David Icke – Is there An Agenda Behind Transgender Ideology

David Icke - Is there An Agenda Behind Transgender Ideology

hello and welcome to this dock connector videocast for subscribers today we like calm I'm going to connect some dots today that term might not on the surface seem to connect to in particular and this is the first one sperma gettin this is one of a stream of reports in the media this week about a study 43,000 men involved that concluded that sperm counts are plummeting catastrophic ly to the point where the lead researcher was saying that if it continues like this then there is a threat to the human race itself dot number two is this one a article in a British newspaper eight hundred children as young as ten given sex change drugs of course we've had this explosion of focus in this whole arena we call transgender in recent times and the third dot seems to be connected at all is this one will robots destroyers this is a report again widely of this spat between two of these high-tech Silicon Valley moguls Mark Zuckerberg the t-shirt at Facebook and Elon Musk a co-founder of PayPal and one of the leaders in this whole transhumanist high-tech arena and they have very different views on the dangers or benefits of artificial intelligence so there's three dots which would not appear on the surface to be connected like I say two of them particulate but let's start off with this this collapse in sperm counts this was a study like I say of 43,000 men and what they did was pull together nearly 200 other studies and did an analysis of them and they were basically focused in the western world countries of North America Europe Australia New Zealand and they found a 59 point three percent decline in total sperm count in men from those areas of the world western birth rates have also been falling for 30 years according to reports in this same period and of course fertility services which when I was young I've got a good memory you hardly ever heard of it's now a massive industry trying to help couples conceive children and another thing that's happened in this period when something clearly is messing with the reproductive processes in men not only men probably but this is what this study was about just testicular cancer rates have doubled in 30 years this same recurring period that we keep hearing about this week and Richard Sharpe professor of reproductive health at the University of Edinburgh and a barely recognized expert on toxins in the environment he said this about falling sperm counts now there can be little doubt that it is real so it is time for action something in our modern lifestyle diet or environment is causing this and he it's getting progressively worse now in that report about sperm again the sub headline was worse to the effectors is this planet Earth giving us payback I suggest after nearly 30 years of full-time research into that which is really running this human society that ain't Planet Earth this is systemic and that's what connects to the other doctors I've come to so here we have a situation where the modern world of toxicity I mean look anywhere you go if you don't use kind of if you like organic products then the kitchen the bathroom is a place of toxicity all the stuff for cleaners and for heavy washing up liquids and then you go through a an average day going about your life and and look at all the times you come into into contact with toxicity and of course because of this extraordinary expansion of technology based on radiation we live in an incredibly irradiated environment incredible in its increase compared when what I was a kid in the 1950s and one of these studies into the causes of falling sperm counts is one that was in Israel in Australia and it highlighted the potential adverse effect on sperm of cellphones carried in trouser pockets I mean area is right next to said sperm count all day with most people and you've got this radiations microwave radiation beating away in just the place you don't want it oh no it that won't hurt are you kidding I mean the reasons that this sperm collapse is happening or or many of the reasons are actually in our face staring at us it's me so another villain that's being put forward are chemicals in the environment that mimic the female sex hormone oestrogen what are we having the female sex organ in the environment for now what you can say is because it's a choice either the people doing it ultimately were deciding it's going to be done op freakin stupid and there will be cases of that lower down the don't lower down the pyramid or it's being done systematically and I say I up the pyramid that is exactly what's happening there is a war on on the human body not least human reproduction so um some others some other things that are in the environment and all around us and in the things that people use um other leading theories this story says about the course of falling male births and sperm counts include exposure to it's herbicides mercury led dioxin and other pollutants which are called endocrine disrupting chemicals these are the glands of the endocrine system which are absolutely fundamental to human health and these endocrine disrupting chemicals are known as e d C's and EDC's are found in plastics food containers and packaging canned food and drinks electrics solvents cleaning products detergents pesticides cosmetics soaps car exhausts polish paints batteries dental fillings the mercury and many types of fish including swordfish often highlighted is the hormone disruptor known as BP a this phenol or bisphenol and BPA is found in tin cans which people put food in in bottles plastic food containers and cash register receipts thank you so he sure is your receipt you don't watch children do you so you add to that herbicide sprayed on farms parks golf courses and put all these things together and we are being deluge at every angle with substances and radiation that are doing for sperm counts and that of course it goes without saying but I will anyway eventually if that goes on is that lead researcher said does for the human race and this is a dr. melody Miller Potter she's an American clinical health psychologist been doing that for 30 years and she wrote this in an excellent article synthetic chemicals can create these silent switches in nature's plan EC DS or EDC sorry we encounter every day can alter the sex hormone balance preventing male genitals from growing properly by suppressing to toast our own or by enhancing or mimicking the female sex hormone estrogen they can undermine the natural testosterone messages surging through a growing fetus for instance estrogen mimics such as dioxin a widespread pollutant and potent endocrine disruptor can intercept and overcome a hormonal message from a male gene dioxin also acts as a testosterone flusher reducing male hormone concentrations so much that the male action may not be stimulated adequately to toss her own suppressors like DDT can block its position as on a receptor hormone stimulators can intensify the action of a natural hormone so much that the system shuts down and refuses to receive a male go-ahead signal in fact research substantiates that exposure to EDC's at a crucial time can disrupt the entire genital sequence and so while this is goes of course we've had this explosion of focus out of nowhere terms of its speed on this whole arena of transgender and there's a number of things that come from that of all whether someone feels they're a man or feels they're a woman it's none of my business good luck to you you do what you feel is right for you and that should be respected and not in any way discriminate discriminated against of course not but if we're gonna be a bit bloody streetwise and we've got to look a bit further afield than