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Is there a supernatural
dimension? a world beyond the one we know? Is there
life after death? Do angels exist? Can our dreams contain messages
from Heaven? Can we tap into ancient secrets
of the supernatural? Are healing miracles real? Sid Roth has spent over 35 years
researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of
It’s Supernatural! Sid: Hello. Welcome. Welcome to my world where it’s
naturally supernatural. I have events all over the
world, lectures on the supernatural where large numbers
of Jewish people receive the Messiah after seeing miracles,
and I’ve had several Messianic Jews come to my meetings to
learn to do what I do, and it’s my greatest desire that they
would do more, do better than I do. We want all Israel saved. And so, but this is kind of
ridiculous what I’m, my next guest, his name is David Herzog,
he had an outreach for Jewish people and he had a Jewish man
that was bald, and he started growing hair. Now, I mean really, can you
picture an unsaved Jewish man growing hair, bald? And then he came to Jesus! You know, I was talking to David
Herzog. He has events at all the major
biblical feasts because he has found that they are really
portals, passageways to Heaven. And so he was having one of his
feasts, I believe it was Pentecost. David: Yes. Sid: And your worship leader,
what happened? David: Yes, the first
night I’m supposed to speak after the worship. The first night, the worship
leader gets up, within about half an hour or less, he drops
dead in front of everybody during the whole conference. Sid: Now that’s quite a start
for the conference. David: Yes. And I was thinking, this is not
a good start for the conference or for the meeting I have to do
right after this. And he dropped dead. He died twice in 20 to 30
minutes, foaming at the mouth, dilating, not breathing. Everyone was trying to help him. I was praying, others were
praying for him to come back, others trying to do CPR, and he
came back a little bit, then he died again. Then the paramedics came and the
Lord told me, “Tell them to keep the worship going and not get
the people to panic.” So we just kept going while all
this was happening. And the paramedics walked in the
room and they said they felt the presence of God, and they’re not
believers, most of them, only one out of like ten of them. And he rose from the dead twice. He had the widow-maker heart
attack, which you don’t come back from, twice in 20 to 30
minutes. And they said they had never
seen such a miracle like that. I mean, he shouldn’t be alive at
all. Sid: When you speak, I’ve
noticed, there is such a dramatic increase in the
presence of the Glory of God. But it really, something major
happened to you in Israel in the Upper Room. What happened? David: Yeah, I went to Israel,
my first trip to Israel. I go there and suddenly I find
myself on the floor weeping under the power of God, and God
starts to speak to me and says, “Now your ministry begins from
Jerusalem to the ends of the earth.” And I didn’t understand it at
the time, but looking back, that’s really where all these
glory experiences, revival, miracles, everything started
right there in Jerusalem in the Upper Room. Sid: Now we talk a lot about the
word, “glory”. What does that word really mean? What is the Glory of God? David: Yeah, the Glory is the
manifest presence of God as if you were in Heaven right now,
but while being on the earth, the atmosphere of Heaven all
around you, yet while on the earth. Sid: And in the Glory, miracles
take place, unusual miracles. David: Yeah. Sid: I mean, I have personally
shared this several time, but it’s so overwhelming to me. I was speaking at one of David’s
events and the woman in front of me, she had hair like mine, grey
hair. And I’m watching her as she’s
worshiping God, and before my eyes, I could see the grey
turning brown. And I understand that’s not
unusual. David: Yeah, we’ve seen that a
lot in our meetings, even completely bald heads growing
hair, creative miracles, tattoos coming off, people growing
taller, we’ve seen that, that are unusually short for their
age. And of course, the regular
miracles: healings and paralytics, and all that. Sid: Tell me about that man with
the new heart. That really is amazing to me. David: I was in a meeting and
the Lord told me, “I want you to declare right now a time
reversal, that I will reverse time 20 to 30 years back on
someone’s body part on their heart.” And I said, “There’s a man here,
you’re older, you’ve had several heart attacks. God is showing me he’s reversing
your heart time clock backwards before you ever had a heart
problem.” And a man started to open his
shirt. He didn’t feel any more pain,
all the stints were gone, and even the incisions and the cuts
from all his surgeries were no longer there, as if he had never
had a heart problem. Sid: That is amazing. So you prayed to reverse time? David: Yeah, because Joshua did
it with the sun. I didn’t, God just told me, “I
want you to command time reversal on body parts.” Sid: Now one of the things I
love about David’s ministry in the Glory is there is no
distance in the Glory. In other words, some people say,
oh if I could just get David to pray for me I’d be healed. Well he can pray for you right
in your home wherever you happen to be right now. As a matter of fact, tell me
about the man in the coma. David: Yeah. Sid: This is really wild. You knew the name. David: Yeah, I was in Louisiana
and God gave me a word of knowledge, first and last name
of a man, which was wonderful, except for the man wasn’t in the
room. Is there anybody by this name? Nobody raised their hand. Finally, the wife came up and
