Does the Qur’an Say That Jesus (Isa) Is God?

Peace of Christ to all. As you see on the screen, as usual, we
have something to teach you about the Quran. The verse in Chapter 4 verse 82 (Surah 4:82) is saying clearly and tells us that in the time of Muhammad, the people had
a lot of trouble understanding the Quran, because
it is very clear that they are finding contradictions and the verse here
is saying, “Do they not consider the Quran (with
care)? Had it been from other than Allah, they
would surely have found therein much (discrepancy) contradiction.” Whatever they translate the word as. So people we were complaining about what kind of Quran this was?
You know, because one verse is saying something, the
other verse saying the opposite. It is really a very confusing
book! So this case (problem) was even from the time of
Muhammad. It is not like today where we are the ones who discovered how stupid the Quran is. No! The
Arab people, in the time of Muhammad, were not really fooled.
They knew it! The only way for Muhammad to
make them believe in it, was by his sword. When he got enough men from this new religion, he forced everyone else to convert to his
religion. And all of this, we know, you can go and search for something, it is called the
“Wars of Apostasy.” We call it in Arabic, “Hurub Al-Ridda.”
Hurub Al-Ridda simply or the “Wars of Apostasy,” occurred right away on the same day that Muhammad died,
tens of thousands of Arabs, left Islam! On the same day! This is telling you, how much they
we were forced to do so, because if they really believed, then why did they
want to leave (Islam) on the same day of Muhammad’s death? Then Caliph Abu Bakr had to launch a
huge war to force those people and torture the ones
who did not want to come back to Islam. So the men of Muhammad, who continued his
message after him, waged a war to make Islam
stabilized and stay – this is how Islam stayed
until now – actually by war and by sword (by force). Anyone who says something different is
lying. And the proof, since the year 2008, find me one Islamic
country that approves some who wants to change his religion –
without being killed. So, the rule of being killed for leaving
Islam was from the beginning, and it was always the way to keep
Islam staying alive. Otherwise, Islam would be ‘bleeding’ and
there is no way to stop that ‘bleeding’ unless you scare those who want
to leave Islam. But in these days things are changing, and people
can not take it anymore. This is why Islam is dying very fast. Now, we showed a verse from the Koran saying that this is not from God –
we would consider the word, “Allah” here, as if it is saying it is from God – no problem. If it is not from God, you will find a lot of contradiction. And I have more than 300 videos, each one of
them showing you at least one contradiction – at
least (one). Now let us show one more contradiction for today. Surah 6 verse 50,
Muhammad is telling people, “‘I tell you not that with me are the
Treasures of Allah, nor do I know what is hidden, nor do I tell you that I am an angel.
But follow what is revealed to me.’ Say: ‘Can the blind be held equal to the
seeing?’ Will ye then consider not?” Okay, so Muhammad is
telling us, listen to this, people are asking him (paraphrasing), “Tell us the
future, why you do not tell us something that we do not know? You are claiming to be a prophet. Right? What kind of a prophet are you? The one, who cannot tell us anything.” Prophets give a prophecy,
you prophesy. Right? Okay this is a prophet who
do not prophesy. Is it not weird? [Laughs] So he answers them saying (paraphrasing), “Do you know what? You know, Yea, I do not know. I have no idea, I do not
have the Treasure of Allah.” Now if you go to the explanation and
look at the Treasure of Allah, you will see something funny. I will post all of those links next to my
video, so you guys can read them. It says, “Say O Muhammad, to the people of
Mecca: (I say not unto you (that) I possess) the keys
to (the treasures of Allah): vegetations, fruits, rain or punishment” – these are the
treasure of Allah? Vegetations, fruits… The treasures of Allah
are some zucchinis and cucumbers and
some tomatoes? So Muhammad had no idea what those were… …the treasures of Allah, as in what they are, what he (Allah) is hiding. So he was saying to them (paraphrasing), “You know what? I am not an angel.” So to know the treasures of Allah, you have to
be either God, or the angel. Now, to know the treasure of Allah it does not
mean that the angel himself really knew, what God knows. The angel is just the
one who did the delivery – remember with Jibril (Gabriel), who
was delivering the Quran to Muhammad, but he was not the one
who knew the Quran. He was like the postman (for it). At the same time, if we go and see a different verse we will