that and ask why so many more people young people are questioning their gender and why it's become such a focus by quote the system in the sense that this subject is everywhere and impacting on even the language that's used now now if you look at what is happening from this chemical point of view it indeed what I've just described in that quote then clearly there is tremendous potential for these chemicals and other disruptors as they're called in changing the way that the body develops in terms of its male/female direction but another reason that there is so much focus in the transgender area and why so many more people young people particularly are questioning their gender is because they are being subjected to a propaganda perception manipulation onslaught to encourage them to question what they weren't questioning before it's coming from all directions now you can say oh you should say that it's discrimination against transgender people no it's not be silly it's asking why this propaganda is happening and it's asking what is the effect on gender balance in the body of all these chemicals that are clearly doing for sperm counts and there was this recently there was a head teacher at a school in London posh school cost lots of money to go there and this school announced that it was considering allowing boys to wear skirts because growing numbers of children are questioning their gender and the binary way people look at things quote now why do you think that is but it's just just happened no there's a reason it's happening probably more than one but certainly among them rear up there is this propaganda of the sexual deception and this head teacher said this – two quotes we basically say at all you realize he was but he it was number one in common with all other schools and youth organisations we are seeing greater numbers of pupils questioning gender identity than in the past oh I wonder why that could be what do you think any second quote is having said that in the years gone by absolutely no young people absolutely no young people were raising this issue at all and it seems inconceivable that these sorts of questions simply didn't exist or maybe they didn't on the scale that they do now because of this propaganda and because of this impact on male-female balance triggered and instigated by this chemical tidal wave that we now call a human society and the American College of pediatricians reported that children are being indoctrinated to reassess their gender with reckless profit-driven doctors prescribing sex change hormones to children as young as 12 the report condemned this as child abuse and if we come to that report from earlier this one we see the same happening in Britain the the report says more than 800 children in England some as young as 10 are being given controversial drugs to help them change gender the National Health Service for people around the world that's the the stated purpose although give up time it won't be the state health service the NHS treatment which halts the onset of adulthood is aimed at young people who believe they are trapped in the wrong body when how many didn't believe that until the propaganda started powerful monthly hormone ejections stopped the development of sex organs breasts and body hair making it easier for doctors to carry out sex swap surgery later the report goes on until now it was thought that just a handful of children and teenagers were receiving the injections known as puberty blockers but some the Mail on Sunday sure did a very good report on this can reveal that more than 600 young people are undergoing treatment at the gender identity development service clinic at the University College Hospital in London and that 200 are at a clinic in Leeds and the Mail on Sunday has told be been told that two hundred and thirty of those 800 are under the age of fourteen the huge growth in the number of youngsters being prescribed the drugs came after the NHS scrapped the age limit in 2014 which was previously 16 now doctors can give the injections to children from the very early stages of puberty meaning that in some cases 10 year olds are receiving them this is not happening by random chance after three decades of uncovering the networks that really control human society I'll say that with with greater confidence say the least and this brings us to dot number three which is this exchange of opinion between Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg but if if someone tells me that Zuckerberg really runs Facebook I'll book them into a naivety treatment clinic and Elon Musk who is saying that this development of artificial intelligence is a threat to human existence it is big time and I've explained him my last book fans himself why strange however that Elon Musk is also buying and developing companies to connect the human brain to artificial intelligence what to send satellites up through his SpaceX operation does fir other companies wants to do vast numbers for himself that will beam Wi-Fi back at the earth which is fundamentally important to this whole AI control system was again I explained in the books whereas he is saying that it's dangerous and threatens human existence and but still goes on promoting it and developing it something strange going on I don't know he might explain that contradiction while Zuckerberg the manchild is saying oh no it's okay me dad told me it's all right but it's not all right what is happening is there is without wanted to get you know dramatic but I should we are looking at the takeover of human society and the human race by artificial intelligence and as I explained in the books we when I say artificial intelligence I'm not ultimately talking about a few algorithms I'm talking about an intelligence that is well beyond algorithms for which this whole transhumanist technological great is being created for and here we have a situation where on one side and it's not just musk Stephen Hawking many other scientists and others have said hold on this fusion of the human brain the human body and artificial intelligence technology is it's potentially gonna wipe out the human and certainly take it over so you've got that on one side and on the other you've now got these studies confirming each other over and over and over again that sperm counts which are rather essential to human reproduction therefore human existence or collapsing and at the same time again you have this focus on transgender not to target discrimination that's always the selling point but systematically seeking to confuse young people about their gender young people who overwhelmingly would not have been confused without the propaganda and it's a big story and there's many many many more dots to connect into that but you put those three dots together and what we're looking at is a systematic campaign agenda to destroy humanity in the way that we've known it and to dramatically at least dramatically reduce the numbers through an inability to procreate and you know people have laughed at me for this past 30 years heck of a lot less now might because basically the media have told them to laugh at me and it's the same perceptual dynamic does young people being told to question their their gender identity but there has to come a time and it is coming I see it but the laughter has to stop because what is going on in human society what is going on on planet Earth is something that is light years and light years and light years beyond what appears to be going on and those who seem to be in control ah that level to that and I say that rather than they which is really in control in the shadows and from the shadows and these apparently unconnected happenings are all connected to that siege that war on even human existence you