said, “That’s my husband.” I didn’t know what was wrong
with him. I just told her, “Well you stand
in proxy for him.” And I said his name, and I said,
“Come back.” I said it three times. She fell out in the Spirit, came
back the next day and said, “You didn’t know this, but my husband
was in a coma for four days. When you called his name out, he
woke up.” Sid: That, I mean, you called
his name, you prayed for him and how far away was he? David: Maybe a couple miles
away. Sid: But he wasn’t there. David: Yeah, he was in the same
time, but he wasn’t there, yeah. Sid: That, but and you think
that’s normal. David: Well I started to become,
at the time I was surprised, but I was teaching on there’s no
distance in the Glory, and I was teaching on it. Then I was wondering why God
gave me a word of knowledge for someone that wasn’t there, and
God was trying to tell me, I’m activating what you just
preached. Sid: Well I’d like to activate
that right now. Would you pray for someone
that’s not here right now, for many someone’s right now. David: Yes. Sid: To be healed. David: Sure. Sid: Of whatever is going on
with them’. David: Yeah. In fact, if you’re watching
right now, there’s many people watching with heart problems and
God is healing your heart in Jesus’ name. And I declare new hearts, new
tissue, aorta circulation that even the doctors will be amazed,
the stints out of the heart, metals in your body
disappearing, every type of creative miracle be healed right
now in Jesus’ name. And right now check your body
and do something you couldn’t do before or look to see what’s
different, because even right now God is doing a miracle. Sid: I love the revelation you
got on the courts of Heaven. And when we come back you’re
going to find out why God perhaps hasn’t been answering
your prayers, and some of the prayers that you’ve been
praying, that you feel like it’s not getting beyond the ceiling,
when you understand how to appeal to the courts of Heaven
your prayer life will be dramatically changed. Be right back. When David Herzog shares how to
get in alignment with Heaven, miracles, signs and wonders are
plentiful, supernatural instantly lost. Bald heads grow hair, the sick
are healed, people are transported into the heavenly
realm. David wants to help you align
with Heaven where anything is possible. Get ready to hear more when we
return to It’s Supernatural. We now return to
It’s Supernatura!! Sid: I’m pretty overwhelmed of
the concepts that God is downloading to David Herzog,
this whole concept of appealing to the Court of Heaven. How did that start in your life? David: Yeah, it started when I
was in a meeting and there was a boy there. There had been great miracles
and the mother was crying, and I said, “Why are you crying?” She said, “My son here is going
to go to jail for many, many years. Tuesday is the court case.” “What did he do?” “Well he did something really
bad on the Internet involving pornography but on the level
that would put him in jail for many, many years, and they have
all the evidence. They have his computer.” I asked the boy, “Is that true?” He said, “Yeah, I messed up.” He got saved, he repented. And then I said, “Let’s go to
the Judge of Heaven and Earth before you got to the earthly
judge and present your case to him.” And we did that, went through
the protocol. He repented. He had a call on his life for
ministry. We presented our case and I felt
I heard the Judge say, “It is finished. He’s forgiven.” And he goes to the court on
Tuesday. Judge: You know you’re going to
go to jail for a long time because of all the evidence we
have against you. David: He said, “Even if I go to
jail I want God to use me . I’m just happy, I’m saved, I’m
free.” The judge and the lawyer threw
the case when he heard his testimony. Judge: This case is closed. David: And so actually as it was
on in Heaven, it mimicked on Earth. He didn’t deserve it, but
neither do any of us. Sid: So that’s where you first
got this revelation. Now you say repentance is very
key to this. Explain. David: Yeah. So when you go to the Court of
Heaven for anything, let’s say finances or health, or anything
that it seems like it’s not working, in the natural you take
it to court. If something is not working to
get things done sometimes you got to go to court. So you go to, you got to go to
God as the judge, not just as the healer for healing. When you need justice you got to
go to the judge. And so that’s how I started
understanding it, wow, there’s got to be a judge in Heaven if
there’s one on Earth, on Earth as it is in Heaven. And that’s kind of how it
started happening. And in my own life I would start
praying, and I would take things to the Court of Heaven, not just
to Heaven. A financial situation for
someone who owed me a huge amount of money, decided not to
pay it from overseas. And two days later, all this
money was wired back. He had an emergency business
meeting and the money came back. While I was in Russia, I was
detained because of the books in Russia I had. And my wife reminded, Stephanie
reminded me, she said, “Honey, let’s go to the court of
Heaven.” We did it while we were in a
detention type place, and five minutes later after being held
for a while, they said, “You can go.” And I said, “Why did you detain
us?” They go, “Don’t ask, just go.” Sid: You know what I love about
David is that God downloads these revelations. He then experiments with himself
and his family with these revelations then he teaches to
others, and people are getting amazing answers to prayer. Now one of the importances of
repentance is because of the accuser of the brethren. Explain. David: Yes. So when you go to the Court of
