Dr. Lance Wallnau – Breaking Controlling Spirits Bible Study // Part 2

Did you know that I just found out, I listened to Tucker Carlson great source for endtime revelation that the penalty for misusing a gender pronoun in California is more severe than The crime of intentionally spreading the AIDS virus Imagine like intentionally getting people to contract HIV It has less consequence in terms of punishment then misusing the gender pronoun. He/she or undecided or whatever the thing is in California that is going on right now Incredible! When people say that you can’t legislate morality as I just heard the dim-witted Shark tank guys say the other night in an interview is gonna try to run in 2020 because he saw Trump run so now every everybody with money thinks that they’re anointed to be President oh What’s that guy’s name? You know who he is, the Mavericks owner anyway, so He says you know you can’t legislate morality these quotes are so stupid and we all say them Every piece of legislation is a moral verdict about what is in the best interest of people remember that. All legislation is a moral interpretation So having said that we’re dealing with breaking controlling spirits America is under siege America is right now dealing with a harvest that is continuing to multiply like Dandelions and weeds on a well on a well manicured lawn And now the believers are coming alive and the political processes are becoming engaged and people say well Lance. How come you’re up? I say I think I got a deal when we just wanted to talk about breaking controlling spirits because I have to deal With them all the time now if I was in a nice little Charismatic slipstream talking about prophecy dreams destiny vision gifts and God’s endtime purpose for your entrepreneurial vision and how to fund yourself with Kingdom wealth hundreds of thousands of people want to listen But if I talk about what exactly is happening right now in the United States and and pull the veil back upon This spirit of Leviathan and the operation of deep state and how deceptions and spirits are taking place And I begin to get specifically answers off on politics again, and is he’s still on Trump, but he’s still tucking Trump It’s very frustrating, but I’m gonna come back to the point Which is the Bible study here is to build the spiritual foundation to explain why I’m doing the other stuff I’m doing over there for too long the church has been living in its own little quarantine bubble talk about bubble boy We’re living in our own bubble over here We don’t even aware of what’s going on out there And then it’s like anxiety set in with this last election a bunch of them leaked over and voted and affected the whole outcome of the election. Congratulations. We did something, but then we want to go back to the bubble Let’s just talk about we’ve got to expand the bubble around the United States How about this expand the bubble? Pull that bubble out this way and get it over your government And over your state and over your neighborhood so that your children have a future and that we just don’t have a short election cycle with a little disruption From an outsider anyway the spirit. We’re dealing with is a spirit of lawlessness. It’s a spirit. NOMOS. NOMOS I will have to get my Greek interpreter for me, but the word for lawlessness Which is the nature of Antichrist what we’re dealing with in America isn’t progressive liberalism it isn’t like Hollywood or media or academia Those are the strongholds the high places. Those are the tops of the mountains academia media and entertainment out of which is stronghold operates strongholds what Jesus said? He said that you know he said basically a stronghold with a strong man operates. We’re a spiritual intelligence occupies influence of the minds of people that have vast disproportionate influence over others and so the church should be aiming to go to where the gates of hell are Located and that’s where the elites are the elites are the kings in the Bible who the gospel goes to. And we’re supposed to be going there as Christians You should be going up the mountain of God you should be going up as a king you should be going up as a priest You should be going to the mountain actually it’s not going at the mountain of God. It’s going up to the strong Mans house That’s why I tell people the higher you go the darker it gets And if we think about it it makes sense the higher you go the more you’re going to where the power is and And as you get closer to where real power is you’re running to spiritual powers Consequently it gets darker as you go at the mountain Talk to anybody that goes to the mountain of finance the mountain of of celebrity you’re looking at the glitz part You’re looking at the paparazzi part. Imagine why is there so much you know So much, sordidness coming out right now in the Weinstein revelation And what really goes on in Hollywood? God’s pulling the veil off of what is at the top of the mountain people! that’s always been there It’s out of control perversion lust epithets Why? Because the powers control people? I actually have compassion on people that are in snared in that stuff Because I don’t because I don’t think only a Christian understands the higher up you go in the leverage of institutions the greater is the tempation and Fallen man doesn’t have a chance So this hooks is why we pray for rulers and those are in authority that we may lead a godly and peaceable life Why did Paul say pray for rulers and all that in authority? What do you say pray for everyone? Why everyone’s important the neighbor next door the man on the street? He says pray for rulers why because they have a disproportionate power to mess your life up so all that to say the spirit of lawlessness is what we’re dealing with but the spirit of lawlessness accorded in second