Hawkwood's questline, and that he left Firelink? I only have the one for beating the Ancient Wyvern, and then I noticed that he completely is gone.

i started new game plus and already got the dragon trose and head, aswell as the newly aquired sparkling dragon troso but the smith didn't give me anything.

hawkwood is sa the fire link shrine for me i haven't killed him yet and im not getting the sword grass someone help please

SOMEBODY HELP ME !!! I fucking did all of those steps but when I get to farron keep theres nobody there !!! Why !!

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Wtf i have the farron ring on and i spoken to andrea and the only option that i can do is talk and he wont give me anything

You didn't mention you had to do hawkwoods quest to get it and for anyone reading you have to kill the abyss watchers and then place the cinders you get from them then spam A or X or E on them till he gives you the farron ring and then save and reload the area

Umm so I guess I'm fucked because I never saw Hawkwood at the firelink shrine. Trust me, as soon as I killed Gundyr I looked for him and he wasn't there

"…it's a challenging fight"
>Straight sword
>Turtles behind shield
>R1 spam
>Chugs at the worst times

You just need to GIT GUD CASUL

I got the three dragon stones the. Spoke with Andre and he did nothing
I as even in dragon form and he did nothing As well
I have jot ru g the great bell, is that a requirement?
I am in new game 2(three total playthrough)
I have not slain the souls of cinder, yet have killed all else except the nameless King and the ringed city bosses
I have the Faron ring, but have not gotten it this run, do I have to ALL of his questline in order to get the fresh Farron ring THEN do this all again in NG+3? Cause F that

Ya left out using the path of the dragon 🐲 gesture to receive the essential calamity ring, the farron ring from halkwood and tho summing halkwood to help reach the summit of dragon peak is not necessary it would've been a gr8 adage to the questline.


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