Heaven, a lot of times a little voice comes in your ear and
says, well you’re not perfect. You did this or you said that. And a lot of times you say,
yeah, oh that’s right, I can’t pray. That’s the accuser of the
brethren accusing you so you don’t feel you have boldness to
go to the throne. But the judge in the court will
say, sorry devil, that evidence is not remissible in this court
because it’s already been repented of. So when repentant of sin it’s
not just something that God forgives you only, but also so
you have authority in the Courtroom of Heaven to get your
prayers answered. Sid: You have a great, great
love for new agers and you were recently in a store with a new
ager, and you had quite an encounter. Tell me about that. David: Yeah. Well the reason I love them is
they’re looking for love, joy, peace, but just in the wrong
places, but they’re sincere. Many of them are really sincere. So I go in this and this lady is
really nice, and she knows me. I go there to get a sandwich or
something, or a salad, or a raw food place. She goes, “Where have you been?” Woman: So where have you been? I haven’t seen you. David: I was in Peru. We opened a blind eye. Woman: Oh. So did you learn all the
mystical things of that country? David: No, people came to our
meetings. How was your week? Woman: Good. I levitated off the ground
yesterday, a few inches. David: How did you do that? Woman: Well I invited 3000
Buddha in me. David: They weren’t Buddhas. They were demons. Woman: No. They were Buddhas. David: Did they look Chinese
with little bellies? Woman: No, they were actually
ugly and skinny. David: They’re demons. And then she said, “Well I was
very uncomfortable when I was levitating.” I said, “I would be, too, if I
had 3000 demons inside me. And then she came back down, she
said, off the ground, and then she said that Jesus appeared to
her. Woman: When I came back off the
ground, Jesus appeared to me. David: Isn’t Jesus great? He rose from the dead. Woman: I know. I did, too. David: You rose from the dead? She clinically was dead in the
hospital. She said Jesus appeared to her,
she rose from the dead, but no one shared the Gospel with her,
so she was kind of searching in new age and psychic stuff. Nice lady. I said, “Then what happened?” Woman: And I got to this place
called the Kingdom of Heaven. Have you heard of it? But I wasn’t allowed in. There was this loud voice and
this big bright light, and it said, “No man comes to the
Father but through me.” David: I said, “I can tell you
what’s going on.” I said, “You have all these
other lovers, these other boyfriends, different, which is
false gods, Hinduism, Buddhism, new age, and he’s the one who
saved you. He’s the one who rose you from
the dead. He is the one that can save your
soul and he’s not going to stop pursuing you. He’s a jealous God. He wants only you for himself.” And she started crying, and I
got to pray with her and lead her to the Lord. Sid: You said something so
fascinating to me. You said that when you were in
France you were having a hard time reaching the people, and
God spoke to you and told you to go to Israel. David: Yes. Sid: And then your ministry
really opened up in France. Why going to Israel? Why not go to New York City? David: Yeah. I was in France. It was really hard. I was in France, less than one
percent Christian. I was there 12 years and the
first few months I was there nothing was working. So I fasted and prayed for three
days and said, “God, what am I doing wrong?” He said, “Do what Paul did. Paul went to the Jew first,”
though he was called to the gentiles in Europe. That’s the Roman Empire. I said, “Okay, how do I do
that?” He goes, “Just do what I tell
you.” I said, “What do you want me to
do?” “Go to Israel.” So I said, “Go to Israel? Why would I go to Israel when
I’m in France? I just got here. I have no money.” He goes, “Sell your car.” Sold my car for the exact amount
of money the trip cost, joined our tour team from our Bible
school, led 32 people to the Lord. And when I got back to France
were in five years of non-stop revival, ending in a six-month
revival, was the longest revival in 50 years in one church in
Paris. It was just, the Lord told me,
“If you touch Israel and touch the Jewish people first he’ll
bring the gentile harvest.” Sid: That’s such an amazing
truth. So few realize this, you would
reach more gentiles by reaching to the Jew first than by going
to the gentile first. It’s called the spiritual law of
evangelism. When we come back I’m going to
have David give you a revelation of how you can get the blessings
your ancestors were robbed of, when we come back. When David Herzog shares how to
get in alignment with Heaven, miracles, signs and wonders are
plentiful, supernatural weight loss. Bald heads grow hair, the sick
are healed, people are transported into the heavenly
realm. David wants to help you align
with Heaven where anything is possible. Get ready to hear more when we
return to It’s Supernatural! We now return to
It’s Supernatural! Sid: What I love about David
Herzog, he says that part of a way of aligning with Heaven is
to live in the Glory, and he says anything he can do, you can
do better. You can align with Heaven. You can live in the Glory. Speaking of getting in alignment
with Heaven, many of us have been robbed in our DNA by bad
stuff. You go to a doctor and the
doctor says it’s, you have heart trouble because it’s in your
genes. And many of us have been robbed
of blessings that our ancestors were robbed of and they can pass
right through to us. I mean, this is an amazing
concept. Explain this to me. David: Yeah. Well DNA and blood has memories. So yes, it has memories of
sicknesses, of sins. You see people that have broken