see the following chapter 3 verse 49, this is supposedly talking about
the Messiah, saying that the Messiah is the one who
can make from clay a bird and He breathed onto that clay which became a bird and He made the blind see. And He did a lot of recovery (healings) for everyone.
On top of that, there is something important here, “…and I declare to you what ye eat, and what ye store in your houses…” As a miracle! Now, Muhammad said that he could not tell you what
you eat and what you store in your houses, the Messiah, He can tell you what you
eat and what you store in your houses. Did you find something wrong in there? The Muslims say that Muhammad is
the best prophet of God, and he is the seal of the prophets and he
is the most honorable prophet of Allah himself. He chose him as the best, he is the best of the best. At the same time, Muhammad had no prophecy,
he never prophesied. He did not know what is hiding, he could not
tell you what is in your house, he could not tell you anything about the future,
but the Messiah can create bird from mud, the same as God do. He (Messiah)
can make the blind see, he can give recovery for all kinds of
diseases and on the top of that, he can tell you what
is hiding in your house, what you eat and what you will plan to do. All of this, did not make the Messiah equal to Muhammad
is number one, which is a stupid thing to say, because simply in Islam all Muhammad did – he just delivered the Quran – he did not do
any miracles, he did not do anything. He just delivered the Quran according
to Islam, but in here we see that the Messiah was given the authority, according to the
Quran by the way. I am not saying according to me, according
to the Quran, He was given the authority of creation.
He can do exactly what the God of Islam can do. He can create from the clay something alive. And He did create the
same way as God create according to Islam – this is the way that the God of
Islam created Adam. He made him first from mud and
He breathed into him and then He created him. But look at this, the Messiah did exactly the same. Now, we will go to the real contradiction, the Messiah knew the future
and could tell you what you are hiding, and Muhammad said clearly no one knows that except Allah. And
just to show you one more piece of evidence, we will go there. Chapter 6 verse
number 59, “With Him are the keys of the Unseen…” Who is “Him?” Who? (It is) Allah. He is the one who knew what is hiding and no one knows it
except him. So only the God of Islam knew the unseen, so if only Allah knew the unseen, okay then, how did the Messiah know the seen and unseen too? Do you see it? What you eat, is not what He (Messiah) see, what
you hide in your house is not what He see – this is unseen! Now someone will tell me, “You know what, maybe Allah had told him.” Do not tell
me that Allah is telling Him what everyone has hiding in his house! This would be funny. There are thousands and thousands of people and you know what… Allah gave Him (Messiah) a file (record) saying you know what, “…this is a file for every citizen in
this town. And if anyone comes up to you then (Messiah) open the file and look, you will see – what kind of clothes that he was wearing,
what he did yesterday, what he did eat and what he is hiding.” “Knowing” means that He knew, right away, regardless
of the person who would come to Him. Like as a surprise, if someone stood in
from of Him and asked Him, “What do I have in my house?” He would have told them. Muhammad did not know that and the Quran said clearly that the only one
who knew that is Allah. Time is up, follow with me, the Messiah is God and He can tell
you the unseen whereas your Quran says no one can tell, except God. Christ is God, Islam is false. Amen. “the more you learn” End

Why was Isa able to breathe life into a clay bird and perform miracles but the prophet Mohammed wasn't able to? Was Isa the real messenger? I can't understand why Muslims believe that I don't pray to the same God as theirs? Please, I want a muslim to please explain to me.

The god of the Qur'an is the devil himself, the most deceiver of all. According to the Bible(the real Word of God) is the devil the deceiver of the world, the god of this world, the destroyer, likes to be the most high, is very proud,the father of all lies, he invented the Taqqia and all lies that come straight from hell etc. Those are all parts of the god of the Qur'an. Please stop being a devil worshipper and turn to Jesus Christ, the only One that can save you from hell and give you now already eternal life! Jesus Christ destroyed the devil 2000 years ago on a cross and the devil is temporary active in this world full of sin. Link:


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