Thessalonians chapter 2 verse 8 and 9 let’s go there together 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 verse 8 and 9 if you go there 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 verse 8 9 what you see is The Apostle Paul talks about the mystery of iniquity that’s already at work There’s a mysteriously there’s a mystery to the movement in the swamp in DC Not that you can’t remember mysteries are like good mystery theater I mean, Agatha Christie couldn’t have written a script better than what’s happening in America right now It is delicious from a scene made for us from a mystery point of view because all the intriguing characters, cloak and dagger a uranium sale Russia I mean, it’s got all the parts of a novel going on in America, but it’s a mysterious Process of how iniquity and lawlessness works, but watch this then shall that wicked be revealed Referring to the endtime ultimate drama of the veil being pulled back and that man of sin be revealed Whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth and destroy the brightness of his coming Even him whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders with all deceivableness of unrighteousness what we’re talking about here is this mystery of iniquity is actually a Spirit, which is the spirit of lawlessness itself? It’s the lawless one that is actually being manifest and so this Antichrist spirit of lawlessness is Is going to culminate in An actual personality that is going to come on the scene, and so you’re seeing this This work right now where in the United States controlling spirits are working through media They’re working through Entertainment, they’re working through academia, they’re working through politicians. I mean literally it’s like a It’s like a full lie is told by enough people with enough conviction you actually start to believe it Until the truth shows up and the truth is like a wrecking ball it actually breaks the spell So what I want to talk to you about now is how people are getting increasingly demonized Because they’re listening to the wrong stuff and why I’m doing this particular broadcast of Bible studies because I’m convinced that if we don’t get into the Word of God and Begin to allow a place for the peace of God and the revelation of the word of God to garrison itself in our hearts and minds and begin to lift up the word and see through the lens of What scripture says it’s going on in the world we actually get sucked down the rabbit hole in an unhealthy way I’m not for for pulling my head out of what’s going on in the battle I’m for informed intercession Amen informed intercession means you know what’s happening so you can pray accurately Right now God is taking the first 10 months of hell that America’s gone through being bounced around as it were by the manipulation of witchcraft in media which is remember this witchcraft is is Intimidation Manipulation and control Intimidation manipulation and control so that spirit has been controlling the heart in the mind of the American story and Recruiting fervently people to a narrative that Donald Trump is the great Hitler and the white supremacist and the Russian Conspirator and it’s shocking The number of recruits that are being brought into this, but I want you I want you to remember this quote feelings and thoughts that fire together wire together that means that Thoughts and feelings when they when they fuse like that and they come into someone’s life They actually fire, and they create neurological patterns this is the danger of pornography for instance when you visually you see that what happens is it releases the Chemicals in your body your chemicals are getting fused together with what you’re seeing before you know it you have a chemical addiction it’s almost like a neurological addiction for that stimulus this is like any other addiction your body neuro chemistry gets trained and The technical word for it axes neuropeptide This is though the chemistry in your body will form and linked together around whatever emotion You’re experiencing if you keep experiencing an emotion enough the neuro peptides actually create a an Appetite to have it happen again so an angry person Finds reasons to get angry the neuro peptides a chemical wiring on the inside of you It’s feelings and thoughts that fire together wire together It’s why trauma many times can fundamentally alter the way a person is behaving or thinking Because the emotions and the thoughts that enmesh them self Actually keep repeating the pattern over and over again It’s almost like a an addiction gets set up and you have to gratify the neuropeptides again appetite gets formed Neurochemically inside of you and a lot of people don’t get this Spirit soul and body are three parts of you, but they fuse together They overlap with each other. They literally they merge as it were and In breaking controlling spirits what we’re doing is we’re breaking the pattern and interrupting the thought emotion connection to a trigger So you know you see that person every time you see that person it triggers something on the inside of you What would you have to recognize is the moment that thing is being triggered you discern it you catch it the thing is got to catch it and Taking every thought captive means I catch that thing right then when it’s happening and I bring it captive – to what? to the truth to the truth, this is why being set free is easy once you understand it because any State that tries to come over you repetitively over and over again to pull you out of the kingdom of God any Thought that is powerful will always have a feeling attached to it I thought I could care less about a thought that is obsessive if it has no voltage I mean you know like a song is in my mind it happens every now and then Then I hear some stupid ditty and it’s