homes because their fathers had it. But then what people don’t
realize, once you break the curse off your family life, you
need to go back and say, now Lord, liberate all the blessings
on my ancestors to me, the wisdom they had, the gifts, the
talents, the abilities, the inheritances. When you start praying like
that, suddenly things start to happen. Even abilities you did not have
before that were dormant suddenly start to happen. You start to have business
understanding. You learn languages very fast,
natural gifts, spiritual gifts, amazing things. Sid: I have friends that have
just the mind, if you will, to be a musician, the mind to speak
different foreign languages. Are you saying that that can be,
so they have good genes for that. Are you saying we can rearrange
our DNA? David: There are some times
where you have no gift at all in a certain area and you break the
curse off your bloodline and you liberate the blessings off your
bloodline with the blood of Jesus, and suddenly you have
abilities you did not have before. They were encapsulated in your
DNA, but they weren’t liberated. Like I started learning
languages way faster that would normally take me a lot longer to
pick up Russian or German, and also in a few weeks I was
speaking like three or four languages, conversationally,
which it would take me way longer. Even my IQ went up. Something happened, like
[Russian]. Sid: Sounds good to me. David: I mean, I know the accent
is quite bad, but I was just picking it up a lot faster. Stephanie tells me about this,
in Daniel, God showed her that your IQ goes up in the Glory,
because Daniel said he was ten times smarter, wiser than all
the other men that were there in the king’s palace. And he didn’t say study more. He said God gave him all manner
of wisdom, understanding, literature. So even your IQ can go up in the
Glory. Sid: Tell me about Israel. What do you see happening there? David: I see in Israel what’s
going to come and what’s already starting is a massive move of
God, revival. Many, many Israelis are going to
come to know their Jewish Messiah, Yeshua. It’s already started. I’ve seen it, you’ve seen it. I’ve seen a few hundred come to
the Lord. You’ve seen 600 recently. Something is going on. Yeah, there’s wars and rumors of
wars. That will always be. But there is a massive move of
God. As times get darker and darker,
and the Israelis realize, wow, our only hope is God, many are
turning to the Lord in these last days. Sid: You know, I’m reminded of
the Glory Cloud that followed the Jewish people in the desert. I believe people are going to
literally see that Glory Cloud in Israel, and just like people
ran to Pensacola, Florida… David: Yes. Sid: ..and Toronto, and the
other revivals, people are going to run to Israel, not for just
tours, but for the Glory of God. Would you pray for the Glory of
God to come upon those that are watching right now. David: Yes. If you’re watching right now, I
just say, God, bring your Glory, lift your hands and just close
your eyes, and just receive this. Let the presence of God’s Glory
permeate your room, your car, your television, wherever you
are, let it just invade right now. Open heavens the Glory to invade
your life right now in Yeshua’s name. Every cell of your body, your
DNA, your bones, your marrow, let it just explode inside of
you, the Glory Cloud cover you right now in Yeshua’s name. Sid: David, I have many friends
that see doom and gloom, and destruction, and the economy
falling apart, and bombs, and terrorism, and all these awful
things. Then I have other friends that
say, I may have seen the greatest awakening the world has
ever seen. How can prophets of God have
such two different views? David: It’s like, as for me in
my house, we’re going to serve the Lord. Egypt was in the worse shaking
ever. But God’s people within Egypt
got out, transferred the wealth, the Glory Cloud, signs and
wonders. So there are things coming on
the earth, but it’s perspective. What perspective are you looking
at, positively or negatively? You do things in battle, a lot
of people get saved. So for evangelists it’s going to
be great. But the Lord showed me, it’s
like when Elisha the servant was stranded by the Syrian army. And in the natural we can see
like in America there’s some really bad things being planned. But are you looking just at that
or are you looking at third Heaven chatter, second Heaven
chatter. As you look at the enemy’s war
room you know what the enemy is planning, you can know all the
details and get so engrossed in that and not go higher in the
prophetic third Heaven chatter, where you’re actually in God’s
war room and he goes, yes, the enemy is planning this, but
here’s how I’m going to counteract it. Here’s how I’m going to bless
you. Here’s how I’m going to even use
that to bring more people to salvation. So yeah, the shakings are
coming, but we’re not supposed to be in fear if we’re right
with God and God will supernaturally use us and
protect us. Sid: That explains it. Because I believe these people
are hearing the chatter from the second Heaven, but I’m not. All I am hearing is awakening,
glory, miracles, creative miracles. I want you to listen a lot to
the third Heaven like I am. Sid: Next week on
It’s Supernatural! My next guest goes out among
people that do not know the Messiah. They get physically healed and
then they want to know who the healer is and come to know the
Messiah. Now he says his greatest desire
is to equip you to do everything he can and even greater. Are you interested? Your gifts to this ministry will
help Sid air It’s Supernatural in Israel 28 times a week and
distribute his evangelistic book to the Jewish people worldwide.

