Dear Sam Pepper (On Socially-Enforced Morality)

Dear Sam Pepper (On Socially-Enforced Morality)

Can't help but think that if a video like this on a similar issue was posted now, it would get branded as SJW shpeal.

*surfaces from the comments *
Holy shit, I was right. Don't worry about 'em haters. You know how the saying goes: aim to be loved by all and you'll lose all.

While I think I think you did a great analysis, saying we left you behind is a god awful thing to say. Shunning somebody out like that, just for openly speaking what he thinks and does. Of course you can detest or hate something somebody does, but it is fucking arrogant to think that YOU above everybody else have it exactly right. And that he as a person has no right to function your way of society. That is something that happened in the medieval times.

Hopefully your morality will be tested in a far more tenacious way then joining a choir of morally righteous deskjockey creators. The worst thing about SJWs is cheap moral self-righteousness, unearned sense of superiority and detachment from real life problems. People like you and "vlog brothers", moral arbiters as you say – made Donald Trump possible. I pity people that accept youtubers as moral arbiters of anything.

And South Park? That's ironic, YouTube PC Principal.

So it's wrong to say that someone I know a friend, you might say. the first thing they did with other friends some female did was Google the crap out of these pictures.

These "think pieces" by SJWs and nerdwriter are equivalent to the vice police in Saudi Arabia. All hail the moral arbitras of your life with nerdwriter as King Saud.

The Tao Te Ching says that morality is evidence of the lack of power to live according to the code the morality suggests. That morality is just one step above that of ritual, which is the husk of true faith, the beginning of chaos. That if you need rules to be kind and just, if you act virtuous, this is a sure sign that virtue is absent. As Alan Watts pointed out about virtue in this context, it isn't speaking of morality, but more in the sense when we speak of the healing virtues of a plant, its powers. That virtue is what spontaneously arises from one's own heart in relation to any given situation. One may observe that those who are quick to impose a set of arbitrary absolutes, are the same people who have rejected religious absolutes. And in the imposing of those arbitrary absolutes, the aim maybe to change human behavior which is the result of millions of years of evolution, in mere decades. There is great potential for setting up conflict in this. This is especially true if it is legislated, imposing laws that seeks to use fear as a motivation for conformity. Fear cannot accomplish anything except to attract the situation feared. So this automatically makes such a society into one big ball of hypocrites. The Tao Te Ching says "The more laws are posted, the more thieves appear". I view the Tao Te Ching from the perspective of Quantum Mechanics, that they point to each other. The latter representing the tendencies of nature, the former as the understand of a people who had learned to live in cooperation with nature…

The race to the top of the moral righteousness heap. I wonder, are the new Pharisees as righteous in their private lives?

People wonder why men objectify women but then blatantly ignore the sources. Millennials and Generation X are being brought in a culture that says do whoever you want and shows women as something to be obtained and it's easily said not the vice versus. Movies and entertainment force this and advertisements parade it. So many teens and young adults have been taught what a healthy sexual lifestyle is by pornography, I as one of those young adults must say that if you want men to stop objectifying women then we need a change of culture.

Objectification of women is detestable in ALL its kinds? Clearly, you have not thought about this enough to have a well-formed opinion or even a marginally less stupid one.

sam pepper is a piece of shit but not for the reason you think. another failed video. its like you were trying to interpret what happened instead of seeing what happened objectively. this is just moral standing and virtue signalling.

More importantly, is anyone else bothered and confused about that weird hanging shelf thing in the background? I've watched a few of his videos and I can't stop starring at it. 😂 Is it just a very long purse? Why would you choose that for furniture?! It looks so impractical. Sorry for being off topic.

I'm writing a philosophical paper on morality, and was stuck for awhile.  This video helped me get unstuck oddly enough, so thank you!!

So…you agree with the vlogbrothers morality…do you still agree with that statement 3 years later? Do you want to rethink that realizing now that they are the partial mouthpieces of the postmodernist ideology?

The bottom line is objectification is gross and its gonna keep going anyway as focus groups think they should like it.

i love how many people in comments think this isn't about being a decent fucking human being. if you're not unhinged or severely damaged, it's not hard.

You are amazing, just wanted you to know. All of your videos provide if not unique an interesting and insightful perspective on all manner of topics

Thought it was hilarious that you pointed to a Laci Green video to back this whole thing up, given that she was tarred and feathered by the very pc crowd you defended in this video. And really man, you say love Hitchens, but do you? Do you really?

i know im late but:
the guy who released the nudes asked for paswords and got them. hes not a hacker, hes a con "artist"

I think that the objectification of women is a big problem in today's society however. This should not be solved by bashing men for doing nothing to prevent this since it is a biological imperative to find someone attractive (and at some point even to the point of objectifying women). However this also happens to men more and more as standards for men rise and the standards for women fall. This is seen when a male celebrities photos get leaked nothing really changes, none of the liberal and PC news sources like Vox or Buzzfeed write anything.

Great video, but, objectification of women… Well, you objectify everything that isn't you, don't you? So I don't think saying objectification is inherently bad, it's the way we interpret reality.

I find it odd to speak of think pieces as a script to follow to remain in good moral standing. As a preface, I agree that morally criticizing the thinking of people like Sam Pepper is important. However, the concept of dictated morality is odd at best and dangerous at worst. The understood consensus of cultural morality will always deviate between people depending on the groups they operate within. There will likely never be a true consensus reached through socially-enforced morality, only an amplification of the views of the majority within your personal bubble. If a moral concept is truly unquestionable, you won't need to quote an article to understand it. It will simply make sense inherently, and you could arrive at that moral truth by your own evaluation. Following a moral script only removes your responsibility to evaluate moral standards for yourself, and allows you to numbly nod along as culture is dictated to you, rather than shaped by you. If you laud these articles as scripts, you will either be encouraging like-minded individuals to lazily comply, or encouraging dissenters to hide their thoughts though modified self-presentation without truly changing their minds. To be fair, these pieces likely seek to present a moral concept that they believe you will genuinely agree with even after personal analysis. However, it is important to value these articles as suggestions of popular moral concepts, and not as infallible laws that must be followed blindly.

I love how this analysis begins directly from the perspective that this was about objectification of women and treating women as property. How is this affecting anybody except Jennifer Lawrence? Her photos were leaked…. I feel bad for her, I guess. That's super embarrassing and I guess you could argue that nobody should look, but is it really surprising that most people looked anyways? This culture worships celebrities so much in this society that I wouldn't expect any different. How is this about sexism? This is a beautiful actress who is in movies that people have seen and her nude photos were leaked to the public, and many people looked at them. Oh no, that's awful. I feel bad for Jennifer but so what? It happened. What are we supposed to do? You act as if there's a utopian society that we could make where there are no thieves, and people aren't sexually curious (especially about a celebrity, people are prone to do that). This has nothing to do with sexism. People find naked pictures attractive…. I'm sorry, I don't know what else to say. People are going to look not because they're sexist but because they're people. Your radical social constructionist theory drives me insane. Thinkers like you are so ideological that you find a way to be outraged and try to control EVERY area of life. Ridiculous analysis. What a waste of time…


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