Dr. Walter Williams | Spirituality vs. Religion (20Mar05)

the stoical origin of Islam and also in starkville origins of Christianity Wow and my pleasure to bring them in its dock brother dr. Walter Williams and the topic of the lecture is gonna be three steps towards liberation for Africans born in America spirituality versus religion that's a hot topic that's two talking everybody should get some phone and it's also subtitled the star who origins of Christianity Judaism and Islam now what we're going to do is with a half a lecture the brother is going to do a question and answers and after the question asks we're gonna have a break for about an hour or so and then we're gonna come back and he's going through another presentation for everyone so you know it's my pleasure once again introduce dr. Walter Wade hey thank you Shabazz and I want you to greet everyone in our ancestors the ancient Egyptians greeting of mail hotel oh you put the makeup in there because we have to give cosmic balance to the universe and to humanity and you cannot do that unless you add the woman in it you have to add the female so therefore I always say maiya hotel and I want to thank brother Chappell and his wife Jamila for bringing me here to New York to be with you at this very moment and also I want to thank our gracious host and hostess lady Browne and Clemson Brown and of course I couldn't be here if it wasn't for my wife so I have to give my good thanks and high praise to my wife or never for getting me together to come here to be with you at this very moment now the lecture is going to be on three steps towards liberation for the African born in America now just like you know everyone know about Willie Lynch village came to America the latter part of the 18th century you want a message to the slave plantation owners in America about how to treat their slave population and those slaves were our ancestors and everybody knows or should know what the villainous theology is about is if I did know about the Willie Lynch theology ok so he told us straight on us if you use my theory and put this in the minds and into the life and into the actions of your slaves then what I'm gonna tell you what you gonna teach them from this theology is that it will be in place in the Negro race for four hundred even a thousand years ok so here I am today the Year 2005 I'm going to give you a liberation message to liberate us as a people if you understand my message is very simple you understand my message then you will be liberated it's just very moment and you will if you even if you don't see me again in life you can use this method that I'm going to spell out to you and if you use that then you can be free spiritually free and you can be liberated now the first step in our liberation is that we are going to have to know something about ourselves because what has happened to us as a people living in North America and throughout the world as African people we have been deluged inundated and our minds has been infested with these various religions the Bible God oh this damn white melon across this Jesus Christ thing oh this prophet mohammed salameh alaikum and so forth in song and I'm a black Hebrew Israelite and so forth and so on so therefore we're going to have to bring some type of clarification about these various religions now I've written two books one is called the historical origin of Christianity the thesis of this particular book it says here there's never been a man that ever walked the earth in human form of any race Pete of color by the name of Jesus Christ never existed okay now that's a very bold statement but I had to make that statement because I want this information to be imparted to one race of people this is reason why I wrote this book for one race of people on and that's us Africans living in North America and Africans living throughout the world okay this is a message for you if you want to read it you buy this book you don't want it it's okay because I don't make a living selling books okay so it's a message in here for you and I've written this book the historical origin of Christianity my second book is called the historical origin of Islam the thesis of this book is saying that there's never been a man that ever walked the earth in human form by the name of a prophet Muhammad of Islamic tradition never existed submit so we're dealing with religions based off of mythology we're dealing with religions based off of fiction we're dealing with religions is based off a life with building with religion says and has deceived all of mankind and I'll tell you how you have been to see as we go further in the lecture so this is my second book also written for the african community this book is not sold in european a white bookstore none of the african bookstores around America in the Caribbean and throughout the UK now Europeans can buy this book they're going to borders the Barnes and Nobles and they can buy from my distributor or go online you can buy yeah but anyway these two books and my lectures is geared for one group and one race of people and that's us us Africans living in America and throughout the world now our first step of liberating ourselves is that we are going to have to know who we are spiritually if you do not know who you are spiritually then you're going to be in trouble okay because anybody can come up to you and give you anything because you don't know anything about yourself what happened to us as the people and people in journal all over the world is that don't have time of your innocence meaning that during the time of your childhood your parents your grandparents a someone came into your life and introduce you to a religion okay and you being an innocent child you could not say mom dad I don't want to be a Christian you can set that for your child so you you you grow up with this graphical cross with a dead white man around your neck and you don't even know what it means you don't know anything about Christianity you don't know anything about religion and next thing you know you you're singing apart there is room at the cross for you and you don't know why are you singing that you see so oh the first thing that a human name of any race creed or color needs to know some facts about who you are spiritually individually okay now let me tell you some facts you can't deny this every human on earth was created and bought for as a human being into this world as a human being by the creative creators force that use their mother and father as human instruments to bring forth and every human on earth of all races creeds in color okay you you and I are not exceptions to that we were brought forth by the same type of creation hey when we came out of our mother's womb the universal creator creatress gave us everything that we will spiritually need to sustain ourselves for the rest of our lives but never gave us a religion it was man who gave us the religion man gave us the religion a religion that we know nothing about you were not born with the religion we don't breathe it go and look at your birth certificate and see whether you have Christian on there but you have Muslim on there or you have black Ebru Israelite ISM on then when you have Jew on day a buddhist on them it won't be there you are a free spirit here with me this is what you were born with you were born free of all of that I'll tell you what you do go and look at a child just stand back and look at a child you don't even better tell the child or nobody what you're doing stand back and look at a child boy or girl and you look at that child and you say that child knows nothing about knowing Jesus Christ the channels nothing about no Christianity that child is innocent of all of this foolishness out here until dip some a one their parents come along and introduce this child to something that they don't know anything about because the child's grandparents introduced the child's mother and father to a religion that they do know nothing about and the great grandparent keeps going back did the same thing to the grandparents you see so here we are today settle down with a religion that we know nothing about nothing about it so that's the reason why I wrote this book the historical origin of Christianity to explain to the African community about Christianity and about Islam so therefore every human was born free of all religion is that true yeah okay let me a a I'm a man Carraway but anyway every element was born with the pineal gland and that pineal gland is a sensor organ assists in the middle of your brain it serves as a receiver and a sender between you the human being and the universe you see that's where you get your freedom from your mind is connected to the universe which is infant ok it's infinity you can do anything with your mind everything that you see in this physical form came from the invisible spiritual realm first it came up in someone's mind ok this auditorium this building was wasn't here at one time it was just in someone's mind and he took this building whatever you see in here and put it on paper and then produce it from the drawing but it came from someone's mind so your mind is very very strong and how are you connected with that through your pineal gland which is the sensor organ like I said it's just in the middle of your brain it serves as a receiver and a center between you the human being and the universe you see now your bottom of your pineal gland are you natural what do you do with your natural you intake air to keep that indwelling spirit alive inside of you that's how you keep in consciousness with the universe through your pineal gland has nothing to do religion see if it was given to you this is show indwelling divine spiritual birthright this is your birthright okay has nothing to do with the religion has nothing to do no it's not my welcome that's nothing to do dead right no no problem has nothing to do with that nothing whatsoever see so therefore you had to know something about yourselves first know that you were born free of our religion know that you were born a free spirit will the human being this is what you were born with this is your end dwelling the banks bill to portray not a religion the man comes along and gives your religion see and then man comes along to go along with that religion which is all packaged up it gives you God you see and then he gives you in that same package of religion gives you a Bible okay now you know nothing about the religion Christianity Islam and adult religion know nothing about it that's all in your packets you know nothing about God you don't nothing about the Bible because all these things Christianity or religion the Bible and God you have to believe in them one has to believe this is without your belief in the Bible without your spirituality connected to God without your belief in the day of white nominal crowds none of those three things will have life now my wife uh never came to me one day and she says Walter I would tell you something about God I said okay she says God is an abstract idea that needs human spirituality to give it life I'm gonna repeat that is never found I'm gonna repeat it again maybe you've missed it she told me she says God isn't out straight idea that needs human spirituality to give it a nave I said Wow just like I heard someone say wow I did the same thing wow that's profound that's true without you without you heaven and giving God and this day of white melmac Rawls and Islam alaikum and it's probably Mohammed and this Yahweh and this Jehovah and I'm a black Hebrew Israelite and the Bible and I've come from the blood of Abraham and all of that foolishness well that would not have life why because if you only knew who you are spiritually and what she was given at the time of your birth spiritually then no one can welcome do you said hey sister come on be a Christian hey I'm these days I was born with it you keep that and you walk away somebody said it's on my way come hey mister go away from me with that John okay I was uh talk radio uh January 24th out of Los Angeles California and young lady