Donald Trump Doubles Down on Fat-Shaming Miss Universe: The Daily Show

Now before the break,
we saw how Donald Trump obsessed over the physical appearance
of Miss Universe. Reportedly calling her
Miss Piggy, uh, which many people
were not impressed by, including the actual Miss Piggy, who was like, “Oh, I didn’t hear
you complaining when you were tapping this,
Donald.” Uh, now to be…
that-that’s not fair. Miss Piggy would never
have sex with Donald. I’m sorry, Miss Piggy. Now, to be totally fair, it-it’s common for people
in many fields to be held to high standards
of fitness and beauty. And not just in, you know,
a Miss Universe Pageant. Obviously, women face a lot more
scrutiny in that department, but even my contract
for this show says that I’m not allowed
to have certain things. Like, I’m not allowed to rock
my trademark soul patch, right? Uh, yeah, because apparently
it tested badly with millenials, uh, and baby boomers
and single women, and married women,
um, and minorities, and white people, and men,
and children, uh, and animals. But still,
I miss you every day, patchy. Uh, but even if, even if
you grant that point. The thing we are learning
every day about Donald Trump, is that he doesn’t
just treat beauty pageants like beauty pageants. In fact, during the campaign,
he treated his fellow candidates like they were running
for Miss President. This year Secretary Clinton
became the first woman nominated for president by a major party. Earlier this month,
you said she doesn’t have, “A presidential look.” TV REPORTER:The billionaire
businessman taking heat
for comments he made
about Carly Fiorina
in aRolling Stonearticle
published yesterday.
Trump reportedly saying,
“Look at that face.
Would anyone vote for that?”Well, it turns out, no. No. But not because of her face. There was an endless
bounty of reasons not to vote for Carly Fiorina that have nothing to do
with her face. And this beauty standard
of Trumps isn’t just a personal thing
with him, right? He applies these principles to
his professional life as well. Here he is on stage explaining
his hiring policy to a young woman
who has just asked for a job. -Isn’t that horrible?
-(laughter) -WOMAN: Ew. -MAN: Ew.
-(people groaning) -“Ew” is correct.
-(laughter) Experience doesn’t matter. If Trump thinks you’re hot,
then you’re hired. So I guess now
we can stop speculating about what Trump’s Supreme Court
would look like. (laughter) Only difference is,
no more lifetime appointments. As 35, you’re gone. But that waitress’ appearance is what Trump is focused on,
all right? Because that’s what he does.
Every time. AsThe Daily Showrevealed
earlier this year, this was even the case
when Trump was asked about his own one-year-old baby. Now, Donald, what does
Tiffany have of yours, and what does Tiffany have
of Marla’s? Well, I think
that she’s got a lot of Marla. She’s a really beautiful baby,
and she’s, uh… she’s got, um…
she Marla’s legs. We don’t know whether or not,
she’s got this part yet, but time will tell. (audience groaning
and murmuring) I don’t care
how many times you watch that. -It never stops being creepy.
-(laughter) It’s like seeing photographs
of dogs wearing pantyhose. (laughter) No matter how many times
you look at it, it never stops feeling
like you just walked in on your grandma in the bathroom. (laughter) There is no context in which Trump will not
zero in on a woman’s looks. And we discovered a clip
the other day that exemplifies that perfectly. It’s December 2004, and America is in a tizzy
over a sex scandal in which a 23-year-old middle
school teacher was arrested for having sex
with a 14-year-old student. AKA, a sex crime. And in an appearance
on a morning radio show, Donald Trump was kind enough
to share some of his thoughts. DON IMUS:
Yeah. Well… You know, for a man who’s
so pessimistic about America, about the world,
about humanity as a whole, Donald Trump has a surprisingly
glass-half-full perspective on adults
banging middle schoolers. I mean, wow, is there anything
that Donald Trump doesn’t judge by how hot the woman is? God forbid America,
under President Trump, is ever invaded by Sweden.
He’d just be like, “I’m okay with this, folks.
Get me a white flag and a bottle of cologne.
We’re gonna take it.” And, look, let’s be fair–
Trump is not alone here. Many men– many men and many
adolescent boys, you know– for them, hooking up with
their hot teacher was the dream. Not me, though, because
my teacher was a giraffe, okay? -It was a totally different
world. -(audience laughs) No, guys, don’t laugh,
don’t laugh, please. Because this was
the village’s smartest giraffe. It’s not like we just
put any old giraffe in charge of the classroom.
Come on, give us some credit. Africa jokes: I only say them because some of you
believe them. The point is, a lot of men probably have the same reaction
to this hot teacher story. But a lot of men also probably
shouldn’t be president. Especially a man
who thinks life itself is nothing more than a beauty
contest where every woman alive is a participant,
whether they want to be or not. Because let’s
be honest here, folks, there’s only one pig
in this whole story. And it’s the one
who got slaughtered

Judging people by their looks is an old human weakness that we all have..its not a patriarchy problem like the feminists want us to believe..its a flaw that is from the devil..he was talented and beautiful so he thought he could be God and ended up being hurled down from heaven…seriously this is the truth..

