DMT: Portal to the Spirit World

Today I am extremely excited to be
talking about what is easily one of the most fascinating bizarre and credible
mind-blowing topics that I have ever come across in my life. And that is DMT.
Dimethyltryptamine. DMT is one of the most powerful psychedelic substances
known to man. This is the same substance that is found in ayahuasca, which is a
visionary plant brew that has been made for thousands of years by indigenous
people in the Amazon rainforest. People who ingest DMT or ayahuasca come back
from their trip with incredible reports of altered states of consciousness,
profound spiritual experiences of traveling outside of the body. Of
visiting other dimensions and realms of existence beyond his universe, beyond
space and time. In some cases, people also report mystical experiences of cosmic
consciousness unity and oneness with the infinite source of life itself.
Now before further exploring the DMT experience, there are several reasons why
the substance is so fascinating for some strange reason this random powerfully
psychedelic molecule is found all throughout the natural world in a huge
variety of plant and animal species including us, human beings! DMT is in our
bodies right now it’s naturally produced by the human body. Some theorize that it
is produced in the pineal gland of the brain, but the role it plays in humans as
well as other plant and animal species is really still a complete mystery. Why
is it that the strongest most potent psychedelic known to man occurs all
throughout the natural world? And what is the role that it plays in the human body?
And on another note why is it that this molecule is highly illegal in the United
States and many other countries when it already
naturally occurs within every single one of us? I mean that really says something
about the society that we live in. But now I want to turn to exploring more
about the DMT experience itself because this is where things really get
interesting. Probably the best place to start is by looking at the research of
Dr. Rick Strassman, who in 1990 conducted one of the first and only modern
scientific studies on the effects of DMT at the University of New Mexico.
This study is detailed in Dr. Strassman’s book called “DMT the spirit molecule.”
it’s also now a documentary on Netflix and I highly encourage you to check this
out if you are interested in learning more about this topic it’s just really
fascinating stuff. So the purpose of Dr. Strassman’s study was to use cutting-edge
medical science and neuroscience to research the physical effects of DMT on
the human body and brain. But also to better understand these subjective
experiences that people have while taking this substance. Over the course of
five years Dr. Strassmann administered over 400
doses of DMT to more than 60 different volunteers in a clinically supervised
setting and documented his findings. Here is Dr. Strassman on some of the
experiences that these volunteers had. People under a high dose of DMT in our
work, they repeatedly and uniformly say the experience is more real than real
and so it’s the most real thing that’s ever happened to them. They felt they had
entered into a whole different realm of reality that they didn’t know was there
it seemed more real than real. You know, as much as I tried to interpret what
people were experiencing as non real just the reality of it,
the searing sense of you know, solidity and, and just the truth of what they’re
experiencing you know that made them really not want to swerve from
attributing autonomous independent existence to those things. And here are some of the volunteers from Dr. Strassman’s study describing their experiences. There was no “I”. There was just a sense of a witness being
suspended in this incredible vaulted space like a cathedral made out of
stained-glass of all imaginable colors unbelievable brilliance and saturation
of color. At some point there was this implicit sense this is the divine realm.
This is the divine realm. This is like the actual core of where all of reality
is emanating from. I was like a caveman in a computer lab I didn’t have any idea
but I knew in my intellectual awareness that this was a very advanced
civilization or life-forms or whatever they were they they were so far advanced
from from what we know here on earth. It was absolutely blissful and euphoric and
I just felt like it wasn’t “I.” I was everything. I was the
light. A thousand years of experience in 15 minutes. Well, to say the least that
was profound. It was, it was profound dr. Strassmann found that out of a huge
range of experiences there were certain themes and patterns and commonalities to
almost every single experience that repeatedly came up for example almost
everyone reported that they felt as though their awareness or consciousness
had separated from their body from their human identity and that they traveled
beyond this physical universe and emerged in different realms or
dimensions of existence beyond space and time and as strange as it sounds when
these people on high doses of DMT arrived in these alternate dimensions
they arrived there to find that these realms were inhabited by other beings
and these similarities are very interesting because it points to the
notion that perhaps these are more than just psychedelic hallucinations they see
the basic problem we have to solve is why is it that people all around the
world when they enter altered states of consciousness have remarkably similar
experiences of realms that according to Orthodox science are supposed to be non
real at best explanation is that actually they are not real
those those encounters those realms those beings are real in a sense that we
don’t fully understand in the in the physical world now one of the most
incredible parts of this DMT experience is the mystical or unitive experience
dr. strassman describes these mystical DMT experiences as a personal encounter
with the Big Bang God cosmic consciousness the source of all being
whatever we call it we know we have met fundamental bedrock and Fountainhead of
existence one that emanates love wisdom and power on an unimaginable scale
during these mystical experiences there’s no longer any separation between
the self and not self there’s no longer any boundaries between observer and
observed observer and observed become one some portion of people who try DMT
are having these incredible direct encounters with God with the divine
infinite source of all that is and knowing themselves to be that the same
type of experiences that mystics and sages and awakened beings all throughout
history have been reporting are also reported by volunteers who take a high
dose of DMT I mean is this not incredible after years of research with
DMT Strassmann eventually theorized that DMT could be like a key or a portal or a
gateway enabling consciousness or the soul to travel out of the body this is a
medically trained doctor and skeptical scientists that we are talking about
here who could not help but come to this inescapable conclusion during his years
of research and my own experience with DMT validates the same conclusion that
DMT is like a sacred key to an inner doorway it’s like a portal through which
consciousness can travel to other realms of existence that coexist with this one
it is really because of those experiences that I am now certain that
consciousness continues after the body dies that consciousness has existed long
before this particular human lifetime when you have the direct experience of
awareness traveling outside of the body suddenly it becomes very clear in a
bizarre strange way that what I am the essence of what we are is beyond this
physical form it does not die with the death of this body no matter
what you believe there is something incredible going on
here and we need to look into this further because this has profound
implications for Humanity and our understanding of our place in the cosmos
I’m certainly not advocating that everyone and anyone should go out and
try DMT because it’s incredibly powerful and it can be a dangerous destabilizing
traumatic experience what I am advocating for is the responsible
careful investigation of this substance that is clearly sacred and profound and
I will end this video on that note subscribe and leave a comment if you
enjoyed this video and peace and love to every single one of you you