It was reported during the last week of a mass increase of children contacting Childline, as they are so confused about their sexuality.
All this nonsense that the school teachers are filling their heads with (at such a young age!!!) is bound to screw up their thinking and will leave many confused. They'll end up not knowing if they are Arthur or Martha.
All this LGBT+Q stuff is mind bending for many adults, so filling the heads of young children about such things is really bad, in my book.
I, myself, see it as child abuse. I'm glad I wasn't pressured into this brainwashing whilst I was at school, it shouldn't be allowed!

Sobering stuff. It's obvious that the increase in transgender people has nothing to do with greater societal acceptance leading more people feeling they can come out of the closet, but is part a nefarious plot the conspirators have cunningly left no evidence of & covered their tracks with regular anti-trans stories in popular tabloid media. If left unchecked, the transgender agenda could even push the transgender population's numbers up dramatically to even as high as 1% of the population. Coupled with declining sperm counts, the human race could then face extinction from its precarious numbers of 77 billion and rising. Thus will the Archons will fulfill their drream of creating a hair-raising populace of AI controlled transgender cyborgs. Because they can.

Sub on reddit called Gender Critical
Another reddit sub
It will blow your mind

I think, young people now want to be "VERY different" and this is their ticket. They can be famous the more weird they get. They can play in women's sports which is a sure win, since men are a lot stronger than women. That is a fact!! I think they are being target with mind control to confuse them and control them. And to population control. Unfortunately the vaccines are also making them be crazy and hill. What before they put them in mental institutions when they felt and thought they were a dog, or another animal, now they go on TV, u-tube and praise them. The media is really sick and making it so much worse!

Tribalism, identity politics and why I think radical trans ideologues refuse to give up using their made up "cis" word.
To clarify my stance on transsexuals: I believe in full human rights for all people that includes rights of transsexuals. Transsexuals should be judged like everyone else by their character and competency not because they are transsexuals. As Martin Luther talked about it is your character that matters not your colour of skin. Your character matters not if you are transsexual or not.