came on the air she says I'm a black Hebrew Israelites ah I'm from the race of the black Hebrew / oh my goodness and I began to ask her questions and all is so you found a blood man she said yes I'm from the blood of Abraham I says where was Abraham buried the big silence came over and I said miss are you there you sure she couldn't tell me you know I said okay well was this Abraham go on according to a tradition and she couldn't tell me she you know so what are you doing to your lies out of ignorance of who you are you don't know about these various religions you don't know what has been put upon you now I talked about a God briefly I'm gonna get into God I don't want anyone in this audience to think that I'm an eighth yes okay I know that there's a higher power than Walter Williams and any human being walking this earth I know that I don't believe that I know that you know how I know that hey I am done on this is the fro I know there's nothing created me what cleared me I don't know I don't know see I come and bring a lecture to you and a lecture around the country and I bring you the facts I don't waffle if I don't know something I tell you I don't know that that's fair I'm not gonna tell you something that will send you all half cup and say it dr. Walter Williams told me that and I'd be wrong uh-uh I have to be as right as I can because I'm bringing a message to you okay and I don't want to give you know miss information I am NOT an atheist when I talk to you about God now tell people God is a man you have to understand that it's the whole part about liberation God is a man if you don't believe that god it's not a man every time an individual used to term God they say he his or him that correct so God's a man and when you go to the Webster's dictionary and look up God it says a male deity okay doesn't say up female business deity now what about the female there are you mentioned a female these religions kill the female out of their religion okay and you female sit up there and let all Reverend Ct chicken wing do that to you okay and you don't said nothing about me if you don't even question him okay time of the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost what about the woman will be no damn father and the son either without the female huh fuck you let these guys get them saying watch out I said don't sisters don't let them do you like that got to put me out in there without me out you wouldn't be in a hotel okay so we have to bring back to reality okay God is a term that can only be used for religious purposes only that's all outside of religion God has no power where does God gets his power from tell me from from where you'll bleed in what in God you give God your spiritual power it's a power that you was given free at the time of your birth so God has no power now people are trained wrong because this is part of the of Jesus seed that is connected to these various religion now let me explain this you have the creation of the Sun the moon the sky stars air water earth and vegetation animals and youth energy is that correct okay as part of creation isn't it okay now why would you allow anybody to reduce all of that creation down to amen what would you do that a man a man does not have any power a man cannot make anything with life in it by himself a female cannot make anything with lightning by herself can't do it it's impossible the female and the male has to get together and procreate together to bring forth life okay but man you're late I can't make anything with life another a rat roars dog okay I can't do it okay female oh say anyway so we had to understand something so now here you have allowed these misguided ministers to introduce you to God and tell you that God is Almighty no no no Oh God has no power only the power that you give it going back to what my wife said God is an abstract idea that needs human spirituality to give it life without you giving it life glad I don't have no power so don't miss I'll be mislaid but these misguided ministers telling you they're ok so this is this is part of our first step of liberation see now it's up to you to deliver I can't never rate you you have to do this is that you know you do that you change your man it's changed those thoughts that's floating up here about these various religions ok that's that's how you you liberate just I'm giving you the keys to liberate yourself and you can do free yourself you don't need to go to church you don't need God in your life God needs you you don't need God see so oh the worst enemy in our community you know who it is huh the minister Reverend Ct chicken wing he's the one he says that he's the worst culprit in our community why because he keeps encouraging us to go and bow down to a dead white man lean across every opportunity that you can get is that true ok so therefore that's our enemy he's telling you to bow down and worship our enemy the enemy on that cross does a dead white man the same white man that put our ancestors into slavery huh and now he's telling you to go down there bring all your troubles to Jesus you see and anything you need to take care of it you see but now let's go back to the plantation now Oh Massa on the plantations that correct ok and old Massa had an overseer by name of balls child another ignorant white man that right ok now we are supposed to have gotten free from slavery due to the Massa patient proclamation of a drawn up January 1st 1863 and then 1865 we're supposed to have really got emancipated from slavery and so therefore with slavery being supposedly ended well we as a people African people live in America so to have gained our freedom but we didn't do it you were free to move around to a certain extent because you got the Jim Crow laws that came in but to a certain extent but then our minds was not free you see now who took the place of boss Charlie for all Massa tell me who the preacher that's the guy took both Charlie's place to keep you in line to keep you worshiping boss Charlie but now Bob's job is on the prowl cause Jesus the Christ see especially isn't it and y'all sit up there and just take it all in oh boy you're becoming an organ asleep land and all of the stuff begun yeah I'll be singing Roman to cross crushes Lord take my hand lead me on to promise man no this other kind of foolish scene you think they don't know what you're doing don't know who you are spiritually don't know what was given to you as a human being at the time of your birth don't know that you confused so that's the first step of your liberation and then collectively we can say our liberation okay because we then we have to bond together and unify ourselves away from these various religions why because you know who you are spiritually that's very simple now I've given you a hand up everybody got one of these I'm gonna show you how destructive religions are now turn to the second page on the second page what do you see there you see a little brother boy right and what does it stay rhe Midway of that of that page what does it say someone read it out loud what does it say okay okay you see what happened this little boy is praying to who come on his pan to his god it says he's praying to his God this is a disgrace this is the reason why Shabaab and his wife bought me in to tell you and show you this right here in Brooklyn okay just a boy may be living next door to you his parents introduced him to this junk assassinating his spirituality this little boy is gonna pass this on to his children and his children don't pass it on to their children it has to stop this is a disgrace do you hear me this is a discipline everybody in here now should be crying I should be passing out clinic tissue you should be crying looking at this this is a disgrace this is what is happening and has happening and continued to be happening to us as the people just is it who is doing who encourages this little boy Reverend Ct chicken wing okay that's the reason why we have no more power that's a young lady's hair stroke you have given it all away that's the reason why we're not unified because there's so many religious denominations out here girl my father me my pastor said I don't have to be baptized into blood of Jesus and my pastor says this and my pastor say it there and so on so it's all confusion okay I'm a moves on okay I don't like Christian okay I'm a black Hebrews I'm different okay and everybody all this division out here okay so this is what has happened to us as a people is right before your face it's right here in Brooklyn you got 7100 in van Jellico and Colonel Costabile churches here in the city it doesn't say how many other denominations of other churches that distilling oh that's a lot of churches okay lots of churches something is wrong why the cost of people throughout the whole entire world has been inundated Deleuze and their minds has been infested with religions okay now I'm gonna tell you how that infestation is continuing to come about and how it came about now I want you to listen up in the minds of the people throughout the whole entire world Jewish writings control the thinking and the minds of the masses of people throughout the whole town well I will tell you how they do it it's very simple how they do it you have millions and millions and millions of Christians living throughout the world is that correct and they come in many different races crease in color and they speak many different dialects and languages but they have two things in common all Christians have two things in common one that they're all Christians to that they read the Holy Bible that's their goal that's their literature is that right under the one cover of the Holy Bible you have two sets of books the Old Testament and the New Testament is that right now who wrote the Old Testament Jewish writers so in the minds a very Christian whatever the jewels want to tell the Christian community is apron the Bible for you to read it and it didn't it comes in your mind and you believe this stuff because you have been trained that the Bible is the Word of God don't tamper with this see this is back to Reverend chicken wing again he's still out there operating okay now let's move a little further you have millions and millions of Muslims throughout the world right they all come in many different races creeds and colors and they speak many different languages and dialects okay but they too have two things in common one there all of those forms – they all read the Holy Quran that's they're both literature but inside of the Holy Quran you have two sets of books one you have the Pentateuch which is the Old Testament of the first five books of Moses and you have sounds and then the set second step set of books is to for Christian Gospels are in the Quran you see now who wrote the Pentateuch of the Old Testament Jewish writers again so in the minds of every Muslim thinking of the Quran Tomas is Lama alaikum they read this junk and in their minds the indentation of Jewish literature is coming into their mind they believe that you see that they believe it because it was – i'ma tell you something else it was it was the Jews who created it's wrong you create Islam Muslims I have a baby would've died if I telling me huh little baby drop out and have that bonnet right on on the head already coming out of your body okay but in my book I'm explaining out of it so this is how they get Jewish writings capture the minds of every Muslim of every Christian now you have school over you have millions of Jews synagogue gone Jews now okay 71 it goes to Senegal because Judaism there's a lot of different departments of Jews okay but anyway the synagogue on Jew when he goes to the synagogue okay oh and you have Jews of all races creeds and colors again speaking many different languages and dialects okay but now when they go to the synagogue they study out of a book called the sefa arturo Safa means book ha means of the Torah which is the Old Testament in the Old Testament you have the first five books of Moses is called the Pentateuch and and and so forth and so on okay but they too have two things