For more on the mysteries of DMT, check out my new video called
DMT “BREAKTHROUGH”- 10 lessons I learned:
Much love everybody.

Bro! There u have it! 6:23! That's flat ear-th! U took an image of flat earth itself,chek it out :D,that's the one huge puzzle blablabla…research it=mind blown

Boss, what you mentioned is exactly what Hinduism is been saying for thousands of years. The experience of these guys who were high on DMT exactly matches with the teachings of Hindu scriptures, in fact the scriptures has many many details of what these guys explained. It also matches with the great Hindu saints and sages have been saying for thousands of years.

Its illegal because if you really understand everything. It all works together. Your able to see that. People profit from most people not knowing that.

Common sense and realization of the big lie and the REAL reality is the end goal here, HOW you get there is secondary. But on a long critical journey, given the option of a bicycle (meditation) or a luxury high performance car (DMT)…..duhhhh.

My bro. My friend and I will be going on that DMT trip I am nervous I can't wait. I just want to see what would bring to the table. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

This was a very well put together video. I can see the work you put in. Good job. You should have more subs.

i am 53 and DMT changed my life and being xxx Love and light from liverpool xxx 💜☯️🙏🕉🛸👽

33 yrs ago on LSD I saw that everything appearing as solid matter is Energy vibrating an that when you pass from your physical body you still exist..

"Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber." John 10:1

God is the beginning and the end
He knew all of us before we were born
So God knows who is good and who is bad
And has already dealt with it accordingly
The reason of ‘Life’
Is Gods way of being fair to us, and giving us a chance at complete free will
And to see how we would choose to live
How the ‘world’ or ‘people’ seem
They are only there to provide you with choices
And how you choose , defines who you are
All the bad and good in the world
Happens for a reason
In the end
We will all die and leave our flesh
And be reunited to God and to the place where we have always been
We just took a vacation to experience ‘life’
And when we go back
It will feel as if we never left
7 billion people on earth right now
So that’s 7 billion souls
Imagine how many souls are with God just waiting for us to come back
People we know and never met
Friends, Relatives
Yet we know them as if we always have

Do y’all realize that feelings are the only thing holding us back from doing what we want🤯🤯🤯if we somehow manage to get rid of them we would get more things done. Think about it🤔🤔

Psychedelics and dmt especially changed my life, I mean Ive always been kind of alien but when I had my first OBE & NDE and realized I was in the devine presence of god EVERYTHING changed,

The dangers of things like DMT is like a child playing with power lines. The natural DMT produced by the brain is correlated to one's level of spiritual awarness and released slowly as a product of one's hightend awarness which comes from disciplined spiritual practice. One can become attached to the phenomenal experience and gradually lose touch with reality. If one has psychotic or schizophrenic tendencies, then this could send them over the edge…

I suffer from depression in a 20 years base right now and I'm so tired i would smell the Sun if it could help me overcome this. I understood many years ago dying is not the solution and I'm afraid of suicide

Actually in our vedic scriptures all these dimensions are mentioned and how to approach them are written about your ppl would never approach vedic scriptures.To us Hindus these things consciousness,dimmensions are our bedtimes stories that our mothers used to say

For those who are completely clueless: DMT is illegal precisely because it is a mind-expanding substance. The last thing the government wants is a bunch of mentally-heightened, spiritually enlightened people running amok causing problems for the government. "Govern" to control + "-ment" the mind (as in "ment-al").

Inner doorway.

This is what is described in the gospel of Thomas..

It's a gnostic and spiritual text angle not religious

I think we are born with our default program in place AKA our current reality or operating model. Altering your perceptions will help burst that bubble into awareness.

its a really great expierence i met avalokitesvera and its crazy kuz i didnt know who that was prior to the journey D M T is a beautiful medicine p.s it cured my anxiety and social awkwardness

Be careful what your intentions are, not all people have a good experience. If you not a good place in your heart and soul or sit with a guily conscious, you might just get you pp spanked in the spirit realm. It's all about energy and vibrations either way your going to learn something about yourself I promise that though

I recently took dmt for the first time..I was paranoid in the beginning as I was in a busy,crowded street but later I had the most amazing experience of my life. I can't explain the things I saw when the trip intensified but all I can say is I felt enlightened and the things that I saw and experienced was just pure Bliss I connected to the universe and I really believe it happened. Now I'm able to let go of my past,depression and the moment I realised it's not about me and the fact that I don't exist but I am everything I am the universe,it was the ultimate experience of my life. I feel so woke.

Yea, feel is the most important word here. You do psychedelics and think some great knowledge will come from that? Dumb dumb dumb

I can cop just about any drug out there, Heroin , cocaine , OxyContin etc but when I mention DMT everyone has a puzzled look on their faces , WTF

I'm not trying to be THAT guy, but I'm not convinced it's an actual portal to another world or anything more than just a powerful drug and I wont be until I see some solid scientific evidence.

There are a lot of interesting puzzles attached to dmt that we dont have the answers to and it is very mysterious how everyone has similar experiences on it, but I also believe theres way to much run away speculating surrounding the drug to the point where a vast amount of people assert the more popular speculations (like that it takes you to an indefinite other realm of existence) as solid fact.

I just dont think we know enough to be making claims like that. I hope more light will be shed on the mysteries of dmt in the near future as science and technology continues to become more and more sophisticated

so there were conscience made floating around before we were herethen God put it in us cause your conscience goes on after death ???

For those concerned about the legality of dmt, Look into Met. It's basically the same thing except met is new enough that it's unscheduled almost everywhere and colors & patterns are way more pronounced on met than dmt. I think of met as the slightly more cool & legal cousin to dmt.

