Did JESUS Beat Columbus to the Americas?

Good morning stranger! I want to talk to you about Jesus! Wait don’t go, I swear it’s fascinating! So, I’m a Youtuber, and I’ve been doing
this series about the crackpot theories about people who discovered America before Columbus,
and, well you’re gonna be in the penultimate episode! How good for you! So, let me tell you about the claims that
Semitic peoples came to America before Columbus, and yes, that includes the Mormon claim that
one of those people was Jesus. I’m Tristan Johnson, and this is Step Back
History. Semitic people have a significant role in
history.They’re a language group that consists of ethnicities today like Jews and Arabs. However, it goes back to several civilisations
that developed in… this general area almost as far back as we have been developing in
general areas. Today we’re going to talk about arguments
that Semitic people made it to the shores of America long before Columbus sailed that
ocean blue. Let’s begin our story in China. Over the centuries, the Chinese have been
trading with the middle-east. The middle-east was in the centre of a trade
route running through Asia moving goods from east to west. The fact that the record of Arabs going to
America comes from China is not a surprise, as they saw each other a lot. Also, Mongols destroyed many Arab writings,
so a lot of our knowledge about the medieval Islamic world comes from strange places. The Chinese have accounts from Arab traders
that they sailed to an unknown region called Mulan-Pi. This comes from two writings dating to the
year 1178 and 1225. These two writings together go by the name
the Sung document. Now, most interpretations think that Mulan-Pi
is Spain, but a few people think this might be the Americas. The theory’s most prominent supporter was
American historian Hiu-lin Li in the sixties. There is also one document by Muslim historian
Abu al-Hasan ‘Alī al-Mas’ūdī that claims someone named Khashkhash Ibn Saeed Ibn Aswad
crossed the Atlantic and discovered unknown land in the year 889, coming home with a ship
full of goods as proof. Now, here is the major problem with these
theories. Arab ships in this period might have been
able to make the trip over, but not back. The thing about travelling across the Atlantic
is that without knowledge of the wind and water currents, it can take a very long time
to cross the Atlantic. The time required is likely longer than an
old Arab ship could handle, and even if they knew about the northeastern trade winds, it
would still add more time on the open ocean than a boat could handle. This is, of course, assuming you didn’t
get lost at sea centuries before the Islamic world would get the compass. Add in the fact that there is no physical
evidence of this, and you have a sort of floppy argument. Now the next two theories build upon each
other. For quite a while it was a favourite theory
that sailors from ancient Phoenicia sailed to America as far back as three thousand years
ago. So the Phoenicians were a civilization from
the age of antiquity. They lived in what today would be Lebanon,
Israel, Syria, and Gaza. They were famous sailors and traders, noted
for their vessels crafted from high-quality trees that grew in the Levant. The claim of Phoenician Atlantic explorers
comes from a boulder located in Massachusetts. There are a series of markings on the stone
that garnered attention for quite a long time. Even famous early American settlers like Cotton
Mather would write about them. The story got interesting, however, when the
president of Yale Ezra Stiles made the claim that these markings were not produced by indigenous
peoples, but were, in fact, hebrew text. This assertion is significant for an important
reason. When the first European settlers arrived in
the Americas, they were quite shocked to find people already there. People who made the very distinct claim that
this was the continent they originated on. Keep in mind, the theory of evolution was
centuries away, so Europeans had a pretty hard time trying to draw a path from the garden
of Eden to indigenous peoples. They suspected that the ancestors of the indigenous
people were one of the lost 12 tribes of Israel. So, the claim that ancient Hebrew writing
turned up in Massachusetts verified their theory. Some other stones turned up over the 18th,
19th, and 20th centuries, but all of them turned out to be hoaxes.The most famous being
lithographs or a carving in stone found in the southeast United States called the Bat
Creek Inscription. There was also a claim that a map found on
a coin from the empire of Carthage showed the Americas but again this artefact was exposed
to be a modern forgery. It’s almost as if in situations where theology
really REALLY needs something to be true, forgeries pop out of the ground, but more
on that later. The discussion of Phoenician treks across
the sea is still active today, with many scholars coming to the pretty tired conclusion in this
series that there is just no evidence that it happened. Some historians like Ronald Fritze point out
that while technically possible, like the Viking site in Newfoundland we discussed in
the first episode of this series, Phoenicians who crossed the Atlantic would’ve left something
behind that would be found. So at the moment there’s no reason to believe
the crossing ever happened. And so we come to the last of the essential