in common they all are Jews based on religion them some are religion religious Jews and they all ready to separate or that's terrible so in the CEFR Torah they too are getting the same thing that the Christians are getting the same thing that the Muslims are getting and they believe it okay then we'll tell you something else very very clever about that now listen that's enough see Judaism is a religion it's not very old but now what the Jews have done by placing this literature in the minds of every Christian every Muslim and the synagogue wangju guess what he has done penis created ABC Jew in your minds but you reading and believing these stories in the Old Testament okay they tell you in the Old Testament that Nebuchadnezzar went into Judea which is Jerusalem and freed the Jews out of there and took them into Babylon all this is biblical garbage something that never happened in human history is the difference you got to know human history from fiction okay so that's how the story goes by way of tradition and then they dub this book I've been done done in 587 BC and then in 536 BC Cyrus to the supposed Persian King which has never been any person came but we gonna go into there came into Babylon and freed the Jews out of Babylon and sent them back into Judea which is to build a second temple now this is tradition the same day okay now in the minds of every Christian every Muslim and every Jew out there reading a story then what have you have created you have created a BC Jew that's what you you look because of the star because you believe it okay Judaism cannot predate Solomon bars they call Rashi number one Judaism cannot predate the first crusade of 1096 Judaism cannot predate Moses may Mon call Maimonides of the 12th and 13th century you can't do that see this is historically incorrect if you try to do that but now this is all I'm telling you about what has happened to us as a people but how you cannot allow these religions to take over and control your life take your life back take your life that we look into questions and answer take your life back okay don't allow them to take control of your life you are a free spirited human being the only thing that you need to know is to help knowledge of who you are spiritually what you were born with and given at the time of your birth but the creative Creations force they use your mother and father as human instruments to give you your humanity and with giving you your humanity a religion was never given to you okay that's your first step of understanding who you are spiritually that will liberate you okay now let's go to the second step of our liberation okay we're gonna go to that second step and the second step of our liberation is that we have to divest ourselves from all religion that's what we're gonna have to do because the best doctor starts our legends anybody walk up to you and try to hand you a day a five minute across run on if you don't want to hit him upside as him somebody tell you a Salaam alaikum you tell them to go straight to hell and take Islam alaikum with you and I alaikum Salaam also okay somebody walk up to you and tell you about you some kind of black Hebrew is your life then you say hey mister get away from me with that foolishness and walk away you don't need it why cuz you know who you are spiritually so you have to divest yourselves from all religions because if you continue with the religion this is what all religions would do for you it'll give you sound effects can you sign a fast that's true now if you go to the doctor and you sit right the doctor is gonna give you some medicine he's gonna prescribe some medicine for you and in this synthetic medicine it's made into a factory but you're gonna end take into your body it's gonna do what give you sound effects that right religions will do the same thing for you give you side effects the first side effects that these religions forgive you is confusion confusion what I mean by that you are confused as to who you are spiritually you see get you we're not confused as to who you are spiritually you see then you wouldn't even embrace the religion first friends that's where your confusion come in you're confused because you don't know who you are spiritually so and then this religion like I said before these religions were imposed upon you about young innocent age in your life as a child and you couldn't say mom dad I don't want to be no Christian I don't want to be no Muslim I don't want to be no black Hebrews is your life I don't want to be no Jew I don't want to be no Buddhist you couldn't do your in your innocence so that's the first side effect yes confusion okay the second side effect it limits your thinking see these religions will limit your thinking because you don't have to think when you embrace the religion all you got to do is do what believe huh you have to call you and just believe there's no thinking done okay everything is laid out for you in a package when you go to the church you sit up there in the Pew Center oh the whole package is laid out for you all you have to do is believe in and have faith in it don't have to think see if your calls listening believe does not give you knowledge because you'd be all I believe in the Lord Jesus try st. give me no knowledge huh I have faith in the Bible that's not giving you knowledge huh so give you knowledge see so that's where you sit in a few of these churches and you sit there not thinking it's just like a mommy oh just like a robot you're sitting there dead and then the minister he don't have to think either because he's got a book full of life that he can preach from and embellished a lie and answer more lies do it then you got a harness up there and acquire of death to sing to get you all the emotional around the can you feeling these oh girl I had the best time in church today I ever had what did the minister said I don't know what he said I sho felt good you see that's got to stop you see now let me show thinking now you allow this menses to tell you that a woman was born from the rib of a man huh why were Jews said let him tell you that you know him question said but Reverend chicken wing that's no proof of that I didn't I wasn't I didn't come from the rib of a man huh then why would you tell me that lie and you sit there you don't Sedna could just tell you anything huh then they tell these Muslims they said seven bowls from say o Abraham and they tell the Jews and the black Hebrews but Abraham must a hundred years old and he woke up one morning yes Sarah Sarah I wanted I want to have a baby with you and she said man I'm 85 years old I don't pull the zipper on it many many years ago okay so you go and get Hagar your Egyptian handmaiden okay this town story though and she will have a baby for you so here's a man eighty a hundred years old got a penis look like a chip in it but he's going now to get Hagar to give up a baby to Hagar goodbye and outcome it's me al you know the Muslim Allah say you should be you know oh man please get away from me you know the story it's my house calls me to progenitor of the Muslims and it goes on and on and on okay and they allow people and these religions and these different preachers and these different emails to tell them all of these facts without even questioning me huh something's wrong with them okay you can't do that and then you have your member of heaven's gates that group called the Heaven's Gate yeah okay they were following an old constipated looking white man you remember and this old white man told these brothers and white folk man to cut their penis off I remember that yeah hold it me Jeremy hey man you got some a great big old knife big old sharp butcher knife who took the pills I can't let me just thank you me tell me you all now somebody come up to you to cut your Johnson Oh how you gonna do that huh and you sit up there and do it and when the police found these Falls there they fall back to Bracken then these guys have pinion live Johnson has been cut off okay you can't tell me to cut my penis off oh my god I can't you want me to cut it off okay so tell y'all this well Jim Jones got those people down there and gave him some cool Railly was they was following this white boy because you look like Jesus he turned on say okay I'm kill all you bastard giving him kool-aid so his religion let Michelle think that's that's the second side effect is limit your thinking then the third side effect is animation what do you mean by animation on Christmas times they tell you these pieces tell you that Jesus was born in the manger that his mother and father Mary and Joseph went into Bethlehem and the ending people said there's no room for you in the end so you went out in the wilderness and they found a bomb and they made a manger other for the baby Jesus now and three wise men appear from the east bearing gifts to the king this is what they tell you now what happens to you sitting in the pews this is the stress story you begin to animate that huh you begin to animate that it becomes real to you because you have put it into your subconscious mind you subconscious minds right here okay and then from your subconscious mind it's super imposes on you into your life like this little boy on this picture this little on his picture this image right here it's being superimposed into his subconscious mind okay when he closes his eyes to pray who does who does he see huh you see this white man that's his God okay and another thing when you know who you are spiritually what you were born with spiritually you don't have to pray praying is a flaunts of begging you don't have to pray Oh Lord in the name of Jesus I want you to send me a car I need a car you can pray all you want to but won't be not knock on that door and you open the door they say I have your car waiting for you to carries the keys uh-uh-uh you can forget that see so you be praying for the rest of your life and having the biggest transfer that you can find you may have to have a transfer tattoo and you palm of your hand something you get on the budget short you gonna be praying for a car okay praying is a form of egg and it's a waste of time okay now I'm gonna tell you something else the fourth fear – this the side effects it's fear okay they tell you that if you do not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ you're going to die and go to hell so they attack if oh okay don't get myself right with the loss you know you go to a funeral for overwhelming chicken wing got you okay he you sitting up in a few but now I'm dead body in a casket okay you got you then you say okay let me put it on it's an effing listen you gotta get yourself together for you being this box here okay you gotta get together with the Lord Jesus cry and he scares the hell out you knew first thing you do when you leave I understand you're gonna go down to chickens chick chick going over here let me join the church give me a cross is that true yes it's true so you don't need to pray it's a form of begging you need that in your life you see so that is the second step of our liberation we have to divest ourselves from all religions okay because you don't learn about these religions anyway a woman came up to me after lecture she said dr. Williams I think yes she said I'm a Christian so okay see I have no right to tell you not to be a Christian that's not my message you can be a Christian you'll want a free human bein you can you can dive that show spirituality that was given to you free into a dog I can't control that that's your choice you say that so I have no right to tell you not to be a mole smoke if you want to be a Muslim who say it's not Malik I'm fine don't let me stop you you want to be a black Ebru delight beautiful you got it okay so she told me the doctor Williams I am a Christian I said okay and I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ I said okay I said just your guy pointing to this this is dead white man here I said this show this show that she'll say she said yes that's my Savior I said now does he look like you are any member of your family and style the one was