There are 2 raptures. Look at 2 thess 1-8. The gathering is after the wicked one is revealed and the Holy Ghost is taken out of the way before the wicked one is revealed. The 2nd witness to this chapter is the child of Rev. It is the part of the Church that is obedient. The last great 7th trumpet sounds near the end. It is the child's mother.
When Israel sees the child caught up they will see the glory leave and bow their knees to call Jesus back in repentance. This is in Joel 2. Watch and see.

How stupid it is…coming to Jesus after seeing hair growth? Or portals into the heaven? Where did you get it from?Fantasy movies? You guys aren't serious,right? But your accountants surely are.

People watch Francis and Friends with guest Warren Smith, it will open your eyes to a lot of deception in the Church!! I'm unsubscribing!!

A WASTE OF "END" TIME VIDEOS.  Dear fellow Christians, why do you worry about
what is to written to come? Where is your faith? Do not waste your time and
energies on seeking and studying end time events.  They say they pray for us…I say, pray for
them. Pick up your own bibles and read for yourselves. Focus your energy on
getting closer with Christ, and it will not matter where you are, what you are
doing, or when this happens, if we have Christ in us, as we all will be saved.
The time spent watching these You Tube waste of what precious little time
is left videos, could be better spent getting our house in order, praying,
asking for forgiveness, doing good deeds, helping the less fortunate, and
spreading The Word, just as Jesus Christ wanted us to. Let's all try and
imitate Christ as all Christians must do, and as He wanted us to do. TURN
OFF THIS VIDEO RIGHT NOW, and go and do something that is pleasing to Christ,
good for our souls, and good for our, and others salvation. May The Lord
Jesus Christ, have mercy on them, and on all of our souls.