in my head for a day, and it’s like how did I get in there? That I could live with that’s the way your mind works, but a thought that has an emotion attached to it That’s the one you want to catch Because anything that exalts itself against the knowledge of God is going to pull you in a direction so thoughts of hate thoughts of anger thoughts of fear thoughts with inferiority thoughts of promiscuity thoughts of I don’t care what the thought is thoughts that have feelings attached to them trust me on this is a Spiritual force knocking at the door to gain entrance, and if you take it in it’ll be knocking from the inside out It’s like inside wanting to be gratified wanting to be gratified the secret of freedom isn’t like oh my god I need to have a special appointment with a Professional you know Exorcist you don’t need that All you got to really do is grab that book next time it shows up Next time the thought and the emotion shows up, but here’s the secret You’ve got to actually go to the Word of God and the Bible says you war With the word that the sword of the Spirit is the word of God All you got to do is find the word that covers your situation is where Christianity gets some practical Lord you know how I’m battling with whatever it is you read the word I promise you the Lord will take you, the New Testament It’s not that big a book you can read that through ten times in a year. You’ll find just the New Testament You’ll find a verse that categorically speaks right to you, and when it speaks to you And that’s why I say mark your Bible because you know what you’re marking where the battle has been and what God’s already given you Why have a digital vapor trail when you can have a written trail? so here’s what I want to see I Look I could I could actually take you into my warfare by showing you what I underlined in my Bible Peace I leave with you. My peace I give unto you, not as the world gives unto you. Let not your heart be troubled and do not let it be afraid The very fact that Jesus says don’t let your heart be troubled and don’t let it be afraid means you have control over your own Soul I underlined those verses because I was having a battle with anxiety the more that I went in ministry the more that I got involved with Spiritual warfare the more that I got involved with the stuff I deal with the more that the enemy would come and say oh you better be careful It would be good, and so I started having anxiety fear uncertainty started pulling back editing right away. I thought No When that thing started coming at me as a tangible emotion of anxiety or uncertainty or fear, I said I need something more. This is a spirit breaking controlling spirit starts with discerning the controlling spirit You want to write that one down. Breaking controlling spirits starts with discerning the controlling spirit anything that tries to pull you out into lawlessness Pull you out of the will of God pull you out of alignment what you know is right true or or harmonious with with the kingdom you have to discern it when it shows up and grab it by the neck and Hold it out there. Hold it up there objectified. Don’t go well. I’m confused. No God didn’t give you a spirit of confusion That’s a spirit of confusion Take it out mean objectify means get it out of your I think this is me no I don’t think it is you because I know you who you are you are fearfully wonderfully made in your a new creature in Christ and God didn’t give you a confused brain so take it out and If this confusion is fog this disorientation This unknowing this This is mind-numbing state comes over you grab it and pull it out like that and say in the name of Jesus I do not have a spirit of confusion I have a spirit of wisdom love and a sound mind God has not given me a spirit of fear or a spirit of confusion The moment you objectify you start to break its hold on you I know this sounds crazy to some people and there’ll be people arguing they want to get older Lance you start to lose your memory I got a 98 year old dad I was talking to last night Who was talking me about what he’s doing with the stock market because he is Discovering how much how much you could still be able to make on Commodities with Puts and calls and stuff like that It’s freaking me out 98 years old totally loosen He said that he said he started to lose his speech ability And he Went to somebody and and wrote down Exactly these words these tongue twisters so that he could start to say them over and over again To bring his body and his soul in alignment with His inner man. It’s interesting 98 years old I’m not saying that people don’t have Alzheimer’s their brain doesn’t start to go, but I’m going to tell you this That you have power to possess your own soul By the way, here’s a word of hope I was with Bobby Connors the other night and he said he Prophesied something he said that the cure for Alzheimer’s is Right there on the table right now available to be reached by somebody who is going to discover the botanical power of a certain plant That the stem of it or the root of the stem of the plant the botanical plant And he said he believes. It’s going to be like something which is an ocean plant Something that is in water some things in the ocean but that the very stem of that plant has botanical qualities that when extracted and put to use Actually, we’ll end up going directly into dealing with the the erosion of cellular and neurological connections that results in the Alzheimer’s condition that’s that’s interesting because There’s hope always in the prophetic There’s an answer and so if there’s a physical problem God will give wisdom to us to be able to solve it But if it’s a spiritual problem, and then God will give you the authority to deal with it Rick Renner said something interesting I want to quote to you before we