startled she says no I said then why are you worshiping something that don't look like you huh and she had to stand back and think from home I said now do you go to church she said yes I said what's the name of your Minister she said his name was titi teeny-weeny I said now Ravin teeny-weeny does this image look like Valentina when she says no or any member of his family she said no I said then why is he encouraging you to bow down sir just dead white man on a cross and he took out that she couldn't she couldn't answer that so we had today you're worshiping something that don't look like you you know nothing about another woman came up to me told me that she was a Christian okay that's enough let me ask you some questions about it she says okay I says beyond your belief in Christianity beyond your belief that a man walked to earth by the name of Jesus Christ beyond what the Bible that you believe in has been telling you what do you know about Christianity that's based on facts this big silence came over you who are you there she couldn't answer me good she don't know I was on television with a white master debating him about Christianity some years back a revelant David M cheese cracker irrelevant cheese cracker he could do nothing with me and after we got off the air he says brother William I said please don't call me brother mm-hmm I'm not your brother what is it that you want he says you should be a Christian okay I said what advantage well Christianity and me being a Christian what would it give me okay he says it will make you humble okay and make you docile it makes you love everybody it would make you do good deeds and it will make you a happy decent man that you can get along with all of mankind I said okay I'll tell you what you do reven cheese crackers this if you take exactly what you told me and you know I want you to teach every white man and every white moment and every white child on earth about this lovely beautiful Christianity that will make you humble docile not going to kill nobody turn the other cheek and all of it if they if I see the white race changing then I Walter Williams will give me the biggest cross and the dares white man I can find put it around my neck and I'll be a Christian walk away and left me alone go leave me alone okay so we have to think about what we're doing divest ourselves from our religion you don't need religions in your life it's a waste of your time dispose of the Bible dispose of this damn fight mental problems just spoils of Christianity all these religions should be disposed of dispose of God you don't need that in your life that vest yourself from all that then you become free that's your second step in your liberation okay I'll be together first two now one question you all at the end of my lecture I'm gonna ask you how much is prepared what are the three liberating steps for us African living an American throughout the world and you better have some answers you don't then I got my boys waiting outside they gonna here and gonna start shooting no but anyway let's go into the third step of our African liberation the third step very important also mean that we have to find our way back to ancient Egypt okay to find our way back to ancient Egypt because ancient Egypt is lying in the continent of Africa unclaimed the descendants of the ancient Egyptian of that claiming ancient Egypt okay because the descends a walking around calling themselves Ethiopians conscious Sudanese calm cells Nubians calling self Negroes cons of blacks conscious african-americans alone and call each other niggers and it goes on and on you see that so therefore with all these names that's not connected with the resurrection of ancient Egypt and our race of people in our African community then ancient Egypt is lying unclaimed in the common factor at this very moment that I'm talking to you now I wrote a paper call from Pharaoh to Nicholas so this who anybody who don't have this paper oh you can get it at during the break and other literature that I may have the handout but from federal to Nick Roy wrote this album back in 1990 and 91 for Chicago newspaper okay I don't want you to read it now must want you to be aware of it but I want you to read it now I want you to do ought to be aware of it okay and then on the sex turn to the second page it says here how Negros got religion okay and you see though you see old master Dan aren't you the plantation boss the old slave plantation bolts old Massa huh and who's down on his knees dad I said yes sir who's that Stan yeah sir come on huh no no the preacher you talk Texas Bob you gotta preach them on your people didn't it huh What did he say yeah sir okay that's it that's the picture there he is right before your face huh right there see now remember that little boy go back to the second handout remember that little boy in Brooklyn by here in Brooklyn about he's praying to his God that Jesus Christ up there that white man up there I remember that if his parents hadn't told him that he was descendants of the greatest people that has ever walked this earth known to us today in history as the ancient Egyptians he would not be sitting at Bonn down to add an image tomorrow Jesus Christ he would be doing what he'd be looking sucked as a boy little boy Jonah but what has he done he is looking into a mirror that right and what is looking at him come on let's look it back in here who is not bad because we still are in Egyptian thank suggestions I still here on earth not work here on earth still is on earth okay so now what did what did what does the caption say if they read it up who said that Marcus garden back in the 20s before you and I were born okay he said there here is before your faith you have to resurrect ancient Egypt the greatest people that has ever walked this earth known to us today in history as the ancient Egyptians our ancestors and we allowed out of ignorance not your faul until you leave this lecture and if you don't call yourself now identify yourself as an ancient Egyptian then it's your fault party you come in here you have any excuse I didn't know I wasn't aware I knew that that was ancient Egyptian but it wasn't on my continents why it's not on your consciousness because the school system and the system that we live in taught us away from it they don't want you to be an ancient Egyptian okay I was given the lecture in Chicago to the black physicians Association of Cook County Hospital one February I think about 1997 I told the doctors their group of African doctors descendants of the ancient Egyptians because I don't look at our people as being african-american if you can say that I'm an African African American why can't you say I'm an African ancient Egyptian same effort same words okay so I told them I said now instead of saying that you have an organization called the black physicians Association of Cook County Hospital name it damn hotel physician Association of cocaine hospital and one of the doctors asked me say why should we do that I said this will give you a distinction number one number two it will you'll be resurrecting your ancestors ancient Egyptians and you say well how do you know that we are ancient Egyptian good now do not call yourself Egyptian that's the key don't say that you call yourself an ancient Egyptian because what is the qualification for you've been an ancient Egyptian is what you have to be African you're not an African you cannot be an ancient Egyptian I wear a sweatshirt and a t-shirt come to the welcome and it has a big picture of King Tut or the pyramids of aspects of whatever case might be on the front of that t-shirt says I love my African ancestors the ancient Egyptian so I turn around it says the same thing on my back and last month Oh coming out of LA my wife and I was going and in the LA Airport and this white bones oh I love your t-shirt so thank you I get that all the time from white folks in and few of us but she says I guess we all are on me oh and I'm not gonna say no no miss I said you are a European and I am an African and you cannot be one with me in order to be one with me you have to be an African I said but it's a nice try anyway and I walked away so away see and that's what was a big patch iron on the face don't if I said if I said oh I love my African American ancestor okay she wouldn't say a damn thing to me nothing hmm cuz she knows she can't relate to herself being an African American sees what that they all want to get in on ancient Egypt okay now don't allow what you see in Las Vegas at the hotel locks up okay all those white statues out there that's Greek and the Ptolemaic Greeks and the Roman invaders of ancient Egypt no they try to emulate our ancestors by dressing back down posing like him with the hieroglyphics and awesome things and so forth and so on so by us being taught away from that you're not aware of what is happening to our ancestors ancient Egyptian see so don't be fooled by that remember do not call yourself an Egyptian call yourself an ancient Egyptian because you have to be an African to be an ancient Egyptian fairy sample you got that now that's the third form of our liberation the third step because as you know our ancestors ancient Egyptian civilized is whole entire universe and whole entire planet okay they did it because they were used as human instruments to do that just like your mother and father was used as human instruments to bring forth each and every one of you and us in this particular auditorium as into this world as human being the universe use our and sustain the ancient Egyptians to bring for all of civilizations fall of mankind because when you study ancient Egyptian history it tells you that the ancient Egyptians have the world's first and oldest civilization on earth okay during the time of antiquity they were the only literate people living on earth don't mean literally people okay why because they created and invented a brain system and they well then that three forms of writing that they cleave which is one is the miniature hieroglyphics which has never been deciphered I have that in my book on page 114 now I'm mr. Gordon of Christianity that why the matter not sure how Griffis has never been deciphered okay and then they have the heretic and digimatic phonetic alphabet and what and when an alphabet is created it can only being created one time that's it I said dr. chair whoever created the chair it came through the culture of our ancestors ancient Egyptian doll furniture anything that you use and the car you see in civilized society came from the ancient Egyptian the chair can only be invented one time that's it then you can take that chair make a couch out of it but you can't bend a new chair another chair because the chairs the chance a chance a chance that's it see you have to know something about our ancestors now they tell you that the Greeks studied with the ancient Egyptians that's not true it's not true why because the Greeks never had no institution they were illiterate that's correct illiterate in order for you to have an institution you have to have a writing system you can't go to you students Institute can you rewrite no I can't how're you gonna answer John you can't read and write don't have my writing system so they tell you about a Socrates will be the teacher Plato and Plato's both these teacher barrels Tahoe they tell you about Moroni does they tell you about Pythagoras and they take about Homer and they take you about so long and it goes on and on with these Greek names right those names never existed it's human being nobody existed they tell you they all started with the teacher Alexander then in Alexander a built a library called the Great Library of easy that's not true that that day Aristotle wrote hundreds of books it's not true that Herodotus was a father of history for the Europeans that's not true Homer wrote the early ed acknowledged in they've been a home that's not true the earlier analysis is fiction why am I saying that cos the Greeks they know out there that's my question well some tree how how the European turn with degrees got an alphabet