Dark Souls 3 Story ► Hawkwood the Deserter

When a dead man rises. How does he come to bear with his unnatural existence? For every story deserves an ending, and without one what is there to treasure? So he looks for purpose in his undeath, a notoriously difficult task. But, even accursed undead want to believe they’re special, it seems. First he joins a legion, united in their resolve. A pack of wolves, sworn to do battle with the dark where ever it arises. The same dark they say that is responsible for the curse of the undead. Battling against horrors and monsters like heroes past. Battling themselves, for that is where the true corruption lies. Until one day the man turns coat and leaves, unable to bear the burden. For even in undeath, Hawkwood feared his mortality. He clutched a shield close to his chest, unlike his brothers and sisters. He fought with a blade designed to catch and deflect mortal strikes. Hawkwood the craven; the crestfallen. However, by nature of definition, it is the coward who is capable of the highest heroism. For his obstacles, are the greatest of all. “Are you the next Monarch? Or merely a pawn of fate?” He believed that he could still be a hero. A champion to banish the dark with the light of the first flame. Someone worthy of a throne, a place in this world that is engraved with his name. Hawkwood, an undead worthy of fire. But again, he failed. A nameless accursed that undead. Unfit even to be cinder, and so he becomes ash. When a dead man rises he becomes his failure. Forced to know that his best was not nearly enough. “Ah, another one, roused from the sleep of death.” “Well, you’re not alone. We unkindlled are worthless.” “We can’t even die right…” “Gives me conniptions. And they’d have us seek the lords of cinder and return them to their molding Thrones?” “But we are talking true legends, with the mettle to link the fire.” “We’re not fit to lick their boots.” “Don’t you think?” Each of them a man who actually became a fire linking King. “Not for virtue, but for might. Such as a lord, I suppose.” “But here I ask, do we have a sodding chance?” How could ashen failures possibly hope to convince four Lords to listen to them? Well, if the Lord’s will not return to their thrones themselves. Let them return as cinders. “You offed the Lords of Cinder, the Undead Legion…” “So that’s how they’re delivered to their thrones?” “I pity the sorry Souls…” “”Is that really, Lordships last reward?” It finally hit him, the absurdity of it all. “The poor wretched souls. Be they Lord or legend the curse shows no mercy…” “What a sham…” And if Kings could not escape their fate? Well, then they were no lesser than he. So what did he have to fear? Nothing. “I’m a deserter, I know. But I’ve still plenty of fight in me!” First, he followed the wolf. Then he was scarred by fire. Finally, he finds the courage to pursue another calling. The calling of those who seek to exist outside of the cycle. But to be alive, is to be vulnerable. And even the fiery gods, no exception to that rule. No, the Apostles of the Dragon seek another plane of existence. One which transcends life. And we, possess one of their relics. “Oh, you’ve returned. I was hoping to see y’. That crestfallen arsehole, he handed me this.” “He’s changed a great deal since he left this place.” “Graven of face, he asked me to give it y’ ” It was a challenge. This time he fights for something else completely, without a shield to protect his own self. “Ah, there you are…” “Well, I’ve decided to stop running from my fate.” “Loathe me. All you like,” “I shall take what makes you Dragon.” “This shall be no petty theft.” “As the true dragon I shall take what is rightfully mine.” “Ah, I should have know… Enough, you fool!” “Oh, be as bloody mad as you like… Trapped within your wretched clast…” “You are, a dragon.” “More dragon, than I.” “A deserter could hope for no better place to die…” His name was Hawkwood, the last remaining warrior of the undead legion. This video is sponsored by Me if you enjoy my content, If this prepare to cry made you cry; Then you can now support them. And, you get something comfy in return. So just scroll down, and you’ll see shirts and hoodies below the video. You guys also know that I love working with artists, and this was a rare opportunity to work with a legendary one. This is the hugely talented Cbot. And this guy is a real Ariamis! Just take a look at some of the art that he creates. Our piece is this demonic version of my YouTube character. He comes in 4 different colors. And he stands, flame in hand; and it’s got an eclipse in the background. And he’s surrounded by a field of familiar weaponry. I think this part is really cool. See if you can put a name to all of the weapons here. So, only really avid fans will realize that this shirt is related to Dark Souls, and this shirt is related to my channel. So, I think it’s abstract and stylish enough for you to want to wear it in public. And that’s kind of the line I wanted to walk. I’ve made sure that I sampled all of these products before hand. So I can vouch for their material quality. I would just want to say, be aware if you choose a dark color for the background. Because the weapons might not be completely visible, but light colors work really well. As always, thank you for watching. I hope you enjoy the merch, and I’ll see you next time. And, there is something huge, just around the corner. So look forward to that. Bye-bye.

Can someone explain to me how the Ashen characters are able to die but not you? How come the fire keeper in DS 3 is the only one given a mechanic of not being able to die, but then there’s a literal room full of dead fire keepers?

The music, with the somber commentary, the camera work. Magnificent, this video was so perfectly made. I just loved it, I believe the music made the whole video resonate better. Fucking gorgeous video. I wish I could like it more than once. Great job Vaati.