uh conclude our broadcast And it has to do with this idea about In your patience possess you your souls this main verse that I’m dealing with on breaking controlling spirits Luke 21 verse 19 By your patience possess you your soul Rick Renner says the word patience comes from the Greek word Hoople Meno to compound it’s a compound of the words Hoopoe and Meno The word Hoopa means to stay or abide it describes a resolute decision to remain in one spot To keep a position at a maintained territory that has been gained But when the words Hoople and Meno are compounded they form the word Hoople Meno that new word betrays a person who is under some type of heavy load, but it refuses to stray from The position or the task that they are committed to in other words, there’s that weight on them But they don’t move off course Regardless of how heavy the load is how fierce the Opposition how intense the stress or how much weight is thrown against them this person is inwardly resolved. They’re not moving they’re committed to stay put and They will not surrender their position when it was used in the military It would literally be to a hoop amento meant that the soldier would dig in his shoes his sandals, which were called you know Paul referred to them as the the the Sandals of peace, but they had like little just like you have like cleats on an athlete’s shoes these would have these Spikes in them so that as the soldier Was in position in battle his feet would literally be Embedded into the ground under him so that he was able to resist the push Of forces against him so this word for patience in your patience possess your soul literally means in the strength of what is underneath you and your spirit it Gerdes you so that you will not be moved now Before we finish this broadcast I want to say something because feelings have fire together wire together Because thoughts and feelings that fire together fuse together create patterns Those patterns become addictions breaking controlling spirits is breaking the agreement we have this is important Breaking the agreement you have with the pattern, which means some patterns simply assert themselves as being You know unbreakable well, that’s just the way you are this is just the way the world is well. You can’t help it You’re upset because other people are always doing these things Remember this your agreements shape your life The real issue here isn’t even a controlling spirit The issue is whether or not you’re an agreement with a lie behind the controlling spirit remember every Controlling spirit operates on the basis of a lie and if it’s a lie Then there’s a truth that will unlock it if it’s a lie. There’s a truth Whatever your addiction is I guarantee that at some point you’re going to deal with a word from heaven that is going to come against the Stronghold and break it down so that doesn’t have power over you Your agreements shape your life the Bible says the spirit and the word agree That means the anointing in you and this book together agree If there’s something in your life between your anointing and this word that isn’t in alignment with this word You can put pressure on it by the Word of God you can you can literally by endurance by hoopameno, by staying immovable even with the weight of the pressure even with the weight of the of the trigger the temptation you can be immovable in the Word of God and in the Spirit of God as You literally take those thoughts take those impulses out pull it out This way see it and say it see it and say it say what God tells you to say Peace I leave with you my peace I give unto you not as the world gives give unto you let not your heart. Be troubled neither. Let it be afraid You believe in God believe also in me what am I doing right now? Telling you if you can memorize the Word of God You’ve just multiplied the voltage If you can memorize the Word of God and say it you just watch watch please hear me 22 minutes and 22 seconds in this broadcast like a little counter right there 22 minutes and 22 seconds at that point right there a Thought came into me that I that as I believe is going to be a key for many of you right now if you can simply Take five minutes seven minutes a day to get before the Lord and absolute stillness and Meditate on that word which is the most powerful word to you in the area of your battle and begin to meditate upon it and to begin to sing it and Begin to say it if you can muster the ability during the moment of temptation During the a moment attack to say What the Spirit of God put in your spirit during that five or seven minutes of quiet meditation in the morning, I will guarantee something what will take place is called a pattern interrupt. This is what professional consultants and psychotherapists call it It’s called a pattern interrupt in other words when the enemy starts to move to fire and wire something in you if you come back with the Word of God out of your mouth verbally I Let not my heart be troubled. I let it not be ashamed. I let it not be afraid I believe in God I believe also in Jesus your peace. You’ve given to me. I thank you Lord for your peace right now something happens when you say what God showed you in the word it goes from being a logos in the Scripture to a Rhema in your mouth but under the spirit Sword comes out and it hits that spirit That’s coming against you what you’re dealing with then is the spirit will be broken off the controlling pattern What remains is you to patiently rewire Your emotions and your thinking around what God says That’s the part that you got to do, but that spirit will be disconnected that Demon attached to that cycle broken. We’re going to be talking next About Timothy warring according to prophecy and the helmet of salvation And how the helmet actually works to protect your mind from assault