very simple but the Alexandra Greek came into Egypt he forced the Greek language on our ancestors in my book and upon learning that Greek language our ancestors ancient Egyptian a pie and alphabet to that language you see that so the Greeks never had an alphabet it was the Greek language that our ancestors ancient Egyptians applied and alphabet to you see and as a misnomer today they said oh this is the Greek outlook that the Greeks never had an alphabet they never had no institution Europeans did not develop in Europe why they had no alphabet there no institution two handles no system of writing there so how could you develop in Europe you know where they develop they developed in Africa being taught by the African scholars at the Church of Hagia Sophia okay now my wife wrote a chapter in this book on what happened to the Church of Hagia Sophia very very important in the history of art and Christianity book I'm talking about the Church of Hagia Sophia the Church of Hagia Sophia is the world's first Christian Church ever built on earth and the world's first university that was built for the Europeans that's where they began their learning from those African scholars and it was the African scholars and architects and builders who built the Church of Hagia Sophia and all your buildings around the world takes off as a design from that prototype building or the haghia sophia you have to know history there just was has happened to us as a people we do not know history you have to know world history I know John Henry club dr. John Henry club used to tell us is that you have to know European history in order for you to know our history that's true okay that's true what did i do what did I do this image was created by our coptic egyptian ancestor christianity you all listen up was created nothi it was created for the european that was for the european you see in this book lays it out and the continuation of christianity goes into this book until you run into in Islam okay so you have to know history this image was created there in Egypt but coptic egyptian ancestors see so we have to resurrect ancient egypt we have to begin to call ourselves not african-americans anymore not black people that's horrible black people can't stand to make me puke black people african-americans what is that anyway what the hell is an African America that's not ethnicity there you can't go to the world map and pick out Negro man you can't go to the world map and pick out black man's land you can't go to the world map and pick out african-american man that's known as nested there so getting back to this doctor after Cook County Hospital he said how do you know that we are descendants of the ancient Egyptians said okay I said now do you believe that a people and African people living in the continent of Africa that is known to us today as the ancient Egyptians do you bleed that they existed yes I said do you believe during a time of antiquity that a people living on earth during the time of antiquity as the Greeks and the Romans he says yes do you believe that there was people or peoples living on earth that during the time of antiquity which means ancient time by the name of the Chinese and the people of India India he says yes I said okay let's take a little inventory here today it is very moment that I'm talking to you oh you have the descendants of the Greeks walking the earth is that right and whether they call him just greetings you have the drama descendants walking the earth today calling themselves Italian is that right okay and you have the Chinese descendants walking the earth and the Indian descendants walking the earth of India saying that I am a Chinese I'm a I'm an Indian of India descendent does that correct the question I asked the doctors in their way is the descendants of the ancient Egyptian today evaporate huh did they disappear where all day tell me where are they you all you know she should be saying now yeah but you're not saying anything because she's been taught away from me they are right here I'm looking at you right there the descendants of that the greatest people that have ever walked this earth I'm sitting in this audience it's just very moment that I'm giving this lecture to send us of the greatest people as they're ever walk this earth the ancient Egyptians claim it okay that's your third step of liberation so what I have done today remember Frankenstein you remember ego everybody know the Frankenstein ego service now I am ego and what all ego did is that he went down into the dungeon didn't he and he found Frankenstein laying on a big block of ice right right okay and he took electric prod and he's stuck in the side of that ice inside of Frankenstein right hey Joseph Frankenstein Frankenstein laying up down on the gravy iron shoes on boats running through his he you heard me looking like Frankenstein you know and he the music mmm and the ice began to pray and and you see those big iron shoes begins to move Frankenstein came alive he was dead down there wasn't it who woke him up ego that right Frankenstein got up and he began to walk out of the dungeon ah came because what happened to ego why did he want to get Frankenstein because the townspeople had been making fun of him throwing rocks at him because he was deformed not pleasant to look at they may find Olli let's all ego we throw a rock n C so Franklin he gone went down I got frames down to get those people okay there's no fixed time okay so Frank isn't he wall cheeseburger you know he was all you know he came about the dungeon and we got to the streets cubes yeah Frankenstein huh it was start running right so I am like Eagle Eye today came to Brooklyn to go into the depths of your mind to resurrect you and wake you up okay so right now I'm going to end my lecture and we're gonna go into the question and answer session okay so if you if you want to give me a paw applause you can do that we're going to go into the question and answer session but don't leave because we have another lecture coming up breathlessly have a break and of course I have books here these two books are on sale the historic origin of Christianity and the destroy poison Islam and a lot of the things that I was talking about in the lecture it's in these two books so if you want to buy these books you can be fine but anyways we're gonna now go into the questions and answer sessions with anybody okay so now we're going to go into the questions and answer session and I'll see the young lady back here I'll raise their hand yes young lady all these characters in the Bible you know what your father okay there is no they've never been an Abraham okay you can't find something's never been there do what now they don't tell you that the Jews are telling you that now I got literature right here that will tell you from the Jews to tell you that there is no Abraham Isaac Jacob Moses getting you Sarah Solomon okay and David never existed as a rabbi right here in New York City by the name of s Davis Sperling who wrote a book called the original tour and in that book he says it's never been an Abraham okay the white folks are bringing it down I can tell you this for years okay so now who all didn't believe me I mean they don't turn you over to white people okay she says you've been brainwashed by your opinion and the system that we live in just now saying that there's no record of a Moses in Egypt there's no record of ten biblical plagues ever occurring in Egypt and there's no record of the Exodus and there's no record of slaves building the periodic right here literature and Joshua and uh and usual eyes did not wander for 40 days and 40 nights until they found the prom name of Jerusalem okay they say all that's not true okay so therefore if in order to have Judaism to be an authentic human religion coming out of a geographical land area on earth in the confines of the geographical an area you have people living there and issuing from the culture of those people living there a religion comes up called Judaism you don't have that because Judaism is a paper religion that's how it is I have to swing it one day but anyway so therefore if you do not have a Moses see Moses has got to be put into a basket as a baby sour traditions and floating down the Nile River and the Pharaoh's daughter retrieving the basket and taking the baby Moses out of the basket raising the baby Moses in the house of the Barrow let how I go and then when he got to be an adult he found out that the Pharaoh and the ancient Egyptians were holding his people in bondage that right and then came the local praise came upon the Egyptians ancient Egyptians and they the Red Sea parted they have an exodus all that garbage right the Jews who said that never happened see so now in order to help see the founder of Judaism is Moses there right and Moses has got to throw down that Nile River they said never they don't have a regular thing so therefore listen to this now if there is no Moses and Moses suppose we found out of Judaism then that makes Judaism do a collapse it collapse right before your eyes boom now every year the Jews practice and celebrate what they call the Passover is that right so therefore is based on a strange building a pyramid Jewish slave is based on their pathos based on the ten biblical plagues happening in Egypt the pestle is based on Exodus out of Egypt and the pencils is based on will wandering for 40 days and 40 nights in the wilderness and so Joshua found the Promised Land right so therefore if none of us helping the Jew said nothing's happened then the pants oh that they practicing is invalid you see that see so now let's see the Jews have been saying this for going on 16 years now you see and the people in the African community and a lot of Zweifel they don't realize what has happened the Jews are saying that these things never happened so when this young lady tells me that she's from black Hebrew so I said look you know we're behind time to Jews and say that that's just never happened so you can cut all that out okay you see that so therefore you you see it's apples an Abraham getting back to your quick that was Abraham don't you think they would have its celebration to our Abraham's at his grave grave site and Sara's grave site every year you don't have that because there's nothing there it's nothing there it's fiction it's put into the minds of the people all over the world okay it's indicated into their thinking but where these various religions that we have the literature that's connected to these religious is Old Testament in the Holy Bible for the Christians and in the Quran for the Muslims and in a fighter for the Jews and so forth and so on you see I like a torch going back to what I'm telling you like I told you earlier a Jew is created in the minds of the people that's not never been no human Jews walking around not living in and and all that kind of stuff like that ah it's all in the story that they fair to you and you believe it so therefore you and your belief you had did what you have animated it goes back to Rob's turn you busted not a third sound effects of animation okay so wake up young man of course I just wanna be staking we're talking I laugh my statement is the data I've studied your works and many other scholars believe and off from the Egyptian perspective as far as the woman being first because Africa itself as a matriarchy a system in which we had like African descendants in this country exist of the patriarchy system the religion and everything that you explained I know my question is how does a black man knowledgable of himself no descendant of these ancient Egyptians which actually blocks the word Egyptian in the color of the skin how how does a man was well informed after all the the things that most people people don't know to have a woman grab it takes a head because this system is a patriarchy a male-dominated religion culture Society so how do you get a woman an African woman to gravity to you how do you inform oh well first you have to inform yourself and know something and put something inside of you okay in order