Sid Roth – I do believe in miracles; but where is the evidence ?? Just talk! talk! and promoting books & videos for sale !!

Sometimes I wished that I will have a group of friends who believes and love God and Jesus. Unfortunately, it's so hard to find them here in Thailand because its a Buddhist country. Please pray for me. Thank you.

Why is this Sid Rothchild always trying to sell something?
He is out for the money.

And why does Sid Rothchild call Jonathan Cahn a "Rabbi"?
The Lord instructs us not to call anyone rabbi.


Religion Syntax
RE: To repeat, repetitive, occur over and over again and again.
Google: Who invented Jesus Christ
You will realize this is NOTHING MORE THEN GRECCO ROMAN Fairytales n statue worship.
Propoganda, Fraudulent, Misrepresentation, DEception.

The picture took place in Berlin, not Paris. Did you get the picture wrong? i think it's very important to be correct and precise, especially you are witnessing the lORD's work in Paris but you are showing berlin…

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Just: "be aware of the wolves dressed as angels of light"…that is!
..and a good source for some guys to make extra pocket change!!!
…or isn't it?…

So peadophille (never can spell that no matter how many times I remember) gets a pardon from God on earth & in heaven. In GEAVEN. I don't do pornography,I don't blaspheme The Lord or Almighty Father, I ask for 1 thing, legal gets me through day and God seems to have this major issue with this, but I, let masturbators, coveter's, stealer's, Liar's, murderers, etc give them all they want! Hmmmm. Why? Why God?

wow! thank you for this teaching! God Bless You! btw.: 15:10min it's Berlin (Germany), not Paris on the picture….

Oh the beauty of christianity………………Jesus is alive. I believe in miracles; I believe in the miracle power of God.

Thank you Lord for healing the pain in my left knee thru David Herzog on you tube Sid Roths show. Its been 2 yrs or more pain free. I bless & praise you God Almighty.

Why my case was not solved and answered when I took it to the Heavenly court 10 times in 3 weeks?Never been answered by .Father,why?I presented my case the same way this pastor did for that kid who was going to prison.but still no luck,,,,,i presented my case about finances.

Unfortunately, it is the same in the US. I find it much easier to talk to lost people than to many church-goers. Religion and hunger for God are not always the same. Seek out those who need a physician instead of seeking out the righteous. It makes me think of a saying: "Share Jesus with everyone; if necessary, use words."

I receive the spiritual truth, beauty and power of this testimony. But I discovered an objective, earthly error: "David with his daughter in Paris, France" shows him really in Berlin, Germany before door of Brandenburg. Did it become a portal to heaven with two popes (John Paul II and Benedict XVI) as well as he himself passing through ?


your program has changed me ,i feel getting closer to God every time i listen to you am waiting on God for such a supernatural visit in my life. i love you Sid God bless you.

America will soon be destroyed !!!

The Lord Jesus Christ stated:
John 13:20.
Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that receiveth whomsoever I send receiveth me, and he that receiveth me receiveth him that sent me.

Therefore, if a man wants to receive Jesus, the man MUST receive the “Messenger” who Jesus sends, in this day the Lord has kept His word, and has sent His prophet.

The, “Elijah anointing,” (Concerning the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ) is used “TWICE.”

The first time 2,000 years ago, when God sent John the Baptist, then again in this day.

At each, “Coming of the Lord,” there is an Elijah prophet who precedes that, “Coming.”

Jesus said concerning John the Baptist.
Matthew 3:3.
For this is he that was spoken of by the prophet Elijah, saying, The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.

John, “Prepared the way for the Lord,” John did NOT “Restore anything,” as that which would need to be restored, (The full understanding of the whole Bible,) had not yet been given.