Dear Dr; Lance you have such a gift of impartation. Please do not stop posting these clips as I have benefitted so much from, these, have passed them around to my close circle of friends who are also battling all kinds of spirits. Thank you for taking the time to do this. We are not Americans but we are praying for you and your country as it is such a beautiful place and blessed in so many ways. The enemy of our souls is trying to destroy as it has done with so many nations. I come from one of those countries which was at war for 35 years and so I relocated. Back then I was a new born believer and had no clue what spiritual warfare was all about as I was busy trying to stay alive in the midst of ethnic strife. The enemy did a great number on me and my family and robbed us. I know God will restore everything back many times more. I feel as though I am back in the warzone with what is going on in North America. Again, thank you. God bless, Irene.

This is fantastic! Lance, I think you are the best and most relevant teacher I have ever studied under. If you knew how long I have been studying The Word, you would take that as an extremely high compliment. I HAD to tell you, even though you may have to guard against getting a swollen head! ā™”

(1 John 3:8 NKJV) He who sins is of the devil, for the devil has sinned from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil.

Lance, really enjoy your preaching and teaching. Thank you for being faithful to the calling God has placed on your life, and bringing His word to those who need to hear it. You are a trumpet sounding in a wasteland.

Thank you, Lance, for sharing this powerful teaching God has given you. Praise God! O God, we give you praise! Amen.

Why do you talk so fast? – Is it so people think you are intelligent? or have the insight? Let us examine your words, in light of scripture.

25And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you.
26And ye shall eat in plenty, and be satisfied, and praise the name of the LORD your God, that hath dealt wondrously with you: and my people shall never be ashamed.
Joel 2

God I pray for Justice for all that has been exposed and deliverance for America so righteousness can prevail. And God bless Lance for teaching us. In Jesusā€™s name amen

Just a note on that that you were trying to figure out about the spirit of witchcraft, I came up with an acronym domination. Intimidation, manipulation. Which is d I m. And when dem words show up it can operate in a Christian or non Christian and it is a spirit of witchcraft just a little comment love you

Lance, Those that have ā€œhearing ears ā€œ are being reached to activate them to action. ,! This is a vital message for finishing touches for taking the mountains…Wisdom is the hey, 7 fold Spirit of God Working in the believer. Asia is prepared for Reformation

Thank you Lance for listen to the Holy Spirit and giving is just what I need at this moment. Dealing with all those spirit at one time from a family member. Iā€™m planning on being part of this dear ones deliverance guided by Holy Spirit.



SO GLAD you are doing this Lance! I'm grinning ear to ear. I'm listening man – I'm listening. Thank you! 'Got you subscribed and telling the Lord I'm willing! Grace and mercy – and the beauty of the Blood of the Lamb is mine to understand!

This study was an absolute 11 on a scale of one to ten. You are a gift, and a treasure to the body of Christ. Thank you for your labor of love in time spent digging out extra Gold of the Word for us.
May the body of Christ unite in prayer to protect and honor those like you that fortify and equip us to fight the good fight with Wisdom, knowledge, skill and understanding. May His blessings continuously flow into your life and your loved ones. Grateful Sister

I know I'm a bad christian but until I became familiar with Dynaminc Neuro Retraining System, the whole word of faith thing was such a turn off. I know the science behind it and can TOTALLY EMBRACE THE LORDS WAYS NOW. It was always a band aid sweat thing . Not any more. It has GOT to become DEEPLY ERSONAL, HOW I am wired. More rev. For a new season. Going into promised land WELL with a SOUND MIND.

