Demon’s Souls Story ► The Burden of Stockpile Thomas

Without a family, man, alone in the world, trembles with the cold. When the old one was awakened, the deep fog spread over the world, and from the fog came demons. A horde that swept through Boletaria and brought civilization to its knees. The old one is a bottomless pit of nothingness with an insatiable appetite for souls, but it cannot collect souls itself. Imagine a tree with roots, leaves, and a core. The Old One is the trunk, the core of the tree. It spreads its roots into the lands full of humans, and the fog drains their souls. As a creatures soul diminishes, they become soul starved; paranoid, insane, and full of rage.The mad attacked the sane, and chaos prevails. The only way to stay sane is to collect souls, and so souls become the only valid currency in Boletaria. Those who feed on human souls or pledge themselves to the old one become demons, reflecting myth, and the person or thing that they were before. Take the major demon, Phalanx. It is the corrupted soul form of a longbow sniper, Oolan; who fought from a distance, and never put her life on the line. A coward. And so, demons begin to take over; infecting the world, spreading the fog, and wiping out humanity. A man named Thomas lived near the palace with his wife and daughter before the scourge came. His equipment suggests that he was a hunter and perhaps this is how he provided for his family. In the Nexus however, he took up a new profession. I’m Stockpile Thomas. When the scourge came, I… abandoned my wife and daughter, and fled like a madman. When I came to, I was in the Nexus. I haven’t dared venture outside these walls since. Sometimes I stop and wonder… How I ended up in the Nexus in the first place? Why didn’t I protect my wife and daughter? Even if it meant being slain by the demons? [laughs in disbelief] Please forgive me. I am over it now. With no formal combat training, and no courage in the face of the demons, Thomas left his wife and daughter behind; instead fleeing from the scourge taking over the Boletarian palace. He accepts himself as weak and puts his hope instead into the demon slayers who venture outside the safe walls of the Nexus. This rejuvenating sanctorium is a fine place for the slayers of demons to rest their weary bones. I too must contribute how I can; for we are indebted to our honorable defenders. True to his new name Stockpile Thomas lightens the loads of the demon hunters who come through the nexus; looking after any excess baggage they might have until they return. What is the world like outside the Nexus? With brave souls like you confronting these vile demons- perhaps it won’t be long before things return to normal. At least that is what we are all praying for. He cannot know for sure whether his wife and daughter fell at the hands of the demons. Maybe they found refuge somewhere; maybe they’re being held prisoner. Thomas has no closure. Alas, his wife and daughter did die at the hands of the demons. You find two corpses, suspended by chains from the side of a tower in the palace. On one of the bodies you find a jade hair ornament, which identifies her as Thomas’ daughter. The other wears raggedy robes and carries fresh spice a consumable item used by magicians. It’s unknown why the demon singled out his family to be hung. Most corpses are left on the ground. Perhaps, it’s because there were women. Or perhaps they were identified as witches, and suffered at the hands of the fat ministers before their death. Either way, you return the hairpin to Thomas, confirming the death of his family. That hairpin… That belongs to my daughter. Then… She didn’t make it after at all- My dearest little baby May she rest in peace. Poor Thomas can let go now With the knowledge that his wife and daughter are at peace. Nothing can be done for them so the coward focuses on giving you his support- for you fight on his behalf. You’re a saint; Thank you. Thank you so much! How do you do it? I can’t imagine what it takes to slay a demon. If only I had that kind of strength- If only I could assist in this fight.. You have a heart of gold. Don’t let them take it from you! On the first day man was granted a soul and with it, clarity. For in man, great potential was seen. Yet on the second day upon Earth was planted an irrevocable poison; a soul devouring demon. For, like the demon man had an insatiable, destructive appetite for souls; for power…

I'm only just playing through Demon's Souls for the first time (I've played through Dark Souls multiple times at this point). I never thought about the items on the corpses that identify them as Thomas' family. I LOVE that about Demon's and Dark Souls – that attention to detail is something you just don't get in any other game. Most other games would either forego that kind of thing entirely, or would make a huge deal of saying 'THIS IS THE WIFE AND DAUGHTER OF THOMAS, THIS IS WHERE YOU MUST FEEL SAD. ENGAGE SAD MODE.'

People who say that these games have 'no story' are totally incorrect – if they can enjoy the game without that then that's cool, but the story in the Souls games is delivered far more effectively than in perhaps any other game. Not only is the game interactive (obviously), the story is too – just like you take the mechanics of the combat and make of them what you will, the story fragments are presented to you in the same way. Treating the story like another mechanic is an absolutely ingenious development in game narrative. I think I'm going to do a video on that at some point, so thanks for the inspiration Vaati! Love your work.

Funny how this is the happiest ending of a NPC in all of all the Souls series, his family might be dead but he finally found peace.

i wish u done one on my fave char ever in a souls game , mephistopheles but i can understand the minimal amount of lore there O,,O

Awesome, so will there be anymore? I know the date of the video but there are still more things to make a lore video on, such as the old hero who interest me so much. Though info is a bit vague…

I dunno why but demon souls makes me genuinely sad versus dark souls. I don't really know why I mean there are plenty of stories that are heart wrenching in dark souls especially lucatiel from the second game. I have the same name as stockpile Thomas too so maybe that's why.