Semitic contact theories, the one you clicked on this video for. The Mormon church asserts that ancient Jews
crossed the Atlantic and that after his resurrection, so did Jesus. Hoo boy. Ok, this is going to be a tough one to talk
about. The Mormons have a well-established field
of people trying to prove once and for all that the events Joseph Smith wrote in the
Book of Mormon are real. I’m not going to put kid gloves on for this
discussion, but I also don’t want to be a jerk to Mormons. So if any Mormons are listening, I don’t
know what to tell you. I will probably make a video about Mormonism,
so I will just do a quick TL;DR rundown for you. A 19th-century man named Joseph Smith published
a book called the book of Mormon. The book acts as a third testament of the
bible that he translated from golden plates he found under the direction of the angel
Moroni. Joseph Smith and his followers worked their
way west across the United States, getting chased out of town by people who didn’t
like them. In one case an angry mob killed Joseph Smith
and the leadership of the church passed on to his right-hand man Brigham Young. They eventually found Salt Lake City, and
since then it has been the centre of their religion. They’ve since branched out all over the
world, do a lot and I mean a LOT of missionary work, and do their thing over in Utah. The religion makes some claims about American
history, including the garden of Eden being located in Jackson County Missouri, and some
questionable things about black and native people they’ve since had to walk back on. The Book of Mormon claims that around the
5th century BCE, two Jewish groups called the Nephites and Lamanites crossed the ocean
to come to America. There was a war, the Lamanites wiped out the
Nephites, and became the indigenous people. Some also argue that Polynesian people are
descendants of the Lamanites; their darker skin colour a curse for their cruelty in wiping
out the Nephites. Though to be fair, the Mormon church no longer
asserts this. There is also the book of Abraham. Joseph Smith purchased some Egyptian papyrus
off an antiquities trader. In a time before we could translate Egyptian
hieroglyphics, he claimed he could tell that this was a book written by the famous biblical
Abraham with divine inspiration. However, we do know hieroglyphics now, and
what was thought to be the book of Abraham turned out to be part of the famous book of
the dead, a description of the Egyptian concept of the afterlife. The field of pre-Columbian archaeology is
a well-established field. It’s massive; my most popular video is about
the developments in it. We have well-evidenced timelines of civilisations
flourishing either during or before the time of the events occurring in the book of Mormon. The book’s claims simply don’t add up. The Book of Mormon also references a lot of
animals, plants, and objects as existing that have never been found in the Americas until
after contact. You could handwave some of these off. Cattle could just be llamas, goats could be
deer, etcetera. The tougher claims from the book of Mormon
are that technologies like chariots existed when no such technology, nor horses to pull
them existed in the Americas. Indigenous people had wheeled toys found in
Mesoamerica, but no native groups ever went all the way as to make chariots, or anything
even close.The Book also talks about steel, which there was also none of in the Americas
precontact. There is lastly the issue of language. The Nephites described in the Book of Mormon
have a language based on Egyptian and Greek, and they had a writing system. However, the only societies shown to have
any written word in the Precolumbian Americas were the Maya and the Olmecs. Their languages have no resemblance to either
Egyptian or Greek. Furthermore all the writings of the Americas
have undergone pretty extensive linguistic analysis and point to the first peoples in
the Americas arriving somewhere near Alaska about 12 to 17 thousand years ago. The scientific consensus seems pretty clear
that there is no evidence for any of the factual claims of the book of Mormon. Other scholars also point out that the historical
claims of the book of Mormon are more in line with a genre of “mound builder” fiction
popular in the 19th century. I want to end this with a positive takeaway,
even for any of my Mormon viewers who haven’t posted an angry comment and left by now. I don’t pretend that the Mormon religion
makes any more factual claims than other faiths. The other religions do have the benefit of
age, and over the years they’ve gone through a lot of work to make their text less literal
and more allegorical. Just a thought. Religion man makes doing this job complicated. Ok, so this is the second last episode of
this series. I have one left in me that I’m going to
produce in my next batch of videos, so expect it in December. We’re going to look into African claims
of Pre Columbian contact. Did the Egyptian Pharaoh’s do coke? Are these stone statues carvings of African
traders? You’ll just have to hang on to find out. Thanks for watching, if you enjoyed this video
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Ay Step Back, love the videos. But when I first subscribed, you were using a CGP Grey style of stick figure-like animation, which I prefer much more to these live action videos you’ve been doing recently. (Not that I don’t like these new ones, I just prefer the older format)