Yes, what kind of a monster would fat-shame somebody?

โ€œ"Oh yeah the weekend. People are gonna get drunk & think that I'm sexy!" – fat chicks everywhere.โ€
-Trevor Noah

So, according to Trump's logic (or lack thereof), someone with the same single digit of an IQ as Kelly Bundy from Married…with Children has what it takes to run this nation as long as they look like they're Victoria Secret models… Is anyone sure that he's aware that both the microphones and cameras are on when he's saying that?

That part where Trump said the kid who got sexually assulted by his teacher should feel confident about himself for it reminds me so much of that South Park episode where Kyle went to report a female pedophile to the police and they just went "nice dude, she's pretty hot."

Only that was South Park, and this is real godamn life

HOW is he your president?? How did that ever happen?? Shame is on you, people. He's just…a Trump. ๐Ÿ˜‘

oh please, it's a case where the male was the underage one. meaning that absolutely nobody was taking it seriously.

My cousin was sexually assaulted by an old perverted man and when she watched this it brought back the pain of an old man over-powering a young woman because of her beauty

Trevor can't rock a soul patch bc of viewer polls? F that! He should come in with a sleek peachfuzz and 5 o'clock shadow just 'what? You're going to start liking Trump because of my hair?'

This Trump is holding a highest job position in the Planet…The President…The Leader. Well Folks, you voted for him.



Yet women still happily accept these jobs knowing that they only got because their looks then complain about male privilege

I still remember this time when none of us actually knew heโ€™d become president and made jokes about it … wish I could go back in time

Trump is butt ugly. I say that openly and without fear. He is so fat he is obese and he has the beadiest eyes I have ever seen. His hair is a joke and he wears clown makeup. He has to criticize others to feel better about himself because he is uglier than an elephants asshole

When Donald Trump loses in 2020 … he is going to assume that it is probably because of his ragged, tired look. So he will have major cosmetic surgery, then reappear to garnish the people's worship once again. When nobody cares, he is going to go into a deep, deep depression. He will realize that for his entire life, he has been living in denial.

"After 35 you are out"……..This show has the best writers…..seeing these videos again and again still doesn't make them boring and Trevor is an amazing comedian…..

Ah. That's why Pence can be in his place, walking around just to blow words by doing nothing, or sitting beside Trump saying nothing only looking pretty.

Beautiful woman should be insulted because they have been looked only by outside looks, not inside… if they only looks you being beautiful just only your face, and immediately flirting with you, your dignity will surely being scarred. Don't let them destroy you before you regret for the rest of your life…

I swear I'm not saying this because I hate trump, which I do, but I think he's touched his daughter in all the wrong ways. He's a fucking freak.

This isnโ€™t even funny this is honestly so disturbing and disgusting. The fact that he was allowed to act like this and become president speaks volumes about the deep rooted issues our society has. Young boys are going to see this and think itโ€™s okay to treat women this way and itโ€™s young girls are going to see this and think itโ€™s okay to be treated this way.

I still ain't sure how Trump became the president. Is the human kind getting dumber by the second?
Is that the reason why Americans voted for Trump?

Why on gods green earth would anybody ever put pantyhose on a dog??? What the EFF is wrong with you Effing maniacs??? Got those poor pups looking like got dammit, what-forth, and what-have-you. And yet the topic was fat shaming. A person can be as wide as a wilderbeast for all I care but what the EFF would make a person think "Let's put pantyhose on a puppy"? Now that's depravity!!!

So weird he told that story like it's a cute antidote…I hired her because shes hot. How can you be that disconnected with reality

How does Donny Trumpy feel now that South africa won a peagant he owned. ,"shithole country rocks"
He is no longer the owner of the peagant " shithole owner" Laugh now Donny LOL.

Bill Clintonโ€™s youngest victim 12 a gang rape ape who Hillary was defending the rapist but gang raped to do more damage violently when happen she was 12. Year old. Victim n virgin Hillary on tape how she got these guilty men off n being put on a rock with no hospital anesry cut of her. Clitoris. Thatโ€™s. The life u want us to be Iโ€™ll say it!,!! with a big FAT GO BA cKu sick evil dented cages drowned burned alive or drowned n I already say as millions of r countryโ€™s YES DEAR HEART go fucking. Back !!!!!

I don't agree much with trump. But he's got a point. When I was 14, I'd be the man if I had slept with tgsi one teacher. Dam she was flame. His peers probably give him their lunch everyday as a sign of respect


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