I know you have probably other interests with the new dark souls coming up but i'd love to see some more videos about demon souls… 😉 maybe you'll remember me when you have some free time and make 1 or 2 new videos…
Love your videos man go on like this ;))

I remember this from Demon's Souls. Still makes me tear up just thinking about Thomas and his family. There's something so lovable about him. His faults are laid bare to you, but you can't help but empathize. And then you present him with evidence of his family's brutal deaths at the hands of demons. Was so sad. One of the few games to ever make me tear up. Thank you Vaati.

This series is so beautiful. Getting back into Demon's Souls, as I stopped at some point back when it released

Great background on the demon's souls series. Been enjoying these and your dark souls videos as well. Have a good one sir!

I don't know why people sympathize with Astrea. She sold her soul to a Demon so that she could prolong the wretched existance of those that live a life of suffering.

I have a question. Is there a way to get the free version of the second song? Because paying 60$ for a song is a bit bs if you ask me.

I can't take that heart of gold line seriously anymore after hearing it so much. It's a powerful line, but he says it every time you talk to him, which, since he's your bank, is a lot.

"How do you do it? Slaying those demons must be hard" "you have a heart of gold, don't let them take it from you" -Shows scene of killing Astraea the good… Innocent demon-

"You have a heart of gold…don't let them take it from you.'

Thomas, my heart is not of gold, but of terrible blades and powers. No demon can nor shall ever touch my heart, good sir.

"from soft" so, we will make players able to carry out the quests of npcs, "but how will they get their armour" they all die anyways af couse

Specially in that place, where you feel like a total evil hearing "You have a heart of gold…don't let them take it from you" is one of saddest thing I ever watched.

Wow. Though he is a coward, i can kind of understand. Poor guy, feel worse for his family though…likely were raped to near death, beaten and then executed…I would expect that from such a cruel place like this world is. He is assisting in some manner though, he may not be on the front line. But he can take pride in being the support unit that helps with supplies. =) I would be the crazy fucker to hold my own, likely if entering as human. Become a demon myself, and then use that power to wipe every single demon off the face of that land. Well, almost. The Maiden In Black can stay, i like her. XD My response to her would simply be: "I'm not here to slay you, i'm here to find out just what the hell happened here. I have a heart, and i know you're trying to do good like me. So, you are spared. But, keep that heart of yours. Or i will come back for less than nice reasons, we'll keep in touch though. Fair well."

Isn't it possible he died and woke up in the nexus thinking he ran when in reality he has no memory because he died?

Hey Vaati, I know this may seem like backtracking but, where did you get that info about Phalanx from? i looked on the wiki and it says nothing about a sniper

if you could can you either make a video or at least something explaining more about it? because i never played demon's souls but I must admit i find myself fascinated by them especially Phalanx with that bit of info only you seem to possess

The irony is that his cowardice may have been the right choice. If he had stayed and tried to help his family escape, it's very likely he would have failed to do so and only added his death to theirs. Instead he survived and became a huge help to the protagonist, who may have not have been able to slay the demons without it. His cowardice helped save the world.

So i've recently started my new job. Nighttime desk clerk…. from 11pm to 7am i watch your video's with nothing else to do and i must say, i love every video you make. For halloween you need to do something spooky, perhaps a compilation of the most horrifying implications in the souls games.

what a pussy. He abandoned his wife and daughter to the demons and ran to the safety of the nexus well he could have brought them with him too!

This quest line reminds me of the little girl in Yharnam. The daughter of Gascoigne. You know, except Thomas doesn’t FUCKING DIE.


I ACTUALLY can't wait for this remaster if it happens. Demon's souls' server shutdown is a shame, and im gonna be playing the everliving-skeletons out of the revival in the last month.

This is why we love these kinds of games. Not only do we enjoy the challenge, but we enjoy the immersive locations, deep lore left to speculation and characters who suffer and feel human are what pull us into these games over and over. A story about a man who was too scared to stand up for his loved ones and fled for his life who feels tremendous guilt over it is very believable. It's hard to blame him completely, after all the fight or flight response is strong. We often seek self preservation, and when faced with death even the mightiest heroes can crumble.

If the old one represents a tree with it's roots pulling nourishment, what of the leaves and fruit? Would that be the soul arts maybe?

and then in an alternate universe/timeline he's locked in a cell calling himself Greirat.

this sad story sounds very similar to his

I remember this game being very difficult… Meanwhile I've all but blown through DS Remastered and DS 3… ( haven't played DS 2 yet).

Imagine how much more sad this would be if they kept in the cut dialogue where his daughter is still alive hanging from the chain and begs you they cut the chain and put her out of her misery.

Being a father of a 2,5 years old baby girl I can understand too damn well what it must feel like for Thomas to see that hairpin.
Every time he says "th… that hairpin… it belonged to my daughter. so she didn't make it, my dearest little baby" tears start rolling down my eyes. Every time…

That ending, with Thomas speaking that one line, "You have a heart of gold…
don't let them take it from you" as you kill Astraea… failing him and yourself… you made me cry man.

Before this video: I'm Thomas, feel free to give me your baggage.
After this video: I'm Thomas, here's unbearable emotional baggage.


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