Interesting video, so I'll reply in the most eloquent fashion possible (I have cut it down, believe me!)
The collapse in sperm-cell/sperm-quality is not a sudden thing, it's going down FOR YEARS and is not new information like the newspaper pretends it is, many gynaecologists are worried by this for years straight. The fact you never heard about it when you were young probably had to do with the mindset of those times: "That's taboo, let's not talk about it".
Basically everything I wanted to mention about endocrine disruptors was stuff you started to mention as I was watching and typing along.
Though I am hesitant to shout cell/smartphones are not dangerous (because antenna sites are marked as dangerous for a reason), the required power for connections has gone down dramatically with the improval in quality of antenna circuitries compared to the first cellphones that could easily have transmission power 10 times as much as the modern ones.
I personally do not think transgenderism is on the rise, there just is more focus and society is changing for the better in the sense that people dare to come out more.

The part about being pressured into thinking about something people never thought about, yea, that was the part I was losing you, while, for the most part, I really think you have a point concerning the huge amount of endocrine disruptors.
I am saying that because the huge amount of people I speak who never, ever thought about why they felt like a man while physically being built like one and the same goes for women is still remarkably high.
About the school part: I think it still grabs back on society changing and diverting away from the strict upbringing we used to think males or females should have, concerning what is something explicitly for girls or boys.
Oh by the way: transgenderism has been around for years but has been absolutely taboo to speak about.

Sex changing hormones do not exist: the physical sex might change appearance in the sense that in a grown man who has gone through boy-puberty the testicles may shrink and in a grown woman who has had a girl-puberty the clitoris may grow due to the administering of testosterone, but that's it.
If the report (whom I do not know the source and researchers of) was actually true, they at least should have researched better and called it "puberty blockers", which, by the way, for as far as I know are only given in rare, extremely well screened cases to children under the age of 12 when there is great concern about someone's safety, suicide-wise (since the puberty belonging to their biological sex can make people severely depressed because their body is doing the exact opposite of what they feel it should do).
These puberty blockers are reverseable and are used to "buy time" to take a more permanent decision later in life, so someone doesn't have to stress about developing the secondary sex characteristics of the physical sex they do not identify with.

Actually, puberty blockers do not necessarily make the sex confirmation surgery easier, because sometimes the growth of male tissue is insufficient to form a vagina with.
Unfortunately I can't lookup the article you are talking about at 21:11, but I am almost sure the journalists who wrote it are conflating puberty blockers with hormone replacement therapy, which are not the same.
The guidelines for puberty suppressing medication for basically everywhere around the world are set at "no sooner than the year in which you turn 12" (give or take a few exceptions, maybe), so that's why I am reasonably sure the journalists have mistaken those two, also because testosterone is the only hormone that's regularly available as an injectible hormone, where as estradiol/estrogen usually only comes in pills, patches or gels, because the injections where to expensive because the amount of people using them was to small.

Though I was hesitant to watch your video due to the high risk of extremely sad comments (given the fact you mentioned Transgender ideology in the title), it was interesting none the less, even though I think you were off at some points (not necessarily because you were incorrect, it could very well be wrong information in the news).

Oh, and by the way: when the discussion of a different sexual preference came into swing, I have found many articles of people who experienced the exact same feeling of "Gee, there are a lot more people becoming gay these days".

All in all, I think the most unfortunate thing you completely missed is the problem of the huge amounts of estradiol in the drinking water supply due to the rise in usage of anti-conception over the last 20-30 years. A couple of gynaecologists were actually more worried about that concerning sperm quality in Western men than everything else (which, concerning the endocrine disruptors I still think is something so big it's best not to be missed in research, do not get me wrong).

I've long held a theory that it's the contraceptive pill causing the changes. Since it was invented, millions, if not billions of women worldwide, regularly take it. All these women pee many times a day. All the water on Earth is the same amount there has always been, so it is regularly recycled ad infinitum. I read somewhere that every drop we drink today has passed through many human's and animals many times for thousands, if not millions of years. Surely with such a mass influx of hormone's regularly passing into the water system, some must get through to be absorbed by whomsoever eventually drinks it, which must have an affect, maybe small to start, but building up over time as DDT did when it was first used, with the inevitable and obvious result that the human race is undergoing changes much faster than the normal evolution of species..

