Death and the Spiritual Person | Insights from the Master

Death and the Spiritual Person | Insights from the Master

Insights from the Master Death and the Spiritual Person When you are on the spiritual path, you see, you
are practicing, you know very well that you don’t die. So, for you death
is not a mystery. It’s not something that
you have to be scared of because you know you are just
walking from one room to the other. Something which is deeper inside
of you, there is this knowing. So, when you know that you don’t die,
you are eternal, is there fear into it? No, there is no fear.
You embrace. Those people which are on the spiritual
path, you know, they embrace death because there is
nothing to fear about. Like Krishna Himself gave His assurance,
“Those who surrender to Me come to Me.” You know, when we say, “Sarva dharman
parityajya mam ekam saranam vraja, mam ekam saranam vraja”,
“Those who surrender to Me, I cleanse them from all sin.” So, people which are on the spiritual path they
embrace, you know, for them they look forward because they know
that this life is a burden. It’s a burden which keeps one rooted here,
you know, and they long to go home. You see, if you have not understood life,
of course, then you will have lots of fear. But if you have understood life, when you look at the scriptures, you
know, name it whatever scriptures it is, take the Bible, take the
Bhagavatam, take the Gita, take the Ramayan, take any,
you know, they will tell you that there is an eternal life
which is waiting for you. And that eternal life, it is something which
can be there, it must be something eternal, no? What is eternal
inside of you? What do you have inside
of you which is eternal? [Dusa.]
Dusa? [Atma.]
Take a dusche. The Atma, nothing else. Why when the Atma leaves the
body you say somebody is dead? You stop calling the person by the name,
you call, “This is the body of that person”, no? Then who is that person?
Who are you, man? That knowledge is in these people
who have spirituality in their life, who have grown in
spiritual life, you know, they have that understanding,
even a little understanding. For sure you will not understand
the whole thing about it. You have not yet had this Realisation.
Realisation is something else, but in a degree it is also a part of Realisation
itself, the first step towards Realisation knowing that you are eternal,
that you are the Atma. So, for you to live, it’s a joy. I don’t know for
you, but for me it is, I don’t care, you know. Many, for the saints, for the sages, for
people which have grown in spirituality, who really know about spirituality,
the deepness of it, you know, they long to see
their Beloved, you know, because they are
eternally in love with Him. You long to go to heaven
to be with God, you know, not to have the
same drama being here. Here you have a headache, no? You would
like to have the same headache there? Who would like
to have that? Many of you are thinking, “When will
that person disappear? I can be free.” You don’t say it for sure, because you
try to be polite and nice, happiness, and say, “Oh, I love you,
I love you”, but behind that you say, “Oh, when
would you go and leave me in peace?” And that’s the
truth, you know. So, for spiritual person is like that.
They look, long forward to be with God, and that longing, that’s what our scriptures
talk about, to love God, you know. And people who are not on
the spiritual path, of course, there are different degrees
of understanding, you know. People which don’t have this, they
are still on the process towards that. So, for them they will still go
through life and life and life and life, maybe thousands of lives until they
understand what they really want. It’s not that spiritual people
know what they really want. No, they are still dumb, you know, even if the Master keeps
repeating to them or reminding them, all this, they are still dumb. But when you talk about loving
God to them, they do feel it. And that is enough
to attain Him. Can you imagine? You don’t even understand
what is happening inside of your heart. And that what is happening inside of your
heart, you know, it’s enough to attain Him. Crazy, no?
Yes or no? [Yes.] Just that what is happening in your heart,
not here (the head), here (the chest), makes Him come to you. Then the most wonderful
thing of all, He said, “Those who remember Me
at the time of death come to Me.” “Those who remember Me
at the time of death come to Me”, but don’t take it for granted, because not everybody can remember
Him at the time of death just like that. If you have not practiced
remembrance of Him, don’t expect that at the end
you will remember Him. So, that’s what spirituality does:
so that you can remember the Divine at every moment of your life. And funny thing is, the body
of somebody which is on the spiritual path and a body of
somebody who is not on the spiritual path, at the time of death that
body itself changes. It can be just a body, yes,
you know, we can say, yes. But if we take the body, exact body,
let’s say two persons exact weight, exact character
and everything, but one is spiritual, one is not spiritual, they
die at the same time, while carrying the body, the person which is on the spiritual
path, their body is much lighter. Whereas the body of that person
which is not on the spiritual path, who doesn’t have anything to do with
spirituality, their body is much heavier. The body of a spiritual person
decays in a different way. Even the animals, the worms, and
everything will not interfere much. Whereas, the person – You see,
it will take time for it to decay. Whereas for the body of a person which is not on
the spiritual path, starts to decay after few hours only. Yesterday I was telling
them at the table, there was one lady
saint in India, actually. This lady, she was very dedicated
to her…something, her relic is there. She died, you know, she was living in
Andhra Pradesh and she died. They sent a message
to her Guru. 1800 I am talking about. No,
1900, 1920… Well, 1900 something. So, they sent a message to the Guru.
The Guru said, “Don’t bury her. Leave her there until I come.” So, the disciples put the
body there, kept the body. For 20 days the
body stayed intact. 20 days! She was dead,
you know. There is no bringing her back, anything, there is no
nothing, you know, it’s completely dead. The Guru came after some – 20 days,
plus, I don’t…, I can’t tell you. The Guru came,
brought her back to life. Yeah! After 20 days. Not three days,
you know, not like Lazarus. 20 days! She is still alive. She
is 118 years old now. She has seen her Guru pass away,
the successor to the Guru pass away. Now is the third to the lineage
to the Guru, she is still there. Those who are
surrendered, those who are dedicated on their spiritual
path, God stands by their side.


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