I love how his voice gains a fuller, more masculine sound when you challenge him at the Abyss Watchers arena. I didn’t notice he lacked his shield. I read online that he takes your dragon merch if he kills you, which is pretty awesome.

Why do he dies when we beat him at the end? Isn't he supposed to be an undead too? As we can't meet him again after this.
Awesome video Vaati + those visuals wow

“For every story deserves an ending. Without one, what is there to treasure?”

That hit me in the feels…

Theory time: Hawkwood deserted the legion before they went to link the flame. They didn’t face Soul of Cinder alone. They were legion. Yet one by one they were felled, but yet they hacked and slashed at Cinder, till finally one remains. One to strike down Cinder and be consumed by flame. Hawkwood himself attempted to link the flame, meaning he either had to face down his comrades, or tried (and failed) to link the flame before they themselves faced down Cinder.

I accidently aggroed him at firelink shrine at soul level like, 15 maybe and it was half an hour before I killed him and managed to stop the cycle of respawn and get attacked.

Great stuff. All the camera shots and music was great. And your writing fits with it so well. Absolutely exactly what love from prepar to cry. The remasters as well.

Jesus Christ that repost crit me right in the feels man.
Right in the feels.
Never realised how badass hakwood actually was. I feel bad for cheesing him with pyromancy now. Really bad. He didn't deserve the honourless death i spammed at him. Thought him a coward when my entire playstyle revolves around dodging, rolling, and throwing spells whenever i run out of courage to fight steel on steel.

This caught me off guard because prepare to cry wasn't in the title. I don't know what I was expecting.

If he wasn't such an annoying fight, I would love his character but I was so glad to finally get it over with

There's one of the weapons in the design I'm not recognizing, the thin sword by his sleeve, with a guard of four spikes. Anyone recognize it?

What's the Song in the beginning? You give a link but it goes absolutely nowhere in my search. If someone knows it please tell me or at least make it easier to find.

"I will take what makes you dragon!"
Me, not realizing this guy was the same dude from the beginning:
"I don't even know who you are"

I really hope that shirt returns someday. I never had the chance to get one before, and it just looks so good that it hurts to miss out on it forever.

I would love a video about Leonhard, also is it just me or does he look like a hunter from Bloodborne?

With his tone during his death, sounds like he went out with a smile, happy that he died with a purpose.

Bittersweet is the closest we can get to good endings in Dark Souls it seems, same goes for Ivory King.

Honestly i would've loved to give him another dragon relic and not fight him, it would be awesome to able to see him achieve his goal to become a dragon.

Your stuff it´s so awesome!! Thank you for all the work you put in your videos, please keep on the good work, the fandom, we really appreciate it!!

P.S. if you have the time, and if it´s not to much trouble, can yo do a prepare for cry of Lady Maria (and maybe Gherman)

Thank you so much for making and sharing such cool stuff!!

I just let him kill me to take the stone. I feel bad for taking away literally the only thing hes living for. Plus dragon form is shit lol

Is hawkwood the crestfallen knight in dark souls 1 and 2. The one in ds1 dies chronically but an undead doesnt die so easily. However an undead with no purpose in the world goes hollow like the crestfallen in ds1 and 2

As an active internet consumer since dial up and aol, I have a total of 5 youtube subscriptions. Vaati you consistently produce high quality videos, with each being seemingly better than the last. Most being emotionally moving in an era where innovative nuance and originality is not easily achieved. I am buying a sweater, which is a big deal because I hate logos. Carry on, you amazing bastard. I’m not crying.

Lol I've killed this dude for his heavy gem right at the beginning of the game almost every time I start a new character

The Dark Souls 3 subreddit didn't like me saying this, but I think Hawkwood was the original owner of the fallen knight set found in the Crucifixion Woods. That armor, much like Hawkwood's shield, has a peculiar gold pattern on top of being covered in rags.

This underlines his being a deserter since the fallen knight set is supposed to be from an order of knights that were hunted down by the abyss watchers. Imagine Hawkwood deserting his order just to save his own skin and worming his way into the abyss watchers (the suspicious stains on the pants of the set suggest their previous owner was a coward). Now consider that Hawkwood deserted the abyss watchers and how he never fit in with them; He scoffs at the rituals of the AW (almost mocking the flames that need to be put out to get access to Farron Keep) and never took to their fighting style (his use of a shield), which tells me he wasn't "all in" on what the abyss watchers were about from the start. Almost like someone who joined them out of convenience (or wanting to save their own skin) instead of wanting to take up the duty of fighting against the abyss.

i think that the abyss watchers followed hawkwood to make sure that his attempt wasnt complete faliure, they still probably cared for him even though he was a deserter.

Every NG+ every new character i make first thing i do is make sure to kill this guy I remember playing dark souls for the first time I couldn’t actually play the game because he kept bullying me now the tables have turned

Lothric knight sword
Lorian great sword
Astor spear
Prophaned GS
Fride's sycle
Lothric knight ultra great sword
Coiled sword
Bloodbore saw
Lady maria weapon (i dont remember the name
Storm ruler
Crystal sage stoc in right top?
Nice Tshirt


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