Search for Yuri Bezmenov ideological subversion. This guy explains it very well 30 years ago.
Make people get rid of their identities, get rid of their sexual identities and people start asking themselves, who am I, what am I? Clueless people are created.
What's better to control than clueless people.

GMO companies protected from Truth in Labeling of our Food.
Another way to put DNA altering chemicals in our bodies.

Emasculated men are easily controlled. We are only as Strong as our weakest link.
They are Killing the Alpha male and the Nuclear Family.

SOY= a form of estrogen. What do you suppose happens to a man that eats foods containing soy?
I agree that our children are all of a sudden being bombarded with gender/sexuality propaganda…as young as pre-school.
At the same time, "leaders" from western countries are pushing for transgender rights, etc. making something that SHOULD be only a very tiny fraction of the population seem like the norm. Classes, books, movies, new laws, gender neutral bathrooms….This is obviously being ordered and coordinated from a central source.
These politicians didn't just all come up with these "brilliant ideas" at the same time by coincidence!
There really is an agenda to get rid of males.

I'm 60 and from as far back as I can remember, we've been told the world was becoming overpopulated, and we should only have two children at the most to prevent over population. At the same time, the feminists were pushing for women to be "liberated" and go out to work, rather than stay home and be good mothers.
NOW they complain the western countries populations are plummeting. That was supposed to be the goal–stop overpopulation!
They need to make up their minds.
I don't believe sperm counts are falling. Strict Christians are still having large broods. Blacks and Hispanics in the hood are still having lots of kids, just by different fathers.
 I think people just aren't interested in popping out kids and wondering how to pay for them–esp for college.

Transgenderism, drug addiction, alcoholism, depression, suicide, white male guilt, disinterest in trades, disinterest in dating or family, prevalence of video games and social media, etc etc. It’s a massive array of symptoms relating to the weakening of men.

The world is overpopulated The people who paid for the building of the Georgia Guidestones also confirm this, some powerful people are arranging a cull. On the Guidestones it is engraved we are overpopulated by about three Billion. find out who had them built for starters.

Most of humanity is asleep. Some are partially awake. Others are mostly awake.

Very few, less than 1 ten thousandth of a percent (maybe a few hundred) are fully awake.

Yes, indeed, It is absolutely child abuse and now ‘the USA Lefties such as Warren are proposing NATIONAL childcare, Preschool and Kindergarten …..not only will they use propaganda pushing their communist agendas in general but on our precious children as well as disturbing children’s natural sexual identity at tender ages. This kind of Child abuse and/or mind (and body!) manipulation by ANY type of GOVERNMENT (artificial or otherwise) is absolutely disturbing, abusive and IMO it is only natural to be OUTRAGED if you haven’t been brainwashed already!

i live in middle east and i see this wave of new transgenders everywhere and they growing fast,yes we had transgenders before but not like this,and thats why i know this is an evil plan for humanity

There are certain foods/ drinks that cause estrogen surges in men such as beans, soy milk and soy products for example and beer due to hops for example. For women (mostly white because we diet the most out of any other group) it is eating disorders such as not eating enough good fats or overeating , eating discorder.
What is also important as it links directly to fertility is geting enough sunshine to increase vitamin D which helps us absorb calcium. I believe we are indoctrinated to slather on sunscreen even though some of us may be fair/ light but not prone to burning like myself. Personally my family we don't bother with sunscreen because it's a drag and not prone to sunburns.
I have seen tons of posts where " some" black people are happy about it because they believe we (white people) hate them, are obsessed with them in particular, and call us " white debils" etc etc…lol's. I know most of you do not feel this way. I do agree things in the air, water, food, and tech gadgets like Davod said also may play a part. Also most white people don't have a litter of kids now and days or some are focused on career goals and possiblybwait longer to have kids then most other groups. I know some of these may be sensitive to some things stated here but I simply stated facts. Eating disorders are also to blame as well. Globally whites ARE and always have been the minority.

It is easy to rule a bunch of gamma and omega males. Perhaps there is an agenda to catering to the nanominority of transsexuals


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