for you to attract something if you're empty inside nothing you're empty not saying that about you if I enter Versalles empty inside you're gonna attract emptiness okay black girl I can't eat or tracks like a lot Katie okay mom my wife or not all my time I have an ancient Egyptian Museum for 11 years in Chicago she went to Egypt okay and and coming back from Egypt she asked the leader of the tool to give her a name of an individual a telephone number of an individual that she can study with in Chicago and they gave her Jacob Jacob Carruthers and she went to work one day and she wanted to call Carruthers because she wanted to set up a class schedule with him and she left her number at home and by me having an ancient Egyptian Museum and she asked for the kinetic Institute but there's no such thing as a kinetic Institute because you cannot put an institute inside of another man's institution so crawlers that did so there's no listing for that so she said Robert I said I don't have a listing for no kinetic institute it's more I said well do you have anything from ancient Egypt she says oh yes I have one at 38 49 South Michigan ever but give me that number and she called that number and she left her name and found them on on the machine and I called her back and we talked for three hours okay because at that time I won't go into all that but at that time I was open okay I'll put it like that okay and so this how we met talk to and then come to find out she had I was going to eat you that August and she got back the month before July you see so I said well I've never been to Egypt that was in 1991-92 and I said I've never been to each of them so she gave me some poor know what to do and what not to do and but I made a mistake and start drinking some some day milk and stuff ah let me eat some ice cream over and got cold sick you know so anyway she I'll call she caught our caller and we talked for three hours and then I'll mister day and I'll call her that like that Wednesday we talked to another three hours and then I invited her down to the museum for that weekend you see and she came down on my birthday I wouldn't met on my birthday I was sitting on on the porch of the museum she came up through the gate and I said I never she said she said come up so she came up with children on the museum and longshore I said can you come back next week she said yes I can come back next week and so we talked all thrown that week because we are only open on Saturdays and Sundays so we talk every time we talk we talk for two and three and four hours at a time I was getting beginning to like this chick so anyway she came back the second week and then I asked can you come back to therapy she said no huh yeah all the time but anyway that's how we met but why because we have like minds there was an attraction there so you can I force my students there are teas I'm teaching them historical origin of this very religion and they say my wife or my girlfriend as a Christian and she she don't want me to hurt in these guys said well you don't have to come it's up to you you know I said see you a free world as a human being and you shouldn't and but she she should get this nuts now I'm sad that she's a free woman human being – she must she wants to go to church she has a right to go to church she has a right to go to church it's just what she want to do you have no right to tell her not to go to church and she has no right to tell you not to come to my class she had no right to do that see so if there's a component confliction between you and your mate whatever then she have the right to do what she wants to do and you have a right to do what you want to do and you both can be happy just don't tell me give me a cross so I'm not gonna get no cross see if you want get across two or three em fine put it all around your neck but don't bother me with it and I have a right to not to be bothered with it as long as I'm not telling you not to put that cross around your neck if you want to do that fine so that would be my answer to you now that you have a relationship where there's a conflict there well yes okay that's the answer she has no right to tell you not to do or not to study and expand your knowledge you have a human right you you all have to yourself but you do not have a right to impose anything on her because you're not co-creating creator but then you tell it don't do that that's wrong oh okay who's next anymore I can't see okay oh I'm sorry love coming from a Christian background and moving away from that and now kind of thing what I call that moment I don't see prayer and begging I'm more see and I don't know I I use prayers a way to bring up my high res o4 or bring voice to my thoughts that I have no way of or are not sure how to if the answer you know questions that aren't answer that you need answers to to kind of find I feel like my brain I'm a leg and my ancestors know and but if I don't know how I feel so maybe those questions can come the answers can come back to me so I guess my question is what is prayer I mean decide the five prayers in vain is it a higher no no let's deal with them then you go to next because we're doing good luck right now what I'm trying to say is this praying is called a when you know who you are spiritually what was given to you each time your birth how your pineal gland which is your human function that keeps you in consciousness the bottom of that is your nostril keeps you alive your body with the air and so forth keep you in consciousness and keeps you in contact the universe okay that's how it you are contacting the universe when you decide now you have a car okay today that you decided you want a car did you pay for that car what's that you made up you make a few made a few man if you want is that correct that right anyway you wanted a car no matter how you got it you wanted that car right okay so so therefore you have put under Chris you've made a statement I want a car I need a car that right and the car was manifested in your life by way of your mother giving you a car as a gift there right now so therefore what you did was contact the universe first okay the universe gave you what you asked it for okay had nothing to do with God you will get that little boy's that's inside of you that tells you things religion substitute that little boys inside of a human being as God see that's what they substitute that for a substitute that little boy has been oh that's God you you're praying to God no you're not you're making a statement within your own humanity that's connected to the universe the things that you want to manifest in your life and it's physical form you see that me praying I'm just speaking to existence eventually I'm overcoming contact I don't manifest themselves if you get up to do something about go get them the worked one just can't sit there and say I won't pray and just not coming with doors that your car's out that you got right you get to endeavor you want to add something today I think focus in here when we get still and be quiet okay to put it in practical terms yes very thing for us to be still be quiet and clarify and I thought right cuz the answer whatever you want all you got to do is make up your mind that this is what I want declare what you want and the universe will send it back to you in its physical form now if you want it right okay and if you want then you will need some people if you're in need of something then you want that okay so it's gonna come back to you if you send the message out and see the religion say oh that's prayer and the message that you the human being is now this message message that you send to the universe has gone through your pineal gland that's the conduit that sends the messages that's the conduit that gives you back the message from the universe the answer you see that and they call they you know they call that the religion people they say that's God see give you a God that you can't see it's invisible Oh God is omnipotent yes see so your mind is all nepeta because the universe goes off into infinity he comes now abstract and impersonal but we were filled with my ancestors those are the people were looking to continue to be able to drive and beyond this young women is I'm going I think I think in order for her to be a more connected to – we really are you need to look into the cosmic hot um it's teachings of more tune without the lows of African Kings I mean I don't mean Lord that's how it's presented it's a way of life Prince Weis no that's the negative because that's not what he's talking about you chain what we're talking about here is a personal thing for a human being it has nothing to do with anything that's outside of that human beings humanity so she's she's saying how do I use my humanity to contact the universe for the thing that I want oh whatever the case might be yes that's something that's done inside yes goes back to the first first step of liberation knowing who you are spiritually and everything that the answers that I give I have given you for that answer and the answer that my wife another has given you for that answer and you can collectively take those answers and do you understand what we're saying to you okay there was your second question one that is you know I would say they're all over mainly here in Brooklyn like in certain pockets and sections I've always been fascinated about their separation from traditional who you talking about now Hasidic Jews Oh acidic Jews okay well like I said before Judaism first place and also you to understand your question or any question pertains to the Jews you have to know the historical origin Oh Judaism or if you might know about Christianity as you know the historical origin of Christianity the only thing about Muslim Islam you have to know the historical origin oh it's my Metanoia historical origin of anything okay now okay no go ahead no use it ascetic – what is it that you really want to know so yeah I can't answer your question unless you you know tell me exactly pinpoint it down what did their faces for the separation and the complete lifestyle they have within their own community setting what cases they're beside their religions that make them keep ourselves basically looking at other people as Gentile you know I mean like basically that they don't feel the need to feed yeah well that's set up on purpose that's to miss the system that they want to portray to the masses of the people around the world that there's something different you see in the Old Testament they tell you that you should love the Jew I love the God of the Jews you know for you to be blessed the eccentric cetera so they walk around thinking that there's something special this is all part of the height you think so and they're fooled – now because they believe the story you see but see the real deal comes down to this Judaism is a paper religion has nothing to do with human beings starting out now has nothing to do with human beings living in a certain geographical land area an issuing from that geographical area area of people and a religion called Judaism no it is Judaism is based on narrative stories put into the minds of Christians Muslims and the synagogue on Jew so what they have done they have created a world based on the Bible stories you see that they have done tickets because they have the money to do that because Judaism is a form of capitalism that's your that's your name it's a form of capitalism Judaism of the religion is the religion of the capitalist you see but now let's break that down Oh capitalists are not Jew okay the Rockefeller family having been a capitalist they are what do but they are religiously they are Baptist Christian the rockefeller okay now let's go to the Rothschild they are the Rothschild family our Jew but they don't go to the Seneca see they could give less in the dam about all those rituals that's for the fools and the main use out there you ever heard of George Soros you remember anybody her to Joy Soros the billionaire that put up mine to try to defeat Bush okay he was interviewed on 60 minutes and George