This scripture concerns the Elijah prophet for, “THIS DAY.”
Matthew 17:11.
And Jesus answered and said unto them, Elijah truly shall FIRST COME, and RESTORE all things.

God has fulfilled the above scripture in THIS DAY.

This scripture also predicts the Elijah prophet for “This day”…..
Malachi 4:5.
Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.

This Elijah prophet comes just before, “The coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord,” which happens in this day.

We are now living in the last days, God has kept His word and sent that prophet, thereby “Restoring” His word to His Bride.

One Sunday morning in June, 1933, God gave seven major continuous visions to His prophet William Marrion Branham (Fulfilling Malachi 4:5 + Matthew 17:11 + Revelation 10:7 and other scriptures)

Five of the seven continuous visions, have already come to pass.

“The last and seventh vision was wherein I heard a most terrible explosion. As I turned to look I saw nothing but debris, craters, and smoke all over the land of America.”

God has raised the dead on FIVE occasions through His chosen vessel.

God was photographed SIX times, (Veiled in the form of the Pillar of Fire) with His prophet.

God`s chosen vessel was William Marrion Branham.

Check out William Branham, God`s “Vindicated Prophet” for the End Time.

These and other “Prophetical scriptures” fulfilled:
Malachi 4:5.
Matthew 17:11.
Revelation 10:7.
Revelation 3:14.
Revelation 1:16 – 20.
Revelation 2:1.
Revelation 3:1.

Watch this amazing testimony on YouTube:
Ed Byskal – I am a witness (Testimony on William Branham)

I am single. Pray for me that a husband material man find me. I live in Tustin California. I love God and I love reading his scriptures. I am 5'9" 150 lbs Brazilian/Spanish mix I have won beauty contest in my youth. I keep in shape, have straight teeth and beautiful soft clear skin. Tan completed with hazel brown eyes. Please pray for me. I look 30 but now I am 40 now. Single since I was 26

Sid Roth… I don’t know if you recently heard what’s going on in Georgia there is a bible that has been leaking oil… scientists can’t figure out what it is, it’s nothing. That has been man made

St. Michael protects us in this dark hour.
We are living Saint Malachy prophecy today. watch out people do not be deceived by Pope Francis he is the second beast of the Book of Revelations he is the false prophet of the Antichrist !
Isaiah 40: 3.
A voice of one calling:
“In the wilderness prepare
    the way for the Lord
make straight in the desert
    a highway for our God.
John 14: 6. Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me

The rest of the story: …"It was necessary that the Word of God be spoken to you [Jews] first; since you repudiate it, and judge yourselves unworthy of eternal life, behold, we are turning to the Gentiles" Acts 13:46

THANKS BILLIONS OMNIPOTENT GOD אֱלֹהִי manifesting DIVINEs Empowering & Firing on thy's servant isisfong once of my life time LOVING GOD יהושוע marriage together serving in *GOD JESUS POWERFUL MERCIFUL NAME of glorying THE unique ***LORD ALMIGHTY GOD HEAVENLY FATHER יהוה ** its done amen thank you Evangelist Sid

Sarai said, "The LORD judge between me and thee" to Abram. That is how I learned the Principle. Gen 16:5.


About year ago u released glory on Sid Roth I record it then and every day since it has literally saved my life from jezebellion attack I just want thank you David and Sid god bless both of you

When i see your programe and i was praying the sinners praying in the 4 times God cure me from mijn back hurt . I thank God Jesus and the Holy Gost to cure me. Our God is great.

Dear Sid Roth, I am from Papua New Guinea, a pacific island withing the pacific Ocean. I am so happy I came across your program. You know what, I watched your program every day and I feel so close to God every single minute of my life. Now I am praying that I too want supernatural gifts from heaven. I want to be a seer too. I want to heal and do wonders and miracles too.. please pray for me so that i will have those gifts.
I work as one of the few Secretary to my province's hospital, I see that there's a need in this ministry. My country need people with Healing and miracles gifts because many mother's are dying from cervical cancer, and other sickness.
Thank you Lord I came across you. I love my God and I love you too Sid Roth! God Bless you many many times.

feeling a tingling on my knees and ankles which I had sprained (it used to cause a lot of pain)… i believe my whole body is coming into alignment as im watching this.. thank you soo much!!


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