Don't Miss the 2018 Parliament of the World's Religions in Toronto

Don't Miss the 2018 Parliament of the World's Religions in Toronto

the reason I am excited about the 2018 Parliament is because it provides me an opportunity to be able to engage and learn from people of faith and conscience from all across the world so we can then go back and make our own communities but I'm excited because I've never seen a large organized congregation between so many different faiths and people of different nationalities come together and execute something that's going to be educational engaging and inspiring for years I've always heard about this massive international gathering called the Parliament where people come together from different faiths and spiritual and philosophical backgrounds and help division and create action plans for a better world and so now it's coming to Maya City to our front step and I couldn't be more excited to join up I'm excited about the Parliament of Religions because we live in a world where religion is very much represented as a problem as a source of violence and so I'm excited to see people from all different religions and spiritual traditions coming together to talk about how religion can be a solution to some of the most serious problems that we're facing in our world today we need each other we need to learn from each other and support each other and this Parliament is giving us an opportunity to come together and do that so we're excited I'm excited about the 2018 Parliament of the world's religions because I have been to two previous Parliament's and they were life-changing to work towards this models this paradigm of cooperating together to bring about a more peaceful harmonious loving world that is what the parliament has offered and this new paradigm is magnified on this international stage many many times over and it is really a point of intense celebration [Applause]


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