Wallace's oh they interviewed him Mike Wallace of George buzzer to hold the segregationist I'm sorry anyway my father's interviewed him he asked him say mr. Soros do you believe in God he says no baby no God I believe in God I can't do what I do she believed in God is for the rains well square he's mother cat you kidding me see so you remember the first prime minister of the illegal State of Israel was named David ben-gurion right David ben-gurion was an atheist didn't even know God gave all the monsters in the babish for the fools out there you want to go there fine he was a lioness tinnitus it's altogether definite it means that he don't necessarily please go to go to the go to the synagogue or Bremen in the CEFR Torah he don't believe in that stuff he's a – okay Nathan Birnbaum it's a father of Zionism by creating socialist Zionism in 1880 didn't Herzl was the father father Oh political Zionism 1896 right using a theater see so you have 20 29 or 30 Zionist groups okay they don't believe in that jump capitalist or a man is the cousin you don't believe in that I'm sure you faster South Africa's apartheid system right you had those capitalists on the De Beers in Oppenheimer had control of all the diamond the goal and never reminds of South Africa they're right and in South Africa for the for the masses of people in the secular community they had many different religious groups coming in and denomination trying to track allies the people okay and feed them some type of religion right but they I always said if you want to change somebody go down to De Beers and Oppenheimer and the ones and on the diamond the goal in the marrow mines the ones who created a path I change their mind give them the religion and see what happened to you get thrown out of South Africa they don't want that job that's for the folks out there to hold there is room let them talk and I will Stoke this up piss on that I'm I'm a black Hebrew later hey fine is that what you won't mind just get out of my way because I'm making me some money you will keep all that stuff okay all right who's next okay young man well not yet my wife and I will compiling a book now for the history of ordinary but I've given you our touched on some very key things if you really understood that said about you Judaism is of paper religion has nothing to do with human history see write it down write down your paper said Judaism is a paper religion and it has nothing to do with human history they said another person okay I'm gonna I'm gonna get to it I mean soon as you write this may speak about God I said this guy's dead man big debate with them about Christie about the Christina about the book but nobody has any literature about King James picked up everything about God but in itself nothing about there's a popular Thank You King okay that's one of the things things are a lot of negative things like homosexual Steve nothing right all right now I'm gonna give you that will give you dance listening King James to not write the king james version of the bible had nothing to do with it it was a book that was dedicated to him and I'm gonna tell you who wrote the King James Version a man by the name of the Lancelot Andrews a and de are e WSC a ND ER e w fe Andrews Lancelot Angels you look him up get your encyclopedia and look up Lancelot Andrews C a and D are e w en that's how you spell it okay Lancelot Andrews he and his group of theologians English theologian compiled what we know today as the King James Version for the King James C King Jackson had them to do with this you see strike if I write a book and dedicate it to Oprah with the book I wrote the damn do you see that now listen to what happened in the King James Version now let's go back it'll will break down on on the history of the Bible let's do it but the first printing Oh what is known as the Hebrew Old Testament Bible was printed in 1475 in Germany okay that's the first printing of the Old Testament 1475 the Roman Catholic Church is only thirty years old because that's the second seat of Christianity it's Europe and when outskirts of the wrong in 1445 they built st. Peter's Church known today at Saint Peter's Basilica Oh the catacombs the catacombs are the burial ground where they bury people below ground sit so today that's where the Vatican was built you got that okay so and so in 1475 the first Hebrew Bible came out in print now in 1437 a man by the name of Johann Gutenberg and invented a printing press with moveable print for the very first time but the problem after inventing that he had no money so what he did was borrow money from Jahan's fust a capitalist so at a high interest rate a usury ring and he couldn't pay it back so John's first confiscated that printing press from jahan's Gutenberg but there was a problem Ethel confiscating a printing press with movable print that means that you can print out thousands of books and literature's that correct but they're in the secular community in Europe the Europeans couldn't read it right that's the problem okay so now we're talking about the 15th and 16th centuries okay so now what the calculus and Europeans did with this printing press what can we do we got to make some money off this this printing press so what they did they went into the Roman Catholic Church I got Martin Luther remember my losing who started what is known as the Pross Protestant movement of the protest movement against the Roman Catholic Church in 1517 he nailed 95 reform theses on the church doing wooden burg Germany for the wrong Catholic Church to reform okay who was who was up Martin Luther finest back Jews capitalist okay he was financed by them to do that to stop what is known in history as the second Renaissance era of Europe the age of learning the first brands hospitals it was in the 15th century that was the age of Arts and Crafts building in Europe okay now with that person movement or protest movement Oh the Roman Catholic Church had no literature getting up to you to the King James Oh the Roman Catholic Church had no literature so in their church they had a homosexual but I mean was dysentery Erasmus is in my book and my wife talked about it now talk about in historic Christianity just a dance the Erasmus I'm not saying that he was a homosexual on my own he is known as a world-renowned homosexual William stand ok they got books out there with his name on the front cover or work the world's most famous homosexual and disadvantaged Erasmus is on front cup okay now Pope Alexander to six in 1500 Commission doesn't dare see Rasmus to write something on the object of Christianity the something on the object of Christianity is what Jesus to praise see they had no literature you see so he came out after 16 years well what is known as the Nolan instrumentum oh ma Matthew and Luke they always tell you that John came later decorate okay we're gonna get to John okay now Mark Murphy and loose and then Erasmus wrote six other manuscripts 1 2 Peter 1 2 corinthians galatians and personal to the wrong those are his 9 manuscripts okay so he so he created what is known as a nova instrumentum in 1516 1519 they changed it from the novum instrumentum to the novum Testament um and in 1535 they changed it to the new testament see this is here straight you see there's nothing to what tradition traditions not telling you this okay but you have to study human world history to find out this information see the word no bum means new testament' 'm means testament you see that now that's bestest move up a little further now the nobleman's dimension was written with Greek levels okay not English better the first person to translate the New Testament ah the Greek alphabet into Greek a pheasant misnomer but in we're going to use that turn so we can understand what we're talking about so the first person to to translate the New Testament out of a Greek letter into English letters was a man by the name of William Tyndale you rid of him okay 1525 okay and then there's a man by name of miles Coverdale and give me a little overview on the history of the Bible Myles Coverdell 1539 15:41 he wrote three Bibles one was the great Bible dedicated to in their day and the second one was the creme the Bible because Thomas Cranmer was his eat the ecclesiastical advisor and the third one was the Geneva Bible Thomas Cranmer told Henry the eighth how to get out of his marriage because at the time the Church of England was part of the Roman Catholic Church so the Roman Catholic Church had rules that you you can if you marry that's it so Thomas Cranmer showed him how to get out of that take to this church the Church of England and omit the pole to hell with the pole and you go ahead and get you're the one get this all of them with you in love with okay and when here today is diagnose it it's a Thomas Cranmer they tie into a stake and burn it okay I'm gonna take you bastard shoot but anyway that's the one a joke back okay first off his accident right now this mobile of ghrelin those fryers our friends clearly to do a rich Bible which is a Bible that was a census Bible because it was censored by the Pope Oliver the Pope dictated to these fryers the word fryer means brother Christian Brothers of what to put in that Bible G C so now uh we're talking about they came out distances Bible to do a Bible o with the Old Testament first okay and we're talking about a time of like I said the six sixteen sixteenth century okay so now oh I'm sorry yeah sixteenth century and then and the 17th centuries beginning the seventeenth century Saint Friars came out with in 1610 a censored version of the Old Testament oh now what what what what the person has to do now is created a Bible to counter them you see so what they did they created took the King James Version on the Lancelot Andrew that was telling you about he and he and his group of theology you look it up and cuz you didn't Cyclopaedia you look up Lancelot Andrews and he'll tell you about what he did how to create the King James Burton with his group of theologian and guess what nobody's telling you this guess what came out of King James Version the fourth gospel John came out and in that in that Aneta King James Version for the very first time because Erasmus came out with the Nova mr. mrs. or the New Testament only with the three gospel mark Matthew Luke and they always tell you that John came late it did in the King James Version and in the King James burn when John came out guess who was the Jew Jesus to cry you see that see and does I answer your question alright now let me go let me bring this to talk to you I got y'all tuna the first seat of Christianity was in Africa in the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople Turkey because turkey they in that region in that area they are sending this to Middle East that's a misnomer to keep you African from knowing that that part of the world is part of the continent of Africa goes from Turkey down to EEMA and the countries in between countries in between is Arabia Saudi Arabia and in 1920 they took part of Saudi Arabia and made Iraq out of it Iran is in there too and Jordan is in there that right in 1928 they made the country called Jordan because the British was given a mandate for all of that territory at the world war long because they had defeated and overthrew the Ottoman Turkish Empire and the League of Nations in 1920 gave them a mandate for all of that land you see so oh so what happened I'm gonna fast-forward a little bit in that land you have like I said turkey you have demon you have Saudi Arabia have are Iraq you have Iran you have joined you have Syria you have Lebanon the route etc etc all that's part of the condom of acronym okay now let's go back to the headgear so if I'm gonna tell you something now watch me I'm done with this now it's very important cause nobody's telling you this in the Hagia Sophia which was in Constantinople Turkey and conscious and Noble Turkey was the seed and the capital of the Byzantine Eastern African Roman Empire okay and they built a wall city that's they call constant – nope you see them and in that city they had the