Keep up the good work, and thanks for reading!

I honestly don't get the popularity of these crackpot theories about the peopling of the new world. There is already so much debate about the ice-free corridor vs the Pacific coastal route. I can't wait for the Hoteps to down vote your video about African claims about colonization and leave angry comments about how you're in bed with the Zionist illuminati to cover up the truth (good luck my friend).

Saw the amount of hate your Native American misconceptions video recieved. I was super confused until you read the comments. Everyone either outright refuting the 100 million number without doing a single google search to find the evidence supporting this figure, and a disgusting amount of people claiming its "too political" or "liberal revisionism". There's nothing in the video that reflects this, and the amount of white nationalists, altright advocates, and ultra-conservatives replying to anything that challenges their idea of white exceptionalism and pride is repulsive. It's as though acknowledging the advancements of what they perceive as an "other race" hurts their feelings because it denies their narrative that white people advanced because of their superior intelligence, culture, and creativity, and nothing to do with wildly advantageous geography. People who haven't need to read "Guns, Germs, and Steel" by Jared Diamond for a comprehensive understanding of historical development and environmental determinism. It's not a liberal view, or a biased one, it's a scientific view.

While you were talking about the mormons all I could hear was "HAVE YOU HEARD OF THE ALL-AMERICAN PROPHET?" shout out to the musical The Book of Mormon for teaching me all I know about them

Implausible tales whose only evidence comes from a few old documents sound like a perfect match for the kookier religious types. I'm surprised more zany theories don't have overt religious elements.

have you heard of the theory of Australian aboriginals being the first people to reach south america? they say they have found dna in the Amazon and at the southern tip of s.america.

You've talked about Jesus coming to American but how about other places people claim Jesus went to. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed Jesus went to India.

A lot of this is old news to mormons, the church has been in a state of upheaval for about a decade. But they shrugged off polygamy so I doubt this'll slow 'em down that much.

Of course Arabs came here first. As for how their boats got there and returned – well, Allah reached down and gently brought them across the Atlantic both times. See, that wasn't difficult.

The Book of Abraham? Title aside as far as I know Abraham did not spend much time in Egypt. Now the ones Joseph on up to Moses are a different matter. The Mormon claim tries to "show evidence" in the New Testament when Jesus speaks of "other sheep" at the beginning of John 10:16. Wow! I'm convinced – of the need to grasp at straws.

Former Mormon here: Lehi's family are stated to have traveled south and east by foot before setting sail, so the claim may be that they crossed the Indian and Pacific Ocean, rather than the Atlantic

This series explores the question, "Was Columbus really the first person to land in America?". It explores theories that range from the confirmed, to bizarre in this tour of alternate explorers who made it to America's Shores: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfcOf7-elRs&list=PLnpoOo7lhNnGNogkwUgl18WydCIi7QSgr

If you scientifically analyze any religion, it falls apart without claiming certain things are metaphorical or poor translations. Christians who recognize that the world is older than 6000 years and that evolution is real claim that the 7 days God took to create the world don't translate literally to 7 days today, as God exists outside of time and 7 God days translate to billions of Human years.