I know this sounds crazy lance but reading my bible for some reason when I read this verse I actually inserted President trump into it as the one who is holding back the mystery of lawness at least in our nation and he will not be revealed until he is taken out of the way. It scared me. What do you think? 2Th 2:7 For the mystery of lawlessness (that hidden principle of rebellion against constituted authority) is already at work in the world, [but it is] restrained only until he ( President trump) who restrains is taken out of the way.
I do not know why because I have never thought this before. But it maybe is becuse I never have thought the Holy Spirit is going to be taken out of the earth no matter what everyoine think. Blessings.

I absolutely love your series on controlling spirits I am dealing with these in my immediate family right now
and there was a raging attack against me during Christmas and I knew something bad was coming but I did not know how to deal with it and my binding seemed to only weaken this attacking furious spirit.! It came from
someone I have been ministering to
successfully during a financial and marital crisis. I need to know how to go forward with this person.


This is actually happening in the church . You have to read your bible, because the pastors are fleecing the sheep financially and are teaching false information.

Thank you for your prophetic voice. Thank you for helpful education/information to wake those of us with listening ears.. Strongholds, evil spirits of many diverse kinds alert exposure. Right on, bulls eye revelation. Great teaching. Thanks so very much for all the time you put in to making these enlightening videos. Blessings, prayers, and special revelation, prophetic insights continue to be revealed to you. Special prayers of protection for President Trump, his cabinet, those who influence him, and his family. Right on Lance, spirit of lawlessness in many, many directions, at many, many levels. All the spirits you exposed are heavy in our nation and world. War with God's word. Greater is HE that is in Us, than he that is in the world. God is in control. We will overcome all evil with HIS good, by HIS grace, mercy, truth, love and LIGHT. Let all those graces be strong and vibrant in our lives God. Glorify His Name. Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might. Stand in the gap with the armour of God.

Dr. Wallnau, thank you so much for this teaching. I really needed to hear this, and you've provided practical steps that I can take to battle fear, anxiety, negative thoughts, and addictions. Thank you again!

`totally gets darker as you climb the ladder more temptation etc… hence why God had me walk away from the music industry as a professional singer songwriter performer… I was not spiritually equipped to deal with that shit… and God new it, i was oblivious to the magnitude of what i could have walked into. i had no idea then but God did HS did and in obedience to God after praying and asking, that's when i stepped onto an unplanned spiritual metaphysical healing journey and hence I have the relationship with GJHS that I now have today and and I now have 2 life time business projects that I am working on and one in the music industry and one in the health and well being industry…

I think the Devils Advocate starring Keanu Reeves is a movie to express the ladder of success and temptation… get this i had a prophetic dream at 15 that i jumped off the ladder of success i was just over half way wow!

Exactly! Bubble! if they think going to church and reading scriptures and listening to scripture and doing a little prayer achieves nothing! put what you say think and believe into action! so in other words open your spiritual ears so that you can hear the HS guide you in what it is God wants you to do…. back up what you believe what you preach with action!

exactly I am not budging I have every reason not to go back to NZ but I will not be moved… the Spiritual Warfare that i have had to contend with has been extremely challenging but God wants me in that country so that is what i must do in obedience to God Jesus Holy Spirit

You're a great story teller. You're observations are correct and present them very well. I'm not sure I buy into the seven mountain theory but I learn from your observations and way of presenting the realities in an understandable and in a biblical way.

Lance, the Alzheimer's healing has already been discovered in 2006. It took 40 years to produce. 5 herbs in patented ratio. It has to do with the Nrf2 signaling pathway which allows the master cell property to work correctly in each of trillions of cells in the body!!! Go see the ABC Primetime Investigative Report . let me get the link for you and send it. More and more amazing properties are being discovered even now in 2019. Washington State University is saying this could be the most important discovery in medical history. I'll get some links for you to watch. This info can change your life using what the Lord is providing from his storehouse of leaves made for healing!!


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