Deepak Chopra Guides Jimmy Through Meditation

-You and Oprah
have a great relationship. You’ve done stuff together
for a while. -Well, a long time ago,
I suggested to her that if she married me
she could be Oprah Chopra. [ Laughter ] ♪♪ -Oprah Chopra.
I think that’s fantastic. -But she didn’t go for it.
-She did not go for that. Oh, no, no. [ Laughs ]
Oprah Chopra. But you’re doing something —
[ Laughs ] You’re doing something
with Oprah coming up, which is a —
Is it 20 days? -21 days of meditation.
-21 days. -It’s free. It’s online — And it’s about how
you attract who you are. So, by shifting inside, you
shift what’s happening outside. -The energy
of attraction, right? Is that what this is?
-Yeah. The world is constantly —
Every situation, every event, every relationship is really
a reflection of yourself. -Uh, okay.
I would like if — You agreed to it earlier.
But could we — Could you do a guided
meditation with us? -Yes. Two minutes?
-Sure. -So, would you all put your feet
firmly on the ground? Keep your hands in your lap. -[ Laughs ]
-And just — -Sorry. I’m very excited
about this. This is awesome. -It’s not to be excited.
It’s to calm down. -Yeah, yeah, I know. [ Laughter ] -I would get kicked — I would kicked out of
this retreat in two seconds. Oh, my God.
“Get him out of here.” All right. Yeah. Here we go. -Close your eyes
and just observe your breath. Just watching the breath
without manipulating — without manipulating it. And you will see, it
spontaneously settles down. And now bring your awareness
into your heart, right in the middle
of your chest. And mentally ask yourself… “Who am I?” Allowing any sensation,
image, feeling, or thought to spontaneously come to you. And now ask the question,
“What do I want? What is my deepest desire?” Once again,
not looking for an answer. Allowing any sensation, image,
feeling, or thought to come to you spontaneously. “What is my purpose?” Allowing any sensation, image,
feeling, or thought to come to you. And finally, open the door
to abundance consciousness by asking yourself,
“What am I grateful for?” And now just go back
to your breathing. Observe it. And just rest in being. Existence without
interpretation. Just being. Being, awareness, joy. This is our true nature. And now you can just
feel your body. And slowly open your eyes. -That was so cool.
[ Laughs ] Come on! I was trying not to —
Thank you so much. -Thank you. Thank you.
-I am so grateful for you. -Thank you.
-Thank you for being here. Thank you, guys,
for doing that. I love you guys for doing that. Who else meditates
for two minutes? I love you.
Deepak Chopra, right here. His latest book, “The Healing
Self,” is available now.

"who am I" and "what is my purpose" are profound philosophical questions that takes generations worth of knowledge to understand and may be try to answer. Those are definitely NOT the questions you want to dwell on if you wish to calm your mind. Those are the questions that get your mind start racing, thoughts start wandering away. People looking to learn to meditate could learn from literally ANY other expert Eastern, or Western; and they will tell you the opposite of what this two bit huckster says.

0:54  If I get shot in a Denny's parking lot by a meth head –
according to Chopra I was asking for it.

Deepak Chopra trying to calm down Jimmy…. tells him to slowly open your eyes… and then instantly…. THAT WAS SO COOL!! Jimmy is such a child…

Let me tell you something.. In meditation we don't ask anything to ourselves … We just sit still and see our thoughts as a 3rd person. And deepak here does not telling to meditate otherwise jimmy wouldn't break that meditation… So please if you want to do real meditation. Search for (sadhguru) meditation video… It will help you a lot.. And peace😇✌️

Instead of beating your kids or putting them in time out – let’s have them meditate for several minutes if they need to be punished. But reiterate to them that punishment does not correlate to mediation – but helps to correct behavior. When they get older they will understand the true benefits.

That Jimmy Fallon can have a demanding job in a jaded industry and maintain that childlike spontaneity and joy is really something. His sweetness is so refreshing in this digital, morally bankrupt age of triggered trolls.

LMAO Real meditation is when you try to focus on a simple task like your breathing to stay AWAY from thoughts like what MR.Chopra told the audience to medidtate on, I call mainstream bullshit again

Deepak Chopra: Heal the people that can't afford your book, you opportunist, fraudulent, non scientific, money hungry con artist.

Chopra is a seasoned Charlton. Meditation is hoax propagated by Indian and Buddhist mystics. Meditation can never change your temperament, feeling and cannot give you any direction. Genes define brain and brain drive us conscious or unconscious. We are slaves of our DNA and hereditary schema.
Just go with the flow ,don't try to change yourself ,you will not by all means.
Only CRISPR cas9 could do this job in near future.

This is actually quite beautiful. I wish this was how we acted towards eachother as a society. His soothing influence is powerful.

This is so calming. I'm on my fifth time and feel as giddy as Jimmy😁🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😍 To everyone on the show, namaste 🙏

The practice described by Mr. Deepak Chopra resembles to the one we have followed since childhood, Sahaja Yoga.

Someone is following Sadhguru's steps. Guess exclusive celebrity clients doesnt help with mass fame and money as much as reaching out to millions and millions.

Meditation is the basic and purest form of being human. I know it is related to Hinduism but Hinduism is not a religion, it is just way of living. With year passes many fake priest added their own rules and made Hinduism doubatable. But at basic it just way of living a proper life and what to do at a certain situation in life.

Ewww. I’m an india and this is a joke. This guy is a joke. I’m sure jimmy wanted to burst out laughing in the middle.

Everyone iis accurate in their assesment lol; your beliefs, thoughts, ideas and therefore your experience of reality is only a product of your level of awareness/ perception.

Some people just don't have access to anything out of the ordinary everyday ….conditioned usage of our brain and nervous system. You're not going to get more than that…until you have developed that in you. And it's not wrong..just different lol.

what the hell is wrong with Fallon Melon??? He destroyed the whole meditation experience for this people. They were probably so relaxed, and he jumped after meditation like a crazy maniac, like a little kid in a sand box…

I don't really follow this guy, but being an Indian my parents convinced me visit a nearby ashram in Delhi owned by a sage. My parents recieved their religious education there as well. Coming from a Hindu family, I was always skeptical about all that my religion and culture had to offer. I visited the sage and he taught me meditation and the knowledge of other Hindu scriptures.
These things don't work unless you don't have the zeal or passion to learn the real meaning of life. Sadly, the sage is no more. But I would leave one of his sayings for all the people who say meditation is a scam.
"Out of 24 hours, half the time our body and mind are on autopilot. When a person learns to really steer his mind in any direction he wants, he learns what the essence of life is. People run towards money and success all their life. All being on an autopilot mode. Had they taken the time to realize the true meaning, they would've realized that what they wanted was always near them, and they put extra efforts just because they couldn't steer their minds in the right direction.
Thank you!

Obviously Chopra went through that quick. No one in that audience had the time to really introspect and ponder into those critically important questions for everyone in their lives. That whole process can take hours or days. If you really really want to define your life you can really really delve into those questions for 1-2 hours each day in a place that you can deeply concentrate and relax for a couple of hours without any distractions from outside of your body. Your life will completely change. You will have a drive in you and nothing will be able to stop you from your definite goal and purpose in life. It’s truly the best thing that can happen to anyone.

You can just see how Jimmy is deliberatly trying to make the idiocy of Chopra look more interesting. I wonder if he got paid to do so .

When Jimmy was laughing a little too much in the start, you could see Chopra actually judging him a bit…like are you really this amused ??


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