Okay, can I remind people of the song Jerusalem? "And did those feet in ancient time walk upon England mountains green…"

min 8:00
The Book of Mormon does NOT claim that Lehi and family were the first inhabitants in America. In fact it refers to others living here when they arrived.
"did not exist" how do you know this? mesoamerica is a tropical area and, well, things rot and disappear. Also few excavations of cities from the pre-classic period — the time of the Book of Mormon.
There are many videos on Book of Mormon archaeology and you should do your homework.

Evidence ?

-High frequency of R1a DNA in some Native Tribes. R1a is common in Indian/Iranians and Eastern Europeans. How can first nations have Aryan DNA? Sure, this is Indo-european, not Semetic but still
– Kennewick Man's Skull, (Patrick Stewart)
– blond cloud people in Peru….

Religion doesn't require evidence. “There are two types of people in the world, those who want to know, and those who want to believe.” Nietzsche.

if you're christian yes Jesus was in America since he's in all places at all times and before time.
If you're not then you believed he was a jewish guy who did a lot of preaching so no.

pretty cut and dry

This gentleman says soo many things that are just incorrect —the Book of Mormon was NOT written in greek and egyption —-it was hebrew and egyption, which combined languages were then altered by the Nephite prophets so that no one would understand their engraved language without divine inspiration — needs to read JOHN 10:16 and the following books by Hugh Nibley : THE PROPHETIC BOOK OF MORMON ; LEHI IN THE DESERT ; AN APPROACH TO THE BOOK OF MORMON ; THE WORLD OF THE JAREDITES……the fact is that all of his points he raises are evidence of not keeping up with ongoing developments in archeology of the Americas and other disciplnes……in other words, he is waaay behind the current scientific world in its research on the Book of Mormon and the Book of Abraham……..but unless you read Nibley and the scholars that came later after Nibley, you will never be an authority on these things.

Jesus never went to the Americas!!!
After he left His disciples He went up to be with the Father.
Jesus said that He has to leave so that He could send the Helper, the Holy Spirit. If Jesus returned after sending the Holy Spirit then this contradicts what He said.

The gospel was still only being taught to the Jews, not the gentiles or any other race.
There were no Jews outside of the middle east.
It wasn't until the book of Acts that the gospel was opened up to the gentiles.

Jesus did not go about preaching or witnessing after His resurrection and after returning to the Father. And not to mention that if He did then no one would know what he went through. Some Mormon videos show Jesus showing the people of the Americas the holes in His hands….. they would not have known what that signified!!!!

And Jesus didn't let anyone touch Him, just as he told Mary not to touch Him as He had not yet been up to the Father.
Jesus appeared briefly to His followers when he rose, so how could He could spend so much time in the Americas re-teaching the gospel? And He wouldnt have gone around healing people at that point so people would not have seen any miracles.

They also would not have had any of the Old Testament scrolls that spoke of Jesus and foretold of His birth etc.
The OT was a foundation for Jews (the believers) and Christians.

The Book of Mormon is pure fable, a fable of man and a doctrine of devils.
It contradicts so much of what the Bible teaches us.
If any many preach any other gospel, let him be accursed!!!

Praise Jesus, for only HE is the way, the TRUTH, the life and the light of the world!!!

Thanks for making this video! Great work!!
We need to expose the lies and deceptions and heresies of Mormonism.

God bless! 🙂

What are your thoughts on the Fuenta Magna which is said to be the Rosetta Stone of the Americas, and has proto-Semetic linguistic connections to the Americas.

Before i see this video…was Jesus ever in America? Did he create the world? Yes. So he would have forumed the american continents. Sure… So the overwhelming answer is YES.

Just a quick thing here: the Tsalagi & Haudenosaunee also have pre-Columbian written languages, & I believe the Aniishnaabe did as well

Check out L. Taylor Hansen's book " He Walked the Americas". She gathered native legends from through out north central and south America.


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