Divine Knowledge In The Torah: Kosher Animal Secrets (3 minutes)

Rabbi can i use parts of this in a video of mine explaining Kosher slaughter? I would only be using parts from this segment not from the full 18 minute video, and I will give you credit and point viewers to your full movie.

you don't just die instantaneously when blood gets cut off to the brain. if that were the case nobody would ever survive a stroke. but it makes this guy think he sounds smart so it works for him I guess.

I'm sorry, but do you have the scientific source for each of these pieces of information you dumped on us all at once? Or do you expect people who already don't believe rabbis to just take your word for it? Like Pirkei Avot brings down in perek 6, at the end of mishna 6 "Thus we have learned: One who says something in the name of its speaker brings redemption to the world, as is stated (Esther 2:22), "And Esther told the king in the name of Mordechai."

A few holes in your story. I've witnessed kosher slaughter, the animals typically are awake and terrified as they are bled out. They do not instantly drop dead when the throat is slit, they usually thrash around for about 30-45 seconds before collapsing. It's a noble goal, but a bullet to the brain of the animal would be far faster and more humane.

Unfortunately, this is incorrect… the animals do feel the pain of the bloodletting – they have a working nervous system. As well, they do feel great fear, which releases toxins into their system in only seconds.

I don't eat meat, so I have a tendency to not pay attention to to laws regarding meat. But isn't it according to Torah that not only the death of the animal must be painless, but the animal should live a good life. For example: chickens kept in coops where they have no light, no ability to walk, run, etc. this is not a proper or good life for them.

There is a famous chicken which was beheaded and continued alive and moving without a head for some weeks before inevitably starving to death.

The animals will be conscience until the blood pressure drops enough to cause unconsciousness. Whether or not the animals feels the cut of the knife depends on how sharp the knife is. Rabbinic Judaism like it's father Pharisaism loves to add to Gods laws their own pile of rules. Show me in the Torah where it says you can't eat the back end of an animal. The rabbi came up with that stuff without any authority. The even blaspheme God by saying their additional rules are a greater authority than the law given by God though Moses. All the Torah says is the blood is the life and should not be eaten . This doesn't mean you prolong the animals pain by slitting it's throat and making it suffer while it bleeds out. In ancient time we didn't have kill guns to humanly kill animals. Kill the animal quickly, hang it by it's heals , then slit it's throat. The blood naturally pools and gravity will drain the blood just fine. Pretty sure when Joshua or King David killed a deer while hunting he didn't run along side the deer and slit it's throat on the run so it could be killed Kosher. No it was shot dead usually though the heart than hung up, the throat cut to drain the blood. Then the meat was cooked well done so no one was eating bloody meat. No, Rabbinical Judaism just like the Catholic Church thinks that what it's rabbis and popes respectively say is more inspired than the word of God.

This junction (anastomosis) between the two arteries (not "veins") is called the Circle of Willis, and strikingly it exists only on kosher animals. Cutting the carotid will draw the blood from the vertebral artery towards the Circle of Willis then the cut, creating an instant depressure of the blood going to the brain from the vertebral artery, and quasi instant loss of consciousness.

For french speaking readers, you can read the on-line thesis of this veterinary student
If the sh'hita is correctly performed, the loss of consciousness happens between 3 and 10 seconds, and there is apparently no found modification of the EEG (indication of suffering) of the animal being slaughtered.

So the jewish way of slaughtering seems to be the least painful for the animal (there are a lot of differences between the jewish sh'hita and the moslem way). Other techniques are or can be extremely painful.

This being said, I agree with some comments here : to perfectly avoid tsaar baalei chayim (suffering of animals), all animals should not know that they are going to die, they should not be able to see other dead animals, or to hear, or to smell blood, etc. Animals to be slaughtered should not suffer any stress of any kind, and we are very far from it, unfortunately also in judaism, as animals are slaughtered in industrial slaughterhouses where the smell of blood, to give only one example, is everywhere…


yes, but what about the way we are keeping them? …my problem is there is big suffering before the shchita! There is no hashgacha for that !!! The calfs are being still stolen from the mother, the moment they are born, while it is forbidden, by the Tora, to take the calf from the mother in the first 7 days – they steal her milk and slaughter the calf – that is NOT kosher! The milk is NOT kosher! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wy9o0d8RWPc please, Rabbi, check this link – we have to talk about it! It can not go on like this!!!

except vien's carry the blood away from the brain and you only care about arteries.
the other thing is, death means the brain is no longer conciouse. even without blood the brain can still work and the animal can still feel pain.
so all you said is wrong

If killing other living beings and eating their flesh is holy in your religion then what would be considered demonic of satanic?

"Slaughter in a kosher way means the animals cannot suffer". Why don't you just check out some real footage of Kosher slaughtering and Kosher slaughter machine??? Cannot suffer my ass! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCPNRsYij3o

If it does not hurt why do they thrash around the second you cut their throat ,think again simple folks
THINK ,it will serve you well

3:20 Scientifically, it never feels pain

Nope. Pain signals travel very quickly.
You are presuming that the jewish laws have something to do with animals suffering or not.
Example: In the flood story, the jewish god kills all animals with a flood.

Feeling pain is not a problem for the jewish god. He does not care. If he cared, then you would not have millions of people/animals dying of starvation, dying of disease.
Even a tooth cavity can hurt like hell.

Religious videos like this are meant to keep the believer asleep.

As an atheist, I'm just hear to make you think for yourself and see through the none sense.

BTW: if this jewish god cared, if it was about feeling pain, then the smart thing to do is design all animals to have a single vein (I did not check if that claim of yours is true).
Next. It would make more sense for animals to not feel pain.
Better yet, there is no need for animals.

So technically no meat is kosher today. Why do I say this? Do you realize how much animals suffer in the mass production farming? What terrible conditions these animals must live through before the slaughter. The animal is not allowed to be in pain caused by humans its entire life, so unless you are going to raise and slaughter the animals yourself, you are buying taref. You think those glatt kosher animals were raised any better than the other mass-farmed animals? Come on, the only difference is the very last moment of their life when they are slaughtered, the rest of their lives were full of suffering prior to that.

This is the love of God. I believe God doesn't want his creations to be killed however we need to eat and meat is tasty. God loves all animals and he has allowed us to kill only kosher animals because they (the animal) will suffer less during slaughter and science proves this… Great video!


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