It's just your brain on drugs. It's not spiritual other than what you make of it. You see things like this when you get hit in the head with a hammer too! It's also, like religion, a cop out. You're not giving the unknowns of the brain enough credit as a device on its own. Your implanting your fantasy over its reality. Interesting drug for sure, but you don't have to adapt it for the losses in mans understanding.
:this is a dream, …this is your dream on drugs.

The more i learn about DMT the more certain it makes me that Islam is the truth.
Not what the government and media wants you to think it is,
But REAL Islam.

I have found a special place in the spirit world. I've been able to make it there 3 times so far. I was told by the entities that only high level entities find it and that I shouldnt have been able to find it yet. I said yet? They did not answer me. its unlike anything I've seen before. It's so amazing and theres a window and if you look out of it you see the world as it is rt now. Imagine being in a cartoon so to speak and looking out of a cartoon window and seeing the real world. It's so crazy! I've not been able to make it all the way to.the window yet. I keep getting closer and closer though ea time. I'm starting to wonder if it's the future I'm seeing? I just cant see enough to make out what's going on. I see a lake and a forest behind it. there people on their boats etc. I eventually will make it to the window to see what's going on hopefully. I'm just having trouble understanding what they ment by im not supposed to be there yet. I just took a diff path once and ended up there. They just start at me shaking their heads. Idk it's just all crazy to me and im strtn to have trouble fig out what to do. if I should cont going to that place or not. It's just hard not to feel like a found something I wasnt supposed to find….at least not yet. idk if it's the entities that are keeping me from making it all the way to the window or not. Any advice?

I haven’t taken DMT, but I have taken shrooms and acid at the same time. Not enough to take me to another realm. But enough to tap into parts of my spiritual energy I weren’t aware existed. I, felt, everything. Crying and laughing. All my life experiences flashing through my head. Endless forgiveness and repentance.

When I think of DMT, I’m immediately reminded of the connections I see in almost all religions. The hierarchy of Angels/Demons/Spirits, the rituals and ceremonies, the origin story of humankind, the aspect of prayer and recognition and respect to these Beings, whether they were taken drugs our not, I feel our Ancestors and Elders were well aware of…of something bigger going on, whatever that is.

I see it in art, in music, in culture, in poetry, in the beauty that flourishes from mankind. There is something spiritual going on. Whatever that something is.

more intelligence =More power =more control
Don't act with feelings. if so you would be abused by such bullshit videos.
Yes! There is a posibility for this but be sure they won't let you experience it complitly, so you won't know it's effects on you.
In this situation you are just like"wow!! They are so much beautiful pictures"
And you are not aware of that they make you feel and think what they want you to do so.

Energy can't be destroyed only transfered….comments. maybe right. What if they have bad energy? Like me. I hate my life that I don't think I have energy to show. I'm not worthy. Pray for me.

you do not need DMT to enter the spirit world…. being SOBER is the key to the spiritual world…drug users have no access to this world

…but what if, you are not traveling outside your body and you are traveling inside your body into an inter-universe and not an outer-universe.

If I say this, many misled religious fanatics may get offended. But the Bible clearly talks about this molecule in different forms, parables, stories and mysterious books like songs of Solomon. There is no secret if you know what to look for. The secret is out there in the open, hiding in plain sight. Only those willing to accept the truth finds it. Behold he stands at the door. Hear his voice my fellow humans. The truth is coming back to Humanity and it will come when least expected.

Do not wait for a bearded man coming down from the skies with winged angels blowing trumpets. Look for the meaning behind it and enter the world of another consciousness. May the spirit of light and truth guide you.

Interesting that the "DMT: The Spirit Molecule" video is no longer available on Netflix either streaming or on DVD…also not available on Amazon

Strictly Here To Help Those Seeking Help With PTSD,  Anxiety, Depression Etc.

WickrMe: vcjt
Sc: cottell_jason19


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