world's first Christian Church and the world's first University for the European called the Church of Hagia Sophia okay they don't want you to know you don't hear nothing about no Church of Hagia Sophia appreciate I'm not on your body okay even the Roman Catholic priests a friend of mine who lives in CL Washington he walked up to the wrong County said you're head of church NACO Sophie says no and he's afraid see so so I'm the one and my wife I never we're the ones that's bringing out this information for our African community I want you to be here I want you to be down with the game okay I want you to be one of the catch okay baby what's happening see you got all the answers I want you to have that now let me fast-forward to get to my point when the Ottoman Turks took over and over ran the Byzantine emperors they took the last vestige of those Byzantine emperors and they went in they hit him up in the walled city the double-wall state of search of hangers I mean of Constantinople okay long story short the Byzantine Emperor he increased the ethical control and political control of that church anything that was religious they appointed the people to be part of the religious order so they had an ecclesiastical control they are planted the picture of the haghia sophia and they are planted the picture of constantinople the picture of the Hagia Sophia was a diocese any Christian then you may not understand one atomic generator booster and the patriarch of Constantinople was a lot of foresight so but he did as a Byzantine Emperor fear control of all religious order thoughts and activities so now under the donation of Constantine they get to read see the donation of Constantine in my book I'll talk about all the the council meetings like the 19 counselor did not become 325 there are three historical things and I think I'm going to college straighten it out finding race boot code the three historical things that brought about the the Council of Nicaea to come about in 325 that one was the Dante schismatic controversy to was a donation of Constantine and three the strong changes the Aria but anyway here we are in 1439 John eight to eight was the Byzantine rule okay and those terms well all they had control of all of the Byzantine territories all throughout Africa all in the Balkans and arlynn in southern Russia and all up into Russian so Hoffman yeah that was their territory but there used to be the territory of the Byzantine Empire now it's in the hands of other terms ottoman turks okay so what they did John eight did we see it was very eminent that the Church of Hagia Sophia was gonna be seized and concerts know who's gonna be seized just a matter of time okay because the Ottoman Turks outside that did okay and they were fighting again in but anyway Johnnie in 1439 went to to to to Italy in Florence Italy at a council has known in history as the Council of Ferrara and he merged the Eastern Church and what's the Eastern Church it's the Hagia Sophia it's a first year to Christianity with the West he gave away his donation of Constantine his the story gave away his ecclesiastical authority that paved the way for the seat of Christianity to be moved out of Africa now into Europe okay and that's when they pick the area outside of Rome the suburbs are wrong over the catacomb to build what is known as the Vatican you see that 14:45 you see now the seat of Christianity moved out of Africa into Europe now right now watch there what are you listening mm-hmm they watched it when the seat of Christianity moved out of Africa into Europe guess what happened the last sample came about Christ had 12 disciples all came about right the crucifixion of Christ came about right now what does it happen anything okay did it did this Jesus Christ born 30 ad okay so now why did it wait to over over 1400 years to say that the crucifixion of Christ was crucified why do you say that this crisis was that the last fo with the 12 disciples and all the new white folk didn't even ever didn't have no alpha man up there holding the fan a phantom didn't have that hair all the way up this total white huh you think that see what happened oh when a midget when everyone that when the winter the winter when it who quit it who pays a man Seth look Leonardo Divinci he drew it and what did they do write us four stories behind them this is Christ having the Last Supper but his twelve disciples see and in the religious community all sleep because it's hidden the pubes they don't have to think just v Anthony and this is this reverence teeny-weeny huh and breathe this stuff but in from Christianity move how do our God into you you get what you get laughs shuffle there Christ and the twelve disciple you get the crucifixion you get Mary Magdalene Mary Magdalene was created by who they're not ordinary okay so crucifixion was created by whom great the air and Michelangelo all of that team and started with behind that since the histories are there then all of your biblical characters came out in Europe I go back to to go back to the to the to the Old Testament the Old Testament was written by Moses name calm emerging you see that she's the first five books of Moses was it the first five books of Moses name on huh I wasn't doing the Moses of the Bible the Jews that Moses never eat listen handle regulars no focus huh another thing but we have to have scholars to come before you and bring you this implement that's the reason why too bad Shabazz brother Sabbath and his wife bought me here to tell you and give you this message tea Jamila she's the cause of of me coming here and my wife coming here she got on that that computer get my hands on that computer and got those tickets right very good but she got to get to mind from Chabert that's okay we got it and then he comes hit on the New Testament Europe you see that Erasmus lands on Andrew all those typical characters came for out of Europe did part involvement in Africa wasn't there see but no one is telling you this see so any other question oh right yes like back there in the back okay okay speak out on his life no because he does the most important name that you can identify ourselves of the group is ancient Egypt because our civilization came from ancient Egypt nothing more more is a is a nickname okay a mall is an individual who comes out of North Africa hello Mario Thalia in Morocco crossing the Mediterranean gone into Spain okay they gave you two moles I got to I got wrong about to boil him up in the history of gardener yes mom they give you two more they gave us ration more which is the European more 7-eleven this Suresh in law came out of Morocco across the Mediterranean to Spain imported from in there that's not true it's not true this historian correct because Islam is a religion based upon the book if you called the Quran and without the Quran you have no Islam prior to the book being created by Jews call the Holy Quran you had Mohammedanism okay the end Mohammedanism so what they're saying about some more coming out of North Africa crossing the Mediterranean going into Spain and brought Islam is a story incorrect now let me talk about the real hope the real are Africa and we talk about a time of 1054 when these African Melkite coptic egyptian people known to ten history as the mall went into spain they went into spain and they created a civilization they among the spanish pagan heathen european and they were the one that built those great cities of Cordoba Seville and all those cities that you feel that there is a greatness and they built those cities over dust bringing civilization to that part of the world okay I heard Duke Ellington one they've been interviewed as Lowell interview and he said that you know how James musicians and all those guys was very intellectual and he said that we as a people African people both civilizations three times to the world in Egypt Spain okay so the real mole who are Africans came into Spain in 1054 that's your date and they bought a civilization into Spain because they bought a form of writing into Spain that is known as the Arabic script they use what is known as the Arabic script for decorations definitely in buildings so the real more of the Africans 1054 coming out of Africa South Africa and moles is a nickname okay that answer your question copied Melkite Egyptians come in that's the ancient Egyptians and competition the Coptics in that enzyme you see the word cupcake that workup copt or C opt RC copter means it is direct descendant of the ancient Egyptian that's what it mean does that answer your question well that's the hit that's the name that history is given there it's only a nickname I told you it got the nickname because it came out of North Africa of Morocco and Mario Tania those are countries in North Africa crossing the Mediterranean you know they will call a nickname more you got that 1034 okay any other question and the movie The Mummy Returns where they have the men that are in black the forces now protecting a certain area a desert from I guess some a discovery in an ancient city are they I don't know because I have to see the movie you know for me to give you a valuated honest answer I don't know okay any other question okay if there's no other questions someone back okay who someone else okay go ahead the Nubian ancient Egyptian Sudanese and Ethiopian all one thing they all came out of what is known as the Nile Valley Civilisation you see there and then the Europeans have used those names and brought that now italic civilization up to keep the Africans from claiming ancient Egypt that's how quaint then I want you to play me in Tunisia as long as you a Negro black and Africa where they have the key to all the money just you know so see the Nubian came out of Gondo low in and around the fifth cataract in the Sudan migrated into Egypt and they are all a part of the Nile Valley Civilization all on Africa that's no different in the other questions if it is speaker cuz I can't see your hands being rain if there is no other question then what we're going to do is take a break and you have a question come back we're gonna take a break and you can have books on sale and so forth and so on so you wanna buy some books you can do that and but we will be back and I will give you another lecture on thee or historical origin of Christianity okay thank you so much for this [Applause]

God is an abstract idea that needs human spirituality to give it life.
How preposterous. In this irreducibly complex world this man says that what created this world has no power. What's worse he is speaking to a bunch African Americans that is nodding there head in agreement and this man doesn't know what he's talking about

I know that's something greater than myself has created me but I don't know who or what that is. That has to be the dumbest statement I ever heard from an intelligent man that is trying to explain God away

You acknowledge that's something greater than yourself has created you and the world and you attributed to the universe which was created by something greater than it. You do not know the name of this creator you do not know the will of this creator so you turn around and say the universe which was created did it all. My God have this audience been bamboozled

It is amazing how this man continues to recite that Christians wear this dead white man around their necks when our conscience believers wear the sun which was created around their necks

so did the European take our book with our language in it enslave us then teach us their language and give us back our book converted over in their language and we didn't know it was about us???

Dr Walter Williams, well done! Keep up the good work. To folks who do not know this Black intellectual – Dr Williams is a Scholar, historian and intellectual in Afrikan/history, critical thinking and freeing our minds from European enslavement. Read these two books, get them on Amazon, just type books by Walter Williams on christianity & islam. They are excellent and reliable sources. Again, thank you Dr Williams.


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